they'd still show up

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Okay but Slytherins hosting a pride party and holding the invite out for all houses (I feel like Slytherins would have a lot of like elegant parties like even if they're still trashy frat party types I feel like they'd still be elegant??) but Dumbledor showing up with a few other professors like "we heard there was a pride party?" and Dumbledor chatting with some of the students about his first gay pride, the day he came out, etc and easing some of the in the closet and whatnots student's minds

oh my god i love thiss


Mance Rayder, King-Beyond-the-Wall, stood unflinching under Stannis Baratheon’s heavy gaze. The courtyard was quiet. Jon Snow saw his brothers standing alongside Stannis’ knights, King’s Men and Queen’s Men alike. Gods be good, Jon despaired, the Wall is not big enough for this much old men yaoi.