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Let’s be real for a second in terms of like where this show is headed with regards to my favorite character (surprise it’s Lance jk no one is surprised)

Recently this tweet happened:

And some people are taking this really well and other people… not so much. Which makes sense since all of us have been like #thirstin for something more for Lance and have been met with a lotta nothing, but I think this tweet is actually a good thing.

So in this recent interview with Kimberly, Josh, and Jeremy, Jeremy basically says what he’s been saying since day 1 that’s been echoed by a lot of the other cast members and crew.

Basically: Lance will step up to the plate and he’ll become more of a leader and take on more responsibility but at the end of the day…




And when people ask for more about Lance in terms of his character, you don’t really hear much beyond this, which is exTRemEly frustrating but just hear me out.

It might not be this deep but I think it’d be cool if there’s a reason for the Voltron team being so adamant in the fact that “Lance is Lance.” And he will always be no matter what. This can go one of two ways.

1. Lance is Lance because he will always only be comic relief. 6 seasons of comic relief. That’s him. He’s Lance. A flirt. Cocky. Goofy. Sure he might have some moments like we’ve seen in S1 and S2 but for the most part he’s there to be the team goofball to make everyone laugh (or groan with frustration and annoyance)

Which is shitty and terrible and I will be so angry if this is what goes down but for now let’s move onto the MUCH BETTER option 2.

2. Lance does become a leader (maybe a co-leader? Right hand man? stays the Blue Paladin and just kinda steps up more? whatever) but no matter how tough things get, no matter how worn down the team is, no matter how hopeless the situation seems, Lance can still be Lance. And I don’t just mean he’s able to crack a joke at a tense time to lighten the mood, though that also is a part of it. I mean that he is able to keep a level head and calmly think things through even in chaotic or near impossible situations

That he is always concerned about the well-being of other and is willing to lay down his life for his friends (AKA PEOPLE HE JUST MET)

That he’s also not afraid to call out these friends when he thinks they are making a mistake (there seems to be a running theme with this one…..)

That he’s also appreciative of his friends and pays attention to their needs/wants and their strengths

And that he will always go down swinging

But maybe most importantly, and this is what I hope the Voltron team is trying to get at, Lance will never lose his joy and excitement and happy go-lucky demeanor. This is what makes him the Blue Paladin (and also why I think he would make a great Black Paladin but anyways….). He’s the glue of the team and this means more than just being the comic relief and making ill-timed jokes.

I really love the Lance that is able to start a weird space spore fight or wants to knit sweaters for Arusians. I love the Lance that enjoys doing a crazy dance while explaining their extremely dangerous plan to defeat Zarkon. I love the Lance that has fun coming up with wild ideas about what else could be locked up in Beta Traz. It’s not that he’s not taking his job as a Paladin seriously but rather that he is trying to take this crazy situation in stride as much as possible. We know that he can be worried, insecure, and lonely, but this never stops him from being who he is. He stumbles, loses confidence, regains it, and stands back up again ready to start swinging at the next asshole who decides to come for him and his friends.

Lance is adaptable just like water. He might come in different forms (serious, competitive, caring, homesick, flirtatious, etc) but at the end of the day it’s all of it is a part of who he is. He might need to get better at figuring out the appropriate timing of being leader Lance or flirty Lance, but it’s not like he has to lose the more immature part of him to become a more well-developed character.

So when people say “Lance will always be Lance,” I’m actually pretty fucking thankful. I’ve read some Langst where Lance becomes more “Keith-like” to cope with his insecurities which……. I’m conflicted about. I don’t think he needs to go as far as NOT be him in order for the team to learn to appreciate him more. So I think this affirmation from the staff that Lance will always be himself no matter what makes me believe that he will be what keeps the team together through the difficult and tumultuous times to come. That even despite his clear self-doubt he will be able to put the team and others first and maintain his role as the glue. That he will still manage to grow and change as a Paladin AND maintain the things that make him Lance.

There will be growing pains, of course, (I’m guessing a lot to do with Keith) but just because he’s insecure doesn’t make him weak. Lance doesn’t have to become more serious or stoic in order to be taken more seriously or be more “mature.” Then he wouldn’t be the Lance we know and love. He can withstand the challenges to come and develop as a character without sacrificing these integral parts of himself. He is capable of SO MUCH and I can’t wait for him to unlock the potential that was always there within him and makes him who he is.

In which Arkos and Renora try to set each other up

Jaune: *whispering* Did you send the invites?

Pyrrha: *nodding* Ren’s checking the letter box now!”

