they would be a nice couple

@Ghlorify (Christin) – Deceiving, Shady, Manipulative Bitch – (feat. DPN Team Leader group chat scumbags)

Unfortunately on Tumblr, among the sea of nice people, there are grumpy, weak little trolls that hide behind a computer screen. These trolls think they are invincible because they are far away, because they know if they were the way they are to someone in person, they would probably get their ass whooped.

This is about the Tumblr user @ghlorify whose real name is Christin. Some of you may know her, and if you do, you might be in one of the couple networks she is in. She currently is in charge of three, and from what I’ve been hearing, is planning on being in charge of two more. A total of five networks on Tumblr owned by someone who so desperately seeks ‘power’, let alone attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if many don’t know her because after all, 22 year olds who pass the time by calling people nearly 10 years younger than them “bitches” are not to be remembered.

In January of this year of 2017, there was an issue in the Saints and Sinners Network that I am a part of. At the time, I did not know about @ghlorify’s past behavior so I assumed she was just another, totally regular member of it.

Someone stole the source code of a theme which belonged to one of the theme makers in my network. @ghlorify (Christin) made a post on the Facebook page, and this post was very immature and unprofessional. She had the audacity to accuse one particular member and pointed fingers at the admins, which included @nostalgah and @amazely, for “not doing their jobs”. Like the brat she is, @ghlorify (Christin) continued to make it worse with arguing, and even sending in other Tumblr users to spy on us in our Facebook messenger group chats. It was found out that the person who stole the source code was NOT the person that was blamed, and it certainly was not any of the admins. 

Here is the bitch’s Facebook post on the network’s page back in January:

Condescending asswipe.

Here is @amazely’s response, apologetic for something she did not do:

Here is @nostalgah standing up for @amazely:

But of course, this bitch doesn’t believe it, instead sticking to her appalling claims:

The “good girl card”? What is this? Rugrats? Are you thinking of Cynthia? Hey, it’s fitting if you still watch a small child’s show, Christin, because you do possess a small, immature child’s mentality after all.

More evidence of her trying to justify her unprofessional approach to the whole situation:

Look at how arrogant this animated turd is. Christin, you make an aggressive post towards an innocent person, try to justify it, then pretend you knew all along it wouldn’t get you anywhere? Pet rocks serve greater purposes than you.

Okay, sure. You didn’t know who it was. But you should have used that brain that God gave you to try and think with logic. Would @amazely, of all people, have stolen the theme? Of course not. This is not to take away from any other members, but in the end, it was discovered that it was NOT @amazely who stole the theme, rather someone who owned up to their actions and will not be named. Your ‘hindsight bias’ or whatever you may try to use to excuse your actions will not ever be valid. I mean, unless if you are clinically insane (which you aren’t. you’re just an angry, buttered up troll).

(you’ll notice I blacked out all names except Christin’s. if you look hard enough and care enough, you’ll figure out people’s names but you get the point. I do not wish to give too much/unwanted attention to anyone but @ghlorify, the perpetrator behind many people’s stress).

A notable mention: One of the lil’ snakes who seems to always be ready to hump @ghlorify is this loser known as @fluhters (Kealani) who actually blocked me when I confronted her for being a snake. She is an immensely stupid and manipulative person as well, so I urge you to stay away from her.

Admins of the Saints and Sinners network received plentiful hate, but because the admins actually have brains, they were able to track the location of the sender:

Here are the messages:

Here is the SAME sender sending a unique anon:

Notice how the first anon on top is trying lure @nostalgah into saying something bad about @ghlorify (Christin) so the sender of the anon could get leverage. 

Also note how she tried to abbreviate the word ‘previously’ as ‘perv’. These kinds of errors are notable in @ghlorify’s (Christin) speech. Of course, everyone makes typos, but hers seem to have a special trademark of stupidity. You’ll see more of that later in this post when she horribly misspells someone’s url.


@ghlorify (Christin) LIVES IN TEXAS. Not so much a coincidence especially after it happened THREE TIMES

Tumblr user @nostalgah, who is an admin of the Saints and Sinners network, received the messages, and tracked them the same day she received them.

@ghlorify did not apologize for her misbehavior until a while after, and that ‘apology’ won a prize for “Shittiest and Least Sincere Apology”

I also received anonymous hate for standing up for my group members and friends by retaliating against @ghlorify. Do check that out under my archive in the month of February. It’s absolutely pathetic, but also hilariously stupid. 

