they would have the most complex relationship

Character Development: Recognizing a Flat Character

Anonymous asked: How do I actually recognize it when my characters are “flat” ?

Ask yourself the following questions
  • Can I imagine the character in my own head?
  • Would a reader be able to pick the character out in a lineup?
  • Can I quickly think of three words to describe the character?
  • Could a reader come up with three words to describe the character?
  • Do you know your character’s biographical details?
  • Do you know your character’s history and familial details?
  • Does your character have believable flaws?
  • Does your character have notable traits and mannerisms?
  • Does your character have hopes and dreams?
  • Does your character have a life goal before the story starts?
  • Does your character have a story goal and a believable motivation to achieve that goal?
  • Does your character have at least one complex relationship?
  • Could you describe at least one outfit or several items of clothing that your character commonly wears?
  • Do you know how your character would react to good and bad news?
  • Does your character have any verbal or vocal mannerisms or traits?
  • Do you know what your character would order at your favorite restaurant?
  • Does your character or their circumstances change in a meaningful way by the end of the story?
  • Does your character make mistakes?
  • Do you have some idea of what happens to your character after the story ends?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions, odds are good that you have a well-rounded character. However, if you answer 'no’ to more than a few of these questions, you may need to try some character development exercises to flesh them out a bit further. :)

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Idk why all the falsettos headcanons are really lovey-dovey ideals of the relationships Bill Finn created. Not to offend anyone or anything like that, but the relationships in falsettos are MESSES and that’s why we love this musical, because it’s so REALISTIC with REAL PEOPLE. I just feel like the fandom is making it too cutesy, and I don’t even know if we’re talking about the same show? Like why would Marvin and Whizzer have tickle fights? Why would Whizzer and Trina be best friends? He had a fucking affair with her husband. Is it because some people are turning homosexual relationships into a novelty, because (you’re free to disagree, but) that’s how I feel. I think Bill Finn would be insanely uncomfortable if he saw that this is how people view his greatest and most complex work.

Audism in Action

The week before last on ANTM, the Deaf contestant won best photo. His prize? A full hour in which none of the hearing contestants were allowed to speak, but instead, had to communicate in American Sign Language. Nyle of course,was  all too happy to teach his competition his language.

But in the middle of it, there’s Devin, who does something hearing people usually do when confronted with a d/Deaf/HoH person.

He shouts at her. 

Devin knows that the woman is Deaf. She’s actually a friend of Nyle’s from way back and is there specifically to help Nyle teach them ASL. Yet he felt the need to shout at her. This is really rude, but not all together a terrible thing to do.

Flash forward to last week’s episode, where Devin does it again.

Which, to Nyle’s credit, he takes in good stride.

By shouting back at Devin. And of course, everyone claps like it’s a party trick. Various fans have expressed glee and excitement to hear him speak. Which, maybe it’s pretty cool, but it demonstrates total lack of awareness re:Deaf speech. I have no idea what Nyle’s background in speaking is, other than that he’s a 4th generation deaf individual.

Deaf people can learn to speak, but it’s honestly superfluous because they can already communicate via Sign. It can also be really difficult depending on how deaf the indivdual is. There’s only two reasons for a Deaf person to speak: (a) because the hearing experts around them insist they learn to speak; or (b) because they genuinely want to learn how on their own. Most deaf people won’t speak even if they can because they have such a complicated relationship with speech.

For decades, deaf children were forbidden to Sign to each other and instead taught to speak because hearing experts thought they would need the ability to verbalize if they were ever going to be successful. Children caught signing in class would have their hands chained to the desk or would wear mittens on their hands that prevented them from signing. Hours that could have been spent on learning complex subjects like science or mathematics were instead spent on perfecting speech.

Given that Nyle was born into an already Deaf family, and given that he was probably raised on Sign Language, I doubt he had that experience. However, many deaf/HoH children today are mainstreamed, and part of mainstreaming is that they go to speech class to work on weeding out their deaf accent. I spent grades k-8 working on that, and I still have mine.

The point here, is that Nyle went above and beyond. He not only keeps trying to teach everyone to sign, but he also verbalized the phrase “happy birthday” to please Devin (who so clearly loves being loud). Yet, later on, this happens…

On the surface for any hearing person, this seems pretty harmless. A little inconsiderate, maybe. Except, Nyle’s phone is his way of communicating with the hearing people around him. None of the contestants know ASL fluently, so he types out what he wants to say to them on his phone, and they respond. Having grown up in a Deaf family, he is using his second language to communicate with others. Nyle eventually gets up, leaves the party, and gives this confessional.

There’s also an earlier scene from an interview that helps explain his experience living in a household full of hearing people.

Nyle tries really hard to communicate with his cast mates, and few of them seem to attempt to do the same for him. I would give the cast the benefit of the doubt here, except I know all too well how hard it is to get hearing people to communicate with me in ASL. Even I am guilty of falling back on English because it’s my first language. I have no doubt that the cast is just too used to the world around them being designed for hearing people to put much effort into learning American Sign Language. And in fact, once the contestants realize that Nyle left and find out why, they speak to each other in a way that doesn’t include Nyle, even though he’s right there.

Courtney is literally sitting on Nyle’s lap, but she’s using English and talking about Nyle as if he isn’t in the room. Nyle can’t even be included in the conversation about the fact that he was excluded. Talk about irony.  One contestant does sign “SORRY” at Nyle, but it’s too little, too late.

In the end, I’ll leave you with this tidbit from Nyle that broke my heart.

Lars is sooo fucking weird as a character because he’s the most complex human character in the show but the writers have done nothing to show character development.

Like so far we know that Lars:

-is horribly insecure
-feels like no one understands him
-wants to keep a “tough guy” persona
-cares about Sadie but doesn’t want to be public about it
-has a strained relationship with his parents and is struggling in school
-was friends with Ronaldo at some point!

So you would think a character with so many issues to him would develop in some way but instead his personality is stagnant. He’s nicer to Sadie which is good but I’d much rather SEE him being more open with Sadie. Or try to get along with the cool kids. Or make amends with Ronaldo. Like why put so much on this character if you’re just gonna make him as stagnant as all the other human characters in the show.

Is The White Princess Empowering? 

