they would be the cutest and most awkward couple

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I love that every depiction of Shallura is literally like: "two of the most gorgeous people in the universe together combining into a blinding and stunning couple. Organized. In perfect sync. Would probably always have quality healthy food in their fridge and fresh laundry", meanwhile Klance is like: "two dorks loving each so fuckin much and being so damn awkward about it. Flirting without limits, blushing so hard afterwards. Literal messes. Somehow the cutest couple ever but god save them"

dfbsjd p accurate imagine how their double dates would go

Boyfriend Jisung
  • another request for my baby i’m so happy he’s receiving so much love ,
  • shoutout to the anon for requesting this !
  • my son’s gonna be a boyfriend here i’m gonna cry
  • okay i’m sorry let’s start

  • both of you were in the same school and level but in different classes ,

  • you lowkey admired him from afar and would secretly fangirl over him whenever he performed on stage for school events
  • you were known for being very open and friendly
  • since you knew he was a very shy and awkward person ,
  • you took the courage to finally talk to him because you wanted to be friends
  • “ hey ! my name’s Y/N , i really like your dancing and i’m always cheering for you when you perform ”
  • “ Oh …. Hi .. I’ve heard about you before .. I’m Jisung , nice to meet you haha ”
  • you’d laugh at his shyness and try to make him feel comfortable
  • but poor Jisung was so shy and stunned by your beauty he couldn’t look at you in the eye
  • after a few awkward smiles and talking both of you would exchange goodbyes
  • so the first encounter together wasn’t much like you expected , but you didn’t want to give up yet
  • when both of you met each other in school , yall would smile and say hi , nothing much
  • until one day the school held an event and both of you volunteered to help
  • since both of you only knew each other out of everyone there , you’ll talked and boom ,
  • even after the event both of you hung out and go out on study dates ,
  • and walk home together
  • your friends probably thought the both of you were dating since he always waited for you outside the class alone , his eyes only staring and focusing on you
  • and the way you stared at him was priceless too
  • then when you were studying with him one day
  • he accidentally confessed his feelings
  • “ Jisung how do you solve this math question ? ”
  • “ Let me take a look .. ”
  • “ I’m not sure either .. i’m sorry Y/N ”
  • “ Oh no , it’s okay i’ll just ask my teacher later ”
  • “ but i want to help you .. ”
  • “ huh it’s really fine .. ”
  • “ I want to help someone i like ”
  • and both of your faces would be flushed
  • awkward staring and avoiding each other’s gaze
  • but after awhile when he was about to apologise for his words you’d hug him and tell him you like him too
  • this baby would be so happy i think he’d tear up
  • in school both of you would spend alot of time together ,
  • sharing food during lunch ,
  • you sitting in the dance room watching him practice
  • and him helping you to carry your books to your locker when you didn’t have the time to
  • probably the school’s cutest couple tbh
  • this boy’s too shy to initiate a kiss so the most he’d do is a small peck on your lips
  • every single time he does that he gets all flustered and clumsy
  • one time he tripped on himself after he did because he was too embarrassed
  • and you laughed crazily because he’s too cute and adorable
  • he wouldn’t mind skinship in public but also not too much
  • like he’s okay with holding hands and hugging
  • but kissing would be too much for him to handle because he’s a smol young boy
  • taeyong would probably take care of the both of you like you’re his kids and he’d beat anyone up who dares to hurt any of you
  • and he’d certainly be involved when both of you have couple fights/arguements
  • which hardly happen because why would you want to argue with this precious baby
  • “ Jisung ah , everything’s still not okay with Y/N ? you’ve been crying for quite a long time now ”
  • “ Hyung it’s my fault .. But i’m okay ”
  • “ Go rest Jisung i’ll go talk to Y/N ”
  • and he’d call you right away
  • when you pick up you’d be sobbing too
  • “ Y-Yes .. oppa ? ”
  • “ Y/N i apologise on behalf of Jisung but you’ll only have each other i dont want both of you to fall apart because of one small matter hm ? ”
  • “ I’ll try … thank you oppa ”
  • and he’d assure you that things will be fine and ask you to cheer up
  • okay back to Jisung
  • the next day in school when you saw each other , no words will be shared
  • only staring and the feeling of guilt
  • and you take a deep breath before hugging him because you felt bad
  • Jisung would hug you back and apologise too
  • when you’re sad he tries his best to buy you things you like
  • dancing for you ,
  • telling you his lame jokes
  • you guys would have matching lockscreens for your phones
  • and it’s a selfie both of you took together when you were studying
  • when he’s sad he doesn’t say anything or show it and keeps it to himself
  • but when you ask him sincerely and worriedly ,
  • he’d tell you , but hesistantly because he’s afraid he’s talking too much
  • but you’d hug him and say that it’s okay
  • he’ll smile and listen to your advice
  • i’ll stop here and im sorry if this was not what you expected )-:
Harry Styles; New Girl Imagine