Arkos: *spies through window*

Ren: *opens letter box* *finds invitation to a pre-paid romantic dinner* Hey Nora.

Nora: *pops up* Yo!

Ren: *hands her invites* These just came in.

Nora: Who are they from?

Ren: *shrugs* Who knows?

Nora: I know just what to do with them!

Ren: *smiles* Me too.

(In the dorm)

Jaune: Any interesting mail?

Ren: Nope.

Renora: *swap knowing looks*

(The next day)

Jaune: *checks mailbox* Uh, Pyrrha? I think you put these in the wrong mailbox.

Pyrrha: *pops up* *looks at invites* No, I’m sure I got it right.

Jaune: *turns over envelopes* They’re addressed to us now.

Pyrrha: How strange.

(The next day)

Nora: *opens letter box* *gasps* THEY’RE BACK!

Ren: What is?

Nora: *hands him invites* It’s addressed to us again.

Ren: What use do we have for a romantic dinner?

Nora: *resists the urge to break his legs* None at all.

(The next day)

Pyrrha: JAUNE!

Jaune: What is it?

Pyrrha: Look! *shoves invites in his hands* They’re addressed to us again.

Jaune: Really? Why would we even need these?

Pyrrha: *resists the urge to strangle him* No idea. Let’s just fix these up and try again.

(The next day, Team JNPR checks their letterboxes together so Arkos can make sure Renora knows it’s for them.)

Ren: *opens letter box* *almost groans* (Again?!)

Nora: *sees invites* *blushes* Oh dear.

Jaune: *smirks* *checks letter box* *jaw drops*

Pyrrha: *sees invites addressed to them* *sneaks another peak at Renora’s invites* *very confused*

Jaune: *reaches inside letterbox* Hey, I got a note!

Ren: Same.


Please, you’re painful to watch. Enjoy your dinner.

JNPR: *awkward silence* Uh…

(Meanwhile, in the tower…)

Ozpin: *giggles*

mayicee  asked:

Hey Bucky, Do you and Tony get along? I know you have bad history but i feel like you two would make a great "mess with Steve" team.

Bucky: We don’t…talk much. There’s still a lot of tension. After he found out about his parents. He knows it wasn’t really–…me. But it still was…me. I don’t blame him. So I keep my distance.

McGonagall knew that Ron and Hermione would make a great Prefect team in February of their fourth year - when they were standing in her office with her and Ludo Bagman, acquiescing to their part in the Second Task. She watched them have an entire conversation without saying anything, just glancing significantly at each other with raised eyebrows, minute movements of their heads.

She couldn’t even tell what they were saying, and if she couldn’t she was reasonably certain no one could. When they agreed, though McGonagall herself didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, she was sure they’d be in for it - and whatever lay ahead of even that - together. 


#2Chenz US Jump On It! Facebook live interview

thoughts on sansa stark:

i don’t understand why people hate her as if she didn’t even grow as a character. just because she doesn’t possess the skills her siblings have doesn’t make her weak and useless. arya wanted to be a warrior, she learned and became one the hard way. same with sansa, she wanted to be a queen/lady; she became one. a wise one.

she didn’t become a survivor for nothing. i still believe that she has something up in her sleeve. and her situation seems more realistic than that of her siblings. she’s a survivor of abuse and trauma. and it’s not easy to move on from something that greatly damaged you. being strong doesn’t have to be about being good in combat or having supernatural powers. it’s also about being able to withstand the challenges in life. 

i used to not like her in season 1 because of her bratty attitude, but seeing her grow made me love her even more. and you know that she learned it the hard way. it changed her view that life isn’t all about rainbows and butterflies.

Okay I’m ending this post with my favorite quote from her in the books: “My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”

i can’t for all the starks to reunite again. i love them all. they could make a great team. ned, lyanna, catelyn and robb would be proud. #teamstark

“You said if I did this, that we’d be done.”

The antagonist smiled, brushing the protagonist’s hair back from their forehead. “You must have known that would never happen. Look at what a great team we make - we’re unstoppable!” Their smile softened, and the protagonist hated that it still made their stomach flip. “You’re incredible.”

“Incredibly done.”

“If I let you go, you’ll die. The world can’t maintain you the way I can.”

Cinderella (Sherlock Imagine)

Title: Cinderella

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 2250

Request: @supers16 Would you be open to writing an Sherlock x reader? I was toying around with a Cinderella type thing where John drags Sherlock to a masked ball and a Cinderella plot plays out?

