they would be a fascinating couple

There’s method in my madness, there’s no logic in your sadness
You don’t gain a single thing from misery, take it from me

Huevember Day 20: I have decided that King by Lauren Aquilina would be Reigen’s song to Mob. I had this sketch sitting there for a couple days but I kept falling asleep after work…

One of the things that Mob Psycho 100 excels at is it’s portrayal of the characters and their relationships. They are perfect in their imperfection and their complexity and the intricate nature of the give and take is fascinating. None are more so then Reigen’s and Mob’s relationship, especially if you’re caught up on the comic and you know how intricate it gets. Reigen is still trying to understand Mob and Mob is growing up… and away… I’m not crying, you’re crying

I see a lot of posts about the Ryden conspiracy.

I’m not going to add much of my own opinion, just a dash. Like a hint of Thyme in a pasta sauce for flavor.

I studied psychology almost all of my life in an attempt to understand my abused mother; why she stayed, what it meant about her and how she viewed herself. On and on. Here nor there. I learned a lot about how people interact with each other. I learned a lot about what certain subtle hints or shifts in body language mean. I learned how to detect lies from people who didn’t even know they were lying.

All that said; Ryden has always fascinated me.

From a professional stand point, they acted like a couple. Not in words or time spent together, but in body language during the time spent together. Stage antics aside, because bands do that all the time. But when they were hanging out casually, as a band or as friends. When they would look at each other. There was more than friendship there - from a professional stand point.

With how accepting the fans would be of the relationship, and how both are advocates of gay rights, you would think they would be open about any potential relationship they had. Especially now that it’s so long in the past.

Much like with any other fan - I can’t help but wonder. It fascinates me, seeing the claims that fans make, seeing them interact with one another.

If they never had a real relationship, they are an anomaly to the human condition.


skydive!yongguk got me like “whoa who is you” so this happened

Yongguk knows there are words for it—what he is. Knows his fascination with fire would be considered sick in most people’s eyes.But in this gang, this group of youths society turned its back on, he’s considered normal. He’s not in it for the money like Youngjae and Junhong. Not for the killing like Himchan’s stray.

They’re an odd couple—Jongup and the boss. But there’s no denying Himchan is the only one who’s got some level of control over the boy. They’re constantly at each other’s throats, the danger in Jongup’s eyes like hot flames, but Himchan always knows how to put them out. Yongguk wonders if there’ll come a day when he won’t anymore.

He’s an observer; prefers to follow rather than lead. Quiet. Not charismatic like Youngjae, lively like Junhong, arrogant like Jongup, or loud like Daehyun.

Daehyun. The pretty one. He is fire embodied—warm, bright, and wild. They’re each other’s opposites on so many areas, Yongguk sharp and edgy where Daehyun is soft and smooth. His smile can light up a whole club, making heads turn the moment he walks in. He doesn’t look dangerous, but Yongguk knows better.

Yongguk knows he still feels it, every time he pulls the trigger, but he does it nonetheless. There’s so much emotion left in Daehyun, while Yongguk’s burned out long ago. Maybe that’s why he likes to watch the man. Maybe that’s why he must keep his fingers occupied, flipping his lighter back and forth, to keep his destructive fire from spreading.

Let me tell you a story about a girl who quit med school

There once was was a girl who really enjoyed learning. She rarely had problems with her school work. Science has been something she had a particular interest in.

She has always been one of the best students in her school and her fascination in biology and chemistry has been noticed by her teachers. She Attended an individual education program in these two subjects, where she could learn faster and learn more with a couple of students with similar interests. At that point in life she wanted to be a scientist and work in a laboratory. So whenever anyone suggested she became a doctor, she would just say that it’s not something that interests her.

Her idea of future has changed the day she started high school. She decided to leave the door open for other ideas and see what life brings. The thing she was sure of was that in adult life she wants to help people. Her family, teachers and friends were telling her that that’s where they see her in the future- in a hospital helping patients. She really wanted to become a doctor at that point.

