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I feel like I probably would need multiple glasses as well. It… It just wasn’t good…

So, most of the time, when I write these, I don’t actually have to pause the video all that often.  I don’t usually get into these long-ass rants where I just go off on the anime.  I had to pause at least 5 times this episode to both calm myself down enough to not capslock keyboard smash out a response (even though I was pounding on the keys a bit lol), and to actually clear my head enough to type out that response.  It was just so so so frustrating.  Especially when they basically had Sorey declare that “YAY HUMANS AND SERAPHIM CAN LIVE TOGETHER!” without having thrown in a single ounce of effort into it.  Because all that we’ve seen so far is that humans can live and work together, but at no point do we actually see how Seraphim can contribute or help humans or how humans can help Seraphim.  The party isn’t even close enough to resemble their mish-mash found family here!

I just … I’ve run out of unique ways to express my frustration at this entire point.  The game at least gave us a Lord of the Land mechanic to demonstrate how this could work for the rest of the world.  Here, without that, it’s just meaningless.

i could be on testosterone in as little as 2 weeks !!


What the hell happened over there Coulson? You said Ward wasn’t a problem anymore!

My guess is, whatever Malick wanted on that planet, hitched a ride back using Ward’s body.

Huh, okay. I don’t care what Ward did, nobody deserves to have their body used as a host for some alien parasite. It’s just walking around the streets with his face? And it remembered me? What the hell was that? This is just, disgusting, and wrong. We have to stop it!

We don’t know how. We have no idea what this thing is. Fitz set Will on fire, watched the body burn up, and not even that killed it.

So we find a way to extract it. Take it out of Ward and contain it, until we know how.

And if Ward’s still alive when we get it out of him?

I don’t know. We have to find the thing first. We’ll deal with that when we get to it.

Friendly reminder that Callie once said she was made for Arizona. She believes in love and second chances. No matter how long they’ve been separated and who they might be seeing, they still love and care for one another. I may not know what it’ll take to make it happen (a visit from papa Torres, Sofia getting seriously ill or yet another natural disaster), but I do know they will be reunited eventually.

If you’re ready to give up on this beautiful ship, I would advise you to do the following: think about how you felt while watching 12x04, your impressions about Callie’s first ‘serious’ relationship after their break-up, how bad you felt for Arizona and how awkward this whole situation is. How would it feel to see them finding their way back to each other? If you aren’t sure, think about 5x14 when they first met each other. Got that in mind? Well, I can promise you that this will feel 1000x times better. So hold on there, it will happen any time soon :)

I’m pretty sure the hospital can’t charge me. I didn't give them my billing address.

white woman, in Boulder, at one of CU’s dining halls, on her previous drunk escapades

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