A/N: This is the first of 2 parts so let me know if you want me to add you to the tag list so you’ll be notified when it comes out! (Update: Part 2 can be found here!) 


(Shameless plug for my fic Hello Detective, but here’s a link to Chapter 1 if you haven’t started it yet!)

Enjoy! Requests are open but they will take time!

“Lestrade! Where is it?” Sherlock yelled, approaching Lestrade at the home of the latest crime scene.

“I haven’t had a decent case in a month, I hope this is a good one.” He said, walking beside him up the stairs to where he presumed the body was.

“Well, about that…” Lestrade began, cautiously.

“What?” Sherlock stopped, a serious tone to his voice.

“Well, we’ve already solved it…” Lestrade said and Sherlock laughed, then he realized Lestrade was being serious.

“You’re joking. Tell me you’re joking. How the hell could you have solved it? Your text said you’ve never seen anything like this.” Sherlock argued in disbelief.

“Yes, well we hadn’t but I just hired this new detective from Sheffield and they solved it.” He explained as they arrived at the scene of the crime, detectives and forensics milling around.

“Well who the hell is he?” Sherlock asked rudely.

“She.” You corrected, now standing in front of the two. Looking the man up and down, your hands resting on your hips.

“Sherlock Holmes, this is our newest Sergeant, (Y/N) (L/N).” You shook his hand but you could tell he was angry and maybe slightly jealous.

“Nice to meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you. Sorry to have wasted your time, I don’t think you’ll be needed here.” You explained, he looked nothing like you pictured him. He was taller, and thinner, with better hair and brighter eyes. Actually he was pretty attractive.

“Is that so? And you’re confident that your conclusion is correct?” He questioned. Ok, attractive, and an asshole.

“Always.” You answered back with the same snap he had given you.

“I see, then you wouldn’t mind walking me through it, just to make sure?” He spoke as if he couldn’t wait to prove you wrong.

“Not at all. Tim Leng, yoga teacher, was found by his flatmate Scott Bevan in the bath, though he didn’t drown.” You pointed to the bath as you walked into the small room, Sherlock following you.

“No? Then what was the cause of death?” Sherlock asked, squinting around the scene.

“Asphyxiation, and the door was locked. He enjoyed long baths, and lighting a few dozen tealights. When we arrived there a damp patch here in front of the door to the balcony. Out there there were a few towels hanging on the dryer.” You explained, pointing to different objects around the room as you talked. You turned and found Sherlock to be much closer to you than you expected.

“Your conclusion?” He asked, as if he was testing you. You gulped nervously before continuing in the most confident voice you could muster.

“It’s a small bathroom with no ventilation. Wet towels are taped around the door frame from the outside - there’s a tiny bit of tape still here. The flames from the candles use up all the air and he slowly suffocates. Just like falling asleep. The wet towels are removed and the murderer contacts the police because he thinks he’s cleverer than us and wants to show off a bit. Which I’m sure you can understand.” You stated, adding what you thought was a clever quip at the end.

“So it was the flatmate, Bevan.” He asked and you nodded, he turned around and puffed angrily.

“Well?” Lestrade asked, waiting to see if his new Sergeant really was as clever as Sherlock.

“She’s right.” Sherlock said, disappointed.

“Thank you, Mr. Holmes, but I don’t need your approval.” You smiled, a confident air about you now.

“You’re very sure of yourself, some might call it arrogant.” Sherlock turned back to you, stepping towards you.

“A term you’re used to hearing I’m sure.” You retorted, stepping towards him, ready to go.

“I’m sorry?” He asked, offended.

“You heard me.” You stood your ground.

“You think because you’ve solved one murder, suddenly you’re as good as me?” Sherlock asked, stepping closer, trying to intimidate you.

“This isn’t my first murder and I’ve always been as good as you. You’re just threatened because suddenly you’re not the only logical one in the room. I hope it doesn’t bruise your ego too much.” You spoke walking past him, and he nearly growled.

“I don’t like her.” Sherlock muttered after you had left.

“You sure that feeling isn’t admiration?” Lestrade smirked.

“I think loathing is more like it.” Sherlock said.

“Jealousy maybe?” Lestrade laughed. “Sherlock’s finally met his match.”

“Stop.” Sherlock urged.

“But seriously Sherlock, she’s good and fits in here. We need her, please don’t scare her off.” Lestrade said, a serious tone returning to his voice.

“Trust me, I’ll be avoiding her as much as possible.” He said, following Lestrade back down the stairs of the flat.