I love period dramas. Like most things in my life, I blame Xena for that. This past week I was able to watch a special screening of The White Princess through Refinery29. It was an interesting watch. I am not a fan of Phillippa Gregory’s interpretations of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses. However, I do often enjoy these types of shows because, despite it all, I know there are good acting and eye candy. The White Princess was no different and while I was watching it and listening to the Q&A after, I was thinking about how we tell the stories of women in history. Specifically as to how they choose to portray empowerment. This got kinda long, but I hope all my other history lady loving nerds will see where I’m coming from. I’m enjoying the show, but I just gotta call something out…

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Films: Tip 2

The second list of transgender films with trans men on them (the first one is on all films besides documentaries). If looking for more stuff to watch, check out my other film tips too.

Becoming Chaz (2011)
Documentary following Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono’s gender transition. Includes interviews with family members and friends as the transition is followed.

Boy I Am (2006)
A feature-length documentary that begins to promote dialogue about trans issues through a look at the experiences of three young transitioning FTMs in New York City–Nicco, Norie and Keegan–as they go through major junctures in their transitions.

A Boy Named Sue (2000)
Theo is a female-to-male transsexual. This film follows his six-year process of becoming a man. Among those affected by his change is his girlfriend Lisi who has to deal with what this change means to her.

The Brandon Teena Story (1998)
Documenting the tragic tale of a transgender man from rural Nebraska who was murdered after two locals discovered his female origins.

Deep Run (2015)
Cole, a young transgender Christian man, is growing up in rural North Carolina. With his girlfriend, Ashley, he faces significant challenges, including hostile family and church members, and crippling financial burdens.

Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities (1999)
Monika Treut explores the worlds and thoughts of several trans-gendered individuals. Gendernauts enters a minority sector of San Fransisco culture.

Just Call Me Kade (2002)
The inspiring true story of Kade Farlow Collins 14, FTM transgendered, and living with an incredibly understanding family in Tucson Arizona.

Sexing the Transman (2011)
This intriguing documentary explores the sexuality of trans men and the changes they experience as a result of their gender transitions from female to male. Trans men and their partners divulge the most personal secrets of their sex lives in revealing conversations and intimate interviews. Some erotic scenes are shown.

Southern Comfort (2001)
Documents the final year in the life of Robert Eads, a transgender man. Eads, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, was turned down for treatment by two dozen doctors out of fear that treating such a patient would hurt their reputations.

Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen (2008)
The stories of six thoughtful, eloquent and diverse trans men. Each man brings a colorful and complex richness as he describes his relationship to himself, as well as others in his life.

TransGeneration (2005)
A look at the lives of four college students undergoing gender transition, two of them FTM and two MTF.

Transparent (2006)
A documentary about 19 female-to-male transsexuals from 14 different states who have given birth and, in most instances, gone on to raise their biological children.

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Why do you like bulma & vegeta so much??????


Why do I like them so much?

I guess it’s a love that kind of grew through the years.

I grew up watching Dragon Ball as a little girl and I absolutely loved Bulma’s character from the start. She was so brave and intelligent, and yet at the same time, she could also be a bit silly, like any young teenage girl, which was something that made her very relatable as well.

Then there’s Vegeta, who’s a completely different story…

When he first appeared in the show, “Saiyan Saga” Vegeta scared the sh*t out of me, and I was still very much in love with Goku because I had always seen him as a “hero“ character watching DB. And yet, even though Veggie was a ruthless bastard at the time, he was also a great villain and a very charismatic character.

My opinion of him kept changing and evolving as I watched the “Namek Saga”, and I guess I eventually ended up finding him a much more interesting and complex character. And yes, his death was truly heartbreaking (both of them actually, the one at the hands of Frieza and the one where he sacrified himself for his family)…

I guess, overall, I love how Vegeta and Bulma have evolved and grown, both as characters and into their relationship. I had always thought Bulma would end up with Yamcha, until I saw these two interacting with each other, especially after the GR explosion, and I realized Bulma was the only one that would both stand up to Vegeta and take care of him. So I finally understood that these two were made for each other.

I admit my Vegebul love also grew when I really got into fanfiction, about a year and half ago now, and I discovered so many talented writers exploring this relationship in many different ways. I found it so interesting that I even got into writing myself (something I had only done a bit in my native language, and NOT in fanfiction).

I completely respect and enjoy other ships, but to me Vegeta and Bulma have the most interesting and complex relationship in DBZ, especially considering how much Vegeta has grown and matured through the years.

I can’t wait to see more Vegebul moments in Super, especially now that we have little Bra!

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Well….where to start?  I know it’s risky drawing conclusions on the basis of spoilers, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m deeply disappointed with what I’ve seen of chapter 90.  Disappointed to the point of really not giving much of a fuck anymore. I’ve always said that I would stick around as long as Levi was living and breathing, but my greatest fear has always been that his character would be reset.  Without seeing the translation it’s too early to say if that’s happened, but the fact that an entire year seems to have passed since Erwin’s death and the annihilation of the Survey Corps makes me fear the worst. I mean seriously?  What the fuck? At the very least it looks like Levi has been sidelined, destined to always stand in the shadows looking miserable as sin. And no wonder, the plot, the pacing, and the characterisation have been a complete disaster for the last six chapters. Longer to be honest.  It’s hard to care anymore.  @zedsdead1001 already said how soul destroying it would be to see Levi written out with little care or characterisation. To see that happen would break my heart.

But but but! Even though my patience with the manga has grown as thin as the plot, even if I give up following new chapters altogether, I can’t see me giving up on Eruri any time soon.  We have 84 chapters of canon Eruri, two of the most complex and compelling characters I’ve ever read, and one of the most deeply moving adult relationships I could possible conceive of, and that’s more than enough to keep me here for a good while yet.  Also the Eruri fans.  What can I say?  The art, the porn, the fic, the memes, the salt.  You give me life.  Keep up the good work.  And never forget….Eruri is canon.

