they would tear shit up

Highschool Kylux AU in which there is this nerdy, fragile and posh looking guy Hux and the badass looking punk Kyle-or-something-Ren.

Little do people know that not everything is the way it looks.

Hux is in fact a son of a local mafia leader and is also a pretty violent bully. He always gets what he wants and is not afraid to beat up a man to death to get what he desires. He’s been always doing this solo but having a henchman could always be handy. Someone scary looking because let’s be honest he does not really look very intimidating and nobody takes him seriously until he rips their teeth out of their cakehole.

One day he hears bunch of girls talking about this Kyle..Kylo-whatever-guy. That he really does look scary and that he definitely beats up all those guys at school which he totally does not because that was Hux’s work and that he probably killed a man or two as well. Hux is impressed and definitely wants this guy by his side when shit gets real.

Hux approaches Kylo and is not disappointed. He indeed looks like he killed a man or two except that manbun, that manbun is not very intimidating, honey

Kylo is a bit shocked by that redhead’s request to be his partner in crime but sure, why the hell not not like he was SERIOUS serious, right + he is pretty hot and perhaps they are gonna fuck too who knows

So they start hanging out. Hux tells Kylo which is actually not even his real name because no, no mom it’s not a phase Kylo Ren sounds much cooler than Benjamin Solo. Ugh, mom no, you don’t understand. Yes, mom I have my snacks packed…Mom no…yes, her name IS Phasma and she is actually pretty cool. MOM YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND BYE that he wants to run the family business one day and it would be amazing to have more people like Ren. Kylo does not really understand what he means by it just thinks Hux is a bit weird but so damn hot but nods and agrees with him.

When it comes to their “first time” aka this-guy-owes-me-for-breathing-let’s-beat-him-up time, Hux finds out that not only Kylo is a huge softie but also can’t stand the sight of blood and in the best scenario even faints. At first he can’t believe it and is absolutely pissed off but then just rolls with it because he got what he wanted. A guy people are afraid of. So he ends up bringing him to every “beating” and if scaring the shit out of them with Kylo’s menacing look does not do the work he just beats the living hell out of them himself.

But no matter what, everyone still thinks it’s Kylo’s work and nobody understands why he drags that nerd with him everywhere.

Under different circumstances Hux would get rid of that manbaby but man, if only he would not look so damn hot without his clothes on and let’s be honest he likes being fucked on that motorbike as well and that manbun…yeah, that manbun is actually not that bad after all either. So we’ll keep him. For now.

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Peridot crying :0c

why is she crying…someone give her a hug and a spoon to play with…

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Okay has it ever been dark in your game and you accidentally attacked your companion thinking they were an enemy? I do that all the time lol, so could you do a companions react to that? Romanced or not, that's up to you! :)

Yes. All the time. And in VATS. And if they’re in the doorways. Especially if they’re in the doorways. LOL like damn how’d that raider sneak up on me! Then they whimper and you apologize profusely to the screen before you realize you’re apologizing to a complex combination of code. I’ll do a pre/semi-romance stage~ I had a good chuckle at this prompt thanks anon

Ada: Sparks fly off her chest plate on impact as the bullet ricochets back into Sole’s foot. Ada quickly dismantled the med kit from her pack as Sole let out a slew of cuss words. “I warn you, every time you do this you end up getting hurt. I would prefer if you stayed around longer, please be careful.”

Cait: “Ouch! Geez would ya knock it off ya spaz? How could you not have known it was me? I have red hair for crying out loud!” she yells at her wits end, pulling her hair for emphasis. She makes sure to slug Sole in the arm as payback. Inexplicably, both began to laugh at the whole ordeal. She literally had on yellow pants and red hair. She was as far from a raider as you could get!

Codsworth: “*@(()!? Mum/Sir why on Earth did you do that for? Do I look like a rogue robot to you? I’m… I’m very displeased!!!” Even though Sole apologized, he still was incredibly butt hurt that Sole could not differentiate between him and the enemies in the dark.

