they would be a blast to hang with

Christmas Time In _____ House Includes

- Using ten million blankets at a time
- A roaring, crackling fire in an big, old, stone fireplace
- Sweet little homemade candies in a bowl on the table, to take and share
- Cinnamon spice flavor, like red hot candies
- Hanging your stocking on the mantle
- Poinsettias
- Blasting Christmas music
- Winter potpourri with pine cones, balsam, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, etc
- Singing Christmas carols
- Moccasins

- The first snowfall of the season
- Tall winter boots
- Glasses fogging up in the cold and heat changes
- Bright white ice skates with sharp silver blades
- Perfectly decorated and coordinated Christmas trees
- Dew appearing on the windows on chilly mornings
- Icicles hanging in a row off of old buildings and homes
- Taking a steaming hot shower or bath to thaw from the freezing cold weather
- Advent calendars
- Putting Christmas wreaths up on your door

- Knitting your own scarves, mittens, hats, etc.
- A freaking giant mug of hot chocolate piled high with fluffy whipped cream, caramel, and sprinkles, etc.
- Big fuzzy socks
- Christmas tree garlands
- Lots and lots of lights, indoor and outdoor
- The star on top of the tree
- Messy buns with big scarves
- Sunshine sparkling off the snow
- Writing out Christmas cards for friends and family
- Ribbon candy

- The first moment of coming in from the cold…a rush of warmth, but still carrying the chilly air with you
- How nighttime isn’t perfectly dark, like when the moonlight reflects off of the snow
- A mug of hot tea before bed, steam still curling off the top
- Classic cut-out sugar cookies
- Reading for hours in front of the fire on a huge couch or armchair
- The smell of fresh pine and evergreen
- Ripping the wrapping paper off whilst opening presents
- Chopping down your own Christmas tree
- Spending all day Christmas shopping and carrying tons of packages and bags
- Mistletoe

By @hphogwartsimagines
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Lingerie Lover

WARNING: It’s smutty babes

Bra Boy makes another appearance! I almost made Jinyoung Yoongi, haha, but I switched it to Taegi hanging out there. :) I love this pairing a lot actually like this Taehyung is such a great lover IMO.

Word Count: 3,019.


You couldn’t piece together what crazy thoughts you had when you accepted your friend’s request to help him out. Nor could you fathom why he hadn’t asked Ah Seong in your stead, who would have had much more of a blast than you were as you stacked the folded dress shirts atop a shelf.

You’d never really thought that Jinyoung was the type to ask for help, but when he called you to help him out when in need of more workers, you had accepted without hesitation. You began to think it was because you couldn’t stop thinking about your little scene at the lingerie shop you’d been to last week.

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I would just like to thank Jin for JINSTA, he was already so busy with performing and school and going to the jungle but he STILL found time to make his birthday into an event for US, and it was a blast from start to finish, and I just hope he got just as many gifts and good feelings as he gave us IF NOT 10000 x more because he deserves the entire universe.  So thank you Jin for giving us just what we wanted for your birthday - time to hang out together!!    

Decorating with Timmy (Day 1)

Prompt: “Decorating for Christmas with Tim?”

Requested by: @ayagoeskhablawi and @ms-fandoms

- Tim would 100% be one of those guys who thinks decorating on the 1st of December is too early.

- that’s why he’s not sure how to react when he gets back from the manor one day and you’re hanging baubles on a 6ft Christmas tree

-“… babe?”

- You couldn’t hear him over the blasting Christmas tunes coming from your speaker

- He would have to literally come over and physically tap you before you realised he was home

- You would sing your hello to him

-“so (y/n) whatcha doing?”

- “it’s December 1st? I’m decorating.”

- He would complain about it being too early for the next 20 minutes

- eventually he would come around to the idea, but he wouldn’t admit it to you so he had to find a way to work it into the conversation

-“(y/n) don’t you think that bauble would look better there? wait.. no… oh just let me do it”

- and then he would be in full on decorating mode

- You would go to the bathroom for two minutes and come back to see Tim hanging up hand made paper snowflakes that you didn’t own before your venture to the bathroom

- once all the decorations are up the both of you would sit on the sofa and just admire the lights on the tree

- Tim would kiss your temple and tell you how much he loves you and you reply telling him that you love him too

- basically it’s the best December 1st Tim had ever had

I hope this is okay! This is day 1 of 24 days of batfamily (I also posted another set of Jason headcanons below) and I’m so excited for you to read the rest of the headcanons and imagines! Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)) Lots of love xxx

A Sprinkle of Salt

Anon requested: hey hi! could you do a youngbin scenario where their gf is really good friends with hwi young and chani, and he gets a little jealous

Sorry for the delay! I hope you enjoy this!

Summary: Youngbin may be kind and understanding but there’s only so much he can take.