PS Thank you to everyone who sent me asks today, I’ll try and answer as many as I can.

sasuke and naruto probably have the most complex relationship i have seen in a work of media. every single episode with them gave something more, each new piece of information sheds light on the encounter that makes everything look differently, and there is so much genuine heart and pain and love and hatred in every single ounce of their relationship it brings me to tears.

i hate how they’re so often reduced, i hate how their relationship is so often diminished, i hate seeing their relationship in the hands of the straights. especially the ~yaoi fangirls~.

naruto and sasuke have such a deeply entertwined narrative, arc, life… it’s impossible to take one of them without taking the other. every ounce of who they have been for so many years, of their identities, is wrapped up in the other person. it’s impossible to extricate, to figure out who they would be without the influence of the other, and so many don’t even try.

they have one of the most complex, deeply heartfelt relationships that i have seen in anything, really, and seeing ppl reduce it down to teh yaoiz or pretending they’re just rivals honestly kills me.

A few thoughts on the Framework arc...

I haven’t really spoken out that much about this current arc of Agents of SHIELD, and more specifically, the FitzSimmons storyline. This is mainly bc I’ve really enjoyed it. But the level of disappointment coming from this fandom has gotten me thinking about how we perceive the show in general, which is why I wanted to explain my point of view. Hopefully, this may help others enjoy it a bit more as we move into the final two episodes of the season. 

To put this into context, I watch quite the variety of shows across different networks. AOS is my fave, but I also devotedly watch Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, and How to Get Away with Murder (besides a shitload of others that aren’t so dark, lol), but these are the shows I’m going to be discussing alongside shield. 

For me, AOS is doing something that not many shows can get away with - telling a highly complex story across 22 episodes of television with a production value of some major movies. But AOS is not on HBO, or Netflix, or cable. It’s on network television, and that is where I let go of unrealistic expectations. Not my expectations for the quality of the story, oh no. I’m talking about the expectations of what a show of this caliber is capable of doing under those circumstances - 22 episodes on a major network. 

For shows like GOT or Mr. Robot, where the networks basically worship them (legit - I think USA Network will let Mr. Robot get away with anything at this point), the creators and writers have a lot more freedom. For Mr. Robot, creator Sam Esmail directed the entirety of season 2, and they’re even pushing back season 3 bc he wants more time to develop the show to make it better. GOT was pushed back to summer bc of the current story arc, plus the creators David and Dan have a lot of sway as far as how the story unfolds. (and although I don’t watch it, Westworld is doing similar work, and they literally stopped production for months to write the final four scripts to figure out a better story for the entire series.)

In other words, they have time - time to write intricate stories, where every detail is thought out, so fans can rewatch the episodes to catch everything they missed, where everything actually connects

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Elementals Review (Spoiler Free)

Wow. Once again, Adventure Time knocks it out of the park with another award worthy miniseries! Elementals follows Finn, Jake, the Ice King, and Betty on a quest to return Ooo back to its original state after discovering it transformed into a “four-way pizza” as Jake dubs it, of the four Adventure Time elements: fire, ice, candy, and slime.

Out of the three miniseries so far, I would personally rank Elements as number two (Stakes would be one and Islands three). I believe Elements combines the restrained yet intriguing setup of conflict that Stakes employs with the slightly underwhelming/disappointing conclusion that Islands presents. The mishandling of the climax of the series (I’m being as vague as I can) is one of the only shortcomings I can find with all of Elementals. As a whole, Elementals is Adventure Time at its finest. The comedy, drama, storytelling style, and plot all rise far above average, even for your average Adventure Time episode. Not to mention the superb animation and character design throughout! There are some real knockout background pieces as well.

Make no mistake, Elementals is far from average. In eight episodes, it flies far above anything most television shows have ever achieved in quality. When comparing it to the pure gold that is Stakes and Islands, it can be viewed as average, but on its own, is a feat of artistic talent that most would be hard pressed to find better tv.

Finn and Jake shine in the lead roles and further their relationship in new and exciting ways, Betty and the citizens of Ooo turned “elemental” add a layer of curiosity and apprehension, and The Ice King and Lumpy Space Princess steal the show as hilarious and complex secondary characters in ways they never have before in the entirety of the show.

As a final note, Elements is also benefitted by the surplus of world building it provides the audience with. Tiny details referencing older episodes and cameos from characters not seen for whole seasons makes the experience of watching Elements feel like it truly belongs in Adventure Time. Also, the setup for future plotlines Elements provides alone makes the series worth watching. Watch until the end!

Thanks so much for reading my first real review for Adventure Time! If anyone wants me to write a spoiler review, let me know!

**I was able to write this review because I watched it from the iTunes early release. Even if you watch Elementals before it’s air date, try to watch it when Cartoon Network airs it for real! Showing your support for the show never hurts.**

Oh man the latest chapter or B2W2 probably has to be my favorite to date. We got the REVEAL which I have been waiting for since 2014 (that hiatus man..) and Whi-two finally gets another pokemon, Ns Zorua which is not surprising since it’s an event pokemon and Pokespe for the most part gives the protags event pokemon.

Hoping that Whi-two will ask Black-two why he’s apart of the international police and we get his backstory sometime soon.

Also can White to show up to save her Kouhai and get revenge for Black plz once she realizes Team Plasma is back.

But like really wondering which out of Whi-Two or Black-Two who will get Kyruem or Black Kyruem.

cause Black-Two has been trying to catch Kyruem but he already has two legendaries which is the most an dex holder has had except Blue but she released hers (I think? At least stop using them).

On the other hand Whi-Two seems like she’ll be getting N’s pokemon, but Kursaka has pulled us through a loop before (like Black-Two getting a Kubtops, Y getting Xerenas, etc) so idk. But it would be great development for Whi-Two if N passes Zekrom to her and for her to get over her complex of him

Maybe since Black-Two and Whi-Two are going to be at odds with each for awhile or have a decline in their relationship (Whi-Two just said this past chapter she’s afraid of him) and Black-Two has Kyruem and Whi-Two has Zekrom maybe Black Kyruem can represent their newly repaired and stronger bond.