“Don’t speak too soon, you two would make a great team. If your true goal is helping people and not showing off, that is.” Lestrade said, to which Sherlock rolled his eyes.

Once in the cab Sherlock texted John, letting him know that his plans had changed and now he could in fact babysit Rosie for the night while John and Mary have dinner.

“Thanks for taking care of Rosie, mate. Sorry about your case.” John said when he came to pick up Rosie around 11:00.

“Ugh, there will be other cases, I’ll just have to beat her to it.” Sherlock sunk into his chair, steepling his fingers and resting them on his lips.

“So she’s good? Like you?” Mary asked, his eyes were closed but he knew she donned a smirk.

“No one’s like me… but yes she’s good. Annoyingly so.” John laughed and shared a look with Mary.

“What’s this?” Mary asked, picking up a fancy looking invitation from his desk. Sherlock’s eyes popped open to see what she was inquiring about.

“Nothing. Mycroft has to attend one of those gala events and wants me to suffer as his plus one.” Sherlock waved it off.

“You’re going right?” John asked, authoritatively.  

“Absolutely not! Why would I, there will be people there.” Sherlock whinned.

“You should go! Get out of the house, you need it.” Mary urged him.

“Why?” Sherlock asked, annoyed.

“Because then you can embarrass Mycroft in front of all his colleagues or whatever you two do to get ahead in your little childish feud. I don’t know mate, but you need to get out of the house. Before you resort to old habits.” John scolded.

“Who knows, you might even meet someone.” Mary added, trying to be positive.

“Oh, Christ. If I go will you two stop!” Sherlock shouted, oh how he craved a cigarette right now.

“Yes.” They both agreed.

“Fine! Now go, go.” He shooed them out the door.

“Bye, Sherlock!” Mary said gleefully, waving with one hand, Rosie in the other.

Standing in front a mirror in Mycroft’s study Sherlock straightened the bow tie he was made to wear. He picked up his porcelain mask that covered half of his face, and was surprisingly light weight.

“Now remember tonight I need you to be civil, dance with everyone, don’t embarrass me.” Mycroft instructed once they had arrived at Buckingham Palace. Sherlock rolled his eyes and left to circle the room.

His eyes landed on you almost immediately. You were smiling and chatting with Prince Harry as he handed you a drink. You were beautiful and excited him, a mysterious air about you. He saw Harry laughing and you smirked. You patted his arm gently as you left him to speak to someone else. It was like his attention was dragged to you and he couldn’t pull it away.

Sherlock tried to listen to Mycroft and mindlessly danced with women he had no intention of knowing, his eyes still focused on you. Trying to form an opinion of you. He couldn’t tell if you were a golddigger, genuine, or a complete fraud. He was curious and had to know.

“Care to dance.” He approached you, his request coming off very placid and stiff.

“Don’t you seem enthused.” You said sarcastically, smirking, accepting anyway and taking his hand.

“Apparently it’s my duty to dance with everyone here tonight.” Sherlock informed you, you could feel his eyes rolling.

“Says who?” You asked, genuinely.

“My brother.” He answered and you laughed.

“Screw him. Do what you want.” You told him, and he was taken aback.

“Well you’re proving to be a much more interesting partner than I anticipated.” He let slip.

“I think there was a compliment in there somewhere.” You smirked.

“You know, you’re actually not a bad dancer.” He observed, glancing down at your feet.

“I’d say the same, but…” You joked and he looked offended.

“I’m kidding!” You patted his chest playfully, “Seriously though, I’m just trying to keep up with you.”

“Well don’t tell anyone but I actually do love to dance.” He confessed.  

“Your secrets safe with me.” You smiled earnestly.

“You look familiar, have we met?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

”I’m not sure you’re supposed to ask that at a masked gala.” You smiled sincerely, the air of mystery around you growing thicker and exciting your partner more. “I love your mask by the way, it’s very Phantom of the Opera.”

“Well it wasn’t my pick but thank you, your’s is quite nice as well.” He smiled, admiring it.

“Thank you, though it wasn’t my pick either.” You smiled.

“No? Then who’s?” He asked curiously.

“That would be His Royal Highness.” You rolled your eyes.

“You seem to have made quite an impression on Prince Harry, how do you two know each other?” He asked, being nosy.

“We met at school, I used to tutor him. Just between us two, he might not have graduated with the honors he did without my help and his last name.” You said, he laughed.

“Care for a drink?” You asked as the song ended.

“I just hate coming to these things, don’t you?” You asked the man who had followed you to the bar.

