they're just.......warm

  • Keith: Hey Lance, who do you like more, me or Hunk?
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: Lance
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: Lance, come on
  • Lance: Keith
  • Lance: I love you with all my heart
  • Lance: But you gotta understand
  • Lance: Keith
  • Lance: Keith put the knife down
The Nanny - Chapter 2

I am completely overwhelmed by everyone’s amazing and encouraging responses to my first chapter. It’s hard to explain just how much your comments mean to me! You guys are just the best. I hope you enjoy everything to come!

Special thanks to Corinna, my amazing Mandarin translator!! And always Kaiya and Liz. Love yall. =)

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“Do I have to go to school today?” Daisy looked up at Melinda imploringly from behind her bowl of cereal.

“Eat another bite, Daisy, and yes.” Melinda answered, glancing at her daughter from the island where she was assembling a turkey and cheese sandwich for Daisy’s lunchbox. The disappointment on Daisy’s little face made her want to change her mind, but her shift started in an hour. She couldn’t call out now unless there was some kind of emergency.

“But-but I wanna go to work with you.” Daisy sounded like she was on the verge of tears.

Melinda set down the sandwich and immediately went to crouch beside her little girl. She was used to Daisy’s reluctance to part from her. Especially when she was a baby, her separation anxiety had made it difficult for Melinda to go anywhere alone. But this was something different. She usually wasn’t this clingy anymore unless she was sick…or something was upsetting her.

“Daisy, xiǎo huā,” Melinda had given Daisy the Mandarin nickname when she was still just a baby: little flower. Melinda put a hand on her back and switched to Mandarin, as she frequently did at the house with Daisy. “What’s wrong?” She probed.

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CASSANDROSE SMOOCHES! This was requested by a few people, and how could I say no? Just two cuties sharing a kiss, to the excitement of spectators ;D

I love these two lovebirds so bad. Can Rose be on TTS? Please? -pushes cookies to towards disney-



ikon vs periods

Hanbin I think would probably take it too seriously? like he’d read a wikihow article and show up with literally everything they mentioned could help. 

Jinhwan and Donghyuk both have big sisters/Mom’s only in their lives so I think they’d be really chill and cute about it. They’d support without making a big fuss.

Yunhyeong would probably just think like “okay you’re really sick” and make you soup and baby you and he’d be a little annoying X'D 

Junhoe has a sister too so I think he’d ask her and get her advice and try to play it off just really chill but he’d lowkey [highkey] be super careful all day to make sure he wasn’t annoying. 

Chanwoo since he only has a brother and has that feeling of being a kid would be the typical /grossed out/ but text iKON later and try to make up for it after making you feel embarrassed about it 

Bobby would be extra silly and try to make you laugh. He’d hate to see you unhappy and just try to be /extra there/ for. He’d also have no problem walking with you to the store to buy pads and stuff (but wouldn’t go alone)


Drifter, please stop stealing clothes off the dead.

Jehan has very stunning brown eyes, deep and soft but they never saw any romantization of brown eyes. They were always the Generic Brand™, Bland Side Character whilst the Protagonists had blues and greens and *gasp* GOLDEN FLAKES in blue irises.

So Jehan was like “screw you, I’ll dedicate all my sonnets and love poems to brown eyed people, I’ll give you a taste of your own medecine!”

The first time they meet Montparnasse, Jehan notices his eyes first, how beautiful they are with that soft brown shade and they melt a little because it’s like meeting the addressee of their poems in person

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It's 3 am and here's my head canon: During those late nights when Hanzo and McCree can't sleep they become soft boys™ McCree just lays himself across Hanzo and murmurs out random thoughts and Hanzo runs his hands through his hair. He thinks the thoughts are dumb but since it's McCree's thoughts he loves them. They're just nice and warm and soft™ and eventually they fall asleep and have good dreams.

*starts tearing up* SWEET HEADCANON ANON this is so good. i also see them having really detailed highly intelligent -because they are both prodigies- conversations this way. talking about past or planning future missions together, or maybe they’re just talking shit and cracking jokes or reading a book out loud in the hazy afternoon or early twilight curled up in the comfort and safety of each other until they drift off to sleep.
….yeah. mchanzo cuddles are where it’s at.

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i bet they see each other's selfies sometimes and smile fondly and it's a little bit of a sad smile but it doesn't hurt anymore they're just nostalgic and warm and remembering all the great times they had together

it is nearly 11pm….i didn’t need this?

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Okay okay but Peter's eyes have you under his FREAKING SPELL MAN like idk it's like hypnosis or some sh*t you just CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM and when he talks to you you just blank and idk man they're just so pretty and warm and brown and soft (Tony thinks it's hilarious how stuttery you get around him cuz you're usually so cool and collected) ~Tessa

man yes i was just gonna add photos & post it but like (also i changed it a bit soRRy)

• yes peter is a god lemme tell you
• there are just so many alluring things about him
• like the list is endless
• firstly, he’s got the softest skin
• you seriously asked him what moisturiser he used because
• what
• this boy can’t have this naturally angel like skin
• like wtf peter teach me your secrets
• “is apart of being spidey? like you get great skin?”
• “w-what? no! a-and i don’t!”
• also yes peter parker 100% has freckles fight me on this
• theyre supa supa light so you can’t really see them unless your up close
• which means you see them whenever u kiss him
• you definitely get distracted by looking at him after u kiss him
• his nose is riddled with them & they are a d o r a b l e
• you love them
• peter?
• not so much
• so you dedicate a large amount on ur time to kissing them all
• so he knows if he doesn’t love them, you will
• just freckley peter dude
• but his eyes
• peter parker has eyes that are out of the fuckin world
• he gets real confused bout your hype about them tho
• “theyre just brown? i don’t und–”
• “shh they aren’t just brown like they’re so fuckin pretty”
• cue blushing
• peter also gets real shy about it too
• we all know he’s an angel and can’t take compliments
• especially from someone as pretty as you
• like he can’t help but get flustered
• “s-stop! you know i..”
• “you what?”
• whispering under his breath
• “you know i get, uh, you know…flustered when you compliment me”
• you just grin at his nervous expression and red cheeks
• “i don’t know what you mean”
• he blushes again because no please don’t make me say it
•you just lean in and kiss him on the nose
• “don’t worry peter, i know u get flustered–that’s why i do it.”
• he glares but his cheeks are still red & blushing so it’s not very threatening