In defense of Drarry (Why they are compatible)

Draco shows signs of being interested in Potter and Harry gives in to him and returns that as well. It’s hard to ship Harry and Draco together because they are very complicated and complex. Their relationship is the most challenging one because they have to face many obstacles. To understand how they would work out together, one must really look at the clear picture and be open to the idea of male/male together because if someone isn’t then he/she wouldn’t even try to consider the possiblity of the two together or any other characters. Those people tend to focus more on the negatives then the positives and that’s another main factor why people can’t stand Harry/Draco as a couple. There are others as well but that is just one example. Harry and Draco have mixed signals towards each other because each of them thinks one thing which means another. For the relationship to work out, they need to communicate one on one more and just the two of them alone without any interruptions.

Harry and Draco are very similar but yet so different as well. A relationship can’t work if two people are the same because it requires some minor differences too. Ever heard the saying, “No two people are alike?” Harry may get along with other’s and share some similarities and differences here and there but the point is, no one is the same as another person even if they do have things in common. Each and every individual is their own person. There are more differences between two people then similarities. Harry and Draco may not even think for one second they share the same interests and that’s different from how the readers view that as. They are fictional characters who think something which may or may not be true without realizing it and then the readers can pick up on whats goes on and such. Another thing, a relationship can’t be interesting if the couple has only similarities and no differences, none for that matter. Being too alike is just boring and not fun.

Although one is Halfblood and the other pureblood it still isn’t much of a big difference. Pureblood and Halfblood are pretty close if you ask me. Draco’s behavior is the direct result of his parents ignorance and racism. That’s how he was raised to act. From the second a person is born the parents take control and action. It’s their responsibility to teach the kid right from wrong or one way over the other. Anything they say or do is going to have an effect on him/her later on as they get older. Draco’s parents did not do him justice instead the total opposite. Harry’s parents on the other hand died while he was just a baby and they couldn’t really do anything to help him in any way. shape or form. He was placed into the home of the Dursley’s who hate his parents and him. They didn’t really pay him much attention. Harry has many choice’s of his home and Draco can’t pick and choose because he has to do everything his parents expect him to because of their selfish reasons and poor attitude. You think Draco wanted to turn into a bully? No way, that wasn’t his decision. He wanted things done differently. If he could go back and change something it would be his lifestyle and parents. Harry has people who are close to him such as the Weasleys and Hermione and that’s about it. Sirius and Dumbledore died so he lost them and they were like his family. Draco has no real friends and family support which is sad because he can’t discuss his problems with anyone and get help when he needs it. He is alone in the world.

Anyone who fights against Voldemort and wins victories is considered a miracle, not lucky. He is the most powerful wizard of all time. Sometimes I think Voldemort doesn’t even give his best to kill Harry. Maybe he wants Harry to live. Again, Draco doesn’t only have one side to him and I don’t like when people only think that. Deep down Draco has a side to him none of us have ever seen and the characters. He has a completely different personality. He wants to hold loyalty to the Malfoy name and obey his parents to make them satisfied and happy. He can’t do anything he wants for himself because that would be betraying his whole family and that’s not something he wants either. So he is stuck. Harry has freedom and an open mind because no is able to control him and tell him “I want you to do this and that” he doesn’t have any restrictions. Harry also has no rules to follow. Draco has Totalitarian parents who tell him what’s necessary and what isn’t. Harry doesn’t take dislike in Draco because he saved him from the fire and that’s risking your life for some you supposively claim to not like. He may dislike Draco but not hate him and vice versa. There is a big difference. Draco has other qualities then just one. Keep that in mind.

Being a slytherin or Gryffindor has nothing to do with whether or not Draco or Harry dislike each other. From the beginning, Draco wanted Harry’s friendship but received a rejection instead which started the rivalry. If it hadn’t been for that one incident then everything happening between them now wouldn’t be. There would be a different type of relationship. If Draco hadn’t insulted Harry’s friends and people he loves then Harry and Draco would have become friends despite the houses their in. Growing up in different houses has nothing to do with how they treat other people. Draco grew up with a wealthy family and gets everything he wants and Draco has been locked up in a cell his whole life and didn’t have the opportuniy to do any activities. He was always treated unfairly and abused emotionallly and mentally. Draco gets thing handed to him as long as he does such and such. So just because they also have different hair color they can’t work? That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard along with the mention of the house thing. They do have similarities. Both are in connection with Voldemort. Harry didn’t couldn’t choose to not be the-boy-who-lived and Draco coudln’t choose to not join the dark side. Both play quidditch. Both have the same classes. Both know how to fly. Both are the same age and gender. Both have a difficult life. Both know how to ride a blue. Both of them fear something. Those are just a few of many.

Draco doesn’t intend to be mean. It just happens. A part of who he is. Being a Malfoy is not an easy task. He doesn’t want to disappoint his parents and or betray them because that in his case would be considered wrong. Sometimes in life, things don’t always go as planned. He insults people because Harry didn’t befriend him in first year because if he had then he probably wouldn’t be like this. Harry would have become his friends if Draco didn’t throw the insults at the people Harry loves and cares about a lot. The results would be different. He is a human being who makes mistakes. Besides, Harry himself is not perfect either. Both of them have faults and fears which is normal for everyone. Neither is better then the other. Both of them are equals and have a very powerful dynamic. The only person who can truly influence Draco in a positive way is no one other then Harry because everything Harry tells Draco he takes to heart and vice versa. They cause each other to react with emotions and feeling something no one else is capable of getting them to do. They are rivals not enemies. They are extremely competitive with each other and their relationship is intense to the point when it’s enough. They just don’t know when to quit. Perhaps this is a game they have been playing from the start.

There is so much Harry/Draco subtext in the books from “Harry hadn’t been less interested in Quidditch, he was rapidbly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy” to “Harry you are a bit obsessed with Malfoy to "I wan’t to see what Draco is doing inside you” those are just three examples. There are more from the first book and so on all the way to the last book and it just keeps building up. Instead of saying obsessed it could have been something like, “Harry wanted to discover the truth about Draco Malfoy” to give us the impression he isn’t stalking him or following him around. It could have been worded differently. We already know the only reason Harry even became obsessed with Draco is because he wanted to find the truth about Draco’s plot to kill Dumbledore. The point is he is obsessed. That’s a canon fact whichever way one looks at it. The attraction is noticeable only to those who are more open minded and want to look for some evidence. It’s all written in between the lines. That requires focus. Harry and Draco do not only lack Mutual disdain. One minute they are fighting and the next there is a moment. As for the attraction thing, Draco is more obvious when it comes to that and Harry shows it through his actions. They are clearly infatuated with each other and give each other a lot of attention. Harry and Draco know more about each other then they do about other people.

