they'd be cute friends

Moana/Ariel (B2) 

That’s it @magicsophicorn , I ship it. I had never even considered drawing these two ocean souls together, but now that I have, I love it.

 This is was so much fun to draw. 

Thank you for submitting! Also, requests for this couples meme I reblogged are closing today! (11/01/2017) 

Dustin and El bff headcannons:

Dustin is super excited to teach her about science stuff and definitely comes up to her like “so I found this new thing…” Because surprisingly she really likes science.

They immediately bond over their shared hairstyles when she arrives with her full fluffy curls. (He even gets her a baseball cap so they can be twins)

When someone is mean to Dustin, El is all “do you want me to beat them up. I’m beating them up just say when.” And Dustin goes “no, not yet. We need a plan. If that doesn’t work…then go for it.”

Dustin likes teasing El about Mike (it’s all in good humour) saying things like how he’s going to be best man at their wedding.

She still cringes whenever he does that purring thing but decides ita funny and imitates him. Together they annoying Mike with it. (And when she sees star wars, Dustin teaches her a Chewbacca impression)

They’re actually a lot closer than people would think. Dustin likes telling El his secrets or just as someone to talk to because she’s a good listener and never reveals secrets.

Dustin is also really cuddly and gives her the best hugs - well…the best after Mike.

Person A has had a shitty morning and is recovering in the local coffee shop…. only to be pushed over and called an asshole by a stranger (person B). B immediately realises they aren’t the person they thought they were (a friend who pranked them pretty badly, eg replaced their hair dye with bright orange, snipped holes in all of their clothes, stolen all of their shoes and only left them with clown shoes… etc). Person B apologises and asks A if they can buy them another coffee (which of course ends up basically being a date).


The chibi adventures of Strade and Rire (and Sano)

friendly reminder that Joji can take pictures with females and they don’t have to be his girlfriend or a potential girlfriend.

So my gemsona is also Padparadscha and I realized that her and canon Paddy look like inverted friends <3

AU where, after retiring from figure skating, Yuuri and Viktor settle down in Canada~!

Because America isn’t exactly a good place to be if you’re gay at the moment, and also because ice skating is basically a religion in Canada, so lots of potential students to choose from~!

They open up a rink in Ontario where they take turns teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

They start out small but over the years, they hire several other coaches, including JJ who lives close by with Isabella.

Over the years, the two couples end up becoming really good friends and even become Godparents to each others’ children. And they go on lots of cute double dates together and sometimes vacation together.

Their children grow up as best friends!

JJ becomes slightly less obnoxious over the years!

Yuuri and Isabella probably bond over how extra their husbands are!

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Is there any possibility that Brandon and RMS could be more than friends? They'd be so cute together♥️

Brandon and RMS aren’t JUST friends…

…they’re BEST friends!

(btw props to RYANN for this joke that i still laugh at every time)

My friend’s parents are complete opposites; he’s really socially awkward and introverted while she’s completely sociable and outgoing and is friends with everyone. Anyway, they live in a small town where you can’t go to the supermarket without bumping into a friend or a relative, and her dad refuses to go in because he finds it too exhausting to say hello to everyone when he’s just trying to buy a loaf of bread so he elects to sit in the car with the window wound down, fully prepared to wait up to two hours while his wife does the shopping, chats to everyone she meets, and buys vastly more items than the single loaf she was sent in to get.

Basically this is the most Hardy x Miller story I’ve ever heard and now I can’t stop visualising Hardy sitting grumpily in the car, refusing to go in because he’s afraid of seeing someone he has to say hello to, and just staring forlornly through the glass as yet another person comes up to Ellie and starts chatting to her.

“Is Hardy okay waiting in the car?”

“He’s fine I cracked a window.”

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see, i didn't ship phan. i thought they'd be so cute as a couple, but believed they were best friends. which is fine, cause i just want them to be together, platonic or romantic. but this moving stuff and the blatant flirting is just too much. it turned me into a beliver. that's it. i just wanted to vent and comw to terms. yeah.

welcome to the dark hole of which there is no escape