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okay but taako and lup only achieving a sense of identity after joining the IPRE

taako and lup are identical, even going so far as having the same haircut and let people tell them apart by colour coordinating themselves, taako wears one colour, lup wears another - except they’re constantly swapping and pretending to be each other. if taako doesn’t want to go to class, lup will put on his outfit. If lup doesn’t want to talk to someone she’ll tell them she’s taako and that she’ll “tell lup they were looking for her.”

no one ever truly gets to know them, never gets close, because they don’t let them - they seem distant to people they’ve sometimes had lengthy conversations with because that was with the other twin. its fun and isolating and assures they’ll never get hurt because the only person they’ve let get close is their brother/sister, the only person they’ll ever trust to watch their back.

It changes with magnus who always makes an attempt to guess who is who, something not many people - not even their aunt - did very often. After a while he’s right every time and they start lying about which one they are in an attempt to stop magnus from getting too close - it fails because he finds them both equally as interesting as the other and isn’t deterred when he learns he’s talking to the “other twin”. It isn’t until taako is leaving class one day in a bad mood and magnus catches up with him that he realises maybe things are changing. Magnus tries to start a conversation with taako, who lies and says he’s lup before trying to leave, then magnus laughs and says ‘sure taako, whatever you say’, he’s the first person to ever be able to tell them apart.

then barry, then lucretia, then merle, then davenport.

It gets to the point where it starts stressing them out, how could they tell them apart?? no one had ever been able to do that, not even their family. They sit down with the team and ask, confused and more than a little vulnerable. The team smile and say that even though they’re inseparable they’re still two different people, they all like them both for different reasons and maybe they should try exploring those different reasons. Merle laughs and says ‘your voices are different, idiots.’

They start to make changes though, the first time they all see each other again after that meeting their clothes are totally different from each other, taako has his hair tied back and is wearing a large hat, lup has braids and lots of jewellery. No one points it out, they just smile and greet them. After that they grow more independent of each other, occasionally switching places (they went as each other for halloween once) but thanks to their new family they realised that maybe letting others get close, letting them know the real lup and taako, might not be too bad.

  • y'all: [kpop idols] just looked at a girl! international playboy!! they're probably dating!!
  • me: any member of [group] could possibly be a part of the lgbt community, we never know

I just had fun imagining Spock and Kirk going to Vulcan for -insert reason here- and all the Vulcans being totally scandalized and doing their proper, logical version of gossiping and whispering behind their hands about how inappropriate it was that not only did Kirk go around casually touching Spock ALL THE TIME, not only did Spock allow it, but he casually touched him all the time right back.

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imagine kondo trying to give teenage sougou 'the talk' (and asking toshi for help lmaooo)

You know, I don’t actually think Kondo would need to. He’ll go to Hijikata and tell him he has to be present when Kondo gives Sougo the talk. Hijikata doesn’t want to, but for Kondo, he’ll do anything. So they go in with Sougo, sit him down, Kondo makes it weirdly formal without meaning to and Hijikata looks exactly as he feels – he wants to be anywhere else other than where he’s at. So. Kondo clears his throat and starts to explain why they’re there and once Sougo knows what this is about, he just… he wrecks them. Sougo will smile and say he knows all about it, then proceed to say some of the dirtiest, filthiest things he can think of. Because Sougo’s a sadist and he has never pretended to be in the dark about things of that nature. Hijikata’s face will lose all its color and Kondo will just stare with his arms crossed and Sougo will tick things off on his fingers as he names them and gets into the intricacies of sex. By the end of it, Kondo is moderately impressed and Hijikata is one more word away from a small seizure.


i feel like they would get really awkward tan lines being out in the sun in masks and bodysuits for hours. it’s inevitable 

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Ah I just got to Kiri's hero debut and can I say... I am WEAK for Kirishima with his hair half spiked up, half disheveled and falling all over his face from the battle while wearing that big, genuine, bright smile of his. What did we do to deserve this boy? Bakugou and Denki are such lucky boyfriends.

I KNOW RIGHT he’s such a gorgeous boy???? Most beautiful manly man I’ve ever seen ever??? with his bright smile and huge eyes and long lashes more like rip me I’m every day grateful Kirishima Eijirou is a thing that exists

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If you're still taking prompts, "holy shit, you're turning blue" with Jason and Steph, cause I think they'd have hilarious interactions. :)

This is my first time writing Steph so I hope it turned out alright.

Jason has just decided Mr Freeze is officially his least favourite villain when the window beside him crashes open. There’s an annoying voice reporting to the Bats in his ear, a calm interruption in what had otherwise been frantic chatter. It echoes behind him and Jason concludes that the person is calm because they’ve just burst through the window like some heroic rock or stray football and are ready to rescue him.

Well fuck that. Jason strains against the block of ice keeping him frozen in place (ha). He doesn’t need rescuing dammit! He’s perfectly capable of-

Someone works their fingers into the catch on his helmet then pulls it off. It’s enough to get Jason to lift his head slightly, looking up to glare at-

What the fuck.

Is he being rescued by an eggplant?

