they would have the most complex relationship

A Gentle Reminder

JJ Abrams [co-writer and director of Episode VII] has said that Rey and Kylo Ren’s narratives are important to each other, that their stories were the main focus as well as inspiration behind the title, The Force Awakens, and that they should be watched closely/read into more.

Given that information, it’s perfectly normal for one to favor and find more meaning in Rey and Kylo Ren as a pair.

Their appeal doesn’t stem from being one dimensional caricatures, but from being fully realized, complex characters with depth and vulnerabilities. Their mysterious interactions and their unconventional hero/villain dynamic ignited intrigue, and it’s fairly safe to assume that the greater majority who love them together do so for what they could become in a story that is well known for having the central themes of redemption, compassion, and hope.

The war is not their relationship, and Lucasfilm would never have Rey and Kylo Ren become canon if they weren’t being developed extensively, especially as one of [if not] the most contentious connections they’ve taken on.

What I’m trying to say is this: there’s nothing wrong with shipping Reylo, whether it’s canon in the end or not, because Rey and Kylo Ren were purposefully made to be the draw of our attention.

This has been a gentle reminder~

I’ve always had a hard time with love. If I have liked someone romantically, it’s been passionately; somehow that person had something special that made me look past the wall I’ve put up around my heart. In truth, I have always wanted someone, despite the fact that I act like I don’t. It’s scary for me because I don’t know how to behave in a relationship. There are many things that I can’t get past–my own introversion, my mental health issues, or how/if anyone would truly understand me, which is one of the downsides of being such a complex personality. I feel like I’m in love with the idea of a relationship, but in truth, what scares me most is that, I don’t feel like I truly understand romantic love. Regardless, whenever I think about this, I arrive at my usual conclusion–one must educate thyself. But even with arriving at that conclusion, I’m far too timid with such social interactions of the dating type, that it just seems easier to avoid them all together.
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I think Gilmore Girls is very rare in how well it appreciates the complexity of relationships.

As well as showing how your compatibility with someone can change as you grow up, it also shows the different kind of loves you can have and that it’s not clear or absolute.  Christopher believes he’s still in love with Lorelai and, while he’s being truthful, it’s obvious he loves the girl he knew at sixteen and hasn’t come to know the adult Lorelai’s become.  While most shows would focus on how romantic Christopher’s devotion is and have Lorelai fall into his arms, she instead gives him a reality check - being a family is more than fathering her child and Lorelai turns him down.  Despite still having conflicting feelings she listens to her head (most of the time) and doesn’t expect Christopher to instantly grow up if they get married.  She’s wistful about what ‘might have been’ but, when Christopher says he still loves her, in Haunted Leg, Lorelai reminds him that Sherry is still pregnant and nothing has changed.  She’s hurt but knows, in the long run, it won’t work out.

Rory, too, has conflicting relationships.  Despite Dean breaking up with her in the third season, the two briefly reunite in the fourth and fifth.  Rather than play it as a romantic act of first love, ASP shows that it’s unhealthy, and not just because Dean was married.  The characters have grown up and grown apart and being in love at sixteen doesn’t change that.  In the sixth season, Rory goes to see Jess at his open house.  In a moment of passion she kisses him before pulling away.  It is not that she doesn’t have feelings for Jess, it’s that she is still with Logan, believes she’s still in love with him, and is confused.  It’s not easy or simple.  Rory has never ended a relationship in general (which requires a completely different post), still has a lot of growing up to do, and is lost over what having feelings for two men means.  There are no obvious reasons for her and she never tells anyone about what happens.

Many other shows concentrate on love triangles or surprise pregnancies, but Gilmore Girls focuses on the emotions and conflicts within relationships, and how love can change. 

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Can you do 5,7,9,11 for jesskas please? :)

5 - Nicknames? Pet names? Any in-jokes?

Neither are really fans of pet names, and they never bothered with special nicknames for each other, so they just use the same nicknames as the others. They have “cool” offs sometimes, trading variations of “cool” until they can’t think of any more. It’s the closest thing they have as an inside joke, considering it started at EnderCon.

7 - What annoys them the most about their partner? Would they change it if they could?

They both are considered protective, so they both get annoyed by it in the other sometimes. Jesse has a hero’s complex, and that bugs Lukas when it gets them hurt. Neither of them would change anything, though.

9 - Do they discuss big issues? Religion? Marriage? Children? Death?

They’ve discussed just about everything there is to discuss at this point. They’ve talked about everything involving their relationship, the team, other issues in both their world and others’. It’s satisfying to them, even if they never get anywhere with it.

11 - Do they celebrate holidays? Anniversaries?

Jesse loves holidays, so they celebrate as many as they can. Lukas is pretty indifferent about most of them, but he does like to focus on anniversaries. So it’s a pretty even mix.