Curie: She’d squeak when hit and her eyes would tear up, making Sole feel like a piece of shit as her lips quivered on her shocked, betrayed face. “Monsieur/Mademoiselle… did you do zat on purpose?” She would always get a hug and gushing apologies as Sole hugged her and kissed her boo-boo.

Danse: “Knight! I just finished getting the dings out of this thing. You do realize that if I were out of my armor, that could have been fatal?” As always, he worried more about his power armor than he did his own safety. He was the perfect match for the skittish Sole who always hit before asking questions. He was just glad he was the one with them.

Deacon: “Oomph! Deacon… signing out…” he pretended to die for the 15th time. He always liked to make Sole feel bad every time. Then he’ll start saying he needs to go to the hospital. Then he needs surgery. Then he needs a kiss to wake him from the coma he’s slipping into.

Dogmeat: *whimper* his voice was too precious, too pure. Sole apologized 10million times as their heart broke in two as they put him in a Doghouse at Sanctuary for safety and never took him out to the mean world ever again.

Hancock: “Shit! Calm down there trigger fiend” he grumbled, rubbing his arm where the bullet grazed the fabric of his jacket. He loved Sole’s crazy, don’t get him wrong or nothin’. He just would prefer it if that crazy was being directed at anywhere other than him. He liked living as the pirate king.

MacCready: *screams like a little girl* “You see! That is precisely why I like to stay far way from the action!” He threw his hat down in frustration. This happened every single time he came to round up with Sole. They knew they already killed everything and that he was the only logical option to be approaching them this late in the game but they still attacked him! Sole was giggling. Why was Sole giggling? “Ohh very funny, now you’re going to make fun of me is that it? Come here!” He roped Sole in, giving them a noogie as they struggled to get out, chuckling the whole time.

Nick Valentine: He groaned down on all fours, trying to recover from that power fist to the stomach Sole just punched him with. “Look kid *wheeze* we’re gonna need to come up with some kind of safe word. I think you pose more of a danger than the ferals do.” They tried a variety of whistles and hums for their code phrase before they realizes that Nick couldn’t whistle they ended up not deciding on one as they left the building arm in arm.

Strong: Doesn’t react. Humans fists feel like blades of grass.

Piper: “JESUS BLUE IT’S JUST ME! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” She flails her arms after narrowly avoiding Sole bashing her in the face with their pistol. It always freaks her out whenever Sole comes at her like that but she gets it. If she was a feral it would be better to shoot first ask questions later. She just hoped that Sole would be able to notice her flashy red trench coat maybe a little sooner.

Preston: “Ow! Geez General, take it easy. I’m delicate. But uh, good staying alert!” He said rubbing his cheek where Sole decked him. Leave it to Preston to find the good in all of it. He thought it was good that Sole was so receptive to movement and even though he know would have a bruise for the next few days he knew it was all because Sole was just so dark good in battle. His love.

X6-88: “You’re going to have to be faster than that if you want to take me out Sir/Ma’am.” Always, without a doubt outmaneuvers Sole and pins them to the ground. He was trained in 7 forms of martial arts and could disarm an opponent within seconds reflexively. Sole always attacks before looking and he always pins them. Eventually he started using it as an excuse to teach them how to get out of arm holds. He likes being close.


Maxson: “Never assault a fellow comrade, let alone your commanding officer” he hissed, pressing his face within a centimeter of Sole’s. His blue eyes bore into Sole’s hoping that this incident would never repeat. He had snatched their wrist before they could swipe at him, dodging out of the way but he didn’t like that very much. He was a wittle angwy.

Glory: “Ahh!” She yells in alarm back when the bullet barely misses her. Her reflexes kicked in and her gun was out pow pow powing up the place. Good thing they both had absolutely shit aim at close range because phew that would’ve been close. What would she have done if Sole was gone?

serious question (that is so very belated) - did anyone ever watch Prison Break?

because while Josette Parker fits Kai’s personality post-merge, Gretchen Morgan would have been tearing shit up with her twin growing up.

