they wouldnt do that

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me & my "boyfriend" got into a fight today. we've been under a lot of stress in our relationship lately & we're sneaking around at school to be together & i'm risking getting into a lot of trouble if i get caught with him. he makes me feel bad about not wanting to take more risks & doesn't understand why i got so offended when he started saying i wouldnt do something that would be a huge risk. he doesn't even give me credit for the risks i already take. how do you think i should handle this?

Skipping school for a boy Hun? It isn’t worth it, your school and education will effect the rest of your life but a guy who you may only know a few months.. stay in school trust me please girl. If you like each other that much you will make things work outside of school x

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where do u think you'd be if u never read homestuck?

i only read it last year so i dunno, before that i was into undertale but i was starting to lose interest by the time i decided to read homestuck

so i wouldnt have developed my art this much and probably would still be pretty crappy at it lingering in the stage of wanting to improve but having no motivation to do so

also i wouldnt have met some of the nice people i made friends with over the past year

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Idk why, but i feel like dylan klebolds bdsm fetish was the subtle type. Simple stuff like ass slapping, hair pulling, and the most he'd do is probably face fucking but feel a little worried about hurting you. I think he'd be that guy who likes to just watch the extreme stuff, but wouldnt really be up to doing it cuz his bleeding heart would constantly be like "are you okay? Do you wanna stop? Tell me if i hurt you. Did you say the safe word? Maybe we should stop." But eh, who really knows.


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I told my boyfriend I was going to give Him head when he gets home from work and he said no he doesn't want it. Should I do it anyway? Should I be worried? What do you think this means?

babe next time you wanna give your bf head dont tell him, surprise him. idk why he’d say no thats weird but since he said no i wouldnt do it. when he comes home tho you should ask him why he said that.


“Do you remember what I said to you when you told me you were a lesbian?”
“’Thank god you finally said it’?”
“After that.”
“…’You better find a girl who deserves you’.”
“Yes! That! And this might be so shocking to you, but a murderous vampire isn’t what I had in mind!!”

Carmilla + Favorite Familial Relationship: Laura Hollis+Dad (requested by @bi-dominusrex)

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Tolkien A to Z

⤷ Celeborn + Galadriel

I honestly feel like I’m gonna be one of those grandparents who’s head is always filled with random memories.

Like my grandkids are going to be talking about the legendary Sir Harry Styles and I’m gonna have to be like, “Every one used to call him Hazza, or Harold. We always knew he was a legend and an icon in the making back in my day. But one thing that hasn’t changed about him, is that he still reminds everyone that he used to be a baker.”