So I feel like for any type of logical relationship to work with joker it would demand a few things. Like, you would have to be equally if not more strong than the joker would be so he couldn’t really force you into doing anything you didn’t want to do, sexual or otherwise. Also, you’d have to realize the emotion abuse is a part of it sometimes you know it’s just who his chat after is, but he’s also a complex character that I believe when exposed to the right person and conditions would be able to feel affection towards someone else. Also, the person would most likely have to have some kind of personal gain in mind, considering whatever type of relationship they could hold would almost certainly be built on personal gain. Whether that be a mutual sexual desire or the lifestyle does t really matter

Harry and Lea

I think my favorite non-romantic relationship in the whole saga would have to be Harry and Lea’s. 

I mean, really, think on it.

It’s so freaking twisted and nuanced and ultimately kind of endearing.

Because even is she’s the antagonist (and a deadly dangerous one and quite vicious, i don’t full myself) most of the times they interact, she’s still part of the only family Harry has ever known and it’s meaningful for both of them.

I think the fact that she’s such a real threat sometimes makes it very interesting how, on her own crazy-scrary-whacky-sidhe view she’s always looking out for Harry’s best interest, and keep in mind she couldn’t say that out loud if she didn’t mean it. And even if Harry is scared shitless of her, it is not one-sided. His first impulse when he sees her prisoner at Arctis Tor is to rescue her, because she’s family. Even if there’s no guarantee she wouldn’t put him in grave peril (LOL) as usual. And as twisted as she is, she convinces him not too because she would put him in great danger, even if it would release her from being s freaking faerie popsicle at Mab’s mercy. All that coming from the most dangerous, ruthless and fearsome member of the unseelie court, right after Mab herself. But she stills commit to the spirit of the oath she made to Margaret, of looking out for her son, which she could find thousands of ways not to do. Because being Harry’s godmother is important for her. 

And honestly, again, Harry offers to free her, even if he knows it would piss Mab off even more and he’s already trespassed into her home. And knowing she could very well try to make him into one her hounds again. Because leaving his godmother there just doesn’t feel right for him.

There’s very few relationships that complicated yet ultimately positive in fiction, and i really appreciate that way of thinking  so completelyout of the box

I really would love to know more about Lea and Margaret’s interaction, because for Maggie to trust her with her son and for it to mean so much to The Leanansidhe herself…

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hi angelo, i was wondering what was the most romantic thing you have witnessed in your restaurant?

Well, my dear. Love can be very complex and I believe it’s in the subtleties that you find the best romance. Very softly, softly. 

I know a man who helped me greatly about three years ago. A very lonely man. He was astounding and unbelievably skilled in his field, a remarkable young man. But people would simply take advantage of him. He’d stop by a few times, rarely ate. I wanted him to find happiness. He’d probably say he didn’t have the time for a relationship, or friends even, but when he thought no one was looking, you could see the loneliness in his eyes. 

And that’s why, dear, when I saw him walk in all confident with a handsome looking man by his side, I was overjoyed! All the subtle glances and coyness made my heart sing! 

Young Love! 

I set down the candle on their table and they were so wrapped up in each other that they left early and his date even forgot his cane! I had to bring it to their flat because, yes, they were living together already. They looked so happy.

And just knowing that I was given the chance to see that lonely man find love, even if he didn’t know it yet, is one of the most romantic things I’ve witnessed.

I love my job.

But seriously...

What’s a more intriguing storyline? 

That Riley & Lucas, Maya & Josh, and Farkle & Smackle are all paired up with their individual couple storylines that couldn’t possibly get more complex than questioning what to do on dates. If Maya & Josh do become a couple in season 3 (which is weirder than it is now), theirs is the relationship that could have the most potential for storylines because highschoolers can’t do what college students do, and there would be awkwardness in hanging out with each other’s group of friends. So it’s potential, but it all leads to badness because that storyline’s outcome is hard to fix in a way that works for both. 


Maya & Lucas navigating their new relationship whatever it means when Maya’s unresolved Josh feelings pop back up. The chance to see Lucas’ insecurities come out and delve more into his character development. The realization Maya will come to when she doesn’t know Josh as well as she thought she did or what she does learn about him doesn’t make him as interesting to her as Lucas. 

Riley dealing with feelings for Farkle and trying to find happiness while not destroying his relationship with Smackle. Perhaps even telling Farkle her feelings, and him not reciprocating because he wants to honor what he has with Smackle so it makes things uncomfortable for them and the group. Or Farkle realizing he does have stronger feelings for Riley and wondering if he can push those feelings aside to maintain his commitment to Smackle thus leading to awkwardness for them and the group.

What gives the writers more to explore in a season of FEELINGS? Especially when they’ve brought up the questions: “How do you love two people the same who couldn’t possibly be more different?” “How do you like two people differently?” “Is it possible to love two people at the same time?”