they would likely prefer to punch it too

Monsta X as shitty gang members


  • looks scary af but in reality he’s just a disappointment
  • like in a fight he’ll punch someone and then say sorry
  • “hey sorry, you can punch me back if u want”
  • accidentally beat up one of his own gang members cuz he can’t tell people apart


  • a tear would be rolling down his cheek and he’d be like “I’M NOT CRYING SHUT UP”
  • brings food to meetings
  • dresses way too fancy for stupid occasions
  • uses temporary tattoos cuz he’s afraid of needles


  • the blonde hair is just a gimmick
  • his preferred weapon of choice is screaming
  • tried to fire a gun once but somehow shot himself in the foot
  • he’s the “informant” who leaks info to the wrong person


  • joined a gang by accident
  • he just wanted to sign up for driving school but his application flew away and somehow ended up in shownu’s hands
  • ends up being the designated driver in the gang but follows traffic rules 200% which makes everyone late to everything
  • volunteers at the local shelter on weekends


  • would answer his phone in the middle of a gang fight and say “rude” to anyone who tries to interrupt him
  • falls asleep during important deals and money transactions
  • has no sense of priorities besides beauty naps
  • giggles at innapropriate times e.g: funerals


  • actually an aspiring rapper and only joined a gang to experience the “hustle life” so he can be authentic 
  • can’t ride motorcycles cuz he got no balance. actually can’t ride anything with wheels
  • accidentally started a turf war for writing rap lyrics on someone’s garage door
  • tries to buy shit with his mixtapes


  • the only one who actually ends up being the most intimidating cuz he keeps his mouth shut
  • is actually ridiculously naive and takes puns way too seriously
  • also takes holidays way too seriously
  • “we shouldn’t fight today it’s the birthday of our Lord”

Killian & Liam / Elsa & Ana

Requested by @i-ship-captainswan

I love love love this request! Thank you dear! 

And it gives me the chance to talk a little bit more about that moment between Killian and Liam, because I feel like we haven’t talked enough about the fact that Hook knew all along that Liam is gonna go all psycho on him. All he cared about was getting Henry out of there because he feared he would hurt him too. 

He could obviously take out Liam if he wanted to before he put a dagger on his throat, in the same way he took him out with the rest of the crew when he was first brought on board. He chose not to because this was his brother. Just like Elsa, he preferred to be hurt (and even killed), but not to lay a hand on his brother. And then the only reason he did punch him at the end was Henry. Henry was back in the equation and that was the only way to insure Liam wouldn’t hurt him either.

This man almost lost his life because he would not lay a hand on his brother.

It’s really annoying that people start to tag their Pro-Lunyx posts as “Noctuna”. The reason why Lunyx didn’t happen is because she WASN’T in love with Nyx and no, it was NOT more realistic than Noctluna. If Noctluna is shallow and unrealistic, then so is Lunyx because it totally doesn’t make sense that she would fall for a stranger just because they had a firework scene together and he saved her. Just because you save a woman’s life, doesn’t mean she will end up falling for you. Her heart doesn’t belong to anyone and you can’t earn her love like as if it’s an object. Please stop with this nonsense. Luna loves Noctis and she stayed true to her feelings until the very end. If you don’t like Noctluna and prefer Lunyx, then please be polite enough to not crosstag. I like Lunyx too, but it’s really annoying when I see people spamming the Noctuna tag with Lunyx and claiming it was more “realistic”. Don’t ruin Lunyx for me please.

Boss fighting headcanons.

Giovanni knows how to fight, but he prefers not to. He can make a brutal mess with a baton or brass knuckles. Can assemble a gun with his eyes closed.

Maxie knows enough martial arts to defend himself. He doesn’t like fighting much either.

Archie totally knows how to kick someone’s ass five ways to next week and he has the muscle for it too. He’s the one you want on your side in a bar fight.

Cyrus… He… come on… Just punch him in the face and he folds like a house of cards. Moving on.

Ghetsis would be a terrifying opponent. Not because he has skill, but the lack of it. That and just the pure rage. Like, if it gets to the point where Ghetsis has to throw punches, he’s probably so enraged that he’s unstoppable. And that is when you should just… get the hell out of his way. Run. He would suplex Arceus in that state.

Lysandre looks muscular and iminidating, but he actually doesn’t fight physically, unless he really has to. And even then he’d probably be more worried about hurting himself than winning. Then has nightmares about it for weeks.

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