I was usually pretty good at actually focusing on my work in class.  I was the coolest guy at Drew High School (I say that in the most humble way I can, just being honest here), I knew the ladies loved me and – to be completely honest – I loved the attention.  How could I not?  It was nice to have every girl looking me up and down as I walked down the hallway with my backpack hanging over one shoulder and my brown locks tucked into a beanie or a snapback. Janie Smith prefers the beanie.  She tells me every time she sees me in one.  Yeah, I know Lisa Brown told Emma Jones that my ass looked good in the jeans I was wearing last week.  I know Madison Davis loves the tight gray tee that I wear occasionally.  “It really shows off those muscles of yours…” Uhh… DUH.  She tells me like I don’t know.  Leslie Manning stares at my green eyes like they’re million-dollar pearls.  “I’m sorry,” she apologized once.  “They’re just amazing…” Don’t get me wrong though, I haven’t let all of the star-struck gazes and flirtatious compliments go to my head.  I don’t act like a cocky hot-shot.  I can’t stand the guys who do.  I don’t take girl’s hearts and dangle them before me – well, not on purpose anyway.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever cheat on my girlfriend of three years, Nicole.  She was quite the opposite though…

Nicole had cheated on me with almost every guy on the football team.  She and I were more like brother and sister at this point in the relationship, constantly at each other’s throats and arguing about the most ridiculous things.  We constantly threatened to break up with each other, but it never actually happened.  Why not?  Well, we were the “Ultimate Couple” for Drew High School.  For some reason, my fellow students continuously voted the two of us things like Homecoming King and Queen or “Cutest Couple” or “Most Likely to Get Married”… the list goes on and on.  It was like they lived in a state of delusion or something.  Either that or it was a joke they were playing on the two of us.  The two of us almost felt pressured to stay together (not that I usually give into peer pressure) but we also had a lot of the same friends and all this other stuff… it would just be totally awkward if we broke up at this point.  Nicole and I, as seniors, had two months left at Drew High and then we were off to different universities across the country from each other, so I was determined to ride out the last two months with as little fighting and drama as possible.  I was sure this was possible until Beth showed up.

Her father was a preacher, so she constantly moved around.  It must have sucked to move two months before graduation.  Moving in general had to have sucked.  I had only ever moved once with my mother when we came to America from the UK, but I was too young to remember any of that. 

Beth was in nearly every single one of my classes.  It seemed like in each of the classes she sat right beside a window.  The sun shown through the glass and made her tan skin glow like she was some heavenly entity.  Her sandy blonde hair was long and usually draped over her shoulder down her back.  I wanted to reach out and run my fingers through it.  The thing that made me stare the most was her eyes; I had never been so attracted to brown eyes in my life.  They had flecks of orange and red in them, making them look like they were on fire - especially when the sun shined into them.

She made me nervous.  She was always smiling – nothing fake, either.  It was a constant warm and sincere smile, almost like she was just enjoying being alive.  She never had a problem with anyone.  She had no set group of friends, not that I could tell at least.  People around her just seemed to feed off of her energy and be more positive, more alive, even on the rainiest of days. 

After a month of her being there, I still hadn’t talked to her.  What the hell is wrong with you, Styles? I constantly beat myself up.  She looked like one of the easiest people that I could possibly talk to… Maybe it was the way she looked at me like she looked at everyone else… I was nothing special to her.  Or the way she actually looked into my eyes… she wasn’t afraid of me.  Maybe it was the way she hadn’t approached me or asked for my number or asked if I wanted to hang out or even asked if she could borrow my pencil… Shit, that was the most common question I was asked.  Girls asked me for a pencil and then never give it back but keep me chasing after them for weeks… that’s why I bought a pack of 100 pencils from the dollar store and pass them out now instead.  “Are you gonna need this back?” the girls ask.  No.  No I will not.

Like I said before, I was usually good at focusing on my school work, despite all of the attention I got.  I wasn’t an idiot.  I knew my studies were important.  I usually respected teachers, kept quiet and sat straight in class. On this particular Wednesday, however, the only thing I could seem to focus on was a crying Beth across the room from me.  Like always, she was glowing, the sun shining down on her flawlessly tan skin and soft, wavy hair – but instead of having her hair tucked behind her cute little ear like usual, she had it falling across her face as she tried to hide the tears that escaped the corners of her eyes despite her attempts to stop them with a tissue curled up in her hand. 

