they're a couple even in real life

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those tweets were so domestic, like. seriously. they're like a married couple sharing their ridiculous domestic banter over moving into their new shared home with the world and showing everyone just how disgustingly in love they are. is this real life? what even is 2017 I AM LIVING

i really had to do a double take and like, put my phone down for a second and pause to register that that photo and the tweets accompanying it were actually real. it’s clear from their video and the tweets and everything else that they’re so excited about this new chapter in their lives and it’s so lovely that they’re okay with putting some of that excitement out into the world with no apparent concern for how it’s perceived. i love that their comfort has reached this place where every move they make feels so steeped in their contentment and love for each other and that they don’t rly seem to care who knows it

Sam and Cait…

I can’t even with these two…

They’re too damn cute and attractive..

Ugh, they are so cute…

I love them too much…

Seriously why?

I’m slowly dying from the cuteness…

That is Sam and Cait…

Be still, my beating heart

Ughhhh I forever ship these two, both in Outander and real life!

Don't fuck with the OTP
  • Asshole: "Get a life! Why do you ship them!? They're not even together!"
  • Me: *shit eating grin*
  • Me: Well I'm sure as hell glad you fucking asked
  • Me: *blows 3 inches of dust off a book*
  • Me: Introduction, Shipping is pairing two individuals as a couple/lovers...

There are obviously many, many things that I love about SDCC, but what I really enjoy and appreciate the most are the roundtable interviews with Jen and Colin. 

- I love that ever since 2014 they have been paired up together and how they always mix just the right amount of professional and informative with goofy and laid-back. 

- I love how they always back each other up and add little things to what the other has said and that reveal how much they’re into their characters and CS. 

- I love how they always tease each other about how much Hook and Emma love each other.


- I love how Jen has these long and eloquent answers and how comfortable Colin feels around her because of that. I still remember how, at FT3, Jen passed him the mic so he could answer a fan question about CS first and how he pouted and said he was waiting for her to answer, lol - which is why I’ll never understand people who hate on Jen for doing all the talking because Colin clearly prefers it that way hello.


To sum up:

- I’ve shipped some fictional couples before but I was never fortunate enough to ship a couple whose actors had such a close relationship in real life (the last couple I shipped the actors wouldn’t even stay in the same room together unless they had to). I adore SDCC because you can take a closer look into their friendship and how they really enjoy working together. And because life isn’t perfect, I try to focus on these little things and I feel truly blessed that, out of the 7 billion people in the world,  these two human beings ended up playing my OTP and became true scene partners. 

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Can't wait for Being Tyler Posey! Tyler and Seana are the cutest couple. What's their ship name, Tyana? Syler? Maybe even Gorsey or Polick? Do they even have one? (They should.) Either way, they're still my real life otp :) So excited to see more of them and Tyler!

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I know I'm messed up but I honestly think I would still love Joker & Harley even if he slapped her in SS. Just like I would still like them if he pointed a gun at her & she slapped him. I like that they're not a wonderful normal couple or relationship & that it's dysfunctional. I want that, it's fun to watch. In the comics/series so many things aren't even realistic, like what he does to her. A real person would die. That's what people need to remember; IT'S FICTIONAL. But what is your opinion?

First of all you’re not messed up cause as you said it is FICTIONAL!!!we dont want that in real life!!we enjoy this couple only in fiction!!!And to answer your question I wouldn’t mind that either!In fact I would like to see this scene with harley pointing a gun to him and then joker slapping her!I would like to see harley chasing him on her motorcycle and the reason they argue and then joker sweet talking her!!!To me all these are important elements of their relationship!!all these mood changes of Joker,I was waiting to see them!Unfortunately we didn’t!I hope in future movies we will get to see more of their relationship!