She read a lot of medical books, did volounteer work at an organization, which helped cancer fighters and worked extremely hard to pass her finał exams in order to be accepted into med school.

And then it happened! She got several messages from several medical universities that she is accepted! But the university of her first choice said no. She felt extremely proud, because her tests went great and she could pick from university offers, but that one university she was wishing to study at the most turned her down. That’s when she started having doubts. What if she wasn’t meant to be a doctor and life was giving her a hint? But she got accepted into other schools and that had to mean something aswell.

She decided to give medicine a try. She packed her bags, rented a small flat in a completely unknown city and set off for the biggest adventure of her life. The first couple of weeks were amazing! The new books, new friends, new classes. Everything was so fascinating to read about! But after some time, after the first fascination, the struggle started.

She no longer enjoyed studying the subjects that she was taking. Some days she couldn’t concentrate at all and just sat at her desk for a couple of hours not getting any work done. She missed her family and old friends a lot and didn’t get along too well with the new buddies. She cried every night, but she knew that these studies were hard for everyone, so she kept moving on, despite the health problems she started having.  After all, she wanted to help others.

But one day something inside her cracked. Within minutes she completely fell apart. She couldn’t stop crying for a couple of hours. She decided to call her mother and ask for some comforting words. They were on the phone for 2 or 3 hours. That’s when she told her mom, that she doesn’t want to do it anymore, she just can’t handle it any longer. Her mom understood and said that she noticed that something has been wrong for a long time now, that she was miserable and forgot about her health. Her mother wasn’t angry or disappointed. She wanted her daughter to live again. That moment of understanding, her mother’s words gave her the courage to stand up and get herself out of the hopeless state she found herself in. 

And that’s when the girl decided to quit, to end the struggle. She tried her best and fought till the end, but medicine just wasn’t for her. She’s been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now, but that phone call gave her the courage to do so. The next day, she signed her resignation paper, handed it in, packed her bags and headed home.

That girl is turning 20 in a month and her name is Zuzanna, or Zuzia as people call her. 

Yes, I am that girl. I quit med school after nearly a year of hard work, many tears and generating health problems. I tried my best to fit into the med students community, to start enjoying studying again, but I failed. But I don’t feel ashamed. It took me almost the whole year to understand that medicine is not for me. It took me a year to see that it only seems so perfect form the outside and on the inside it’s just full of abnegations, disappointments and illusions. It took me a year to see that my teenage dreams of becoming a scientist are my true dreams.

I am full of respect and appreciation for all the doctors and medical students, who sacrifice their lives to serve every person in need. The career you have chosen is probably one of the most amazing and wonderful paths in life. But as doctor Luanda Grazette once said: 

“Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else.”

And I could imagine myself doing something else. I actually want to study biology, something I’ve always been charmed by, and try to help others either by teaching or working in a laboratory. But for now, I’m planning on getting healthy and finding peace and happiness in life again.

If you are going through relatable problems, have comparable doubts about your studies or have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to message me either though this blog or through my private page here.

“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”
― Mandy Hale 



Inside Hollywood’s first gay bar: Call Her Savage (1932)

This scene from Clara Bow’s 1932 comeback movie was the first of its kind (that is, the first Hollywood film to depict what is clearly a gay bar complete with same sex couples) and would be the last for the next 30 years until Otto Preminger’s 1962 Advise and Consent. In this scene heiress Nasa Springer (Bow) has asked Jay Randall (Anthony Jowitt) to show her around New York. Their detour to the above bar is fascinating both as a contemporary recreation and for the lack of snide remark or comment of any kind it elicits from Bow, her beau, director John Francis Dillon, or writers Edwin J Burke and Tiffany Thayer. Neither the bar nor its patrons require either ridicule or explanation, they simply exist. There are several rather seedy scenes in this movie but this is certainly not one. In that respect Call Her Savage stands in stark opposition to 1962′s Advise and Consent where the infamous gay bar scene is essentially a way of illustrating the corruption and general seaminess of certain characters, gay bar scenes thus functioning as a kind ‘eye into the underworld’ for several decades following. I should point out for the sake of fairness that Savage is quite an un-PC film by today’s standards. But it is revealing of Pre-Code era filmmaking that miscegenation is more taboo and elicits a greater need for censure and explanation than either homosexuality or female promiscuity.

