they'll be too busy making eyes at each other to save you

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Do you ship Shiro x Matt? How about a fluffy love filled reunion after Matt is rescued from the galra.

There was no way Shiro would fall asleep anytime soon. Everyone else had already retired, exhausted from the long battle and rescue mission that tipped the scales in their favour yet again, gave them just a little more hope that this rebellion could be successful in the end.
Pidge’s reunion with their father and brother had been heartbreakingly beautiful, crying out for each other as they stumbled through the wreckage of the huge galran ship, panicked or disbelieving prisoners shrieking around them as they fell into each others arms, sobbing with relief.
And even though Shiro had wanted to do nothing but join in he let them have that private moment to themselves, busy with herding prisoners to safety anyway.

Then had come the introductions and the forging of immediate plans to take the prisoners to a habitable planet for the time being, then the showers and a tired meal and between all of that there had barely been any time for a heartfelt but very brief greeting.
There were still so many things on Shiro’s mind, things he wanted to say and ask, that kept him wide awake in spite of the exhaustion weighing down his limbs. In the end he rolled out of bed and set to wander the hallways. Aimlessly at first until he felt a suspicion squirm to life in the back of his mind.

He found Matt on the bridge, sitting cross legged on the floor in front of the huge windows, head tipped back to gaze at the nebula extending along the ship’s right side, blues swirling into greens and purples in mesmerizing, gorgeous patterns.
He didn’t react to the sound of the doors hissing open, neither to Shiro’s steps as he moved closer and finally crouched down next to his old friend.

They were silent for a while. Matt’s lips curved into a soft, relaxed smile as he kept staring out into the endless depths. Shiro hummed and sat down as well.

“How is your leg?”, he asked, voice low and careful, not quite sure if he really wanted to disturb the serene silence just yet. Matt frowned.
“My … oh, yeah.” It was a laugh, the same, breathy, carefree sound it always had been and Shiro felt his heart skip a beat. “Almost forgot about that. It’s fine. Has been for a while, don’t worry.”
Shiro let out a stuttering breath, his shoulders dropping with relief as he nodded slowly, trying to turn to the breathtaking expanse of open space in front of them but failing when his eyes were drawn back to Matt’s profile again and again. The eerie, blue glow of the castle turned him into something otherworldly. Shiro felt like his hand might go right through him, should he try to reach out and touch.

Then, before he could even think about his next words, his lips parted and he breathed a soft: “I’m sorry.”
That was what finally got Matt to turn his head, regarding him with a strange blend of sadness and incredulity.
“For what?”, he asked with another, breathy laugh. Shiro wanted to kiss him. “Saving my life? Cause that’s what you did and I don’t wanna hear any more about this. So how about you explain the weird cat robots instead?”

That made Shiro laugh. Finally.
“They’re lions”, he said and watched Matt roll his eyes with an exasperated huff. Oh he’d gotten so beautiful… “And you should talk to the princess if you want to know more. She’s way better at explaining this mess than I am.”
Matt hummed thoughtfully, turning to look out of the window again:
“Princess Allura”, he said, tipping his head to the side just slightly, opening the side of his neck to Shiro. “She seems nice.”
“Oh, she’s terrifying.”

They laughed and just like that it was easy again, both of them slowly drifting back into what once had been. Tentative and slow but so very hopeful.
“Do you like her?”, Matt asked and he sounded so carefree he almost had Shiro fooled.
“Not…” Like you. “Like that”, he said instead, voice just a little throaty as he managed to shift his gaze away from Matt. Maybe it was too early. A lot had happened since they’d last seen each other. There were so many things to talk about and what they’d once been probably belonged on the bottom of that list.

But then Matt shifted, sliding closer to him until he could rest his head against Shiro’s shoulder, one of his elegant but calloused hands coming to rest on Shiro’s knee.
“Then why don’t you…”, he whispered, tipping his head back until he could breathe the words right into Shiro’s ear, making a shudder run down his spine. “…take me to your room, paladin?”
Shiro swallowed, hard, feeling heat flush into his cheeks. He nodded, very slowly.
“I … I can do that…”
“Good”, Matt smiled, breathing a feather light kiss against his cheek. Then: “I missed you…” and Shiro all but melted.

Nothing really happened that night. But with Matt back in his arms, breathing softly against his neck, Shiro finally found sleep as well.

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