Here is an anon that resorted to calling me a predator: (again, check February of 2017, filtered with ‘ask’ posts to find it)

You think you can go around calling people predators/pedos/sex offenders as if it’s a joke? You think you can call ME such false, horrible things like that and think you can get away with it just because you clicked on a button to hide your identity? This will be your downfall, you worthless miscreant

Here is more hate from the same source, trying to justify their stupid actions by calling all of it “nothing”:

And here is the same piece of shit showing off their IQ of 35 by completely misreading what I wrote on the Facebook post: (I wrote ‘minutes’, not ‘months’. Because if I knew @ghlorify for months, I’d have lost my faith in humanity)


On June 21, 2017, Tumblr user @soulfhully approached @ghlorify (Christin) about some other user’s plans on putting @ghlorify (Christin) and @eauclair on blast because of network complications. More specifically, this user is @chlassy, and she reached out to @eauclair for a network awards promotion. However, because @eauclair came back from a hiatus, she changed her mind about it. No problem at all because there is nothing wrong with changing your mind about something like this. This is how that went between @ghlorify (Christin) and @eauclair:

Perfectly normal, right?

Then, @soulfhully, who is a genuinely kind and caring person, decided to inform @ghlorify (Christin) of the situation so she could try to some to a resolution with @chlassy. Of course no one wants to be put on blast for no reason. Here is how @soulfhully messaged @ghlorify (Christin):

Clearly, anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex would be able to see that @soulfhully is being very respectful here. She was merely a messenger trying to inform the LEADER of a network of a situation so that conflict could be avoided.

Though it’s too bad that conflict did stir up. By @ghlorify (Christin) and the people in her DPN Team Leader chat trying to make a mockery out of @soulfhully’s clearly good intentions. Here is what they said (there’s quite a lot so be prepared):

(And this pretentious dumbfuck couldn’t even spell @eauclair’s url correctly)

And then you have this tool @ajluxe – who is most likely in the group in hopes of getting some pussy but he won’t because he’s just about as ugly as the rhino known as @ghlorify (Christin):

And in the last bit, you have @ghlorify (Christin) doing the typical good-girl-who-didn’t-do-anything-at-all act:

You also will notice Tumblr user (Kealani) who was involved in conflict with my network from January. A delusional, controllable sheep she is.

So because of Tumblr user @chlassy’s threats to put @ghlorify (Christin) and @eauclair on blast for whatever reason, @soulfhully was called a ‘bitch’ and became the subject of ridicule by the members in the DPN Team Leader group chat? This is injustice. @ghlorify, you created hate from thin air. Just how low can you go?

Later in the day, @soulfhully received an illegitimate apology from @ghlorify (Christin):

After calling someone a bitch for no reason and making that same person the subject of insult for a good while, “I want to apologize for the name calling” does not and should not cut it.

@soulfhully, like all of the other good people that exist on Tumblr that deviate from the atrocity that is @ghlorify (Christin), wished to end things and have no bad blood.

This is how @eauclair confronted @ghlorify (Christin) after learning about all of the ridicule aimed at @soulfhully:

In this shot, you see @eauclair putting evidence on the table to prove that @ghlorify (Christin) is in the wrong. But of course, @ghlorify went straight into denial. Then came this:

And up next is @ghlorify (Christin) trying to justify her bullying:

And to close this off, we have @ghlorify (Christin) trying to inch away from the subject with a ‘whatever’:

Indeed, this girl is a menace. And she isn’t fooling anyone sane.

Ask yourself, should someone like @ghlorify (Christin) really be on Tumblr? A person who tries to terrorize others over the internet with manipulation all because of their desire for attention? Should someone like @ghlorify (Christin) really be on Tumblr? A person who is the age of 22 that feels no remorse for calling a much younger Tumblr user a bitch? Should someone like @ghlorify (Christin) really be on Tumblr? A person who attacks someone for politely standing up for their friend?

Ask yourself, should someone like @ghlorify (Christin) deserve our friendship? Should someone like @ghlorify (Christin) deserve our compassion? Should someone like @ghlorify (Christin) deserve our attention? The answer is a simple ‘no’.

If you wish to join a network, check if @ghlorify (Christin) is in it. If so, stay away, and don’t even touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Stay away from this evil, lowlife, worthless troll who values a petty monopoly of Tumblr networks over the happiness of others.  

