they'll make a lovely couple

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prompt- narry!models they know each other by name but never met, bc they have different friends until they merge in a gala, after their both best friends nag about each other and how they'll make a great couple.

This was so cute and I loved every second of writing this. Enjoy!


He just got off his fourth Gucci photoshoot in Rome, settling himself in his fancy hotel room and watching as some people from his management rushed around him, collecting clothes and makeup to put away for tomorrows next shooting day.

“You haven’t talked about the Met Gala yet, it’s a big day for you.” His hair stylist Lou pointed out as she grabbed the last of her hairspray and brushes to pack in her travel bag. She was giving him a questioning look, interested in what he would answer with.

“I’ve been on and off photoshoots for the past month, I don’t have time to think or talk about that.” Harry sighed out, moving his hands over his face to rub at his eyes. They stung, begging for sleep that has been deprived for a few days now.

“Well before you pass out on me why don’t we talk about what you want to wear? Tina wants to know so she can start gathering a team, its your call.” Lou sat on the bed, travel bag in her hands all closed up and ready for her to take back to her own room. People were filing out by now, saying soft goodbyes to them with their arms full of clothes, beauty products, and papers. Harry was glad Lou was staying though, he’d rather chat with her alone.

“I want gold and flowers, bell-bottom pants of course, maybe a see-through black or white dress shirt underneath.” Harry went straight to business, staring off towards the ceiling above him as his imagination wandered to what he’d wear. He’s worn every colour and shade that’s ever existed, but gold was one of those that he’s rarely gotten to wear. What better place to wear it than the iconic Met Gala?

“Ohh, going right in for the kill aren’t you love?” Lou was typing away on her phone, probably sending texts to Tina as he spoke.

“It’s my first Met Gala, I want people to remember me as soon as I step onto the carpet.” He wagged his finger up towards the ceiling, almost like he was making an oath to the world and himself that he wasn’t going to slack on this. He’s been to many award shows ever since his fame sky-rocketed, but those weren’t anywhere near close to as important as the Met Gala where it was swarmed with music, fashion, and movie icons.

“Alright well Tina is already making orders and assembling everyone together, get some sleep now salt.” She got up and walked towards him to give him a short pat on the chest, her bag tucked under her armpit as she exited the hotel room.

The silence was almost too much when she closed the door behind her, it was nice to hear nothing but the sound of his own breath. This was the part that he remembered he was human, no hectic lifestyle, just himself with a beating heart.


Coffee was an essential in the morning, and with only a weak till the Met Gala as well as photoshoots that still went on, he had a completely packed schedule. He went to constant fittings, going in and out of changing rooms and leaving with a good cup of caffeine to keep him awake for the next flight or next drive.

He was in a car right now, getting a drive to his shoot for Tommy Hilfiger in New York. Lou was sat beside him, reading some magazine and silently flipping through it. Harry didn’t pay attention though, just kept his eyes on the window and watched the yellow taxi’s drive past and pedestrians rush around to their destinations on foot.

“Look at this cover, what a face.” Lou mumbled, she grabbed another magazine from the pile beside her that she usually brought to occupy herself while Harry did his shoots that sometimes lasted a full day. She turned it towards Harry, and he nodded in acknowledgement.

It was Niall Horan who was printed on the cover of the magazine, looking handsome and bold standing on a beach with a see-through white dress shirt on, that being it except for the briefs he wore. His brown hair was all wet, it dripping and falling into a fringe across his forehead.

He was stunning, actually, but Harry knows photoshop and the stupid enhancements that the magazine companies make. He’s never met Niall in person, only knows him by name when he sees him on billboards and shop windows, he could be ugly or completely mediocre looking for all he knew.

“Do you think he’s handsome?” She asked with a cheeky look, biting at her bottom lip and wiggling her brows. He wanted to roll his eyes but kept that expression in, instead moving to focus his eyes back on staring out the window. Lou slowly dropped the magazine onto her lap, now flipping to Niall’s exclusive photoshoot at the back.

“Of course he’s handsome, don’t really know him though so I can’t really be sexually attracted to him…can I?” Harry heard Lou snort and he whipped his head towards her, seeing that she was trying to hold in her giggle.

“What?” He asked, poking her in the side playfully and making her squeal and slap him harshly. She hated being tickled.

“You sure as hell can! I’ve seen this man in person many times, I’ve even done his hair when you went on winter break for one of his shoots for Vogue! Harry he’s a gay man that would be perfect for you.” She always was trying to hook him up with other men. It wasn’t in an annoying way, she never pushed Harry to date if he didn’t want to, she just loved playing matchmaker.