Bow and Jowitt aside, all actors in these scenes are uncredited extras, including the very good dancing waiters.

True Team Spirit

I’ve read a couple of different takes on the interplay between Baker and Lawson in the last scene of episode nine and honestly I’ve enjoyed everyone’s perspective and think that some really great points have been made. I wasn’t initially going to talk about the last scene, but I can’t help myself so consider this my own limited contribution to the dialogue.

Heads up, this is where I go full-on armchair therapist.

As my psychologist spouse would say (more eloquently and in better terms than I can) human relations, communication, and power dynamics are fascinating and really, really complex. Often, in order to have a relationship that allows both people involved to grow, be more complete and open people as well as really equal partners in the relationship, there are privilege and power structures that need to be negotiated and addressed.  

Amongst many factors, this can mean sometimes being inactive when one would normally be active to leave room for the other person to take action. Other times it can require recognising that one might come into a particular situation with a certain privilege that one’s spouse doesn’t have and affects their ability to deal.

For myself, and this is only, of course, my flawed and biased understanding of relationships and power dynamics in western society, I cannot ignore the fact that on paper Mike has more inherent ‘power’ than Ginny. He has certain privileges. He’s male, he’s white (or at least is portrayed as one even if MPG is of mixed descent), he’s a lot older, and he’s Ginny’s captain with years more experience in their profession. These facts can easily create an imbalance in a relationship, but they are not necessarily insurmountable.

I’ve already written in another post about how important it was that we got to see Ginny in action during episode nine. We’ve seen Mike being active in a number of ways and so it was great to see Ginny having agency, being active too, but in her own way, setting things in motion, being able to give as hard as Mike can, being able to stand her own with him without that taking away from or diminishing all the other facets of her character.

And now here is the main point that I’m trying to get to with my rambling.

While seeing Ginny with her own agency is fundamental, the final scene of episode nine also demonstrated something equally important. As throughout the entire episode, Mike doesn’t use his privilege to ‘get what he wants’. He recognises the power and influence he has; that it would be unfair to be the one pursuing. He respects Ginny and chooses inaction. And so it’s Ginny who first asks about going out for drinks; it’s Ginny who takes their hug next level; it’s Ginny who initiates the forehead touch; it’s Ginny who gives Mike an out; it’s Ginny who leans in to kiss him.

To me, this whole sequence of actions speaks to a level of mutual respect and understanding far beyond most relationships I’ve had the chance to see on television let alone in real life. I don’t have an issue with Mike and Ginny together, in fact I love them together because, throughout the show, both Ginny and Mike have moments of being passive and active, they both give and take in ways that are pertinent and specific to the dynamics and reality of their relationship.

The final scene demonstrates, like in the rest of the show, that despite the difference in privilege and power, Ginny and Mike negotiate these issues so that they come out as equal players who can mutually support and be there for one another.

That is a beautiful thing that I will always cheer and just one of the many reason why I love the final scene so much.

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How many times have you met Gerard? How did you get to the point where he recognizes you? I keep hoping I'll randomly run into him since we live in the same area but I would probably just stare in fascination, lol. I would imagine looking at him directly in the eyes is like staring into the sun. That goes for all MCR members, haha!

i think 7 times? and 4 out of the 7 i was photographing him at his signings so i spent a couple of hours with him so i guess thats how he knows me. and like he knows i know Lindsey bc we met at some of her events too. but honestly im still kinda like :O every time he recognizes me and calls me by my name when i see him. its not something i take for granted at all. 

i hope you run into him! that would be so cool. but also he’s done signings and events in LA so you can meet him there? what about WonderCon? he’ll be there!


