they'll probably end up liking each other

Dating guide for Taurus
  • Taurus x Aries: If you can make it through the first month or so, you're in for an epic, exciting relationship.
  • Taurus x Taurus: The first few weeks will be pleasant, but as soon as you reach a major disagreement, beware.
  • Taurus x Gemini: A fun and adventurous short term relationship, but not much else.
  • Taurus x Cancer: Absolutely adorable. You'll balance each other out and bring out the best in each other.
  • Taurus x Leo: This would be sexy as f*ck. You'll probably just end up fighting, but until then people will adore this HAWT couple
  • Taurus x Virgo: You'll learn a lot from each other, even if the relationship doesn't last long.
  • Taurus x Libra: You'll give the Libra the balance they need, and they'll give you an emotional journey just like in the movies!
  • Taurus x Scorpio: Very intense. If the relationship can actually get started, this matchup is great. Getting to that point is the hard part.
  • Taurus x Sagittarius: Agree to disagree and you're in for a treat. I ship them way more as friends, though.
  • Taurus x Capricorn: Depends on the Capricorn, but no matter what you'll learn from them and while it may not seem it, you're really helping them in life, too.
  • Taurus x Aquarius: A very turbulent relationship. Hold on for your life, but in the end it will be worth it no matter how the relationship ends up.
  • Taurus x Pisces: Adorable, but definitely short term. You'll have fun but eventually realize that neither of you has much to offer to the other that they don't have, so the relationship could just fade away into a cluster of good memories.
  • ***
  • Moral of the story: Find yourself a Cancer of a Libra if you want the most stable relationship, but there's something that you can learn from all of the signs. Get out of your bubble and explore, because that's how you learn. Have fun with dating, too! You've got this, Taurus!