“And why’s that?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. He had been eyeing you all night, not knowing who you were but assuming you were the same as everyone else in the room. He was sorely mistaken.

“Spending the whole evening rubbing elbows with the rich and well educated, when in reality they’re probably the daftest people you’ll ever meet.” She smirked to him and he laughed.

“They can’t all be daft, can they?” He returned the smirk.

“Oh they are, would you like me to prove it?” You asked confidently.

“Be my guest.” He motioned forward to the room.

“See the woman dancing with the Prime Minister over there?” You pointed with you finger around your drink. He nodded.

“Her husband is the Minister for Trade,” you pointed to the other side of the room where he stood,”In fact, before marrying him, she dated four different members of Parliament. At the same time. Though not a one found out about the others. And they’re all here tonight. Smart woman? Daft men? You choose, but I favor the latter, I mean just look at her. Now that takes care of six of them in the room, shall I continue? Let’s move to this side of the room. Ah, the Harrison brothers. The youngest is embezzling millions from the family business, but the eldest is sleeping with the youngests wife, so all’s square I suppose. No one else in the family knows about either account, nor suspects a thing. Fifteen people here tonight related to the family: oblivious. And it’s clear as day. I guess you just never know what’s going on right under your nose, do you? Well that takes care of half the room. Believe me yet?”

“Oh, I never doubted you. Actually I feel quite the same. You know a lot of people here.” He observed.

“Everyone knows a lot of people here, their names are in the paper nearly everyday, but they don’t matter.” You said.

“They don’t?” He asked, suspiciously.

“No, you see it’s the ones that you don’t know in the room that really hold the power. Like him,” you pointed to a man near the dessert table, “Whoever he is, he must be important. Not only due to the fact that he’s here, but that he’s not wasting his time kissing ass and sucking up. See the way everyone’s glancing at him, they’re terrified. Isn’t fear the newest form of power?”

“What makes him so vapid?” Sherlock asked with a smirk.

“Hmm, let me go ask. I need to do some research before confirming my hypothesis.” You began to walk away towards the man you were speaking about.

“Which is?” He asked, and you spun as you walked away from him, a smirk on your face, you winked, spun forward and continued walked towards your target.

“Hello.” You greeted with a fake smile.

“Ah, good evening. I don’t believe we’ve met.” He smiled, being fake polite.

“No, I don’t think we have.” You shook his hand.

“Mycroft Holmes, pleased to meet you. I see you’ve met my brother.” He nodded towards your companion at the bar.

“Your brother?” You asked, surprised, turning back to glance at him with a shocked face. That would mean he’s…

“Sherlock Holmes–” He said, and must have continued speaking but you had tuned him out. Your sworn enemy had been the one you’d been eyeing all night, the one you’d danced with and spoken with. The one you’d flirted with and he’d flirted back. You dare say you’ve even started to fall for him.

Part 2

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secrets and snarky statements (one) - steve rogers

Originally posted by marveltho

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Y/N’s meddlesome teammates seem to be the only ones who attempt to bring the two apprehensive friends to their conclusions. But, of course Tony Stark finds some way to screw it up.

Requested: No

Warning: language

Word Count: 2076

This is Part1 of two part imagine! Trust me I know Tony is an ass but it’s all worth it in the end, trust me!! I hope y'all like it I loved writing about Steve for the first time!:) and @imsecretlyromanburki wanted to tagged!! If you would like to be tagged in my imagine posts let me know!




“So, are gonna tell him?” Natasha pushed you, arms folded across her chest as she stared intently at you.

You sighed heavily, pushing your calloused palms against the end of the end table, your weight resting on your hands, “No, and I don’t plan on it!” you hollered at her, eyes wide and eyebrows raised in annoyance.

This was the fifth time Nat has asked you about it this week. Was your brain ever planning on you to ferociously admit your secretive and strong feelings towards your colleague that have been occurring for the past six months? No? No.

Of course not, you couldn’t. It wasn’t something that was exactly on your bucket list, especially since it’s something you wanted to keep a secret. Due to the fact it could tear apart your gifted friendship with him and make thing exceedingly difficult and awkward for everyone in the time being. But, was it still as big of a secret it had been for the past couple of months? Nope. This was due to the fact your other trustworthy boisterous colleague Natasha decided that she didn’t want to keep it secret. She chose to spread the word around the surrounding.