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playlist: car rides with Josh

josh would take you on dates, he knew all of your favorite places to hang out. but he also knew that one of your favorite activities with him was driving around town with him, blasting good tunes and holding hands. he’d play songs that would remind you how much he loves you, songs to make you laugh, and songs to make you dance.

- monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! by minus the bear
- midnight city by m83
- your love by the outfield
- congratulations smack + katy by reggie & the full effect
- alive with the glory of love by say anything
- glósóli by sigur rós
- disarm by smashing pumpkins
- time to dance by the shoes
- wannabe by spice girls
- one & only by timbaland ft. fall out boy


His pale eyes glittering. 

“Hadn’t you better be hurrying along, now? You wouldn’t like her spotted, would you?

He nodded at Hermione, and at the same moment, a blast like a bomb sounded from the campsite, and a flash of green light momentarily lit the trees around them.

"What’s that supposed to mean?” said Hermione defiantly.

“Granger, they’re after Muggles, "said Malfoy. "D'you want to be showing off your knickers in midair? Because if you do, hang around….they’re moving this way, and it would give us all a laugh.”

“Keep that big bushy head down, Granger,” sneered Malfoy.

guys ive never been happier than i am right now. for the past five days, dennis and i have hung out for at least 3 hours each time. everytime weve been out, weve had such a blast with each other. hes teaching me how to navigate around the trailer park and just this city in general and im actually getting the hang of it. him and i have laughed so much together and actually bonded like i hoped we would, and ive never been more excited for the future. like not in the romantic way, just us being friends for forever and hopefully at some point best friends. like i actually think i can make it here and be happy just by being friends with him. hes shown me so many people to create friendships with and some of them have actually already become friends. him and i talk all the time now and its not just small talk like before. i absolutely love this feeling: one of just simple pleasure. thank you, dennis, thank you for giving me this.

"Young Avengers" Sentence Starters - Part I
  • “The point is, nobody knows who they are, where they came from, or why they’re here.”
  • "What did I say about coming in through the rose window?"
  • "You didn't have to do that, y'know. I would've rescued you eventually."
  • "You were right. They are fanboys."
  • "I'm gonna break both your legs if you don't lemme go!"
  • "This is not superhero behavior."
  • "It's an honor, Sir. Sorry about the ion blast."
  • "Is this a time travel thing? 'Cause I hate time travel things."
  • "A man who can rewrite history cannot be defeated."
  • "I think I'm finally getting the hang of this flying thing."
  • "How you doin', super soldier? Still bulletproof?"
  • "That's the problem with kids today. They don't listen."
  • "Gee, lemme check my superhero manual. Oh, wait, it's in my other tights."
  • "I know the security codes."
  • "I don't know how you kids got in here, but you're going to have to leave."
  • "Just take a deep breath and... Think small."
  • "You're gonna hear this a lot, but let me be the first to say it; Why can't you be more like him?"
  • "Your father was murdered... And it was my fault."
  • "I've already lost your dad. I don't want to lose you, too."
  • "God, you really are fanboys, aren't you?"
  • "You know what they say, Gentlemen... Speak of the devil and the devil, he shall appear."
  • "They're not training us. They're keeping us here 'til the cops show up. Or worse... Our parents."
  • "Can I give you a little advice? Never threaten a pregnant woman."
  • "You're a warrior. Just like me."
  • "Make no mistake-- This is your handiwork."
  • "Out of the way, child!"
  • "Yeah... Sorry about the kiss."
  • "Want my cape?"
  • "Thanks, but it's the not-wearing-pants that concerns me."
  • "I'm done playing with you, children."

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It's nice to see Eliza and Lindsey and even Ricky having fun. They were laughing like crazy. What a difference from the Unity Con. I would've stayed like 2 more days in France, hang out, it's not like they're working right now lol. I wish that both of them could go to the same Cons, from what I've seen they make the panels less boring.

Those three seemed having such a blast. So nice to see them having lots of fun at a con. Hope to see them more hanging out.
Does College Radio Even Matter Anymore? | Pitchfork
“The friendships themselves and the musical discoveries that came along—it’s just the best thing that happened to me in college.”

I grew up in a college town, and in my teens I used to always tune in to the local college radio station. It was how I discovered a bunch of music in high school. When I went off to college myself one of the first things I signed up for was a slot as a DJ at the campus radio station. I had the (wildly unpopular among college students) 7am slot on a weekday morning that first semester, but I had a blast, got a job as the station librarian, moved to a late-night (10pm-midnight) slot that I would keep the rest of my time there. The station was in the basement of a dorm and I wander on over with my crate of cd’s (and frequently a beer or a few), and play tracks, hang out with friends in the studio, and occasionally chat back and forth with my small handful of reliable listeners. I eventually worked my way into the music director position at the station  and got to work with some record labels and select music for rotation for others to play. Good times. Some of my very best college friends and memories were made through college radio, and I discovered many favorite artists and albums at my time there.