I mean the flawless intimidation

the sass is on point

not to mention the way others view her

all in all - I absolutely wish Jodi could have brought her bad ass self into Josette’s world and spread some Gretchen around.


*runs into room* Although the scars of yesterday remain 

*crashes into wall* You can go on livinG AS MUCH AS YOUR HEART BELIEVES



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Companions trying to hold back tears in front of Sole and ultimately failing? Esp Hancock, Deacon, Mac. Maybe due to shiz that happens in each individual comp's story?

I reached max affinity with Deacon the other day so I really liked writing this one. It’ll have spoilers in this one for companions personal quests. Enjoy Nonnie <3


The day Cait woke up clean. Completely clean. No more drug addled brain. Sure, the violent part of her brain was still there- the survival side. It felt weird for her- for so long she had used the drugs; they provided her with a way out.

And then Sole came along. Cait may have acted as if she wasn’t that happy with being ‘saved’ but deep down inside she was. Sole invited her to begin travelling with them, and slowly Cait began to notice that Sole would take her over their other companions. Slowly, Cait came to the conclusion that she could trust Sole.

So she had admitted everything. She had told them about her childhood, about growing up, about how she ended up in the Combat Zone, and about how she was an addict. She told them that she didn’t really want to be an addict. And she had told them about the treatment in Vault 95.

The next morning they had left for Vault 95, and after the battle with the gunners, she finally had the treatment. They had stayed in Vault 95 for a while, whilst Cait had her treatment, and for her to recover. They had left her in a bed, whilst they walked off to scavenge for parts around the facility. When they returned, they found Cait curled in a ball, sobbing quietly to herself. Sole ran over, pulling Cait onto their lap and slowly rocked, as a mother would to a child awoken from a nightmare.


Curie didn’t think that synths could cry. They are practically robots, so surely they couldn’t produce tears. But Curie was wrong.

Doctor Amari had said the procedure had been- somewhat- quick and easy. There didn’t seem to be any long lasting negative effects, she just had to remember to breath.

Sole was sat down on the sofa when she had awoken, and Curie slowly walked over, legs shaking like a newborn animal. She slowly sat down, unused to the feeling of having a body. She hadn’t realised that tears had been falling down her face until Sole reached over and wrapped their arms around her shoulders. Curie was happy- so happy. They were happy tears, she told Sole with a sob.


He’d somehow avoided execution. The somehow being Sole. Everything always seemed to come down to Sole. The pair had left at the same time, Sole with Danse’s holotags to return to Maxson on the Prydwen, Danse on his way to Sanctuary where he’ll wait for Sole.

He hid in the shadows until he saw the vertibird lift into the air, then he made the long trek towards Sanctuary. He arrived in two days- it would have usually only taken him a day at most, but he had a lot on his mind. When he arrived Sole was already there, pacing back and forth, arguing with Preston. Danse was sure he even heard his name in the conversation.

Sole ran to him when they spotted him, pulling him into the tightest hug he’d ever received in his life. Sole dragged him in the direction of their pre-war home, and shut the door tightly behind him once they were both inside. As he heard the door slam behind him, it was as if the floodgates had opened. Gross sobbing and sniffling followed, and all Sole could do was watch heartbroken as their ex-paladin broke in front of them.

Sole realised that Danse had taken it a lot worse that Maxson had. The Brotherhood meant a lot more to Danse that Danse had meant to Maxson. That much was clear.


He finally admitted to Sole about his true background. Sure, he could have chosen a better time- they were currently laid on the ground, sniping the pain in the ass group of muties that were holed up at Breakheart Banks. Something had just snapped in him, causing him to fully open up to Sole.

Luckily, his glasses on his face covered the tears that came whenever he thought of Barbara. That was the main reason for them being perched on his face at all times.