And those who follow @ghlorify (Christin) and support her illicit behavior like the worthless sheep you are, please send me hate if you feel like doing so. Send me lots of it. If it diminishes the stress that you get from your meager lives, or whatever the source may be, so you can sleep better at night, feel free. Do your worst! Put on your war face! Grr! Argh! Roar! You’re less frightening than a blade of grass.


@ghlorify has left or is leaving the DPN Team Leader network. This is probably a mere smokescreen or escape to avoid heat:

Read the last sentence and tell me she’s not a materialistic piece of garbage.

Good day. :)

Skam is over and I’m sad but I’m happy with how it ended.

It was nice to see Sana have a little Yousef moment, he may be away in some amazing country but is still thinking of her, it’s very sweet. I really like how open their storyline has been left, knowing that Sana will be counting down the says til Yousef’s home and how cute their reunion will be. I’m glad they didn’t make him show up and surprise her, that would have been so unrealistic and realism is why the show is so good.

Also Sana looked beautiful!

Chris and Vilde’s moment was so tender and beautiful, it’s good that we have confirmation that Vilde is definitely confiding in Magnus, they’ve only been conveyed as the cheesy couple until now. Seeing Chris in a serious light rather than comedic, in this last clip and her own has been really nice and I’m so glad we got to see that side to her. It’s good to know that Vilde has support around her.

Even and Isak just being a normal couple is one of the things Skam has always managed to get right. It was good to see one final moment, just taking about food & future holidays. I just wana shout to the writers for Even’s character being bi/pan, the representation has made this bisexual very happy. I love that it was never made a big deal of, perfectly handled.

The whole Chris/Eva/Jonas/Emma thing was funny to me, I think it was dead clever. Chris and Eva have never really laid the foundations for a relationship, they’ve essentially been friends with benefits the last 2 seasons. This season is the only time we’ve seen Chris say he wants something more (from my memory, its been a little while since I watched the last 3 seasons) and tbh I think it’s been a chase thing for him. Think of his best friend William, who would not stop until he got Noora. Him getting with Emma shows two things: 1. he’s possibly sick of the chase with Eva 2. Emma’s hot and he’s a fuckboy, that behaviour ain’t changing any time soon. Eva getting with Jonas is a good fit. Jonas was (apart from a few mistakes) a good boyfriend but Eva needed to get to know herself before she could really enter a relationship. That’s what she’s been doing the last 2 series. She’s now ready for a relationship, she’s seen other options (P-Chris) and knows that Jonas is the better way to go.

The kollectif (sorry can’t spell) and Noorhelm moment was the bit I felt was off. Eskild was rambling way too much and I’m sorry but there’s something other than Noora possibly moving out, that’s bothering Linn. Eskild has always been shown as a confident character, he’s even had vulnerable moments (s3) but this just seemed out of character for him. It was good to see Noora & William happy, despite all the haters, I like them together. Noora is more like her old self now, I don’t think she’s been like this since s2.

The speech was a nice way of bringing things full circle. The show has always championed great messages so I like that it ended on a positive note despite how dark this season was.

I’m going to miss Skam a lot. I’m in my early twenties but still appreciate the storylines and experiences the characters are going through. The writers have done a really great job and I feel sorry for them when they’ve dealt with a lot of hate. I’m sorry, but there’s having opinions & then there’s being rude, the writers created the characters you love in the first place, you wouldn’t even have anything to complain about without those characters. Plus there’s other limitations you have to think about (eg. actors availability etc) that affect a show’s outcome.

Overall Skam has touched a lot of issues in only four seasons, it’s amazing how big this fandom has become. This little show from Norway has captured us all over the world! How amazing is that? Thank you Skam. 💕

Ps. If anyone is looking to fill the void Skam has left, I suggest you go binge watch Skins. It’s a British teen drama which started 10 years ago, I’m still obsessed with it. It was very controversial at the time and it wouldn’t surprise me if the creator of Skam had watched it. I watched it as a teenager, it was my Skam. There’s 7 series, the cast changes every 2 seasons and the last season takes 3 characters and sees them in the future. I highly recommend, you’ll see a lot of similarities to Skam.

daily-pokemon-family  asked:

Meredith: nice to see another married couple with children! How long have you two been married or how did you meet? *she happily greets the children* (my twins would love to meet new kiddos)

Well, how we met, is um…Quite interesting. I met her on a job, that my father brought me to. I can go into the story more, but i dont think you want to listen into that.. @daily-pokemon-family

It’s Nothing

Reader x Yabu Kota

Fluff x Long Distance Relationship

Word Count: 511

It was fine. Not seeing you every day was fine. Kota could deal with it because he knew that he loved you and that you loved him. He could deal with it because you were nice enough to mail him every chance you got, to send care packages and letters. Kota could deal it was because it was you and if there was anyone in this world he would do anything to be with it was you. Even if that meant being thousands of miles apart.

