they would make an excellent cast for a movie


Doctor Strange- Stephen Strange

The first establishment of true “magic” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange follows the tale of surgeon-turned-sorcerer Stephen Strange as he learns of the mystic arts and worlds beyond our own in an attempt to heal his shattered hands and return to his place of prestige as one of the world’s greatest surgeons. In the end, Stephen finds a higher calling than himself, and becomes one of the world’s foremost sorcerers, protecting the realm of earth against those who would do it harm. 

Despite Cumberbatch, cast in the titular role, looking a lot like Stephen’s comic incarnation, a lot of character work was done attempting to make the “mystic” nature of Stephen’s costume work in the context of the modern ‘realistic’ super-hero. Excellent work was done defining the general silhouette he maintains with his cloak (by far the most outlandish element of his costume) only part-way through the movie, choosing to slowly transition his outfit from worn-down street clothes into monk’s clothing into his final outfit. Making the Sorcerer Supreme seem grounded in reality is a real magic trick all its own.

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hello, what do you think of Rosario Dawson as a posible live-action Ahsoka?she's a fan,and it seems excited about the idea of being Ahsoka, i mean, how many times we see a actor/actress being a big fan of a not so well know character and wantin to bring it to life in a movie? there are are very few, what do you think? :3

Hi there! I think she’d make an excellent Ahsoka, and it’s always an amazing bonus when the actor is also a big fan. X3 It’s so rare. Man, I’d love to see her in a Star Wars film.

….Although if I could cast Ahsoka myself, Dawson would probably be my second choice… I’d pick Meagan Good as first choice.

so i was talking to my sis about how much it sucked to not have the rest of the pjo and hoo books made into movies and at some point she told me skandar keynes would make an excellent nico so i asked if he was italian and she said no so i was like then nah son but then i searched him up in google and

just look at this boy






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Is there a movie character that, to your knowledge, hasn't been used as an influence on a wrestling character and should be? If so, what wrestler do you think would best benefit from that character?

Excellent ask! I mean there’s probably a lot that could make awesome gimmicks with a little tweaking. Have we ever had a full on clockwork orange gimmick? that sounds like a gimme to me, you could really cast pretty much any young brit in the role as well, could do a stable if you wanted even.

Also thought The Boz’s character in Stone Cold was MADE for early 90s wrestling. You’d need someone who’s a jock type though…fuck Dan Spivey could’ve done it. Barry Windham as well.


One day, if I find a project that I’m passionate about and feel like I could do a good job of, I would love to direct it.” - Maisie Williams for CNN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ on the set of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [x]

Not an Archival Valentine per se, but posting this as a special request from a colleague who thought this photo would make an excellent Valentine’s Day post…

“Members from the cast of the Warner Brother’s movie "Ocean’s 11” actors Brad Pitt (left), Matt Damon, and George Clooney, enjoy a morning laugh at Incirlik AB, Turkey, while visiting with deployed military personnel during Operation NOTHERN WATCH, 12/07/2001"

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TED Talk- Diversity in The Media

Hi, My Name is Michael, and about 20 days from now, on May 11th 2015, I will be giving a TEDx talk at my school about the HUGE need for representation of women and minorities in the media, and why it is so important for people to see themselves on screen. I go to a mostly white school, and I really would like to help open up my classmates minds. I am in the research phase right now and I really want my talk to have a personal component. As a gay black kid, I do have experience to draw from, but it would be excellent if I had first-hand accounts/stories from others who can speak about the personal impact of watching, following and or playing as characters that share the same race/sexual orientation/gender identity /culture as them, or the personal Impact of a lack of accurate casting in movies/TV shows/books/video games, etc…

If you are willing to share, and have an experience that you would like to contribute to the talk, you can send it to me in an email, ( or message me on tumblr. Your submission can be written, or a short audio clip or video just make sure you include your name(just first name is fine) (City/state/country is optional) If you do contribute, please do so before May 11th, so I can work your experience into my talk.
Thanks a ton! 😃😉