He lowered his head to line up the shot, and just as he was about to take it he felt Sole’s hand come to rest on the top of his, halting him (a small part of him felt like turning the gun on Sole, I mean, physical contact at a time like this?) They ran a finger over his knuckles, before letting go, and lining up their own shot. Deacon followed suit.

What Deacon hadn’t realised was that a single tear had made its way down his pale face, and Sole had seen. Sole knew that- true or not- for some reason Deacon was hurting. And they didn’t like it.


For some reason- one that he’ll never truly understand, Sole wanted to be in a romantic relationship with him. Him. John Hancock. Not the Paladin ass… not the scrawny little kid hanging around in Goodneighbour’s bar, but him.

He stood up and moved around the table sat in the middle of his office, and sat next to Sole. As they moved to rest their head on his chest, he wondered why. As they sat their silently, him reclined, Sole laying across his chest, he wondered why. After everything he’d been through in his life- everyone who had died at his hand, and he somehow managed to get Sole.

Ghouls can still cry, Sole realised after they admitted that they wanted to be with Hancock. Not just with as in ‘Oh hi, I’m in the same room as you’ but with as in ‘Oh hi, I want you to be my boyfriend and we can fuck all the time if you want’. They felt teardrops rolling on to the top of their head, so Sole moved to wrap their arms around Hancock. And so the couple sat their, one wrapped in the arms of the person they love, the other also wrapped in the arms of the person they love but also crying about it.


They’d done it. The hopeful cure for Duncan was on its way to him with one of Daisy’s caravans. He wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sole though. He mindlessly walked over to the bench opposite Daisy’s shop, throwing himself down in it. In normal circumstances, he would have kicked himself for not being totally alert. But he’d allow it this once. He’s also sure that Duncan would forgive him for one.

“Holy shit” He could feel the tears building up, but Robert Joseph MacCready was a man. The type of man that could shoot the head off a raider from twenty metres away; the type of man who regularly laughed in the face of death. He was a man who would not cry. Especially not in front of Sole.

He hadn’t realised that he had been crying until Sole walked over to him. They kneeled down in front of him, put their hands on either side of his head, and pulled him into the crook of their neck. From that point, he was a sobbing mess. He thought Sole would laugh at him; the big bad mercenary was crying. But they didn’t. They just rubbed a hand up and down his back, the other wrapped around his shoulders keeping him close to them.

He briefly- only for a second- wondered what he did in his previous life to deserve someone like Sole. Must have helped save a litter of kittens from a burning house or something.


Eddie Winters was dead. Finally, after years of taunting Nick across the Commonwealth, he was now finally dead. And Nick felt relief; a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

It had all been down to Sole. Without their help, Eddie Winters would still be alive; he would still be mocking Nick.

He turned and faced Sole, and watched as the expression on their face changed to one of surprise. The next second he felt a tear roll down his cheek. Well, he thinks it was a tear (could have been motor oil or something). He watched Sole as they crossed the room and hugged him, how a child would hug their father.


Piper was used to death threats- she received them regularly. But for some reason, this particular one hit her a little harder than usual. This particular one involved Nat as well; sure, send one to Piper, but leave the kid out of it.

She threw herself down at her desk, and half and hour that was where Sole had found her, sobbing into a newspaper, the note sat on the desk.

Sole slowly walked over, and when she reached the desk, she took one look at the note, then picked it up to read.

Sole read the note quickly, then dropped it to the desk, pulled the cap off Piper’s head and pulled it into her in a hug- sort of. Sole made promises that they wouldn’t let anything happen to Piper- and especially Nat- and they would find the scumbag that wrote the note.

It was a promise that the were able to keep, for the next week the person who had written it had ended up naked on Piper’s doorstep with scumbag written repeatedly over their body.


Preston received word that one of their settlements had been attacked by a group of muties. There had been no survivors.