His friends always asked him how he could do it. It didn’t make sense to them that he would be okay with a relationship where he only got to physically be with the other person once every couple of months. How a relationship could survive that kind of distance, they weren’t sure.

Kota could deal with it.

The late-night phone calls because time zones were the worst thing in all human existence. The skype calls while he was getting ready for work and you were getting ready for bed. Marking down the days on calendars until you could see each other again and saving every penny for that plane ticket. Finding the best ways to cope with the loneliness you felt when your other friends were going out on dates and trying to comfort each other the best you could because words were great but you knew what the other needed most was a hug.

Even this, though it was hard, was enough. It was something. And something with you was better than everything with anyone else.

Kota could deal with it.

Kota could deal with it.

Until he couldn’t.

He had been planning on waiting. He had gotten a plane ticket to come see you the next weekend and the two of you had planned exactly what you were going to do. You were looking forward to seeing him. But you were going through a rough patch, everything in your life outside of him seeming to get harder by the second. You were doing your best to deal with it and he was doing everything he could to help you from where he was. But he could see how tired you were, how hard it was and how hard you were pushing yourself, how overworked you were. He could see what you were dealing with and couldn’t wait anymore.

And so he ended up booking the next available flight and taking a taxi to your place. He knocked on the door, tightening his grip on the overnight duffel he had packed for himself. When you opened the door, he started to say hi, to tell you how much he had missed you and was worried about you. But the second you saw him, you started crying.

Kota dropped his bag and started wiping at the tears as they fell, shushing you and telling you everything was going to be okay, that you didn’t have to be sad.

You shook your head and sniffled, smiling through your tears.

“I’m just so happy to see you…”


Mr. and Mr. Stilinski-Hale AU: Derek and Stiles are just another couple living the monotonous life of married people: a doctor and a teacher, together for 10 years, co-owners of a big house in a good neighborhood, a dog, a nice bank account and a normal, boring life. Or, at least, so it seemed. In secret, Derek and Stiles work as assassins for rivals agencies that would do anything to keep them apart. It turns out that it’s tough being married after all.

An AU where Bitty didn’t go to Samwell and instead started working at a bakery in Providence. The bakery is around the same neighbourhood where Tater lives.

Tater starts frequenting the place and soon enough, you guessed it. Bitty and Tater become friends.

The best of friends. The ride or die friends. The I’d hide a body with you friend. But also the how many skittles can you fit in your mouth? Friend.

Tater starts a lot of his stories with ‘B and I…’ ‘Took B to’ 'B is’ etc and everybody starts assuming that B is Tater’s girlfriend, until he brings him for a game.

Everybody sort of goes 'oooooh’ and assumes this is Tater coming out and bringing his boyfriend to meet them. And if you think about it, it sort of explains Tater calling him B.

Then Tater comes super excited one day. 'B will move with me!’ And they all congratulate him and everything, thinking it’s so nice that Tater and Bitty’s relationship is going well, while actually Tater has been nagging Bitty to move in so he can have access to pie 24/7.

But also because Bitty is his best friend and since he bought his apartment he has been feeling a little lonely, this is the reason that does convince Bitty to move in because he has been feeling a little lonely too.

Fast forward a year, Jack graduates and joins the team. By this point Bitty is a regular at the games, he is a very in demand babysitter and makes a lot of food for the players.

Before he starts, Guy and Marty take the time to feel him out and explain that Tater has a boyfriend, and that they will have nothing but acceptance in their locker room.

They do this after asking Tater if it was ok to tell Jack about Bitty.

'No problem!’ Tater replies happily 'But B so good he need no introduction.’

Jack is pleased by this of course, and happy he is in a welcoming team.

Then Jack meets Bitty.

And to make it better, let’s say he meets him when he is carrying a bunch of stuff for the nook.

'You should eat more protein,’ Jack jokes after seeing all the pies, and offers a hand to carry things.