I would like to mention once again about one thing.

Natsu has seen Lucy’s strength from the very beginning. Just take a look. He is completely fascinated by her!

Her strength increased. And he saw it.

He always believes in her.


He is proud of her.

Despite everything, he always considers she is a wonderful and strong.

And only he can arouse her strength in the critical moments.

But he walked away. One long year. After returning he didn’t recognize her. He was surprised by how much she changed, her power has changed.

And he understood it. 

I think he regrets that he wasn’t with her then because he couldn’t see how increasing her strength. He understood how much he lost by this one year.

This is my theory and I still have hope that these two will come back to THIS conversation. I hope some of you agree with me.

I’m reading this book called “The Book of Barely Imagined Beings” and so far it’s utterly fascinating, but I can’t stop thinking about this one margin note.

“Fossilization is rare in nature,” says the girl who owns literally six hundred plus shark teeth. “Three hundred million individuals would fossilize to less than a quarter of a single full skeleton.”

Suddenly every single specimen I’ve picked up over the last couple years feels like a little mineral miracle.

Suddenly I find myself wondering just how many animals have lived on this little blue dot before me.

In Perry? I have! Only once or twice, though. I believe my sister was going for a concert a couple of years ago, so I tagged along and just road rides and junk the entire time. I’m a roller coaster junkie.


Oh, really? I wouldn’t think Pearl would add the “please” since it takes away from the authoritative message of the original sign, but who knows! I was thinking the handwriting looked pretty similar to the handwriting on the tape for Steven back in Lion 3, personally. 


I know what you mean! It makes people feel more…real. It’s also fascinating to look at my google analytics and see where everyone is coming from. It’s incredibly interesting.

Brb, though - going back to listen to that track.

And oh my god how did I miss that? I love it. The BGM in this show is so damn GOOD. I got chills when the music cut out and Rose sort of floated into frame to help Greg up and then the music starts to slow fade back in with the strings now added into the mix. Aivi and Surasshu and wonderful human beans. 


We’ve seen how losing Rose affected both Pearl and Amethyst, now I want an episode on how that affected Garnet. 

Oh yeah, absolutely. Whether Rose made her way into his life or not, he needed to ditch Marty. I mean, I don’t know if I’d throw everything away the way he did, but in the heat of the moment you make rash decisions. 

Oh yeah! I was thinking more in the vein of “the initial breaking down of the barrier between gems and humans” but he literally drove his van into…well, the stomach of the temple. And you know what they say - the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! (?)

To be honest it’d probably win me over, too. Doesn’t negate the fact that it’s cheesy as cheddar.

You come onto my blog, into my asks, and you dare to post this heart wrenching statement? How dare you.


Same. I’m like 5′2. Most of my immediate family is under 5′6 or so - I never had a chance. 

Steven, though? Steven will hit 6 or 7 feet, I’m sure. He just hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet.

“Fallen? I haven’t fallen.”

Second part of “Why do you keep running into me?” 

Word count: 892

Warnings: None


Sherlock sat in his leather chair with his hands in a steeple position, (Y/N) was sat across from him reading a book that she had been fascinated with for weeks, his eyes were scanning over her quickly trying to uncover the answer to these new emotions he felt around her. He had grown to like her more than he would most mundane people over the past couple of months, after she had finished helping Mrs Hudson redecorating, Sherlock and John would still invite (Y/N) over to have dinner or for help on a case. However he was now confused as to why he became nervous when talking to her and thought it was because she had changed something about herself which caused him to become distracted but he couldn’t find anything. (Y/N) glanced down at her watch and shut her book, causing Sherlock to shake out of his train of thought. “Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to distract you, I was just leaving, I promised my roommate I’d be home before seven.” (Y/N) said as she slipped on her shoes and put her book in her bag. “Of course, will we be seeing you tomorrow?” Sherlock asked, standing up with (Y/N) to lead her out of the room. “Most likely.” She chuckled softly and walked out of the room. “See you tomorrow, Sherlock.” She smiled at him before hopping down the stairs, the feeling returned to Sherlock’s stomach and he stormed back into the living room, he kicked the coffee table out of frustration. “What is it and why is it only with her?” He grumbled to himself.