Usually he wouldn’t be as upset over this- they are at war, unfortunately casualties happen. However, it was just yesterday that himself and Sole had returned from that particular settlement; if they had stayed just a little longer, they could have saved them.

Somehow, someone had gotten the news to Sole before Preston had the chance. They came running in the room, unshed tears in their eyes, a silent question on their lips. Tell me there was survivors? Tell me the little baby is still alive? But the look in Preston’s eyes must have told everything.

And so the pair sat in the general’s offices, crying over those who could have been saved. Crying over the wasted future.


It had been silly really; someone had taken X6’s glasses and hidden them. But he felt too exposed. He shouldn’t have, but he really did. And it didn’t feel fair.

Sole had found him wandering the corridors, and he didn’t seem to have any purpose. Sole felt uncomfortable with his wandering. Sole then realised that he didn’t have his glasses on, and he had- what can only be described as- tears in his eyes. They hadn’t fallen yet, and Sole really did not want them to fall. So Sole had asked him what was wrong, and he enlisted their help to find his glasses.

Turns out he left them in Sole’s private quarters, not quite sure at what time that he was in there to have left them there.


He might have ordered Sole to execute Danse, but Danse was his best friend- well, as good a friend that you are going to get within the Brotherhood.

Danse had taught him important things. How to shave; how to properly drink alcohol; how to talk to women properly. He was a good friend, and it hurt him deep within to have to order Sole to kill him. But if the rest of the Brotherhood found out that Danse was alive they would end up questioning him as Elder. And Maxson didn’t want that. And Maxson knew that- for some stupid fucked up reason- Danse would not have wanted that either.

Sole came back to the Prydwen, Danse’s holotags in their hand. They walked into the command centre, shutting the door when they were met with Elder Maxson, tears rolling down his face. To him, the holotags were evidence; Danse was dead.

Maxson felt Sole wrapping their arms around his waist, using one hand to place his arms around their shoulders. They stayed wrapped in each other for a while; mourning the loss of a good friend and mentor.

Sole thought better of mentioning that Danse was still alive, and had left for Sanctuary the same time they had left for the Prydwen.


Des knew that they should have expected the attack. For god’s sake it was the Brotherhood of Steel, they should have expected the attack. They were sitting ducks.

Des watched as Glory was killed; she died protecting the cause. Des watched as a Brotherhood bigot took aim for Deacon, and she watched as Sole took the bullet for him. She screamed in anguish, but couldn’t spend too much time, they needed to win this fight, to avenge Glory- hopefully it was just Glory.

They finally eliminated the last Brotherhood soldier, but they knew it was a long shot- more would be on their way, they needed to evacuate. But Des needed to see Sole.

She ran over, tears in her eyes- the Brotherhood better not have taken two of their best agents. She ran over to where Sole last was, and screamed when she only found a pool of blood. No.

She felt tears run down her face- it was almost as if she could hear Sole’s voice. Wait. Des turned, and watched as Sole (bloody arm wrapped in the sleeve from Deacon’s shirt) and Deacon were ushering agents towards the escape tunnel- the Brotherhood only knew of the way in, when the next wave arrived the RailRoad would no longer be here. Des ran over to assist the escape, standing tall next to Sole, and once all agents were out HQ, she ushered Deacon and Sole out, grabbing Sole’s hand to ensure herself they were really alive.

I am so blessed to have such incredible women in my life.
@larplyyyyyyf and @astro-kerrie in particular are shaping the LARP scene in Australia and they both motivate and inspire me.
And come on.. we would tear shit up together.

Photo by the amazing Tony Delov.