Bitty jokes/flirts back. They are having a moment, Jack feels butterflies in his stomach and well, if the team is ok with Tater, surely they’d be ok with him…

'B! You made it!’ Tater bellows from down the hallways and rushes over, picking Bitty and putting him in a bear hug. 'I miss you.’

'Tater!’ Bitty yells laughing, and kisses his cheek playfully, 'you saw me this morning.’

'Yeah but you sleepy, you grumpy when sleepy. Like tiny bear.’

And then Bitty and Tater start to bicker like an old married couple. This whole time Tater is holding Bitty up.

Jack stomach drops to his feet, because of course Bitty is taken. By his teammate.

Jack develops a crush, a massive problematic crush because holy fuck Tater is the nicest person ever, and he would never want to get in between him and his boyfriend, but also he is terrified of Tater finding out because he once took two defence man by himself and won.

Meanwhile, at Bitty and Tater’s home, Bitty flings himself dramatically over the counter.

'Tater! I’m in love. Jack is so cute and nice, I like him so much.’

'Jack nice guy, he good guy for you. I approve,’ Tater says solemnly with a mouth full of pie.

'Say it don’t spray it,’ Bitty asks for the millionth time. 'Do you know if he likes guys?’

And then Tater being the good friend he is, tries to feel Jack out and play matchmaker, while an increasingly alarmed Jack thinks Tater is warning him off about crushing on Bitty.

Which isn’t helped by the fact Bitty keeps popping up to chirp him, which kind of feels like flirting but surely not…

Things get clarified and everything, Jack and Bitty start dating, and Tater has to explain 8 times to everybody that no, he never dated Bitty.

'We kissed once. We agree weird. We best as best friends,’ Tater says once again.

'Yeah but if he was going to date somebody other than you why couldn’t it be me?’ Poots complains loudly.

'You no good enough for B,’ Tater chirps back. 'I only let B date good teammate who didn’t eat my pie.’

'Will you let that go man!? I didn’t know it was yours.’

'It had sticky paper with Tater on it! You don’t fool me Poot, you food thief!’

Angel in the Darkness (M)

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au 

Word Count: 5,468

A/N: This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

 part 2

Your mother told you that there was a purpose for what everyone does. That there is always a reason for someone’s actions; whether it was bad or good. If it was a good action, the individual has learned the most rewarding path to handle situations; regardless if it was easy or not. If it was a bad action, the person could reflect on it, and with guidance, they will learn the right way toward dealing with obstacles. And to this day, that is how you viewed life. If you handled something well, you would be rewarded in the future, if you handled it poorly, you would need to reflect on why you did such a thing, till you find the right path. With these beliefs, you always wanted to find the ‘purpose’ of an individual’s actions, and help them find the right way. So that’s how you ended up working at a rehab centre; helping mentally to find the root cause of someone’s poor actions, and leading them to a better future.

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Okay but you know what doesn’t sit well with me? The fact that Gansey doesn’t actually receive a lot of validation from his friends?? They all think about how amazing he is, how admirable, how unique, etc (I’m looking at Ronan and Adam POV’s, cause whoo boy), but how often do they actually tell him this?? 

I mean, Gansey didn’t actually understand how much his friends loved him until they followed him into the cave/tunnel in trk!! And he didn’t even think they would come in the first place!! I’ll admit, maybe it’s because it’s been a couple of months since I read the books and fanon is influencing my interpretation, but while someone will think something nice about Gansey, all they’ll say out loud is, “Your shoes are hideous” or “You’re such a buzzkill” or “Why do you talk like that?” Like, he doesn’t actually receive a lot of nice comments from Ronan or Adam??

please just compliment my boy Gansey and tell him that you love him

A beautiful intimate scene, under the shower, commissioned by Gators97.
Observing the way Iji designed Judy and Nick intertwined helped me a lot to reinforce the sensual aspect of this drawing. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the master:
The other particular point was to find a way to show the wet effect on the coat of Judy and Nick. But finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, I found an effective strategy, which I will certainly reuse in the future.

For people who are not afraid to see more erotic illustrations, I also drew an explicit version of this drawing (nothing pornographic, but NSFW nevertheless). Here is a link for those who would like to see her:

Have a nice day

Zieg ’

So what do the actors think Emma and Killian’s “dream honeymoon” would be? “Five minutes alone probably,” O'Donoghue chuckled.

“Yeah, exactly!” Morrison smiled. “Just somewhere with a door locked. I think just a couple bottles of wine and some french fries and a bath, maybe?”