John walked out of his room adjusting his shirt for the date he was about to go to but stopped when he saw Sherlock hunched over the dining table mumbling angrily to himself. “Err, you okay Sherlock?” He asked hesitantly, the detective took a deep breath to compose himself before whipping round to face the blogger. “John, you’re a doctor. Tell me, why is it that whenever I see a certain person I get an uncomfortable pain in my stomach and my throat closes, but only around said person?” Sherlock asked, his eyebrows furrowed intensely.

John assessed the symptoms Sherlock described to him before realizing what was he was going on about and smirking. “Well, from the symptoms you have described to me I will have to say that you have fallen.” John said calmly, Sherlock gave out a confused scoff and looked at him like he had grown another head. “Fallen? What are you talking about? I haven’t fallen,” He spat “Not for two years anyway.” Sherlock smirked to himself, John’s smug expression fell and he shook his head in disappointment. He took a deep breath and pushed away the feelings and returned his focus back to the situation at hand. “Yes you have. You’ve fallen for (Y/N), what you just described to me is the feeling people get when they love someone.” John said and grabbed his shoes by the door.

Sherlock stood silently in shock, could he possibly be in love with (Y/N) when he had always considered love a chemical defect? John said goodbye to Sherlock even though he knew Sherlock wouldn’t here it and left the flat to meet Mary for their dinner. When Sherlock came back to his senses he lunged for his phone and text (Y/N) urgently then immediately began pacing the living room until she arrived. 

(Y/N) rushed up the stairs to 221B and barged into the flat where she found Sherlock unharmed and perfectly calm. “What the hell Sherlock? You text me like you were about to die?!” She shrieked, Sherlock’s head snapped over to her and his stomach knotted again and his throat tightened. “I apologize, I didn’t mean to scare you but I needed you over here urgently. After you left earlier I spoke to John about a pain that I was feeling in my stomach and he told me that the symptoms I had explained to him were signs that I was infatuated with someone and after intense thinking I realized that it was you. I’m in love…with…you.” Sherlock said nervously, (Y/N) stood in shock, her eyes were widened and her jaw hung open. 

The pair stood in silence for a while, the only sound was their breathing and the rush of traffic outside, Sherlock was getting increasingly nervous as time went on without an answer. “(Y/N) I’d hate to push you but please reply, this is incredibly nerve wracking.” He mumbled, she giggled slightly and let out a sigh. 
“Sorry, I’m just- I’m just surprised. You’ve always thought love was a disadvantage yet when you finally find it, it’s with boring old me.” (Y/N) shrugged and played with the sleeves of her jacket, Sherlock took a step closer to her and tilted her head up with two of his fingers. “For the record I find you very interesting.” He said lowly then pulled her lips closer to his, he pressed against them gently, both of their hearts felt like they were about to burst out of their chests and their stomachs were twisting themselves into an untie-able knot. Unfortunately for them, the moment was broken by John clapping in the hallway and Mary giggling behind him.

In 1896, months after their coronation, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his wife Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna travelled abroad to the United Kingdom to meet with Alexandra’s beloved “Grandmama” Queen Victoria. Not wanting to be parted with their first born child, the Imperial couple also brought the ten-month-old Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna. She would be the only one of Nicholas and Alexandra’s children to meet their formidable great-grandmother.

