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❄️ Lance cus not even the blue lion can handle absolute zero

I got two of these for Voltron so I combined them. Hope you don’t mind! Lance is in worse shape but Shiro’s not doing to good either……….hopefully help will arrive soon O.o

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i cant believe hobi chose yoongi for the lets get married mission i dont think yoongi would ever say it like that even if he meant it ajsjjdjd did hoseok just try to make him flustered because im sure thats all he did

well to be fair he went to jungkook first, then saw yoongi and went to him because i guess he thought he could make yoongi flustered??? idk what he was thinking tbh??? yoongi is like the least likely person to play along. he sees right through their pranks i’m pretty sure he knew it was for a mission lmao although you could tell he had to try hard to ignore hoseok, he was smiling to himself alsalkdmkdmf hoseok maybe wanted to make yoongi flustered but i’m still laughing at his shaking hand when he was hesistant to touch yoongi’s shoulder


This is so-

I’m reading The Cursed Child and i had to represent their first meeting.

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They got noticed by vogue for their fashion sense on the the magenta carpet, crowning V as the most fashionable for his bold statement of pairing pin stripes and polka dots with loose fitted pants, saying he pulled off with no effort. They also won best dressed in the magenta carpet. LEGENDS!!! Also maybe Gucci noticed them????!!!!!

I saw the vogue thing and I was like !!!! yes !!!! our kings !!!! like not only are they breaking barriers in the music industry and winning awards here, they’re doing it in damn good style too and winning everyone’s hearts kINGS I TELL U also @gucci pls make kim taehyung one of ur new models ok thanks

seeing liberals responding to conservatives with “actually the founding fathers would see our policy as promoting liberty” or references to reagan or whatever literally makes me want to die.

like you can’t criticize conservatives for nationalism when you use the same arguments flipped back.

it doesn’t matter what past presidents and/or historical figures want. it doesn’t matter. at all. by making these arguments you’re doing the same thing as conservatives: painting american history in a good light by disregarding what the fuck actually happened.

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I know that Javier Fernandez has suggested that he will likely be retiring after this coming season, but do you know if any other figure skaters (male or female) have mentioned similar intentions?

patrick chan and duhamel/radford are almost definitely retiring. can’t remember any other specific declarations off the top of my head, but i wouldn’t be surprised if many other older skaters retire: virtue/moir, cappellini/lanotte, bobrova/soloviev? weaver/poje? kostner? mura? rippon? ten? savchenko/massot? very likely kavaguti/smirnov. wagner has said she wants to continue. some younger skaters who have trouble reaching the top in deep fields may retire as well.

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They are torturing us. No malec in the promo photos :( malec wont be okay til season 3 :(


They probably are not in the promo stills because the magnus and alec scenes on 2x20 would spoil the feeling they wanted us to feel/cry about when they gave us that “”“break up”“” scene in 2x18(Is it? Is it actually a breakup?). Just- calm down for a second okay? Malec will be fine. They’re just holding back on the malec scenes (for now) so we’ll get the full impact of their (possible) reunion.

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I just realised that big finish could (I really hope they dont) make the first Master reference the drums

I was thinking about this too and if they do I will personally break into Nicholas Briggs’ house and fight him with my own bare hands

cinnamonroll2714 replied to your post: I’m curious where do you stand on the “Dabi is…

Fuyumi is not the eldest. She is the eldest “sister” but the brother with white hair is older than her. And I believe their ages would all have an interval of 4 years. Endeavor would produce a child and wait until they are 4 yrs old to check their quirk. Dabi is around 19-20, while Shouto has just turned 16 in the manga. His fire powers, his blue eyes, his reasons for following stain, his adamancy to hide under an alias till the right time has come to reveal his name…

He admitted to suffering in the hands of a hero, thus his inclination to fulfill Stain’s legacy and his strong belief in his ideals. All these things warrant people to be suspicious of him and his relation to Endeavor.

But it is still in essence, a theory. There could be a factor or two that can disprove it. But it’s one of the theories out there with lots of proof to back it.

i see where you’re coming from, but again. given what we know of Endeavor, i just don’t see him cheating because he’s so stubborn and hyperfocused. that seems like the crux of the theory, and it just doesn’t make sense to me given his character

and given that there are other siblings that are older than Fuyumi, i feel like that backs what i said more. he spent all that time trying to win his wife’s family’s favor, i don’t see him messing up all that hard work by going after another woman to try and get another child to defeat All Might. he’s so stubborn and refuses to admit when he’s wrong. that would be admmitting defeat.

