they would be such a bad couple

Breakup Dilemmas

The Chris Breakup Dilemma

After playing the breakup scene with Chris, I felt SUUUUUPER bad. He’s a super sweet guy who’s redeemed himself from the sucky Becca days and is trying his best to balance his political life in Hartfeld with the football team and his lovelife and his studies. I wanted to see how the cheating-w-Zig subplot would affect their relationship. Now we’ve seen that they will still make it work despite that.

Zig or no Zig really, Chris x MC would be a great couple. It’s not perfect, but I love that they’re the couple who’re journeying from freshman year all through college.

The James Breakup Dilemma

Objectively, there’s more reason to break up with James. He was quite the jerk during the Vasquez-secret situation in Book 2, although I understood where he was coming from. But when he didn’t defend MC during Sebastian’s confrontation, that made me wonder again. And in this most recent chapter, he reveals the Hollywood deal AFTER they had the heart to heart talk, indicating he wasn’t being 100% honest. This makes me really question his integrity, though I know it was just a way for the story to be more consistent esp for those who don’t have James as an LI. Another objective reason for the breakup is LDR.

I just don’t want to break up with James because my MC’s invested in him so much and I do want to see what kind of stories an LDR would bring in the next chapters.


I’m torn. I want to break up with one of them to see how the story will move forward. I wish I had at least 5 devices for this to work. LOL. I’m confused.

Oh well. I’m so emotional. I love this game so much. 😂

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This guy

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t need to write about this guy but I was wrong.
About a month ago this 20 something guy started going to my school 1 or 2 times a week to take some tests so he can graduate, I am not 100% sure of his situation but he almost finished highschool but he didn’t took the finals and now he can take them to get his title. He is a special case.
He is a nice guy with this weird bad boy attitude but he is a good person, he doesn’t care much about history so his test and his papers are not the best but I think that he will graduate.

The thing is that I think that he and A are dating.
They have been going out a couple of times, I don’t know how many because A barely speaks about him with me.
This feels different from what I thought I would feel if A had a boyfriend, I feel jealous but mainly because I don’t wanna be replaced. I don’t want A to find someone that she can talk to and suddenly don’t need me anymore or don’t want me anymore.

I have heard at school that they went out a couple of times but I think they are dating because I saw them.

I was at my friend’s store (he sells skateboards, hats, shoes, etc.) on a little mall and sometimes I go there to grade papers or work in general, chat and drink a few beers. My friend went to get us something to eat and I was at one of the couches working on my computer when I heard laughs and someone walked into the store I looked up and it was A and this guy.
There was an uncomfortable silence so I said hello, A said “hello (my nickname)“ and this guy said “hi Mr.___”, so I had to put myself together I stood up (let’s say I wasn’t looking as a teacher and the table was full of beer bottles) and asked if they needed something. This guy asked me the price of a hat, I looked at him like “seriously?“ for a while until I said “mate, I don’t work here. The owner will be back in a couple of minutes” he looked really ashamed and he apologized so I told him it was okay. A asked me what was I doing but before I could answer my friend walked in and asked what did they need. This guy started to talk with my friend while I was with A, not saying a word just looking at eachother in an uncomfortable silence that has never happened to is before is like we are two strangers.
Finally I asked A what were they up to and she said they were thinking of getting something to eat, she relaxed a bit and sat at the couch so I did it too. She said she liked my shirt (probably my oldest crapiest shirt by the way) I laughed, she asked what was I doing and I answered that I was working on my book she started to ask if she could read even a little bit and I kept saying no because it’s not ready yet and that maybe later and we started to joke around like always and it felt so great and then this guy came up and they left.
I don’t want to be jealous but it does hurt, she deserves someone that can apreciate her and be more than a teacher/friend to her and he could be that someone.
My friend then asked me who were they and I told him everything, that they were my students, that I liked A, everything. This was like an hour ago and now the plan is to get drunk with this friend, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Title: Love At First Sight? (Part 11.)

Character(s): Denny and Jess (fictional/original character).
Summary: Denny gets some good news.
Word Count: 2,015
Author’s Note: Fluff, fluff, fluff (also some talk of sex hehe)!! This story has a couple of chapters left until the end, so stay tuned! ;) 

Tag list: @memphisgirl1977​ , @clinicalkayla​ , @lostxwanderess , @negan–is–god , @trashforwinchesters​ , @heartfulloffandoms​ , @sweetsweetpeach , @chicitytitties
Gif belongs to @heartfulloffandoms 

It had been a couple of days since Denny’s heart had to be shocked due to the fast heart rate. I had cried every night and Denny was always there to soothe me, to reassure me that everything will work out. He said that things would have to get worse before it could get better, but how worse could it get? It was already bad as it is and the LVAD wasn’t doing its job to the best of its ability.