Victoria was enthralled with little Olga. Nicholas wrote that the Queen was “marvellously kind and amiable to us and delighted to see Olga.” 

Turn Down the Heat - 25 (Leonard Snart Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven Part Eight  Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve  Part Thirteen Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen  Part Seventeen  Part Eighteen  Part Nineteen  Part Twenty  Part Twenty-One  Part Twenty-Two  Part Twenty-Three  Part Twenty - Four

Short and sweet, getting my jam back slowly, got a direction for this for sure! :D

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1958…You smiled swiping through the pad at all of the styles. You’d always been fascinated with this era. The white picket fence idea. You’d written a paper on a few times while in the academy.

You stood up walking out into the hall toward the bridge where everyone was getting set up. You walked in hearing Rip tell Kendra and Ray that they would be a happy couple for the time in ‘Pleasantville’.

“That’s all well and good, but what about me.” Len looked at you as you entered there was a small flicker of a smile before he turned back to Rip.

“Oh I believe I have something you’re going to like.” Rip smirked.

“And me?” You stepped up to the table looking at Rip.

“Whoa…” Len squinted at you, “Shouldn’t…you be resting still? I mean…you were shot…”

You looked at him your eyebrows coming together, “Uh…well…It’s healed and I can help…”

Rip looked at you for a moment, “We could use another set of eyes.”

Len opened his mouth to say something but you beat him to it, “Great! Where would you like me?”

“With Ray and Kendra, perhaps you could be…their kid sister?” Rip rattled off quickly, “Help them locate savage.”

“Y/N…Palmer…” You said as Rip turned away.

“No.” Len said quickly as he stood up straight looking down at you.

“Y/N…” You smirked, “Snart?”

His mouth opened hesitating only for a moment, “…No.”

You pouted as he took your hands, “…right…not the marrying type…”

“Its better that way…no one will associate you with me. It’ll keep you safe.” He told you softly adding, “The both of you.”

“What if I want to be associated with you?” You smiled at him.

He sighed looking away not answering, “Why do you want to go off the ship? You could get hurt.”

“I’m just another set of eyes.” You told him putting your hands on his sides, “Savage has never seen me before.”

“Exactly…let’s keep it that way.” He looked at you, “I can’t have you getting yourself hurt because of your need to help.”

“Hey…” You frowned at him, “I know you’re going through some shit right now…but don’t take it out on me.”

He stared into your eyes sighing, “Forgive me for wanting the mother of my unborn daughter to be safe and sound.”

You couldn’t help but smile at him rolling your eyes a little, “Len…I’m going to be fine. I promise that I won’t get involved…I’ll just be eyes and reporting. Plus…I really want to see the 1950s. I’ve always wanted to see it and never got the chance when they pretty much made me step down.”

He sighed again more heavily, “Fine…but you stay out of sight…don’t look for trouble and the moment we find savage…run.”

You smiled pushing up on your toes kissing him lightly, “Yes sir.”

He smiled a little, “Excuse me…I have to go find captain tight pants and find out what he meant.”

You smiled watching him leave, “Gideon…can you pull up the attire list for the 1950s, I’d like to find something to wear please.”

“Of course.”

Tommy Holland dating some who's a little bit younger than him and from a different country would include

Originally posted by iwannaseeitall

  • Him being fascinated with your native tongue
  • “Love, say I love you to me in your native tongue again”
  • Buying you stuff from your country
  • Like candies, clothing, etc
  • Him trying to learn how to speak your native tongue
  • Him surprising you by speaking it to you
  • Telling you he loves you a million times in your native tongue
  • Promising to have the two of you visit your country
  • “Tommmm, you don’t have tooo”
  • “But I want to love”
  • Visiting your country together a couple months later
  • Him having a full blown conversation with everyone he meets/encounters while visiting
  • Him meeting your parents and introducing himself in your native tongue
  • Him always respecting you
  • Constantly teasing you about your age
  • Calling you a child teasingly
  • Calling him a old man teasingly
  • Cute dates
  • Having dinner in a little restaurant
  • Holding hands on the way back to your parents house
  • Cuddles
  • Tender kisses
  • Telling him that you love him in your native tongue
  • Him saying it back to you in your native tongue

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Which Marvel hero would thrive best in the DCU? Conversely, which DC hero would achieve their potential best in 616 Marvel? The same goes for villains - a DC put into Marvel and vice-versa.

