they would be the cutest and most awkward couple

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I love that every depiction of Shallura is literally like: "two of the most gorgeous people in the universe together combining into a blinding and stunning couple. Organized. In perfect sync. Would probably always have quality healthy food in their fridge and fresh laundry", meanwhile Klance is like: "two dorks loving each so fuckin much and being so damn awkward about it. Flirting without limits, blushing so hard afterwards. Literal messes. Somehow the cutest couple ever but god save them"

dfbsjd p accurate imagine how their double dates would go

What dating MX would be like  (2/7) Wonho

- Derps.

- Lots of really awkward skinship.

- Laughing at stupid things you both see on the internet.

- The most extra selfies.

- The most extra couple selfies.

- The most extra couple.

- Loves showing off his body to you.

- Wants all of your attention. 

- Cringe worthy pick up lines and puns.

- “Is ramen the only thing you want?”

- “I want you too.”

- A million nicknames.

- “You’re hot.”

- “You’re hotter.”

- Takes off his shirt constantly.

- Sends you the cutest texts and selfies. 

- 6 hour calls.

- Kisses your neck a lot.

- Back hugs.

- Shows you off but gets slightly defensive when someone compliments you a little too much.

- Asks you how your day was every night.

- You comforting him when he cries while watching disney movies. 

- “We don’t have food in the fridge.”

- “I literally just went grocery shopping yesterday.” 

- Eats like there’s no tomorrow.

- Lots of weird and random dance competitions.

- “I let you win.”


- Rough sex.

- Body worship.

- Eye contact. 

- Lots of biting.

- Dirty talk.

- Has sex anywhere and everywhere.