they would make an excellent cast for a movie


Doctor Strange- Stephen Strange

The first establishment of true “magic” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange follows the tale of surgeon-turned-sorcerer Stephen Strange as he learns of the mystic arts and worlds beyond our own in an attempt to heal his shattered hands and return to his place of prestige as one of the world’s greatest surgeons. In the end, Stephen finds a higher calling than himself, and becomes one of the world’s foremost sorcerers, protecting the realm of earth against those who would do it harm. 

Despite Cumberbatch, cast in the titular role, looking a lot like Stephen’s comic incarnation, a lot of character work was done attempting to make the “mystic” nature of Stephen’s costume work in the context of the modern ‘realistic’ super-hero. Excellent work was done defining the general silhouette he maintains with his cloak (by far the most outlandish element of his costume) only part-way through the movie, choosing to slowly transition his outfit from worn-down street clothes into monk’s clothing into his final outfit. Making the Sorcerer Supreme seem grounded in reality is a real magic trick all its own.


One day, if I find a project that I’m passionate about and feel like I could do a good job of, I would love to direct it.” - Maisie Williams for CNN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ on the set of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [x]