I don’t know how well any of them would work thematically in each other’s universes, but in terms of personal success? Booster Gold would make a killing in the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards would be delighted and fascinated by all the weird stuff in the DCU, Lex Luthor would basically be god at Marvel, and to the extent he still counts as a villain, Loki might appreciate getting as close as he’d ever have to a fresh start at DC. All of these are pretty much off the top of my head, so I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty of people, but this is as good as I’ve got out of a couple minutes thinking about it.

Varric: Shale, I’ve written a lot of scenes where I describe someone as having a twinkle in their eye. You’re the first I’ve met who’s whole body twinkles.

Shale: I’ve been told my crystals are attractive.

Iron Bull: I’ll say! Power? Glitter? Just look at the size of you! What more could I ask for? Mmmhmmm.

Shale: It wishes to couple with me? Fascinating.

Iron Bull: So whaddya say? Wanna see if we can make an earthquake?

Shale: I think it underestimates a number of factors involved in this coupling.

Varric: Don’t mind me, I’ll just be up here taking notes on the strangest romance novel my publishers will never put in print.

Can I talk about like how much I love the science of lesbian/bi shipping on Tumblr.

You have the shippers that ship mostly non canon ships, the ones who mostly ship canon ships and then the ones who ship both. And there are also those who ship one and two straight couples.

Like for example; if you follow someone who ships Swan Queen, there’s a 90% chance they also ship Rizzles and Bering and Wells. A straight couple they would probably ship is Caskett from Castle.

If you follow someone who ships Cophine, there’s a 90% chance they also ship Hollstein and Clexa. A straight couple they would probably ship is Linctavia from The 100.

If you follow someone who ships Clexa, there’s a like 70% chance that they also ship Cartinelli or Sansa and Margery (from Game of Thrones). And a straight couple they probably ship is Peggy and Steve, Steggy from the CA movies.

And then there are the ones like me who ship every single lesbian ship from here to Olympus, canon, non canon, crack, imaginative, dreamworld, every fucking one.

Its so fascinating to me and I just love it. You never have to leave any fandom, no matter how many new ships you gain.

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Oh, I didn't know you also did Versailles. I'm in love with that show. I headcannon that Claudine is Claire's French ancestor. I can't expect a couple of Monchevy dolls, can I? 😜

Haha! Well if only I had the time, (and money!) then I probably would try and have a go! I adore the costumes in Versailles and I happened to study Louis XIV at A Level and eighteenth century France at degree level so it’s a fascinating period/ country for me.

I’m still promising myself that I will do DollDark, but I keep stalling on DollRoss….

Valentine’s Day

Annabeth Chase isn’t one to scoff at Valentine’s Day. It’s immensely contrived and commercialized and unnecessary (you should tell people in your life you love them every day), but she enjoys it all the same. She doesn’t mind pink, loves chocolate covered strawberries, and spends quite a lot of time people-watching. She likes watching couples walk hand in hand down the street, dressed in their best, making their way to brunch or lunch or dinner or a movie or a show. Love, although she hasn’t found it, fascinates her. It enthralls her, excites her, entices her. Annabeth Chase likes Valentine’s Day because it reminds her of what can be.

Not that she’s particularly looking for love at the moment. She’s twenty - young and in college and focused. A boyfriend would be nice, perhaps, but it’s not top on the list of her priorities. She’s doing just fine on her own.

Keep reading