“Oh really, what else?” O'Donoghue pressed.

“I don’t know!” she answered playfully. “I just feel like it should be really relaxing because their lives are very stressful because they’re always trying to save people and I feel like a romantic bath might be nice.”

“Well, there you go!” O'Donoghue said as he and Morrison burst into laughter.


Jen & Colin talk Honeymoon in Leanne’s ETonline interview

Give me all the honeymoon bath fics now!!

The Friendly Wager (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,562

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, drinking, bad jokes, angst

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Tags are closed. Only two parts left after this! I’m really sorry for pushing out two updates but I’m running out of time and work is going to be tough, so…

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Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards in 1967 by Rex Features

“I was fascinated by her from what I thought was a safe distant. I thought certainly that Brian had got very lucky. I could never figure out how he got his hands on her. My first impression was of a woman who was very strong. I was right about that. Also an extremely bright woman, that’s one of the reasons she sparked me. Let alone that she was so entertaining and such a great beauty to look at. Very funny. Cosmopolitan beyond anyone I’d come across. She spoke three languages. She’d been here, she’d been there. It was very exotic, to me. I loved her spirit, even though she would instigate and turn the screw and manipulate. She wouldn’t let you off the hook for a minute. If I said, ‘That’s nice…’ she would say ‘Nice? I hate that word. Oh, stop being so fucking bourgeois.’ (…) Anita, sexy fucking bitch. One of the prime women in the world.”
- Extract from Keith Richards autobiography Life, (2010)

This is 2 months too late but Ima do it anyways. Ima review the wedding fashions at the Naruto & Hinata wedding. Let’s get into it. 

Kankuro and Gaara. 

The Sand brothers were not great but not terrible. 

Kankuro should have taken that thing off head to let his cute full head of brown hair breathe and flourish. As always, he came with his face BEAT! I respect it. These white gloves are interesting but Ima let him cook.

Konohamaru looks ADORABLE! He looks so sharp! 

This pink dress is cute on Moegi. 

Udon also looks sharp. 

Now, Ebisu goofy, cheap ass is another story. Take that thing off your got damn head. I know he balding. Has to be. This jacket silhouette and color palette is all wrong. Green trimming, red pocket square, navy blue, & black??? I wouldn’t have let him into the venue if I was working the door. 

Now. *deep sigh* Kiba, sis. This attire is not for an iconic, historical wedding. This dog chain. I am not one to discriminate against a fur trim but you should have just came through with a floor length white mink. Go hard or go home. 

Shino. SHINO. I am uncomfortable just looking at him. He looks like he about to shoot up everybody. I’d be by the exit just in case, tbh.

Kurenai is giving me a strong look. Powerful mother figure two piece. She will definitely cuss out anybody who is off the shits on sake. 

Choji. Adorable. These suspenders are surprisingly very him.

BIIIITCCCHHHH! TENTEN LOOKS GOODT!!! GIVING LEG!!! AND SOME THIGH! FOR WHO?! FOR EVERYBODY!!! A snack!!! I know people tried their luck & tried to scoop her up and she casually flashed a pastel pink kunai from her titty. The print on her dress is so cute. Omg. These gold cuff bracelets giving me Wonder Woman teas. She did what? That. 

Gai and Rock Lee. They look nice. I personally would rather die than to match with anybody else but that’s very them and very on brand. 

Shikamaru and Temari. 

Shikamaru looks EXCEPTIONAL! GQ ready tbh! I was pleasantly surprised. Suit tailored DOWN!!! Who the fuck put him on to a turtleneck??? Nara clan repped to the fullest! And of course, as always, his ponytail was snatched to the heavens. 

Temari. Now, girl. I love you down but this is very basic. Not attrocious but I expected more. That white collared shirt screams 9 to 5 realness. 

Sai and Ino.


Sai stayed true to his usual color palette but peep the pocket square, it matches all of Ino’s accessories, the bracelets and hair tie. Thoughtful. Cute as shit.

Ino’s fit is not show stopping but she looks very, very cute and that high waisted skirt looks goodt on her. Love the necklace. Bang always perched. 

Sakura. I love you girl but this dress didn’t do it for me. This is very similar to Moegi’s dress but you grown. This is a dress you wear to church. You could have gave us some shoulder. 

Iruka and Kakashi.

Iruka, work. The drunk older single aunties were getting real spicy with him. Tryna become Naruto’s honorary mama by the end of the night. 

