they work!!!!!

haha the spoiler pictures made me so uneasy bc I knew people would be fighting about Mutsuki, but I just woke up and read it and it’s SO GOOD!! It was nice to see the old Haise again, and I realize now how obvious it was that Muuchan was crushing on him ;^; 

I feel so bad for Mutsuki. It’s so clear that his upbringing lead him to this frame of mind. That the only way to make it hurt less is to hurt someone else. And his capture on Rue only fanned the flames: if you want something, take it. And he knows it’s wrong and knows it’s disgusting, and equates himself to being as such when he’s killing. All the “I’m a woman” crap is self-deprecation: I’m ugly, I’ll never be who I want to be, I’m repulsive, this is what I’m for.  

He’s so sick, and I just feel awful. But I’ll be fucked if I’m not enjoying the story lol. 

Also, thanks @ ishida. I asked for gore and you delivered. But uh, I can’t look at that page of Haise so… nice work. Also-also, holy fuck Amon!!