as for Fuyumi, i did call her the eldest (which is my mistake), but i meant of what we know so far. we’ve never seen the other siblings yet, only Fuyumi. we can only guesstimate her age based on her profession; the others, wehave no clue

it could be that maybe the eldest male sibling went rouge and became Dabi, but that begs the question of why? the other siblings seemed pretty well off since Endeavor only focused on Todoroki. They never had to worry about Endeavor’s attention being on them and living up to his expectations. they could live their own lives, like Fuyumi becoming a teacher. 

so again, it just doesn’t really add up for me. there is evidence in it’s favor, i won’t lie, but personally, that feels more like a red herring for me. Horikoshi already pulled the ‘villain is related to one of the heroes’ thing with Shigaraki and Nana, and it feels too much like he’s reusing tropes if he goes back to that again. maybe if he used it as a way to show how wrong Endeavor’s actions are? idk

again, i could be wrong. i’m not the author and i’m only going off what i know right now. but yeah, for me, personally, not much about that theory really adds up 

in the future, who knows? but right now, nah. we’ll just have to wait and see

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If all other potential roadblocks to having a happy and loving relationship were removed, do you think Victor could ever accept Yuuri still being an escort while in a relationship with him? Not if people in general can, but if Victor in specific could ever put his jealousy and possessiveness away enough to be in a relationship with Yuuri without being bothered by his work?

It’s not so much the job itself that would hold Victuuri back in being together, or necessarily Victor’s jealousy. It’s more Yuuri’s inability to be honest. Because even though they’ve made process, they’ve got a long way to go before Yuuri is really open with Victor. He buries things so often, conceals so much of how he feels. 

Victor is responsible for his own feelings, but his jealousy and possessiveness would not be helped if Yuuri kept avoiding being honest with him. Yuuri lies, but more frequently, he omits or bends the truth slightly. Yuuri rationalises this in his mind easily- he doesn’t lie, he obfuscates. Victor would hurt either way, of course.

Victor meant what he said when he told Yuuri that he’d want to be with him, regardless of what Yuuri chose in the end. It would hurt Victor, as he has a very idealised version of romance in his head, and he wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of Yuuri sleeping with other people. If it was what Yuuri wanted, then Victor would do anything to make it work. He’d work on his jealousy and definitely try and be as supportive as he could be with Yuuri. But he would ask Yuuri to be completely honest about it- which Yuuri would struggle with greatly.

Yuuri has been lying for years, even longer than he’s been an escort really. He’d lie to Phichit or Celestino about he really felt about something, skirting around the truth of his feelings or actions. That concealment and self-absorption translates easily to escorting, which requires more lies. It’s habit now, one really ingrained in Yuuri. 

I think that’s their biggest obstacle in being together, to be honest. Taking away the forces that are working against them, Yuuri is what stands in the way of his own happiness. He knows Victor has this idealised version of him, of their time together and what their life could be like. Yuuri would do anything to try and give Victor that, to try and not shatter the illusion. The worst part, really, is that Victor wouldn’t even notice. Which would make it all the more hurtful if he found out Yuuri was lying about things, even to protect Victor and his feelings.

For Victuuri to get together in a healthy way that really gives their love an opportunity to grow, Yuuri would need to train himself to be honest with Victor. And Victor in turn would have to learn to not hold Yuuri to the standards he’s applied in his head, learn to let go of this version of Yuuri he’s built up in his head.

One is easier than the other, as Victor wants to get to know the real Yuuri anyway. But Yuuri is doing his best to deliberately hide that from Victor.

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yeah i don't think its a flashback either. i just want to see it on 19, hopefully malec will be okay

YOOOOOOOOO I just remembered something! Remember that scene where Jace and Clary checked Izzy’s room?

Izzy had a photo of her and Max on her dresser and I THINK, they took it the same day of shooting (LOL) because Max was wearing his grey hoodie and though I can’t see what Izzy is wearing, I have a feeling she’s wearing her costume as well that’s why it wasn’t shown. 

ANYWAY. Setting aside the fact that they’re wearing the clothes they were wearing when it all went downhill- WHAT IF the photobooth photos are in photo frames in Magnus’ loft or in Alec’s office? WHAT IF those photos are Magnus or Alec’s phone wallpaper? WHAT IF there’s a scene of Magnus or Alec, fucking looking at the photo? MY GOD. I’M GOING TO LOSE IT. 

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Hi. I know you rarely discuss new sw movies but I was curious how do you feel about the theories Rey could be a Kenobi? Or Kenobi himself brought back as Rey? Personally, I want her to be independent of previous ones, at the same time sw is about Skywalkers, so as long as there is a Skywalker there must be a Kenobi is tempting. But Kenobi was a Jedi to his last breath, he wouldn't leave his children to have an isolated life around Tatooine, would he? I'm confused. What do you think?