Kakashi cleans up nice. I wish he would have snatched that mask off and fucked us ALL UP. Also had all the girls (and dudes) following him around. Kakashi is anti-social but he the Hokage so he scattered shadow clones around the reception so he wouldn’t be rude. 

I know Yamato wasn’t seen on the last episode but I don’t give a fuck!!! I won’t accept him babysitting Orochimaru. Anyways….Yamato didn’t disappoint. Go off.

Hiashi and Hanabi.

Hiashi could have came harder as he was the father’s bride. This is a very bleak look. 

Hanabi looks so pretty. 

Why I ship Elriel

I’ve gotten some asks for this and I’ll try to answer this here:

After ACOMAF, I’ll admit I was riding the Elucien mate bandwagon, because the idea of them together and mated seemed cute. But that’s all they were: an idea.

I’d hoped Maas would give us some real Elucien interaction to work with in ACOWAR, had hoped for it, but the reality of it was there wasn’t much.

The broken Elain wasn’t something anyone planned for. In most fanfics and headcannons I read, she accepted her immortality and was content finding Lucien and discovering the bond between them.

But what Maas gave us was a broken girl unsure of reality and dreams. A girl unable to let go of the fiancé she left behind. A girl who struggled to be seen compared to her other “stronger” sisters.

I still had hope that Elucien would pull through. I imagined Lucien sneaking into Elain’s room to talk to her (without Nesta knowing) or him watching her as she walked around the house, staying away from her but failing. We got none of that. When Elain finally talks with Lucien, she asks him if he noticed her, Lucien didn’t say he did.

The only interaction of importance between them (imo) was the eye contact they made before Lucien went to find Vassa. That was when they both truly connected. Besides that, there wasn’t much to work with, though Lucien trying to connect with her and help “cure” her was really cute.

Not compared to the Elriel interactions (which included Azriel risking his life to rescue her, Elain saying to him “You came for me”, Elain kissing his cheek as ‘thank you’, and him giving her his weapon that he has never let anyone else touch). Azriel was also the one who watched her enough to realize she was a seer.

More importantly, he was the one to ask about where Elain was when the cauldron took her, and helped everyone to realize that she had been taken. He noticed she was missing when no one else did.

So, while the idea of Elucien is a nice one (imagine Elain making Lucien flower crowns), it isn’t the reality SJ Maas wrote.

The reality is that Azriel quite possibly could be the love Elain needs (even if he isn’t her “mate”) and Elain could be the woman to show Azriel what real love could be like, not 500 years of unrequited love. (Side note: his shadows disappear when she’s around, something that used to only happen when he’s around Mor).

I’ve heard the argument that Elriel will never be as good as Elucien because they aren’t mates, but SJ Maas has said again and again that even if you’re mates, it doesn’t mean you have an Earth-shattering love. The mating bond hasn’t come in for Nessian yet, and there may be a chance that they aren’t mates (tho it’d be nice if they were mates) but people (including me) ship them all the same.

And Elriel could honestly be as great a couple as Nessian or Feysand if everyone would give them a chance.

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BTS reaction to their girlfriend running/jumping on them because she missed them but it's only been like a couple hours (I'm clingy xD ) thank you<3

this is something i would do jkafjwan


“i know, baby. i’m irresistible.”

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“did i miss something? we were apart for like two minutes. thanks for the love, i guess.”

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“oh girly, you okay? damn, i feel so loved.”

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“??? i love you too, baby.”

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“ahhh, y/n what did you do? why are you acting so nice? hehehe.”

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“jagi? what are you doing? are you going to watch this anime with me or not? sheesh.”

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“uh, girly what is up with you? we were apart for literally 10 seconds, am i that irresistible?”

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sorry i got lazy at the end. i need to sleeeppppp

reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink.

Watching - Montgomery x Reader

Request - “Can u write a montyxreader where he’s very protective of her bc he likes her a lot”

(Sorry but I decided to switch Bryce with Marcus because I don’t really wanna write Bryce I hope that doesn’t mess up your vision and that this is okay!)


Locker code: confirmed, you thought to yourself, throwing in the heavy books you no longer needed for the remainder of the day.

Shutting your locker, you readjusted your bag and turned to go- before feeling eyes on you. From the corner of your eye you could spot Montgomery de la Cruz watching you. What was he doing? You thought. You knew each other fairly well, your social circles merged, but conversation was lacking.