“What are you thinking about?” He asks, shaking me out of my thoughts.

“It’s just – I can’t remember when I had a good night sleep and I’m pretty sure you don’t remember either. I just want you to be okay. I keep staring at the door hoping Dr. Burke will walk in with some good news.”

“Jess… I’ve waited five years for this heart. I can wait a bit longer.”

“But you don’t know if you’re getting a heart, Denny.”

“Where’s my optimistic girlfriend?”

“She heard you scream in pain. She witnessed your doctors having to shock your heart in order for it to stabilize.”

Denny sighs, taking my hand instantly in his. I couldn’t lie down with him. If I did, I knew I would break down again and he didn’t need that. He needed me to remain positive but how can I when the sounds of his pained screams echoed in my mind?

“I’m going to be okay, Jess.”

“Don’t start with that, Denny.”

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Seeing that BTS photo of Mon-ew SHIRTLESS…just proves to me that the CW does not give a rat’s ass about the kids watching the show
BECAUSE APPARENTLY from what we were told…the only reason they wouldn’t over sexualize sanvers was because of the underage kids watching…ALL they have done is some pecks and yet that is already enough
BUT when it comes to this hetero couple well then they get everything. EVEN indicating that they slept with each other the last episode and now its a morning after scene….Like yeah this isn’t bad for kids to watch…WRONG.
BUT apparently if its a hetero couple it’s OKAY HUH? 
My 10 year old cousin watches this show and even asked me why the hell they would show that last scene in the last episode…she said it was too much…LIKE if a 10 year old thinks this then the supergirl writers need to fucking correct this shit. 
The only thing i have going for me right now is that I know Sanvers has the most healthy relationship on the show…that is the only thing keeping me going honestly.
Supergirl isn’t making my monday’s worthwhile anymore and that sucks :(…i need this to change and soon.

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do they not understand how little we want climon!!!! i hate clace but if i had to choose between it and climon i would choose clace thats how fucking bad climon is!!!!! i headcanon maia as a lesbian but simon x maia is good and i’d die for it why can’t they give us what we want also speaking of that s t o p treating your lgbt couple like shit

my therapist asked me

Whats missing from your life?

I thought about this question for a long time after you asked me. And after days of racking my brain I still had not come up with an answer, that is until I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning waiting to order my coffee as I do nearly every morning. When there was an elderly couple in front of me, they were laughing with each other, and it made me smile. There I was being pessimistic because it was 7 in the morning and I was so overly tired and in a bad mood. But they were standing there as though there was no where in the world they would rather be. And I thought to myself I wonder what its been like, sharing a cup of coffee with the same person for that many years. And that’s when it dawned on me. I knew what was missing.
Seems like a pretty simple answer, huh? But I don’t necessarily mean love in the way youre probably thinking about it. I mean it in the simpliest of ways, in the “drive safely”, “text me when you make it home”, the “I hope youre doing okay”, or “have a good day”. I mean it in the sense of friendship, companionship, dependency, empathy, and affection. I mean love in every sense of the form. I mean It in the having someone to turn to on your darkets of days, or someone to share the brightest of ones with. I mean it in the singing in the passenger seat of your car kinda love, or the eat frozen yogurt and cry on your bad days.
But most importantly, the form of love I am missing, is self love. Many times I am so concerned with being there for others or trying to help everyone around me, bringing them up, that I forget about me too. i think that’s why i keep looking for people. because i’m looking for that love that’s missing from my life in someone else. and i keep being let down because no one is going to love me the way that i should love me. I wanna be so content within myself that I don’t look for these things in someone else anymore. I wanna sing in the car by myself, I wanna buy the elderly couples coffees and I wanna be okay knowing im going to drink mine by myself.

How many people can you claim truly care about you? I mean, not just the people in your life who are fun to hang out with, not just the people who you love and trust. But people who feel good when you are happy and successful, feel bad when you are hurt or going through a hard time, people who would walk away from their lives for a little while to help you with yours?
—  Lisa Unger, Beautiful Lies

YO Here is a track I wrote for a fictional band in Hiveswap called THE GRUBBLES

Andrew asked me like… a year and change ago to write a couple of songs that two of the characters in the game would play in their band. The concept was “two teens recording songs in their garage.” I’d been in a bunch of bad garage bands as a teen so it was like… “my time has finally come.” 