That’s the one thing I hate when people refer to Harry as the Hero who saves people because he is Harry Potter the-boy-who-lived. He can’t save everybody because that’s highly impossible. If it were possible then no one would be dead. If Harry really loathes Draco then he would have let him burn in the fire and die. He did not save Goyle but instead saved Draco. Goyle died in the fire and Harry could have easily risked his life for Goyle but no, he went after Draco. Harry and Draco are nothing without each other. Everything they know now is because they found each other. They overpower each other with words. They both know how to get under each other’s skin. It’s like a cycle repeating over and over again to no end. Now Peter Pettigrew is an entirely different story. This isn’t about him but if it were then Harry probably saved his life too because he used to be an old friend of his parents even though he did betray them which hurt Harry. He felt bad about the whole situation, Peter did. Draco/Harry relationship is intriguing and intoxicating. It’s like an addictive drug. Harry and Draco need each other for many reasons. They complete each other beyond comprehension. They can sense each other’s presence and know how to start a commotion and make a scene. They don’t even try because when they are around each other, it all comes naturally. No one tells them to argue, they just do it. They can’t even be away from each other.

They only insult each other because they can’t really express how the other feels especially when they are surrounded by so many people a day. They don’t even have any alone time, barely. Harry and Draco have to say everything that’s expected due to their houses who want to hear the negative rather then the positive. People spend most of their time listing and focusing on Draco’s Negative characteristics instead of taking into consideration the positives. Draco is not only one person. He has a different personality deep within himself which he isn’t allowing himself to show. We never get hear Draco’s point of view and a glimpse into his mind to see how he truly feels. People just disregard that. Their relationship is very developed because it kept getting stronger each year and it changes throughout. In this relationship you can always expect the unexpected. Harry and Draco are unpredictable. No one knows whats going to happen. The relationship is exciting and anticipating. Harry is the only person who can cause Draco to change for the better and vice versa.

A relationship needs committment, determination, loyalty, respect, honesty, love, care and an understanding. Harry and Draco shouldn’t change for each other but remain who they are. The only think Draco would need to do in order to be Harrie’s partner is to apologize to his friends and everyone he loves. The apology needs to be convincing and rael. It will take a long time before all those people can forgive him but they will know he did it. He should first start with Harry because he is the main target. Then move his way from there. Harry and Draco are possible. Nothing is impossible. I believe Draco and Harry would have a beautiful relationship if they did get together or do. People seem to underestimate them. They have so much potential.

Let’s be honest about Season 13...

This has been one of the worst THE WORST season of Grey’s Anatomy. This has been why I have barely been posting in this blog about it at all. I’ve been forgetting to watch this entire season, which I have never done with Grey’s Anatomy. I’m always eager to watch a new episode every Thursday, but Season 13 has dropped in quality so much that I’ve had to force myself to watch it. And it was a chore.

I’m sorry, Shonda. I love you and I will always love Grey’s Anatomy and will watch, but this season has been so disjointed and messy and a general waste of 24 episodes. I genuinely only enjoyed 5 episodes out of the 24 this season which is…bad. The season finale was great (but then again this show is always great with season finales).

I just wanted more focus and tension that didn’t feel artificial, because this season felt like a strange rip-off of Grey’s Anatomy not the actual show. There seems to be a fatigue going on in the writers’ room or something, because there was a lot of storyline repetition and barely felt drama. (I saw that there were a lot of new writers for the show. Is that the reason for the drop in quality?)

There could have been so much more with the entire Alex/Jo situation but that storyline alone was poorly handled and Jo was barely in this season. I don’t remember much of that storyline at all other than the fact that I found it grating. Justin Chambers deserves better storylines honestly. Do something with his family. That would be so much more interesting than what he was given this season.

The Owen/Amelia stuff was forced as well and did not go anywhere really until Meghan showed up. And it really could have gone in some interesting places just regarding Amelia’s trauma of pregnancy.

The Meredith and Riggs stuff got better as the season went along, and it felt more heartfelt and emotionally provoking. The parallels and complexities that were slowly added to their budding relationship were pretty well done for the most part and I wish the season gave them more time than some of the other crap this season was filled with.

However, the whole thing with Maggie was trash–it totally ruined her character for me. She became so grating too–and childish for no real reason. (I will say, the episode Ellen Pompeo directed about Maggie processing her mother’s death was great).This is an adult show, is it not? I couldn’t tell this season. It felt like watching bad episodes of Degrassi too often. Sometimes I felt embarrassed to watch, which I’ve never felt with Grey’s Anatomy before. And now it seems like the show is trying to pair Jackson with Maggie together maybe…they don’t really have any chemistry as far as I can see, but…sure, I guess. (Y’all still know I secretly want Alex and Maggie to happen!)

The Minnick stuff should have been more interesting than it was and there is no excuse because this show did a whole season (Season 9, one of my favorites) in which there was an uprising within the hospital regarding management and doctors taking sides. They could have made this whole situation more compelling. And the Minnick and Arizona relationship–trash. I feel nothing for their relationship and Arizona seemed to be out of character this entire season. (Callie needs to come back). Bailey was good this season, although I did not like the whole artificial drama between her and Webber–it did not feel earned. Webber deserves better storylines than this petty stuff.

The Jackson and April stuff was mildly interesting. But thee Japril episode from Season 12 was so much better. I wish they allowed more story for Stephanie up to the finale and her departure, but they gave her a good exit that did not involve death. Also, the medical cases were just not very memorable at all either.  

Overall, this season suffered from inconsistency in plot and character development. I don’t see myself rewatching this season except for those five episodes I liked (Episodes 8, 10, 18, 23, and 24).

All I know is that Season 14 has to be the great comeback, because I was expecting so much more after the brilliance that was Season 12.

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing that people with BPD can trick themselves into thinking they have DID, I was wondering if you could say what some of the hallmarks are/point me in the direction of some resources on that?