First, to Sam. Who then lovingly decided to pass it on to Clint. And then he decided it was best to tell Wanda, who told Thor, who then opened his sly, loud mouth to Tony. Tony of all goddamn people, the one who literally and physically could not keep his mouth shut. Then, soon enough the entire base knew. And when you found that out, you knew you were entirely screwed. Since then, for the past two months you’ve had to endure complete and utter crap from almost everyone.

“Hey hey hey, Y/N. How’s Cap doing?”

“Woah wait , where ya going? Steve isn’t with you.”

“Miss Y/N, I’m sorry to bother you, but where is the light of your life, Mr. Steve?”

You had felt your eyes roll into the back of your head at least ten thousand times in the past couple of months. You couldn’t take the obvious comments and snarky remarks they would cast upon you as soon as your presence became known in a room.

So, you decided enough was enough. You needed to shut this entire controversy down instantly, especially still continuing to keep it a secret from the superhero himself.


“Y/N, you got the report finished for today?”

“Yeah, I set it on the counter over there,” you answered Sam, your right arm extending behind you as it pointed towards the kitchen area.

Your nose was shoved into a book, not daring to separate your attention away from it for even a split second. Anything that was a possible distraction was your best bet right now. That and the fact you didn’t particularly enjoy any of the team’s company as of this moment in time. The antagonizing had gotten even worse and it had come to the point where they were so obvious and deafening, your secret had been exposed to now everyone. And when you say everyone, you mean everyone. Your mind eventually drew itself away from the pages of the book as the words became blurry, your thoughts gathering somewhere else, somewhere you couldn’t get out of your nagging head the entire night.


(Flashback to last night’s previous events)

You walked in to the room where everyone was gathered, just talking and hanging out. You had seen just a few of your teammates gazes shift to you as you attempted to walk in without being noticed much. But their gazes lasted a mere second as you saw them snap their attention back to Tony, who was standing among everyone in the middle of the floor. His hands were moving back and forth quickly and his eyes were wide with excitement as he told his seemingly great story.

You decide to sneak over and sit next to Nat on the couch, hopefully not causing anyone’s attention to snap to you. You slowly sank yourself down into the spot next to Nat, her attention barely hits you and her head bobs at you and then back to Tony as a smile spread across her face in bewilderment. You nodded at her, knowing Tony must be telling some story where he just cracks everyone up.

But, you couldn’t focus on the story. Your gaze has shifted to something sitting cross legged directly across the room from you.

Steve Rogers.

Your eyes dazed over in a feeling of regret yet love for the blond-haired superhero. You watched as his muscular right hand grasped his bent knee, you eyes trailing up his long sleeve of navy blue to be hit with the bulging bicep that flexed naturally from underneath his shirt. As your attention made the trail to his collarbone you felt yourself almost drool, his chiseled features pairing so well with his light, airy, and sweet personality.

His bright pink lips formed a sly yet happy smile, along with his pearly whites. That smile ignited something in your heart that you couldn’t deny, and you hated how much it affected you. No one before has made you feel this way, and it scared you a little. But, whenever his crystal blue eyes met yours in a fiery, unbreakable stare, you’re pretty sure you felt your insides explode.

As you sat for what felt like centuries, admiring the man in front of you, you heard a loud cough emit from someone nearby, dragging you out of your thoughts and back into reality.

Your head snapped in the direction of the sudden sound, to see Tony staring a hole through you. His muscled arms folded together across his chest as his dark eyebrows raised in a seemingly sneaky way.

“What?” you question oddly, turning your head to look around and see everyone’s stares directed to you.

Tony shrugged his shoulders happily, lips forming a slight smirk, “Oh, nothing! We were just wondering what was on your mind. You haven’t been listening for the past couple of minutes.”

Your brain hit you with the realization of what you had been doing for ten minutes. You felt yourself begin to cough up a lie you had established in no time, not finding any other to get out of the fact you had been drooling over your colleague for the past ten minutes.

“I-I was just thinking about who would work best with who on the next mission!” you chirped a little too loudly, voice squeaking as the lie rolled off your lips.

You felt confused looks from everyone around you, and Tony’s sly, knowingly gaze was giving you nerves you didn’t dare want.

Nat turned to face you completely, hand slapping your right shoulder in a playful way, “Then why don’t you share? I’m sure we’d all like to know.”

Your Y/E/C eyes narrowed into thin slits at Natasha’s comment, knowing she was trying to get something started.

“U-Uh, no. No, I mean nothing’s set in stone I was just suggesting-”

“Y/N, whatever you suggest is going to work in our favor,” Steve smiled sweetly at you. His blue eyes sparkled as they set themselves on you and you felt your stomach knot.