“I’ve got shit to do, don’t have time for a relationship.” Harry groaned, retracting his hands and letting her relax and settle down after a long giggle fit.

“Excuses, excuses. Niall is going to be at the Met Gala too, and you will meet him Mister Styles!” She sounded determined, pointing a stiff finger into his bicep to make him squirm.


The next time Harry was reminded about Niall, it was the day of the Met Gala, him standing in his hotel room staring at the door and watching as people raced around him, frantically trying to get him looking the best he’s ever looked.

He had on exactly what he asked, a white suit with gold flowers all over it, snaking around the sleeves of his jacket sleeves and legs of his pants like vines, blooming along his chest and back, all along his bell-bottoms. He had on a white see-through shirt underneath the suit, it had a ruffled collar that was different from what he asked for, but he was happy with the result in the end when his pink and lush skin was seen through the shirt, making him look even better. Everything was coming together perfectly, but then Lou is walking in with her hair supplies, smiling so big he couldn’t help but get suspicious.

“What?” He asked immediately, watching her with careful eyes as she unpacked her stuff and grabbed for the hair gel, making him sit down on the bed to get his hair in a messy quiff.

“Guess who I just had a chat with?” She sang, happily fluffing his curls up.

“Who?” He asked, wincing when she tugged a little too hard.

“Niall’s stylist Laura, she had come along and told me that Niall was going to be on the red carpet around the same time that you were going to be. She said that you two would be cute walking into the Gala together.” Harry was already shaking his head, rolling his eyes and letting out a huff. He was hoping Lou would’ve let it all slide by and forget about this Niall guy and him getting together, but she was a determined woman and when she wanted something she usually got it.

“We aren’t even matching, we wouldn’t look good together walking in with two completely different outfits. You know the Met Gala more than anyone Lou, couples match.” Harry was making every excuse in the book and Lou was catching on to his desperation to let everything go, and she stared down at him after she stepped back from her work.

“I love you and want you to be in a cute and happy relationship, can you at least try and talk to him? For me?” She gave him a small smile, looking all cute and pouty and rocking herself back and forth onto her feet.

Harry couldn’t help but cave in, because he knew if he didn’t agree now, Lou would be back to trying to get him with someone else soon enough. She’s tried to get Harry with many, many guys before Niall, but this Niall guy has really gotten her whipped. She hasn’t been this determined to get Harry to be with a certain man before.

“Alright fine, I’ll have a chat with him but don’t expect me to come back all love drunk.” Lou was squealing right after he said ‘alright’ and her skinny frame came colliding with his as she gave him a large hug. Tina was yelling at her seconds later though, a ‘don’t ruin the couture!’ Screaming across the room.


He had never been more mad with Lou in his life, and that was a fact as soon as he laid eyes on Niall Horan as soon as he came onto the red carpet. Because Niall was matching with him, with a white suit that had gold lining along the cuff and ends and all along the collar. He had on a white turtleneck shirt underneath and a gold bowtie wrapped around the neckline. He looked absolutely fucking stunning, better than the magazines actually.

That’s why Lou didn’t talk back to him when he had said that they weren’t going to match, because they actually were, and his whole body went into overdrive as he walked right towards Niall as he smiled for the cameras.

Niall looked right at him when he was a few feet away, and Harry’s heart felt like it had grew lifeless in his body when they met eyes, both staring each other down from head to toe. It looks like Niall had some realization across his face as well, with the way his brows shot up into his forehead and his mouth almost hit the red carpet.

“Harry Styles? Right?” Niall asked, making the first move as he stepped a bit closer. They were almost toe to toe, their shoulders brushing as they tried to play it cool for the cameras, acting as if they were just taking some photos together.

“Yep, and Niall Horan?” Harry answered and asked through his charming smile.

“Did Laura and Lou do this?” Niall asked, now moving a hand to grab at Harry’s suit sleeve to pull them along to another set of cameras. Apparently they were going along with the ride now, letting the stylists win by being a couple.

This was probably breaking the internet right now, Harry’s notifications were going to be blowing up his phone more than usual. But he hasn’t decided if he minded yet.

“Yep, never saw it coming…but yeah.” Harry mumbled, now staring at the doors that lead into the building where the Gala was taking place. They were close to going inside now, and he wasn’t sure if they should part ways and do their own solo shots for the cameras yet.

“Well, I would love to have you in my company today Harry Styles, I’ll be saving a seat for you inside.” Niall had said that quietly into his ear, skillfully turning his head only the slightest bit so the cameras didn’t catch their secret conversation. Harry couldn’t even answer before the small brunet was pushing himself away and walking off to smile for the cameras somewhere else.