To clarify really fast- I believe it’s somewhat common that people with BPD and comorbid PTSD/cPTSD can misinterpret emotion-based fragments as full alters, and that this is damaging to them. Because this isn’t a good coping mechanism, if you think you have DID/OSDD/any multiplicity, I strongly urge you to seek professional help. Pseudo-multiplicity isn’t a good coping mechanism and will cause more issues in the long run. 

The theory of structural dissociation basically says that cPTSD can split off an ANP (apparently normal part, a high functioning identity without trauma effects) and one or more EPs (emotional parts, emotion-based fragments such as “anger” that are separate from the ANP), and that this is a model for BPD+cPTSD. Emotional amnesia affecting splits and strong emotions, dissociation as a secondary symptom of BPD, and identity disturbance together can combine to make what feels like pseudo-DID. 

I fully believe that trauma can split off emotion-based fragments, we see this pretty commonly. What this might look like is say, someone with BPD who is relatively high-functioning but infrequently expresses anger. Sometimes they split and get very angry, but don’t remember it well afterwards and feel “out of it” for a while surrounding the event (dissociation). Someone who experiences these severe symptoms could step back and think, “I don’t remember what happened here very well and I definitely didn’t feel like myself. I experience dissociation and amnesia, and here I displayed an emotion I don’t usually feel. I might have an angry alter.”

Alters and fragments both occur in people with DID/OSDD. Alters are separate identities, they’re generally much more complex than fragments. Alters tend to have names, memories, preferences, abilities, relationships with others outside and inside, etc. Fragments tend to be missing most of that. While alters can tend to express one emotion more frequently than others, alters aren’t limited to one emotion only like many fragments are. If someone has both alters and fragments, or doesn’t quite meet the criteria for DID but experiences multiplicity, they may have OSDD. 

So a BPD pseudosystem would likely-

have one or more emotion-based fragments

may not have a solid identity otherwise (experience identity disturbance all of the time)

may only experience amnesia around highly emotionally charged situations

won’t have developed alters (may assign names to alters and imagine traits for them, but this is falsely complicating fragments rather than discovering more about alters)

As far as resources, I’d look into structural dissociation and cPTSD more. Sorry, I don’t have much I can refer you too, but I’m up for more questions and can source info if needed.

As I’ve said in previous posts, this isn’t healthy because it makes it harder to cope with existing behaviors and trauma. It’s not healthy or a good idea to try to force multiplicity, it’ll cause more harm and dissonance in the long run. I hope this post makes sense and again, BPD and DID can be comorbid. Professional help is always recommended if you think you have BPD, DID, OSDD, etc. Please be safe and thank you for your patience with this answer!

Maid of Doom

The Maid is the active creation class. Maids create their aspect/with their aspect. Doom is all about Rules, Fate, Destruction, Authority, Sacrifice and Contrasts. The Maid of Doom would be able to create Rules and create using Rules. It is their challenge to work with their Aspect in whatever way they want, and not under someone else’s command.


The Maid of Doom would be a fairly gloomy person, like most Doom Heroes. At first they would depend on others to know how they feel about Doom, they would obediently follow the rules of others and be submissive to all authority. They definitely suffer from some sort of martyr complex,  a destructive pattern of behavior in which they habitually seeks suffering or persecution as a way to feel “good” about themselves. We all have the capacity to be martyrs, but martyr complex sufferers adopt this as a daily role, often to the detriment of their relationships. The Maid needs to learn how to feel about their aspect, and how to form their own relationship with their Aspect. A Maid of Doom would, after an excruciatingly long journey of self-sacrifice and/or murder, learn to follow and make their own rules.

The journey of an exceptionally malicious Maid of Doom would be that of a Masochist becoming a Sadist.

A benevolent Maid of Doom however, would become a great leader, making rules that benefit lots of people, and killing only the people who need to die. They would also serve the game code of SBURB, making sure all game constructs work normally and destroying any bug they could find.


With their ability to create Doom in the forms of Rules, Fate, Destruction, Authority and Contrasts the Maid of Life would be able to use a plethora of abilities.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Law Writing: The Maid can write in lines into the Code of SBURB, creating rules. At first these may only influence small things, like banning strifing in certain areas, or making invisible walls that NPC’s can’t cross. The longer they train and the longer they work in symbiosis with SBURB the stronger this ability would become. A fully realized Maid of Doom could create lines of code that would rewrite the Dersite agenda, resulting in a truce between the Kingdoms of Light and Dark.
  • Debuff: The Maid of Doom is able to place conditions on their opponents. Conditions are negative effects that provide damage and control, playing a major role in combat. Possible Conditions are: Bleeding, Blindness, Burning, Chilled, Confusion, Immobilized, Poison, et cetera. Over the Maids journey these conditions increase in severity, a full powered Maid of Doom would be able to create irreversible Debuffs, leaving their victim poisoned, blind and immobilized for the rest of their life/lives in the case of God Tiers or revived victims.


Whenever a Session includes a Maid, their Aspect will die if they don’t interfere quickly. For example: A Session could possibly fall into complete anarchy, with every consort, prospitian, dersite and denizen scrambling to get as much power as possible. It would be the Maids responsibility to not only create rules, but to enforce them.


Madrigal Necrosis: The Maid of Doom cast all their Debuffs on a single victim, but rewrites the code of SBURB to make them immortal. Their Victim will live through the rest of infinity while plagued by incredible pain and in total isolation..


I was tagged by the fabulous @calebski to talk about my current WIPs… I am going to follow her lead and touch on at least one future work AND steal her formatting! Thank you for thinking of me!

Red Right Hand [Hermione Granger x Radalphus Lestrange]

This is easily the longest and most complex thing that I’ve written. This is a time travel fic that examines what would have happened if Tom Riddle had grown up in a loving home. After the war still isn’t over after the death of Harry and Voldemort, Hermione goes back in time and adopts Tom Riddle. But, with a potential future dark lord, will nature or nurture prevail?

> Time Travel AU, Focused on Parent/Child Relationship

Over the Hills and Far Away [Hermione Granger x Fenrir Greyback]

This is a modern au, and wow, have I been enjoying writing this WAY more than I expected. Hermione’s guardian, Sirius, is thrown in jail, and so she needs money to pay her lawyer. She gets a job at a bar that hosts an outlaw motorcycle gang, headed by Fenrir Greyback. Now, she is trying to keep up with school, her skeezy lawyer and a rival gang, all while denying her feelings for a mysterious Greyback.