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i'm curious about your feelings on hawkeye in age of ultron?

he seemed nice? they did a good job of giving him the personality he didn’t get a chance to have in The Avengers, so now we know he’s… a Nice Dude who is far more normal than anyone else on the team. he’s the grounded one, i guess. 

the family thing was pretty weird, though. i mean, it’s totally plausible for hawkeye to have a secret family, not least because we knew virtually nothing about him before this film. but the way AoU introduced/depicted his family was… odd. (even from a logistical perspective, because it’s unclear whether his family are isolated as protection because they fear for their lives – which would be super dark – or just because it’s easier for narrative purposes for them to live in a warm and inviting Safe House.)

weird heteronormative bullshit

Laura Barton is two-dimensional caricature of a Perfect Supportive Wife, living with the kids in this Perfect Idyllic Farm. and honestly, i think this undercuts the idea of hawkeye as a “normal” everyman character, because NOBODY LIVES THAT WAY. the “human disaster” version of Hawkeye from the Fraction/Aja comics is popular for a reason: he’s relatable. meanwhile AoU’s hawkeye is likable enough on his own, but his home life practically felt like some kind of hallucinatory Americana dream sequence. his family are intentionally portrayed as living in a perfect safe bubble that represents a life the other Avengers can never lead. which brings me to the strangest thing about Hawkeye’s family: how the other avengers react.

let’s all move to a farm!!

i’m pretty sure steve AND tony both imply that they wish they had a family like Hawkeye’s. or at least, steve says he used to want it before the war, and tony says something about buying a place like Hawkeye’s farm for himself and pepper? maybe i’m misremembering tony’s part, but if not… WTF. steve may have wanted to marry peggy, but there’s NO evidence he was hankering after a white picket fence. from the moment steve rogers is introduced, he’s a furious force of nature, railing against injustice. he wouldn’t last two seconds in a farm in the middle of nowhere (or in the suburbs, or whatever). he and peggy would be tearing shit up until their dying day. the only way steve’s reaction make sense is if he was speaking very figuratively, as in, “i don’t think i can ever have a relationship.”

as for tony, the idea of him AND PEPPER POTTS living somewhere ~quiet is beyond the pale. and he can’t have been speaking figuratively, because he already has settled down. it just felt ludicrous and paternalistic for tony to suddenly decide after seeing Hawkeye’s picture-perfect family life, “hey, pepper and i should ABANDON OUR ENTIRE PERSONALITIES AND LIFESTYLES and become a traditional 1950s household!” Similarly, black widow’s sudden desire to abandon her life and “run away” with bruce, with whom she hasn’t even begun a proper relationship.

no “found family” after all

bizarrely, this nuclear family/heteronormative theme contradicts Joss Whedon’s usual M.O. of (supposedly) subverting old-fashioned gender tropes. Age of Ultron does the opposite, with hawkeye having the ULTIMATE stereotypical Perfect American Family (you know, the one that usually gets killed off at the beginning of an action movie to motivate the male hero), and the other avengers failing to live up to it in some way: black widow and bruce banner with their weird infertility conversation, steve as a stuffy loner, and tony with his mutant robot child. it’s like, “hey, wouldn’t it be great if you had a traditional nuclear family with a Strong Soldier Dad and a supportive pregnant wife who stays at home with the nice cute kids all day?”

of course, a more satisfying emotional conclusion would have been for the Avengers to realize The Team was their “real” family all along -- which, incidentally, is an ongoing theme in Whedon’s work. (it’s also what we see in Avengers fanfic, because people want the Avengers to be friends.) instead, the movie ends with the team breaking up, and steve and natasha taking over as leaders of the new Avengers. i guess you could even characterize them (loner steve and infertile natasha) as surrogate parents to the new generation, if you want to get overly analytical about it. it’s all very odd, especially in the wider context of the MCU’s attitude to parenting storylines: nonexistent and/or angelic dead mothers, but a ton of daddy issues stemming from dynamic, influential father figures.

TL;DR version: as a character by himself, Hawkeye seemed likable and fun, and i enjoyed the way his fight scenes emphasized the non-superpowered nature of his physical abilities. however, i thought his wife was a two-dimensional cliche and that his family storyline tied into larger problems throughout the film.