Music formats and delivery are evolving, but college radio is a pretty uniquely positioned space for music discovery, developing relevant skills, and building community. And while it’s a lot easier to find obscure/interesting/independent music these days thanks to the web, I hope the space that college radio provides will continue to exist (at least in some format), so that awkward kids with an interest in music can keep tuning in and discovering music that will change their world.

Words Unsaid (f!Hawke x Varric, 2400 words)

Written for Dragon Age Secret Santa ( @dasecretsanta ) for @fus-ro-die who said they like Hawke/Varric. I hope you enjoy it!  Posting it a little early because I can’t wait! ;)  Happy holidays!!!

Marian Hawke shivered, blowing on her hands as she made her way down into Lowtown.  Winter in Kirkwall was far milder than it had ever been in Ferelden, but the chill, encouraged by the stone around her, still seeped into her bones.  She wished she had remembered to bring gloves, though soon enough she would be in the bawdy warmth of the Hanged Man.

The wind flared, a cold blast hitting her right in the face.  She winced; glad as she was to not have snow or sleet on the air, the force of it still made her eyes water.

She fairly skipped down the stairs in the deserted Lowtown marketplace, the walls of the Hanged Man coming into view.  A raw, glad feeling spread from her chest.  It’d be good to see Varric and the others tonight, here in this place that had become a second home to their ragtag little group.

She entered the pub, throwing open the heavy door behind her.  She grinned, seeing the familiar surroundings.  Her mother hated how much time she spent here, but then again, everyone deserved to blow off a little steam.  

She glanced around, but didn’t see Isabela in her regular place by the bar.  Perhaps the pirate was off on another of her mysterious adventures around the city.  Hawke was a bit disappointed; Isabela’s ribald tales always made for exciting evenings.  She scanned the tables, realizing that Anders was probably off in his clinic (somehow emergencies always seemed to happen at night) and that Fenris wasn’t there, either, perhaps keeping watch at Danarius’ abandoned mansion.  She remembered with annoyance that Aveline was on duty tonight, and that Merrill had mentioned earlier she wasn’t feeling well.  She cursed herself for not remembering that before she had ventured out into the cold.

Surely Varric was here, though, she hoped.  The idea of his warm grin, his smooth, storyteller’s voice, and his laugh cheered her.  She didn’t see him down in the lower bar area, and took the stairs up to his suite.  

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Aria just walks up to Sunset and hugs her. And now she's just going to cling to Sunset for a while, hanging on her like a blasted koala. This is how you friend, yes?

“Ah- Aria…?”

She didn’t even say anything. What had happened. Sunset contained the urge of asking if the anons were forcing her to kiss everyone again, and… just hugged back, with some added petting if it’s allowed, since her friend seemed to need it.

“… I don’t mind this,” she said out loud. She knew well that Aria would probably not ask to stay like this even if she wanted (or she might even apologize later), so Sunset made sure to let her know beforehand that it was OK.

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So I met this guy at this party friday night and he asked for my number then yesterday night we hung out and smoked. We smoked two blunts and just vibe to music and asking each other questions. Since then I can't stop thinking about him. He texted me this morning and he said how he had a blast and how i'm mad cool to talk to. Idk whether I should get my hopes up and think this is the one. Do you think it's too fast to ask him or know if he likes me? If it's not then what should I do.

I would just let it flow. Keep hanging out and talking, don’t worry about if he’s the one or not. If you feel like letting him know you’re feeling him and asking him how he feels about you then yeah do that! Don’t be too worried about what’s gonna happen just enjoy what’s going on right now and have fun getting to know eachother/building✨


He nodded at Hermione, and at the same moment, a blast like a bomb sounded from the campsite, and a flash of green light momentarily lit the trees around them.

“Granger, they’re after Muggles, "said Malfoy. "D'you want to be showing off your knickers in midair? Because if you do, hang around….they’re moving this way, and it would give us all a laugh.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire                                                                                                     Chapter 9; The Dark Mark   



“Oh no…” the fox mumbled as his eyes scanned the letter in his hands. He groaned, hanging his head low in defeat.

“What troubles you?” a sweet yet robotic voice asked behind him. CC walked towards the two-tailed fox, tugging on his lab coat to encourage him to answer her. Tails smiled as he turned to her.

“Oh, it’s just this charity event on behalf of Yellow Sky Industries. I completely forgot I agreed to it.”

“Do you mean the annual Young Heroes barbeque? I have heard a lot about that.” CC responded.

“I wish. That would be a blast. No, this is some banquet thing I have to host for the ‘upper class’ folk in town. You can’t get these guys to donate money to anything unless they’ve had their fill of crumpets and what not,” Tails growled, crumpling the letter into a ball before tossing it in a nearby bin, but CC let out a buzz of excitement.