> Modern AU, Fenrir is in a Motorcycle Gang, and Hermione is just holding on

Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts [Hermione Granger x Marcus Flint]

This was written for Marcus May, but of course, I am still posting after May! Hermione makes a friend before Harry and Ron, but no one expected it to be Marcus Flint. As they both grow older, they start to grow more feelings for each other, and the other students put expectations on their relationship. Can they open up to one another to turn their friendship into something more or will one of them get hurt?

> Hogwarts Era, Friendship to Lovers, Unrequited Love?

Untitled [Theodore Nott x Daphne Greengrass]

I am so excited to get started on this one, once I finish up RRH and Over the Hills! Theo and Daphne have been betrothed since they were six years old, but that doesn’t mean that Daphne has to like her future husband. Determined to make him as miserable as possible, Daphne never expected to actually fall for him. But has she already burned that bridge with her husband? Or can they have more?

> Angsty Love Drama Fic

Black Dog [Hermione Granger x Sirius Black]

This will either be a one-shot or a very short multi-chapter. Hopefully have it ready for October. Sirius doesn’t escape Azkaban until 6th year, and Crookshanks leads Hermione right to the cave that he’s hiding out in as Padfoot. He’s content to remain a dog to him, until he has no choice but to reveal his true form to him.

> Canon Divergent Fic?

Lightning Round:

Unnamed: Regulus x Hermione; Time Travel – They try to destroy the horcruxes without killing each other first

Landlord’s Daughter: Rodolphus x Hermione; Dark, dark fic that I might never write…A polyjuice mission where Hermione is trying to be Bellatrix goes awry

Unnamed: Thorfinn x Hermione; Historical AU, drawing on inspiration from Anglo-Saxon society

Unnamed: Rabastan x Hermione; Modern AU; expansion of a tumblr prompt, actually. Hermione’s downstairs neighbor just got out of jail and is trying everything to get her attention…nothing works, until he brings her a stray kitten.

Tagging some babes to chat about what they have going on (feel free to ignore): @meowmerson @ashenrenee @kristeristerin @articcat621 @hollowg1rl

Spock Imagine- Teach Me

You have had feelings for Spock for quite some time now, but you know those feeling if surfaced, would be considered taboo. Just a spritely cadet, has completely fallen for her instructor. Not unheard of, but this was Spock we are talking about. A creature of habit and a stickler for regulations, you saw no chance of ever getting him to budge. Yet you kept on because of selfish reasons. It drove you bonkers trying to determine what was appropriate and what crossed the line. You have the utmost respect for your instructors but something deep within you wouldn’t allow you to stop. 

Even if you couldn’t disseminate your feelings to everyone, you let those emotions fill the back of your mind. Your best friend and confidante Gaila was able to pick up on your little crush through context. She saw the little hidden exchange of smiles and the secretive glances. In your defense, you just wanted to know him better, to get an insight of his language you told her. She saw through your defensive remarks though. You were hopelessly in love after all. 

Spock wasn’t entirely innocent in this situation either. He favored you, despite his attempts to keep his class unbiased. How could he not though? You were the text book perfect student. All of your papers were beyond exceptional, and you actually were interested in your major. You are the only student to have upper level thinking. So he allows you to come to him with extra questions in private. Innocent right? It wasn’t until then that you thought maybe the feelings were reciprocated. 

So there you sit, your nose stuffed into a textbook but your mind wandering elsewhere. He sits at his desk grading papers with the greatest of attention. He mumbles Vulcan expressions under his breath. Little did he know you understood it all. Occasionally he would say something exceptionally critical, causing a small reaction from you. Stifling your giggles with your hand, he would peer up at you with a cock eyebrow and return to his papers. You would resume watching him from a distance. You loved watching him speak his native tongue. The way the worlds roll off of his tongue with such ease is settling to you. 

“Goodness (y/n), could you be any more obvious.” gala teases in orion. 

Spock’s attention is drawn away once again to listen closely to the girl’s conversation. You look to your friend with wide eyes, knowing that he knows Orion fluently. She flashes you a bright smile and returns to her work. Was she trying to destroy your cover? 

“At least he thinks my paper was good. He said yours was lacking.” you whisper back. 

To your detriment, you forgot that Vulcan’s have exceptional hearing. He stiffens in his seat signaling that he heard your comment. To make things worse, he now knows that you have a grasp on the Vulcan language. Deciding to not address the subject now, he once again returns to his work. Out of embarrassment, you slink in your chair to be as small as possible. A slip like that could have been the demise to your shared trust with Spock. Fortunately you were his favorite student. 

As the rest of the class files out of the room, braindead from a day full of studying, you attempt to collect your things as fast as possible. Despite your best efforts, you aren’t fast enough. 

“Cadet (Y/L/N), could I have a word with you?” his tone is seemingly calm. 

Approaching him with innocent eyes, you pray that he doesn’t bring up your comment to Gaila. He stands up, a sign of respect. The sudden contrast in height makes you feel like a little girl again. While you are not a short girl by any means, Vulcans are known for their strength and height. A situation like this could be viewed as intimidating if it was another student, but you had too much of a relationship with the instructor. 

“I would like to commend you on your paper. I found it exceptionally written, especially for a topic that can be found complex for most.” 

“Thank you.”

For a brief moment, you zone out in his deep eyes. For a person who is supposed to show no emotion, his eyes say so much. They have a certain depth to them, a depth you haven’t ever seen before. Stop. You should be paying attention to what he is saying. 

“I wasn’t aware of your knowledge of the Vulcan language. I suspect you have an adequate teacher to pick up on what I was saying.” 

“About that. I am sorry. It was completely unprofessional of me to be listening. It won’t happen again.” 

“Quite alright cadet.” he adds a compliment in vulcan.

“Nemaiyo Spock. Ish-veh tor sem-rik.” 