The writing process behind this was fun because I got to sit there and go “OK, how did I write songs when I was 14 or w/e” and it literally came down to like picking whatever note i thought sounded cool. So thats exactly what I did. 

At some point during the process Andrew said to me he didn’t want the trolls to have “canon voices” but that presented a problem for a song style that would heavily rely on vocals. Like its one dude who produces tracks and a dude who sings so… yikes? But the workaround i came up with was that Xefros’s Auto-tune mic distorts his voice so much you cant understand the words he’s saying. The inspiration for this is like… literally every band who does this. So what you end up with is this sort of nonsense sound that COULD be someone saying something but like ???????? I used a lot of different effects so if theres anything you hear that resembles human voice its me going “blehlelhbvelhlehlboovlgogla” etc through a vocoder. 

So Far So Good™ but it still needed some extra stuff to push it into the like sweet spot of “wow this really sucks” but still in the “i kinda like it” zone. At some point andrew was like “hey can you beat box” and i responded truthfully “oh um no” to which he said, enthusiastically “even better.”

The final push, and arguably the thing that makes it sound ANY sort of good is my friend @jeffliujeffliu​ on guitar! I loved the work he did for Steven’s band in “STEVEN AND THE STEVENS” and I was like this is perfect. He came over to my place a few weeks ago and recorded some guitar stuff tracks for me that I had written out in advance, and I had him adlib some stuff too to edit in. Anyway, after some splicing and effects etc we have this track and a few more (that you’ll hear after the game comes out)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: my friend (and coworker) @skullmandible wrote some lyrics and had the idea to make a like… cheesy windows moviemaker style lyrics video because whats being in a bad band without an equally awful social media presence.

Hope you like it!

RP starters: Flirting ( + responses to it. )
  • “You come here often?”
  • “Can I offer you a drink?”
  • “So.. You expecting someone?”
  • “Do you need a place to stay for tonight?”
  • “I gotta tell you… you look incredibly hot.”
  • “Do you want to dance with me?”
  • “Look at us… we are basically a couple already.”
  • “I bet you would look even better without your clothes on.”
  • “Are you single? Just asking.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful person I have ever encountered.”
  • “What would you say if you and me would go somewhere else?”
  • “I love the way you’re dressed.”
  • “Do I have any chances with you?”
  • “Do you have anything better to do later?”
  • “Can I get your phone number?”
  • “You seem like a bad boy/girl/person type.”
  • “I can do whatever you want, babe.”
  • “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”
  • “I bet guys/gals/people are all over you.”
  • “You should be a model.”
  • "Are you… trying to flirt with me?”
  • “Maybe if I get a free drink I can consider talking to you.”
  • “That won’t work. Try again.”
  • "Oh my god, did you just say that out loud?”
  • "I’m waiting for someone. However, you can amuse me in the meanwhile.”
  • “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
  • “I thought you were taken.”
  • “So, have you flirted with every girl/boy/one in this bar yet?”
  • “Do I look like someone who seems interested in you?”
  • “Compliments won’t pay my drinks.”
Rogue One drunk headcanons

Chirrut: asks random rebels to hit him as hard as they can, go ahead, he can take it. eventually evolves into “throw random shit at me and watch me deflect it with my staff”. would evolve into “try to shoot me and watch me dodge” if Baze didn’t intervene. makes even more blind jokes than usual (they’re bad).

Baze: drinking competitions. once outdrank everyone on echo base, including a couple of aliens who were twice his size. gets emotional and calls everyone little brother/sister. eventually has to throw Chirrut over his shoulder and carry him away from the party.

Cassian: the mom friend until he himself gets too drunk. scolds his drunk friends and curses a lot in spanish. once got tearful and told K-2SO it was his best friend. “you wanna know what’s really shitty about the Empire? you wanna know what the really, really shitty thing is?”, never finishes the thought.

Bodhi: talks non-stop in a near-incomprehensible slur, goes from happy drunk to sad drunk and back to happy drunk in the span of one minute. must be kept out of the hangar at all costs or he will try to steal an x-wing (this job usually falls to Cassian).

Jyn: thinks she can outdrink everyone. cannot, in fact, outdrink anyone. extreme lightweight. will try to start fights with everyone in sight. once challenged Luke Skywalker to a duel (he declined). passes out two hours into the party, has to be carried out.

K-2SO: is a droid


So this is after Lance relents and lets Keith sleep with him at night for warmth. It’s awkward for both of them as they’re not dating, but they soon get used to it. Keith starts to feel kinda bad for Lance, so he tries to repay him and makes a giant bed.

However Keith failed to realize that this would mean they would have to sleep together like a couple now, causing him to go through a mental crisis of confused feelings. 