“A social?! With guests to entertain and partake in ‘the mingling’?! I know the exact garment to wear!” She ran towards one of her most recent prototypes, quickly typing a code into the machine and yanking on a lever. Before Tails could interject, a shower-curtain-like divider sprung up between the pair. A few quick “zips” and “whirrs” could be heard from behind the curtain before the shield dropped and CC stood proudly in a formal gown, her synthetic hair extended and pulled tight into an updo. She straightened her posture and clasped her hands behind her back, waiting patiently for a compliment.

Tails blinked a couple of times, still trying to process what had just happened. He coughed when he realized he had been staring too long and shook his head. “This… This isn’t good news. Our friends… they don’t handle formal events well.” He ran his fingers through his fur, already stressing from the party he was meant to plan. “I used to laugh when Sticks would runamuck at the Awardy Awards, but they’re all terrible. You should have seen the weddings, they were absolute fiascos!”

CC walked up to Tails and smiled, her eyes half-lidded. “That is because you did not have my assistance,” she stated matter-of-factly. She placed her hands on his shoulders before firmly knocking him down into a seated position. She paced across the room, her perfect posture making her appear as if she was gliding instead of walking. “It is an important marker in every person’s life to plan some sort of gathering, correct? I have not completed that task. I would be most delighted to do it.” Her eyelids flickered as she paused in thought, flipping through her internal rolodex. “There are a multitude of venues that would be impressive. Yes, the observatory, that is the location. Caterers…searching… Aha, one of our frequent customers owns a local restaurant. I am sure it would put us in even better standing if we had them cater-”

Tails lost track of what she was saying, partially because she began speaking too quickly for Mobian ears and partially because he was more than a little impressed. He sat back in his chair, smiling as he watched her brainstorm. It calmed and excited him at the same time and he was thankful for the distraction she provided. He shot up when he noticed her piercing electric blue eyes meeting his, a gentle smile on her face.

“Besides, ‘how bad can it be?’”

Oh great. She just had to say that.


Told you I’d come up with some silly random comic series alongside HHNF. I have too many ideas in my head, I’m being torn apart! FPS isn’t really linear, it’s just a bunch of tiny moments from one night. Also, there will be alcohol. More specifically, some very drunk hedgehogs. You have been warned!


A-hanging with Margaret just-a feels so good
like I knew it would.
Laughing together and-a having a blast.
And I hope it lasts forever.

I can’t believe how hot she is.
Makes my insides feel like knotted twists.
Her pretty face and those long, long legs,
and I hope someday we are more than just friends!

Oh, Margaret. Oh, Margaret.
Do you remember last night when our hands touched?
We were grabbing for the dice and you were laughing and such.

Take one role, then take a chance on me.
And maybe then you’ll see how perfect we can be.
Together you and me for all eternity!
Okay. Maybe that’s a long, long time.
But a guy can dream, can’t I?

Having Calum as a roommate would include…

-“Calum! Turn down the music please it’s 4 Am!”

- Giving in and hanging out with him since he won’t go to sleep

- Baking cakes and letting Calum taste test everything

- Letting him run lyrics by you because he knows you’ll be honest

- “Cal, you are super talented. But can you please do the dishes now?”

- Cleaning day would consist of playing music at full blast while playing hockey with the mops

- Sliding on the clean hardwood floors in your socks together

- Whenever he tried to cook anything besides spaghetti, the fire alarm would sound and Cal would be all embarrassed when he asked if you guys could go out instead

- Scolding at him about playing soccer in the house, but eventually joining in and getting your ass handed to you

- The pizza guy would be your friend since you have so many delivered to the apartment

- Him leaving little post-it’s around the place for you to find with stuff like “Have a good day” or “Keep it Rhythmic” 

- Walking back from the gym and finding a stray puppy and smuggling it in

- Giving the pup a bath in your tub, which led to you and Calum having a soap fight and a wet dog running through the living room

- “You’re cleaning that up!” “No way, I have rehearsal!” 

- Begging the landlord to let you keep Harold, whom Cal had affectionately named

- Spending days before Calum left for tour snuggling with him and Harold while watching Netflix 

- Hating being in the apartment alone while he was traveling 

- Coming back to the apartment where Calum and the boys surprised you by coming home from traveling early 

- Playing truth or dare late with the guys and Calum confessing he likes you

- Whispering “Love you too, Roomie” as you both fell asleep

For @alreadymissings and @5sospank Roommate!5SOS blurb night!! Hope you guys like this :)

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If I met you in real life I would wrap you up in a million hugs and then drag you out for dinner and a fun night out! or in... your choice!

Wow! A million hugs! That’s a lot! Lol. I could really go for a fun night out and I bet you’d be a real blast to hang out with. Maybe we could sneak into a Louden Swain concert.

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“If I met you in real life….” finish in my inbox