Hi!  You’re very sweet to ask.  ♥  I will do my best to not be too much of a crankypants and I promise that this isn’t meant to step on the toes of anyone who likes the theory!

But the #1 thing I don’t want is for Rey to be related to Obi-Wan because, as a fan of Obi-Wan’s character, it doesn’t make sense for him.  The most I would be willing to tolerate is if she’s Korkie’s daughter and Korkie really was Obi-Wan and Satine’s kid, but anything else?  H O W?  Obi-Wan having some random affair with someone previous to ROTS?  They had a kid he never knew about? It could never have the emotional weight that it should.  And post-ROTS, I will get into an internet fight that Obi-Wan was basically spiritually dead, he wouldn’t be interested in a relationship.

And I think it makes far more sense for Rey to be a Skywalker.  She looks like Padme and Shmi, she also looks like ANH!Luke, she’s paralleled with Anakin and Luke in so many moments, especially with the lightsaber fight choreography. Even the ship that dropped her off as a child is astoundingly similar to Luke’s personal shuttle from Legends.

Obi-Wan’s words to her were, “Rey… these are your first steps.” and you know why that’s important?  Because Obi-Wan was there for each of the Skywalkers’ first steps as a Jedi.  He was there for Anakin’s first steps.  He was there for Luke’s first steps.  It’s only fitting that he’s there for Rey’s first steps as well. That’s the perfect role for a Kenobi with the Skywalkers, imo!

Obi-Wan Kenobi:  Skywalker Wrangler, even after death.

But this is the sequel trilogy and TFA threw the legacy characters under the bus in a lot of ways–Luke and Leia not being there for Han’s death was an absolute travesty of wasted potential.  Luke running away from the fight is boggling.  Leia and Han’s apparently terrible marriage is just not what I signed up for or what I recognized from the OT.  So, who knows what the ST will do, if they’re willing to do those things.

I want Rey to be a Skywalker because Star Wars is about Skywalkers, but I will take Rey Nobody over that, because Rey Kenobi makes me itchy.  Kenobi has never been a legacy type of family, it’s the Skywalkers who are all about legacy. So what if we have Kylo Ren for a Skywalker as well?  The OT had both Luke and Leia as Skywalkers and did pretty well with them!

I mean, honestly, in my dream world she’d be, like, a very young clone of Shmi, but I’ll wait to see what they do with the movies, but mostly I’m on the hill of Obi-Wan Would Never And Also Star Wars Is About Skywalkers.  But if they do it well, Rey Nobody, that Luke chooses to pass on the legacy to her, maybe.  I’m willing to be convinced!

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*dying laughing* I keep imagining Luke boarding the Death Star and he sees this fucking womp rat go run across the hall in front of him and Vader, shortly followed by a group of exterminators a la Ghostbusters and he just stares and then hears this wheezing noise and he turns and Vader is facing the wall just LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF

Honestly this is the best possible introduction Luke could have to his dad.

Part 3 - Alice BadEnd

Option I - @alicemistressofpuppets

With an answer set Miko opens the stone doors, allowing herself and Alice to enter. “You best be quick, if you take too long dealing with Meiling it won’t spell anything good for me.” The hermit tells Alice, she knows out of the two of them she has the harder of the paths having to remove the marble from the equation without the ease of surprise.

Inside the roots and twisting greenery is replaced by another sight, what feels like stone plated floors and a vibrant blue sky above. Standing in the oddly open space are the two puppets, Meiling and Nobunaga. Behind them what appears to be stone steps can be seen but at this time its unsure if its all an illusion.

With her own blade drawn Miko summoned forth countless swords of light to meet the sudden and initial fire the small warlord would produce, guns and holy swords clashes in the air as Meiling leaped forward. 

“Go now! Take her out of here!” Miko shouted, enjoying the ranged exchange between her and Nobunaga as gaps a plenty opened around them for Alice’s use. “Go now and hurry on back!”

Though the gap provided wouldn’t be as good as promised, it would instead take Alice and Meiling to a small clearing in a forest unknown to Alice but well known to Meiling.

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Ughhh I guess they aren't performing I hate that people that started the rumors. I mean I knew they probably wouldn't but to give some people false hope really is mean. Lol

it is unfortunate )): but let’s not let that take away from the fact that they were the first kpop group to be invited to and go to the bbmas in the first place and bring home an award!! :”) tonight is still pretty legendary for bts and kpop in general~