Lance meanwhile doesn’t give a shit, because HOLY SHIT, BACK SUPPORT! SOFT CUSHIONING! A FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP! HELL YEAH!

O.K. I was not expecting this….right now…………………………………

I was in the process of preparing a post, before the AMA’s, when that pic was “leaked”. If you read my Camren saga theory, you know that I have been expecting a pic like this to surface. Actually, after I found out for sure Lauren and Lucy were at her uncles wedding together, I expected there to be a picture or a video surface with them, soon. I just thought they would wait to “leak” it after the AMA’s. I don’t really think their Management is happy that this has happened, now. The PR team is going to have some work to do, before the AMA’s on Sunday.

Here is my theory on what I was expecting to happen in the next couple weeks…

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highlights from dab becomes a toddler
  • “we are the worst parents”
  • “imagine if we literally have a baby for two episodes and then it gets taken away” “that would be a metaphor”
  • dan putting dil in a crop top
  • “tabitha’s like, ‘waddup hub’”
  • dan telling phil to get his midriff out in the next episode
  • writing bad fanfiction together is apparently “couple goals” *cough* the urge and the hand *cough*
  • “have we just had a furry hiding in our child’s bedroom. it’s a scalie phil”
  • dab getting “dil’s” wavy hair and “tabitha’s” hair colour
  • them playing dab’s first steps over in slow motion with dramatic music
  • dan being a total helicopter parent and wanting to keep dab safe
  • them cheering for everything dab did 
  • phil punching dan in the most gentle way humanly possible

rand564  asked:

Is Jarco really that bad a thing? Now I feel bad for being happy for them seeing how all the Starco fans are so heartbroken...

Don’t misunderstand me! ;) I like Jackie! Is a cool character and also the relationship with Marco is not bad (he had a crush on her for a long time, it’ll be logical that this happen)! But i love the relationship of Star and Marco toghether: also in this episode, when they was singing or when they fight toghether or when they look each other. They’ve a sort of feeling,  which Marco doesn’t have with jackie!
Is ok if they’re just friends because they’re beautiful anyway together! But if they liked each other forming a couple would be very natural and beautiful too!
And I’m sad about Star because she had a crush on him. But she choose the Marco’s happiness and that’s a very mature gesture!


“I plan on staying at the center of such rumors. I take the feeling of being in love very seriously. I think that admitting the fact could be good or bad. That depends on the couple and the relationship. Because I’m a celebrity, being in a relationship with me would do you more harm than good. Out of the women I’ve dated, if any of them had wanted to go public, then I think I would’ve been open about it. But because of many reasons, although the public has the right to know what’s going on, I have no duty to disclose it.”

YOI fans be like...
  • Ep.1: Awww, more sports-anime queerbait. How fucking CUTE.
  • Ep.5: You know, it's really too bad the creators don't have the guts to actually follow through on all of this queerbaiting, Yuri and Viktor would make a great couple...but *sigh* it's a sports anime. They won't just...
  • Ep.9: HOLY SHIT!!!! DID THEY JUST...??!!
headspacedad replied to your post “bucketofbarnes replied to your post “An important note on Slav: I’ve…”

I’ve seen a couple posts by people with OCD claiming they feel bad about the way Shiro reacted to it. I think it helps, and hopefully they read it, about WHY Shiro would act that way around Slav in a way that doesn’t indicate judgement on either one of them, just where they’re both coming from. It’s a good post that does that.

I mean, it definitely wasn’t meant to excuse Shiro: he’s got his head up his ass when it comes to Slav for sure, and I say that as one of the biggest Shiro Stans around.  But he’s not handling this well and he really does need to be called out on it.

Still, I do think it’s character indicative rather than specifically making fun of Slav, I just think that got lost in how GO GO GO GO the last few episodes were.  If you notice, neither Lance nor Pidge seem to have any particular problems with Slav’s actions.  Like I said, the only person who reactions comparatively is Coran, and that’s what Slav is doing something actively dangerous with the VERY important equipment.

I was hoping people would examine their own reactions to Shiro’s anger a little: I had to.  I know a few people who are OCD in this fandom and I never want to make them feel like they deserve that kind of anger from a character who is so usually shown as In The Right and morally straight-laced.

Of course, that’s not for me to decide, either: If those actually dealing with OCD still feel it’s an unfair depiction, they’ve got much more say that I do.  But that’s just my little soapbox.  Shiro was wrong to treat Slav that way, but I also don’t think he’d react any other way right now.  He needs to deal with his own issues enough to recognize why he feels that way.  Maybe that’s part of his arc in S3?  Who knows!