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They’re mighty, they’re morphin’, they’re in a brand new trailer.

January 18

People’s Choice Awards

It’s Fifth Harmony’s first ever performance as a quartet!


They also won the Favorite Group Award!

Dinah shouted Lauren out for killing it onstage despite being sick!

Check out Normani’s IG story from today!

Dinah watched the performance back in her hotel room:

They were super happy the entire night!

This happened!

Dinah and Normani both spammed everyone with photos:

Dinah’s photo spam:

On the red carpet:



Normani’s photo spam:


Normani’s stage outfit:

Backstage with The Rock!

A video posted by Fifth Harmony (@fifthharmony) on Jan 18, 2017 at 11:19pm PST

This is just the start of 2017 for Fifth Harmony and things are already FIRE! Dinah posted this:

Are you re(a)dy?!

Judging from Thomas’ reaction to finding out Craig got in a fight at school it’s not too far-fetched to believe he was the one encouraging aggressive behaviour in Craig all along. Craig was most likely raised with all the toxic masculinity bullshit which would make so much sense as he for example rarely showed emotion (other than anger), was shown to be a bully and got way more defensive at being called gay than Tweek did. He did pursue the relationship as soon as his father started supporting him though? This might mean nothing but he also was basically the first one to jump on the metrosexual fad idea as there were no repercussions because his father was on it too. Basically what I’m saying is, I think Craig did care very much about what his father’s expectations of him were, and we can only wonder what traits did he repress in the light of that.


i’m a new witch, and i’m just wondering what is a “taglock?”

A taglock is a type of spell ingredient that creates a metaphysical cord between the work and your target.  Taglocks include things like nail clippings, hair, blood, pictures, clothes, etc.  For example, I have a decoy poppet to absorb curses and negativity that might be thrown my way.  Inside the poppet, I included a piece of my own hair so that the poppet is connected to me and can act in my place.