they would totally be drift compatible

I hope that sense8 (sensates) aus become as popular as drift compatible aus.

Fandoms with like teams or families of choice/made families would totally enjoy sense8 aus. A cluster of 8 people (maybe 6 or 10 people, I don’t think we know for sure that all the clusters have the same amount of people) that can connect psychically and emotionally across the globe. They can visit (talk “face to face”) or share (kind of possess one of the others’ bodies to fight off bad guys or drive when the other doesn’t know how and share skills and languages). They have orgies with people in the cluster and also the ‘extended family’ aka partners outside the cluster. They can have ships within the cluster.



Off the top of my head, it’s be cool to see a sense8 au for The 100…the fandom I really need a sense8 au for is The Avengers, with one of the intra-cluster ships being my otp, SteveTony.

Butch Flowers and Donut would totally be drift compatible. They specialize at killing Kaiju at long range, way before the beast would be within most Jaeger’s attic radius. Only once have they ever let a Kaiju hit the shore, and it died on the beach.

Just picture it. All these badass Jaeger teams lining up and at the end there’s Flowers and Donut. They’re arguing about which scented candles they’re going to put in the con-pod next.

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Who's iris compatible with then for her sequel? Or is Barry gonna leave Len for her? :O

Oh man good question.

Barry’s not gonna leave Len, let’s not pull them apart. I mean, Iris and Barry totally would be drift compatible, but Iris has got more options than him.

Part of me is tempted to say she could drift with Wally but I think it would take them a while to get there. “Brother and sister crime fighting team!” though, like they’d definitely get there.

Another option though is totally Cisco. Except he’s one of the scientists. He’s totally capable of getting in a Jaeger to fight, but honestly if he does, he’s probably gonna drift with Cindy when he does. So he and Iris might train together but they’re not each other’s end partner.

No, really, I’m thinking Iris and Linda. They butt heads the first time they meet but then realize it’s because they’re both ambitious and focused and ready to take on any challenge, and when they realize how much they have in common, that’s when they test their drift compatibility. And wow, does it work. It’s like finding an old friend inside your mind and heart, already there. They’re on the same page. They swallow back their fear in the same moment every time, and push forward together.

No one knew to expect the unstoppable force they become when they’re in a Jaeger.

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Absolutely in love with your Rvb Pacific Rim AU but uhhhh any ideas for Caboose, Sister, Lopez etc? :)

OKAY i knew there were people i’ve forgotten oops

so my initial temptation was to just put everyone as mechanics but hmmmmm i don’t think that’d work

lopez is definitely a mechanic. he’s actually super-talented and would probably be up to designing a jaeger all by himself but as he’s a manual labour robot no one listens to him. so he’s stuck doing really incredibly basic and boring repairs to casings and stuff, and as such is working on revolutionising the drift system in his spare time to stop himself from getting bored.

(“tank sheila” is totally a jaeger he works on and is in love with and no one can tell me otherwise)

caboose wanted to be a pilot. really, really wanted to be a pilot. he even somehow managed to pass the training and things. however, the few people he was tested for drift compatability ran away screaming after so much as a glimpse into his mind, so the jaeger program palmed him off to the mechanical area because he’s ridiculously strong and very good at carrying heavy stuff around. he’s vaguely under the impression that the work he’s doing is required to graduate to be a full jaeger pilot, and no one can really be bothered to correct him.

sister is a pilot who blazed through basic training (leaving a trail of very, very confused instructors and fellow students in her wake)

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shout out to aros who are invisible in the “invisible trinity of lgbt+” posts

shout out to aros who dated people and felt really shitty when they couldn’t love their partner back the same and they had no idea why

shout out to aros to dated people and felt weird because their feelings and the feelings their partner had for one another were not congruent

shout out to aros who feel broken because while our society is really focused on sex, it’s probably more focused on romance since most people think you have to be in love or open to loving someone romantically to have sex with them

shout out to aros with “passing privilege” even though The Straights™ reject them just as much as The Gays™

shout out to aros who get asked if they have a s.o at family functions and are pounded endlessly with “oh, why not?” and you can’t explain to them that you will probably never have an s.o because they wouldn’t get it or it would group you into lgbt+ and that could be dangerous

shout out to aros who get harrassed by people in the lgbt+ community for not “really being part of it”

shout out to aros who live in a romance focused world

shout out to aros who are confused because society teaches us from birth that we’re supposed to find The One™ to settle down with and have kids but don’t ever feel the need to find that person or do but totally leave out the romance part

shout out to aros who cling to pacific rim with their lives because drift compatible is the only phrase they have that can describe their very strong platonic feelings without people going “haha. yeah. SURE. plantonic….”

shout out to aros who are still trying to figure out where they fit on the spectrum

shout out to aros who feel like they’re wrong because everyone is so foucused on being in love and dating

shout out to aros bc yall ignored for no good reason and the A in lgbtqiap+ shouldn’t have to stand for three or more things and yall get swallowed up by agender and asexual and get completely ignored. you’re important and you’re valid.

don’t look guys i’m gonna talk about homestuck stuff for a second

it bugs me when people interpret eridan “white science” ampora as a guy who would ever actually be any good at science?

like the whole POINT of the “white science” schtick is that he’s a nerd who doesn’t want to let on that he’s as into magic as he is. he calls it “science” as a shitty smokescreen

he likes the idea of science but i am pretty sure he actually has no idea what it actually entails

he’d make a fucking awful scientist because he has no patience and no critical thinking skills (“hey i’m just gonna kill these monsters despite the fact that they don’t drop any grist at all THAT IS A GREAT PLAN”), and he’s so damn entitled that it’d never occur to him that he might be wrong. 

if you’re gonna stick him in a science AU you know he’d be like… the son of the major financial sponsor who scored himself a lab assistant position through nepotism alone. and he’d strut in like “I HAVE SOLVED SCIENCE” and then jade and sollux and dirk and equis would rip him to shreds in peer review

and it would be glorious

internet. where are the Zootopia/Pacific Rim crossovers. where are they. why are there not 200 of them zootopia has been out for a week. the bunny and the fox are 10,000% drift compatible and Idris Elba is their boss. their jaeger would be the totally cutest fluffiest killing machine ever. come on now.


really lazy nmtd/pacific rim au

because I love pacific rim


how about bea and ben as the bickering scientists who secretly totally love each other and are definitely drift compatible

(the other option was them being these really cool jaeger pilots who met at academy and are drift compatible as fuck but bea said she would never ever drift with him (because she´s afraid of what he might see in her head) and they can never use all their potential UNTIL … i don´t know but they´re forced to pilot a jaeger together and it´s awesome)

then we have Ursula and Meg who pilot a jaeger together and are just the coolest and they´re followed around by these two weirdos who are still in training and are actually really adorable (what would their jaeger be named?

and then there´s Pedro as the star pilot of this really succesful Mark V Jaeger who is totally in love with technician who overlooks the operations and who plays the guitar in his free time

ok so

I just really love pacific rim

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so im watching pacific rim and at the start its talking about a "fissure, a portal between two dimensions" that alien life is pouring out of, and they literally call it 'the breach' and my first thought was "holy fuck is this dragon age??" and then my second thought was "dragon age pacific rim!au" ((where hawke and varric would totally be drift compatible))

Ho L [inhales]y shti