Often, you were teased a little by your friends because you were so innocent. You were kind and caring and your friend Hannah described you as; ‘a ray of light’, a contrast to how Monty was portrayed. With a temper like a kettle, the boy was no stranger to trouble. He was attractive, no doubt, and on occasion you’d got to see the soft, teddy-bear side of him. It was clear to you that Monty was with the wrong crowd, he was often frustrated with them and struggled to be around them.

You decided to pretend to ignore Monty, he probably wasn’t even looking at you. You started off to your next class and noticed laddish laughter not far from Monty. Marcus appeared to be the cause of the laughter, his cronies hitting him in congratulation for whatever he had said. You decided to ignore them too, idiots.

In class you felt the same eyes on you, but they would occasionally scan the classroom, before making their way back to you.


“I don’t know. I mean, I think he’s really nice, but the hovering is a little odd sometimes.” You explained to Hannah. You always saw the best in people.

“He has a bit of a temper but he’s a good guy really. I’m sure he has a fair reason, you should ask him!” She encouraged. You laughed weakly.

“Probably not…” you trailed off, imaging how weird you’d look going up to Monty with; 'why do you keep hovering?’, yep. Definitely not.


Monty’s POV (a couple weeks prior)

Marcus and the boys were laughing next to him and messing with each other. Monty was laughing along as usual, not taking on everything that was being said.

“Monty? Eh? Whaddya say?” Justin nudged Monty.

“What?” He clicked back to his senses.

“Y/N L/N? Hot or not?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, hot. She’s cool.” He nodded.

“Isn’t she like some kinda virgin queen?” Zach asked, clearly getting confused from his revision.

“Who knows.” Marcus responded.

“Her sex life isn’t really our business, unless we’re involved.” Piped up Monty.

“You know what?” Marcus cut in. “I’m gonna ask that girl out someday soon.”

Monty jerked his head up.
“Why?” He asked more suddenly than he’d intended.

“Really? Y/N, little angel Y/N. I want to see how good our little angel is in bed. Does she have a devil side? Innocent girls like that always have a kinky side - I swear.” He chuckled to himself, eyeing Y/N up from across the corridor.

“She’s tight man. Yeah, imma ask her out.” He repeated, stroking his chin and wetting his lips with his tongue.

If there was one thing Monty had decided in the past minute, it was that Marcus Cooley was a through and through pervert. He was creepy as hell. Monty was disgusted by how grossly Marcus was acting, and he wasn’t going to let him anywhere Y/N if there was anything he could do about it.


Your POV (now)

You were putting books away again, and spotted Monty, again. The exceedingly attractive boy was starting to worry you, and make you conscious of your appearance. Had you had the same piece of spinach in your teeth for about two weeks? Did your hair look bad? Were your clothes gross? You had no idea. A tap on your shoulder broke you from your thoughts.

You had been so immersed in your thoughts you failed to notice the boy had gone.

“Hey, Y/N…” Montgomery was stood in front of you, his freckles full from the sunshine and his eyes glistening chocolate.

“You alright Monty?” You asked, hoping maybe he’s give an explanation as to the recent weirdness. He nodded;

“Yeah uh-”

“I’ve seen you looking.” You burst out before you even realised your mouth was moving. “At me. I’ve seen you watching me.” You clarified. You were instantly mortified at yourself, feeling rude and weird.

Monty smiled bashfully.
“Yeah I uh- I’m not being creepy - i promise, I just think you’re pretty rad to be honest.”

“So you just decided to watch me?” You laughed.

“Actually um, Marcus, Cooley, said a few things that grossed me out and I was trying to keep him away from you.” He breathed in honesty.

“Away from me?” You questioned.

“He said was planning on asking you out.”

“He did. I walked away without saying anything.” You giggled.

“Marcus was right about something, taking you out on a date would be awesome. I’m glad you rejected him.” He tried to conceal his smile to no avail. “And I felt a bit protective, okay, a lot protective, you’re the kindest soul at this school, and because I’m pretty certain I have a thing for you.” He was looking at his feet, “and I know you don’t feel the same back, it’s okay, I just needed to get it off my chest.”

You smiled at the sweet boy in front of you and leaned in on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips. When you saw the surprise on Monty’s, you leaned in and kissed him properly, smiling.

“Pick me up at six.” You smiled sweetly before sauntering off to happy dance in a toilet cubicle.