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Do Kokichi and Miu ever colab in your yt au????

yep! here’s some of kokichi’s collab playlists

it’s really not that difficult to remember..

you’re aware of bts’ location but it’s not an official schedule? don’t share the info or follow them. you see bts but it’s not an official schedule? don’t follow them around attempting to take pics. you see them being people and having a personal life? DON’T FOLLOW THEM!!!!

give them space and respect their privacy

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Don't average kids just discover their straight more easily than gay kids discover they aren't straight anyway? Most gay kids spend their childhood years assuming their gay crushes are just thinking someone is cool, mostly because they have a mom and dad, so that means they wanna imitate their parents to a degree as part of regular child development. Then during or after puberty, the difference between liking someone a lot and being attracted to them becomes too distinct to be ignored. That's h

did macklemore kill them before they could finish this ask 


falsettos pride icons pt. 1 - lesbians from next door

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Omg but Midoriya bare-faced at a con as a rising star rookie hero. Like imagine the artist and fan of hero deku since his UA days who draws tons of deku fanart even though it’s a pretty niche fan base they resist putting just a couple prints of him on the booth at every convention. “Nice print!” A voice says, directed towards the collection of deku art. “Thanks, I—“the artist starts before looking up finding Hero Deku Himself, rifling through her merch, purchasing three buttons and a print.

Or at a panel:

“Deku is the next Symbol of Peace,” I say into the mic.

The crowd boos. I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“She’s right,” they say. I look for the owner of the voice. There in the 5th row stands: Midoriya Izuku himself

Disney: *creates a whole promotion centered around who Andi will choose to date*

Someone: *gets salty when some people say they only watch the show for the ships*


So the final Agni Kai...

Obviously this has been said time and time again, but, like… the music. This is my absolute favorite bit from the soundtrack. What I like best about it is that they were smart enough to let the score evolve. It didn’t stick to a single tempo or melody. It’s incredibly clever because it allows the music to express all the emotion and themes that are involved in this scene. They could have used an overt, grandiose, high-energy score but what they chose to do ended up being so much more expressive. A constant high-energy score would have drawn more attention to the physical action and fight sequence (which is amazing and brilliantly animated, don’t get me wrong), but the music they chose drew more attention to the actual emotion and tragedy of it all. A brother and sister fighting to the death, one fighting to do the right thing and the other rapidly losing her sanity. And that’s just the first part of the track! The song evolves. The music starts as a sweeping, slow, epic, tragic melody that builds and falls and builds and falls, stops, then returns with a high-paced and frenetic tempo as Azula prepares the lightning. It increases the intensity of the moment within seconds, indicates the presence of danger and unpredictability while signaling the arrival of the climax of the scene. Then, in the second Azula releases the lightning at Katara, the music returns with the same somber, sorrowful melody and once again, pulls the attention away from the action, away from the presence of a dangerous, imminent threat, and redirects it back to the actual emotion of the scene, to the realization and fear that Zuko is about to lose someone about whom he truly cares, the shift from the defense of oneself to the protection of another, to the display of loyalty and love shown through heart-breaking self-sacrifice. Conclusion: everything about the music in the scene was stunningly well-done. The melody rises and falls, the tempo shifts multiple times, and overall, the music exists and evolves to place focus on each and every moment of significance and emotion and pain during this scene. I want filmmakers and musicians and artists and writers to just take as many lessons as they possibly can from this, because it truly falls under the category of “most powerful scores of all time”. This music was perfectly constructed to express the significance of this scene, has left an unbelievably deep impact on me, and continues to have the same heartwrenching effect every… single… time I listen to it and every… single… time I watch the scene.


saints row + instagram

25 Essential Expressions - Will Graham Part 01/05

Part 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

I did this challenge YEARS ago and I never got around to finishing it, so with the help of my Patrons, I revisited it AND FINISHED IT last month. It was a wonderful exercise and a great excuse to rewatch the entire series again. Kudos to everyone who can recognize each scene. :D

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it feels really biased that you only reblog art and fics from your friends. it doesn't help smaller authors get noticed. I wish you'd spread your net wider and include people outside your little bubble.


you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along, would you? ( for @poisonpam )


I needed to save some of her art again cause this artist truly deserves some recognition (they’ve been waiting for commissions for a while now). NOT MY ART again BUT THE ARTIST IS @unnikki-art! Make sure to follow her other account @unnikki, and you won’t be disappointed :))))

Thank you all for 1k followers!! Seriously my mind wont accept there’s a thousand of you remotely interested in me and my blog Im very thankful for you all, those I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to, calling my friend or mutuals, you’re are all super lovely and I look forward to speaking to more of you! I figured I could do something extra in my celebrations since this is such a big milestone, So here we go, my follow forevers~

I’d like to start this off to give a special mention to my internet fam who have made my life instantly brighter and full of dumb jokes, you all mean the world to me 💚 @spoopylucius @spoopyfred @nviles @adrianpcey @delacouvr @smlfoy @chrlieweasleys @spookiussirius @moonspads @olivunders @azcendio

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Murata stream update: Garou’s ‘big damn heroes’ moment rescuing Tareo from Royal Ripper! Busting through the wall and decapitating him on the spot! 8D

Later, bandaging himself and refueling (by eating a slain monster’s arm 👀), they run through the MA’s halls until they meet…OVERGROWN ROVER!