The eggplant squeaks. “Holy shit, you’re turning blue. ”

Jason tries to make a sarcastic retort - because that’s his thing and even near (or actual) death can’t get rid of his thing - but he’s pretty sure he just mumbles something about Nightwing and finger stripes. It made sense in his head: blue fingers, blue Nightwing, finger stripes… Okay, maybe he should have just gone with the “it’s better than purple”.

Eggplant-wannabe reaches into her belt and pulls out an icepick. It only takes a few minutes to get his chest and arms free. Something else appears from her belt and is shoved under his jacket then she kneels down to start working on his legs (head at a level Jason really wants to make a crack about - as soon as his mouth starts cooperating). The thing under his jacket is growing warm and Jason groans as the return of warmth makes his frozen limbs tingle.

As soon as his legs are free they stop working. Well they weren’t really working before that, but the ice had been keeping him upright and without it he collapses to the ground. Eggplant Girl catches his upper body and they end up tangled around each other on the floor.

“I’m going to slap you,” she announces, peering into his face. “Not for any medical reason. Just because I want to and I have no problem taking advantage of your current weakness.”

Then she slaps him. “Ow,” Jason mumbles, clumsily rubbing the stinging flesh as blood rushes to that part of his face. Eggplant grins, “Okay, now we gotta cuddle. This ones actually for medical reasons though; don’t start thinking I wanna cuddle you. I’m just saving my arse by saving yours. Daddy Bats is, like, scary protective and I don’t wanna be maimed if you die.”

She takes Jason’s jacket off and tucks a cape around his shoulders instead. Another magic heat pad is procured and stuffed between his legs then purple limbs wrap around him like an octopus.

“Who the fuck are you?” Jason asks a minute later, facial muscles finally cooperating enough to articulate his words properly.

“Your greatest nightmare,” she intones in his ear, her cheek pressed against the side of his head. A second for Jason to process that, then she adds, “Unless you love waffles. Then we can maybe be friends.”

“Okay,” Jason agrees. He does like waffles.

Then yet another window smashes and Batman and Robin are rolling into the room with their usual dramatic flair. “Spoiler,” Batman growls and Jason doesn’t realise he’s been given the name of his unusual rescuer until she straightens up to point at the Bat pseudo-threateningly.

“The next words out of your mouth better be thank you,” she says.

Robin snorts. Batman glowers.

Jason decided he likes this Spoiler person - even if she does dress up like an eggplant. Maybe he’ll buy her celebratory waffles for saving his life.

A Kinda Scary Protectiveness

Okay, so a while ago feranelia and I id a couple little messages to each other about some Ash and Red interactions. I happened to see those messages again in my inbox, so I decided to make a little fic based off of it. Don’t question it too much, it’s mostly meant to just be this cute and silly little thing, heavy emphasis on the silly.

Got pretty long, so most of it is under a Read More. Enjoy!


Sixteen year old Red was the regional Champion of Kanto, had been for five years now. He was famous for hiding himself away at the top of Mt. Silver (“affectionately” nicknamed Mt. Hellscape by trainers) and also for being one of the strongest trainers you could find. People always viewed Red to be a quiet loner type of guy.

However some of the trainers who managed to reach the top of Mt. Silver to challenge the Champion would come back from their loss to say that occasionally another person could be found up there. This second person was young, maybe ten at most. He was obviously a trainer, being seen with Pokeballs on his belt and a Pikachu on his shoulder, much like Red.

Who was this boy? A stalker perhaps? No, that didn’t seem right based on the grins, advice on battles, and gentle pats to the head Red gave the kid. Had the Champion decided to take on a protege? If so, what made this kid so special?

Seriously, who was he?


Ash grumbled as Red used a towel to somewhat roughly dry Ash’s hair, which was soaking wet from the melting snow. Pikachu was by the heater along with Red’s Pikachu, the pair napping as the warm air flowed over them.

“C'mon, Red, no need to baby me!” Ash said as he tried to shove away Red’s arms.

“You’re younger and you’re staying here for the week,” Red replied, chuckling a bit when he removed the towel and saw the fluffy mess Ash’s hair had become, “I have every right to baby you.”

Ash huffed at the response but he was also pleased. It wasn’t often that Ash got to see his childhood friend/babysitter/surrogate big brother. But whenever Ash did have time to spare and Red sent his Charizard to pick Ash up (because there was no way Red nor Delia Ketchum would allow the ten year old to climb Mt. Hellscape himself), Ash got to experience the same protectiveness Red constantly displayed when they were younger.

Ash didn’t really needed to be protected by Red, but he had to admit that Red’s protective moments were always rather heartwarming…and scary…and a bit hilarious too.


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You know what's really sad? The fact that Simon didn't read any of these in his video. You deserve some kind of award (/all the awards) these are so hilarious 😊😂 they make my day!!! I hope some of the sidemen find these because I honestly think they'd find them hilarious too

Ah I know I was hopeful but maybe next time ahaha and thank you! 😊tbh I don’t know if I’d cringe or laugh if the sidemen ever found these ahaha