“Harry?” Nicole called.

I snapped my head up out of my trance and looked at Nicole sitting in the desk in front of me.  She had caked on her makeup and her hair was in a high pony tail that looked like it could give someone a headache.  She looked like a bitch today.  Well, she looked like a bitch every day.  She was attractive to me at one point in my life, but those days were long gone. “What?”

“Mr. Laurens asked you a question,” she whispered through her teeth disapprovingly.

I glanced up to the front of the classroom where my teacher was standing with his arms crossed and his glasses falling down the bridge of his nose. “What is the equation we need to use for problem twelve?”  He repeated, irritated with my lack of attention.

I scanned the paper before me quickly for number twelve, but before I could answer, Nicole lost her patience and answered for me. “Quadratic.  We need to use the quadratic formula.”

“Good, Nicole,” Mr. Laurens said, glaring at me over his glasses and turning back to the board.  I sighed and rubbed my temples with my fingers until I felt someone’s eyes burning into the side of my face.  I peered up at Nicole and Mr. Laurens in front of me, but neither one of them were facing me or even just peering out of the corner of their eyes at me.  Slowly, I shifted my eyes to the other side of the classroom and spotted her, her eyes wet with tears and still burning like a newly lit flame.  She looked away from me as our eyes met, stood up with all of her books, and left the classroom swiftly. 

I was stunned.  Anyone else tried to leave and they would have gotten screamed at.  Detention maybe.  It was like no one even saw her. I blinked a few times and looked back over to her desk to be sure I was seeing her correctly… and her empty desk confirmed that.  Without thinking, I collected up my books and stood abruptly, my long legs bashing into the desk in front of me.  I was not nearly as graceful as Beth had been. 

“Going somewhere, Mr. Styles?” Mr. Laurens asked, folding his hands in front of his body and looking at me.  Nicole had turned around and was staring at me like I had lost my mind.  Everyone was. 

“I just have to take a piss,” I lied, moving forward down the isles of desks to the door.

Mr. Laurens frowned at me but stayed where he was in front of the board.  “I think the correct sentence would be, ‘Mr. Laurens, may I use the restroom?’ Mr. Styles, are you listening?”

But I wasn’t listening.  I was focused on getting out the door.  Beth could do it, why couldn’t I?  “It’s an emergency,” I lied again.

Mr. Laurens wasn’t buying it.  “Why do you have your books then?”

Ugh, I hated this wretched school.  I just wanted to leave.  I was almost 19.  I was an adult.  I could do what I wanted.  Mr. Laurens would get paid whether I was there or not.  “I have my math books for toilet paper.  They’re already filled with shit anyway.”

I heard Nicole gasp. “Harry!” she called, almost like my mother would when I was in trouble.  I imagined her standing up and following me out of the classroom, horrified with my defiant attitude toward Mr. Laurens.  Thankfully, no one followed me out of the classroom and down the empty hall.  I took long strides down the hall to where my locker was, right next to where I had learned Beth’s was.  I tried not to stare too much or make too much noise as I put my books away just ten lockers from where Beth was standing at her own locker.  I started to grab more books for my next class (which wasn’t for another 30 minutes) but stopped when I saw Beth put her whole backpack in her locker.  She closed the locker, looked my direction, and smiled, and for the first time in my brief life, I smiled back at her.  She giggled when I dropped a book on my toe.  I swore loudly and bent down to pick it up.  Shoving the book into my locker with my backpack, I glanced back down the hall, disappointed to see that Beth was nearly gone again.  I slammed my full body weight into my locker until I knew it would stay shut for at least a little while until the pressure of all of my shit in there would cause it to burst open again.  I tried not to seem too crazy as I half-jogged down the hall after Beth.  We were at the back of the school at this point and Beth was walking out the back door.  I cringed when I heard the heavy back door creak open, expecting an alarm to go off or something, but nothing happened.  I was surprised again when I opened my eyes and saw Beth holding the door and waiting for me, her eyes locked on me, the color in her pupils flickering as if she were waving for me to follow her.

Curiosity got the best of me. 

We walked side by side out the back of the school.  I don’t think I had ever stood so close to her.  Her head only came to about my shoulder.  I watched the ground, her black vans and my white converse disappearing into the tall grass of the field behind the school.  After a few moments, I dared to sneak a look at her face, her cheeks still a little wet from the tears, but not nearly as wet as they had been earlier that day.  My heart froze in my chest when she caught me off-guard and looked up at me, smiling once more.  I looked away quickly.  I could talk to any other girl on the planet.  Why was Beth so different?  When we reached the tree-line of the forest that surrounded our school, I stopped and watched Beth disappear into the trees. 