Your brain needed to switched from stuttering lies to quick-thinking facts in about a split second or your cover would be blown. Your eyes hit everyone’s in the room as you attempted to pair them up with a member of equal caliber. Nerves slapped against your mind as the lies began to build up one by one.

Before opening your mouth to let out the “so called” matching teammates, and embarrassing yourself in front of nine people, you were interrupted by someone coughing loudly.

Thank god. Someone wanted to change the subject, add something, interject, or whatever. At least you could steer clear of the embarrassment.

“I for one, have some matches of you all that I just think, might be made in heaven,” you heard the deep and cunning voice ring through your ears.

Oh no.

Everyone’s eyes adverted to Tony’s figure standing smugly in front of the team, hand scratching his head as if he had been thinking long and hard about these pairings.

On instinct, whenever Tony felt the need to embarrass and harass you in front of everyone, you shut your Y/E/C eyes tightly as if the appearance of your eyelids would make a better safe-haven.

You heard Tony’s footsteps began to pace around the room daringly before he opened his mouth, “Well first off, how about you, Y/N!” he hollered, eyes rolling to the back of his head as if he hadn’t thought of the idea of you being paired with anyone first.

As your eyes grew open slowly at the sound of your name, once again everyone’s gazed turned to you and you felt your body light up like a Christmas tree. You dared not to speak as Tony pointed his finger at everyone for a split second, and then drawing it back as if they weren’t a right fit for you.

You nervously watched as his finger pointed to Wanda and then drew back, and then the same for Sam, and drew back. Your heart beat grew increasingly as his game inched closer to the blond-haired beauty sitting quietly across from you.

You knew that if, once he pointed to Steve, his voice wouldn’t belt out how perfect you two were as a team, but as much greater than a team. At least in your eyes.

His finger met Steve’s body sitting on the couch and his head flipped from Steve to you in an instant, “Yes! That is it! Mr. America, that’s who Y/N wants!”

Instead of your mouth dropping open in shock, his shut tightly in embarrassment and your veins began to pump nervous energy all throughout your body.

This can’t be happening to me. This can’t be happening to me. This can’t be happening to me.

Steve’s attention focused on you and his lips turned up in a light smile, voice deep yet soothing all at once, “Of course, I think Y/N and I would make a great team.”

Your heart felt like throwing up with all the emotion that were flowing through your body at that very moment. Anticipation, infatuation, adoration… nervousness, guilt, regretfulness, and horror.

“Oh no no, Cap. Not just a team for this mission, I meant as a team for the rest of your lives.”

Your throat closed at the comment and you put a hand to your stomach to feel the aches that were running in the out of your stomach right now.

Steve looked at you and then back to Tony confusedly. You laid a hand on Nat’s shoulder and she looked to you with guilt displayed across her face. Your horror grew as you knew what was going to come out of Tony’s mouth next. And you had no way to stop it.

Tony’s hand flew down to Steve’s shoulder and clapped it twice before looking at him and muttering, “I chose you and Y/N due to the fact that you-” he pointed to Steve and then back to yourself before continuing.

Everyone sat in riveting positions, their attention fully focused on what was about to go down, no one daring to interrupt a precious moment of any of it.

Tony continued, “-and Y/N, need to work out whatever nervous and sexual energy you have going on between the two of you.”

Your mind wasn’t there anymore, it was completely detached, gone. You didn’t know what to say or how to fix what has already been said. You were screwed, and you knew it.

Steve'a eyebrows furrowed in shock and confusion as he looked to you for a simple answer to the equation, “Y/N what is going on?”

Your mouth couldn’t form the words to speak as your eyes met his a horrified look before Tony sighed deeply and finished what had already been started.

“The moral of the story is that Cap, Y/N wanted to tell you the crush on you that’s been eating her up for the past couple of months, and I for one feel like you need to recuperate what you’re feeling and-”

You didn’t even hear the last few sentences that came out of Tony’s mouth  as you leaped off your position from the couch and ran so fast out of the room you thought your lungs would burst.

NCT Maknae Line Reaction to being on a variety show with their idol crush[you].


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Mark would be trying so damn hard to be cool around you. He’d greet you politely and then during the filming he would be stood smiling and laughing happily every time you made a joke or did something silly. But the moment the camera was focused on him the other Dreamies would start messing up, doing stupid things and embarrassing Mark. “Mark sings your songs in the shower!” Mark would grit his teeth and smile through his suffering. He’d be too nervous after that to approach you, worried you might not want to get to know him after the show.