At first he looks shocked at your response. He didn’t expect you to be able to reply in such a fast response. Shock, although evident, turned to something better, something so rare that you couldn’t resist smiling. He was pleased. You could tell by the faint smile that tugs the corners of his lips up ever so lightly. At that moment, it took everything inside of you to not reach up and kiss him. But you refrained. He saw the look in your eyes though, but didn’t dare elicit a response. 

“It would be my honor to help you learn Vulcan in depth, if you so desire.” 

“I would like that a lot. A native speaker would be beneficial.” 

“See me after class tomorrow.” 

Butterflies grow in your stomach as you walk away. Did he just offer to help you, in private?

Overtime, you got to learn more of the language in depth, and subsequently more about him. He would relate little means behind words, which always had a correlation to a story. Getting to know the rather private instructor brings you great happiness. Maybe your feelings weren’t misplaced after all. 

Late one night, you sit there papers scattered about in front of you. A steaming cup of precious Vulcan tea in hand, you are scouring over reading material. Spock sits an arms length away reading a book of his own. As you glide over the words, you admire how beautiful the words look on paper. Then, you stumble over a word that you aren’t familiar with. 

“What is this word?” you ask handing over the book to him. 

“Ozh'esta. It is an old Vulcan tradition, much like the kiss Humans use as a token of affection.” 

“Ozh’esta.” you repeat, letting it roll off ur tongue.

For a moment, you revel in the thought of Spock kissing you. Even though you shouldn’t be thinking like that, there is a certain quality of taboo that you like. Its a rush, a natural high. 

“So it is intimate?” 


You reach back for the book, his fingertips grazing your own. The interaction, however brief, left you wanting more. Your better judgement told you no, but you let your heart take over. Stretching out your pointer finger, you glide it over his. You look to him for approval, almost like a little school child. 

“Like this?” 


Demonstrating, his index and middle fingers connect with your own and move in a circular motion. The action sent a shiver down your spine. With the brightest of eyes and an innocent expression, you look up to him. Perhaps this was a signal, or just your head talking but you decide to take a risk. Leaning in, you plant your lips lightly on his leaving a faint kiss. You didn’t get the reaction you were hoping for. 

“I’m sorry. Maybe I should just go.. it would be better if I wasn’t here. This wasn’t a good idea.” you ramble on. 

Frantically collecting your papers, you feel rejected. Putting yourself out there was a risk you were willing to take, but shouldn’t have. You tilt your head down to shield him from seeing the salty tears collecting in your eyes. 

“Bek-tor.” he grasps your hand. 

With a twinge of hope in your gut, you look to your instructor waiting for his next move. 

“Tra’ nam-tor rai vet du nam-tor vakstrik.” he pauses.

“But.” you interrupt. 

“I am your instructor. There are rules for a reason (y/n).” 

“So. Shaya wuh to-go k’ me.” you whisper. 

You bravely take a step toward Spock. He can feel your hands tremble as you decrease the distance. Going into this private tutoring, all you hoped for was a friendship with Spock. Now, you wanted nothing more than to call him yours. Something so close in reach is dangerous. Taking one step closer, your hand falls to his chest. As your eyes meet, you can feel the electricity run between the two of you. 

“Tor du…. nah-tor me don wish-veh?” 

Your lips devilishly close to his, breath swirling around his neck. He nods slightly, pulling you closer however impossible. 


You stand on your tiptoes and eliminate all of the space between your faces. His kiss is ardent but meaningful, the exact opposite of what you anticipated. Knowing vulcans to be extremely reserved, you expected him to be the docile one but that was not the case as his hand falls to your waist. His touch is colder than you expect, another cause for the chills. Your head starts to spin out of joy, a sensation you haven’t ever felt before. 

“Sem-rik.” you mumble against his lips. 

Perhaps you weren’t crazy after all. Clearly the feelings are reciprocated, but that comes with a whole new set of challenges. No one could find out. A forbidden attraction if you will. Despite the overwhelming number of cons to this situation, you continue. Tugging at the zipper on his jacket, you shoot him a devilish smirk. His appreciation for the Human race just increased infinitely. 

anonymous asked:

When do you get over your first love

It took over a year honestly, he was called Will, and I have never had such a passion for wanting to make someone else happy until I met Derry - my current boyfriend. Will was funny and ‘one of the boys’ and an obsessive gym boy who took pride in knowing he was beautiful. on the other hand he was riddled with anxiety and a complex whereby he was unable to commit to anything, be it school or relationships or even most friendships. He was never really mine. we started ‘talking’ in November 2014, and it was over by January, as we went to a party and he got with me and then two of my friends on the same night, and told me about them, as if i should have been impressed. He purposely hurt me as much as he could so when he left me I would be angry and not upset. But he was a good person, with a kind heart, and he cared for me just as I did for him and I knew that. Losing him was just as hard for me as it was for him. One day I suppose i finally realised he wasn’t going to come back, he wasn’t going to realise he threw away something amazing, and I stopped waiting. Then I met Derry, and now me and Will are friends, distantly, as I don’t think you can be active friends with someone you once fell in love with

anonymous asked:

Who is your favourite Gravity Falls character? By your posts defending Mabel, I would guess she is your favourite, but I think I am sensing a slight hint of you secretly really admiring Dipper...or maybe that's just me as I like Dipper the most so I tend to read things into people's metas...

Anon, I’ll be honest, Gravity Falls is really the rare show where I don’t have a standout favorite. This is partly because there’s such a great range (Pines family aside, how can anyone fail to love cool-as-a-bag-of-ice-cubes Wendy Corduroy—the teenager your inner twelve-year-old still wants to grow up to be—or that triangular tophatted menace who so brilliantly skews the silly-scary divide?), but partly because, at its most essential, it’s a story about the complex relationships that make up a family, and any character in that tangle would be lessened by being cut loose. I find it especially impossible to chose between Mabel and Dipper—something other people do easily, to my astonishment—because the qualities of each one are striking and memorable in contrast to those of the other. Either one of them could probably carry a cartoon all right, but without the other in place to challenge them, each would stagnate—Mabel in her silliness, Dipper in his seriousness.

If you had a gun to my head, though, and were forcing me to choose a favorite from among the group, I think I would have to go with Stan. He embodies, more than any other one character, the elusive thing about the show that makes it worth coming back to.