I turned and looked back at the school.  I should go back, I thought.  I don’t even know where she’s going. 

When I peered back into the forest, I saw Beth waiting for me.  She was holding onto a tree limb and dangling from it, her tie-dye tee-shirt coming up enough to reveal her belly button just above the waist of her black shorts.  She grinned at me as she dropped to the ground and wiped her hands on her shorts, but then turned and continued further into the forest.

My feet started moving.

I ducked under a few branches and twisted around a few trees.  The trees got thicker and the leaves above me blocked out more sunlight the farther we went into the forest.  I followed about ten feet behind Beth, watching where she stepped and then looking up to make sure I didn’t walk into a spider web.  I became more and more concerned as we got deeper and deeper into the trees and after about ten minutes, I was ready to turn around.  Shit, I thought.  She’s brought me out here to kill me.

But, thank heavens, I was wrong about that.Still following Beth, I pushed through some small trees and into an area of the forest I had never seen.  It was like a little beach with a pond about the size of a football field in the middle of it.  I was too stunned by how clear the water was to realize that Beth had taken her Vans, shorts, and shirt off.  Preacher’s daughter.  Preacher’s.  Daughter.

She began to wade into the water, her pink lacey undies and bra turning a darker shade of pink as they got wet.   The water got darker the deeper it became, but she didn’t hesitate at all.  She ducked her head beneath the surface of the water and for a moment, it was just me and the whispers of the wind between the trees.

Her head reappeared slowly, breaking the surface of the water and swimming forward, ripples leading her away from me. I quickly undid my belt and tore my jeans off, my converse slipping off as my pants came down.  I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it beside me on the sand, letting the fabric slip through my fingers as I let my toes slip into the cold water.

I had never been skinny dipping with a girl before… not that this necessarily counted.  I mean, I still had my underwear on and so did Beth.  We both swam for a while; she floated on her back and looked up at the halo of trees above us.  It was so relaxing.  I wanted to say something to her… anything… but I didn’t know what.  I could have asked her how often she did this, how she found this place, if she had ever shown anyone else… but I didn’t want to ruin the peace for her.  For the first time that day, she wasn’t crying, so I was going to keep quiet until she spoke to me, even if she never did.

She climbed out of the water and crawled onto the sand.  I followed.  I shook my curls out before laying on my back beside her and staring up again into the sky.  I had no idea what time it was, but at this point I didn’t care.

My heart leapt when she finally spoke. “My grandfather died last night…”

That’s why she was crying.  I frowned and started to sit up, but Beth gently placed her small hand on my chest and pushed me back down onto the sand. “Don’t apologize.  It’s no one’s fault, least of all yours.” She sighed.  Her voice was so soft.  “He had cancer for a long time.  It finally got him.  It’s sad because I won’t see him ever again, but it’s good because he’s not suffering anymore.  He’s in a much better place.”

“Out there?” I asked, looking up at the clouds and the blue sky. 

When I turned my head to look at Beth, she just smiled and nodded. “Perhaps,” she whispered.

For a while, she stared at the sky while I stared at her.  Each second I watched her or listened to her voice, the more I realized I was beginning to fall in love with her.  I felt horrible that I couldn’t make her feel better about her grandfather’s death, but at the same time I was stunned at the strength she seemed to have and the grip she had on the thought of death. 

My heart stopped beating when she turned her head and looked sideways at me.  Her pink lips formed a small and playful grin. “I never would have thought you were so quiet,” she said, turning her body on the sand to face mine.  She had sand all over her cheek and arms and legs.  Without thinking, I reached up and rubbed my thumb over her cheek, the grains of warm sand falling from her skin and gathering back on the ground beneath her head.  Beth brushed her hair behind her ear, something I was beginning to understand signaled that she was in a better mood, and propped herself up on her elbow.  I imitated her.  She began to brush the sand off of my tattoos, studying each one or reading each word.  She bit her lip and turned her head all different directions to get a good look at each bit of ink on my skin but never once asked me what any of them meant.  Finally, her fiery eyes met mine.  She leaned forward and placed a warm kiss on my lips, just barely parting her mouth and kissing me once more before pulling away and standing up. 

She dropped back into the water, submerging her body and dipping her hair back into the pond.  I made my way toward her, watching as the ripples from my body and the ripples from hers collided.  When it got deep enough, I began to tread in front of her, her hand occasionally brushing my thigh or my stomach.  She was enchanting and I couldn’t for the life of me look away from her.

“So tell me, Mr. Speechless,” she whispered, treading closer to me and daring to stare into my eyes once more.  “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done recently?”