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Nothing can explain the pure joy on Renjun’s face when he found out he was going to be on a show with you. Your band had debuted before his, and he was a huge fan of yours along with having a massive crush on you. During the show when you complimented NCT Dream and turned directly to smile at Renjun he would grin and bow to you, his expression a little confused. Why would you look to him specifically? He’d be giddy with excitement at the thought of you liking him. He’d keep quiet around you but he’d be paying close attention to anything you said, looking for a sign that you might like him too.


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Jeno would be another one who’d get pretty quiet around you. He’d probably be too nervous to approach you, so he might just smile and watch you from afar. The moment it was suggested Jeno compete against someone from your group, the others would quickly cheer your name. “He’s always wanted to have a dance off with Y/n!” Jeno would scratch his cheek and approach you slowly. He’d try and be subtle and wouldn’t talk to you much. When you put your arm around him for a photo at the end he’d shyly lean towards you and lift up a hand to make a heart with you. He’d definitely screenshot that later and save it to his phone.


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You wouldn’t realise Haechan had a crush on you, you’d just think he was really really enthusiastic about your group. He’d greet you first with a bow, handshake, lots of hellos and grins and then he’d rush off to the other members in your group, not wanting to seem like he was favouring you. He’d be extra during the recording, doing all the aegyo and dancing vigorously. Whilst your group were showing your new routine he’d be dancing along to it perfectly at the side. He’d applaud the loudest whenever you performed a skill or did anything at all. After the recording you’d thank him for cheering you on so much, since it made you feel more comfortable. “Of course, Y/n. I’m your personal hype man!”


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Jaemin would just be a bundle of nervous, scarily high pitched, laughs the whole time he was around you. He wouldn’t speak to you before the recording, but during he would be laughing and making comments about the things you said. He’d be kinda sassy towards you tbh, but you’d end up laughing so much because of his sassy comments that the two of you would spend most of the show laughing. After, the older members of your groups would comment about how you get on well together, but you two were already off throwing food into each others mouths.


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This would be one of those rare moments when Chenle isn’t screeching like a dolphin, Chenle would become an absolute sweetheart. He’d want you to know how much of a great guy he was, so he’d greet you and shower you with compliments and during the show if you were ever feeling a bit awkward Chenle would be there to help you out. When people commented on your closeness he would say “Y/n and I make a great team,” And then he’d nod and smile happily at you. When you nodded in agreement he would beam and shoot you some thumbs up.


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Jisung would want to be his carefree, playful self, but the moment he spotted you he would just kinda freeze up and try to hide behind Jeno. He couldn’t explain what it was about you, but he just thought you were stunning. He’d be kind of awkward during the filming so the other members would get screen time. He’d be acting so off you’d go up and ask him if he was ok during a break and he’d just kinda nod along and say he was feeling a bit ill. But after the show was over he would be smiling and bragging to the other members “Y/n brought me some water and patted my arm.”


Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Ashes pt 5 [M]


Genre: Angst, Smut, Vampire!AU

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Length: 6.0k

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Final

You didn’t know if you were alive or dead. Except it was hard to breathe. The raging pain from your stomach was making it hard to fixate on anything. You slammed your eyes shut, hoping that when you woke up it would all be a dream. Maybe you would even be human again. That this was all some elaborate nightmare. You would wake up in your room. Your cat sleeping at the foot of your bed. Your parents would be downstairs arguing over sections of the newspaper.

It was all a dream. It had to be.

But when your eyes opened your realized you were still in hell. Someone had brought you to the room. The room. The room where you took your first drink. The room you were sure you weren’t going to ever leave. Except this time, you were the only person inside its walls.

You tried to pick yourself up off the floor but the searing pain that ripped through your body held you to the ground with invisible hands. You looked down at your body. There was so much blood. And then you remembered the guard you had killed. Everything was coming back in patches. Bits and pieces fitting together like a puzzle piece.

You noticed your open wounds. The source of the pain. Bullet holes. 5 of them. That son of bitch had shot you 5 times. You swallowed as you realized that none of the bullets were near your heart. He wasn’t trying to kill you. He had something else in mind.

Him. Kai. His voice echoed through your ears as you tried to think of how you got here. Kai wasn’t in the building. He had been waiting for you in the car. He must of somehow known what you were planning on doing. Somehow he wasn’t dead. You slammed your head against the wall. You felt the blood trickling down a new wound. But you didn’t care. You were going to be dead in a few hours anyway. How could I be so fucking stupid? All of this for nothing.

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