they wooon

can you believe even still has the biggest smile on his face right now at this very second and when they wake up in a few hours and isak is all grumpy because he hasn’t slept enough, even is all cheery and and keeps singing moonlight wooon, mooooonliiiight wooOOoooon, in the shower, getting dressed, making breakfast and yeah isak is tired but he can’t help but smile at his boyfriend in between yawns 

taegi vs jikook at the arcade
  • taehyung: [lose at the guitar battle] but I wanted to win that teddy bear :((
  • yoongi: [sighs]
  • taehyung:
  • yoongi: [after awhile] take it, I won it for you
  • meanwhile..
  • jimin: I WOOON YEAH
  • jungkook: mh? you beat my sCORE?
  • jimin: ..yes?
  • jungkook: [play again to beat jimin's score]
“You’re the best, you know that?” (Grayson)

Senior year of high school couldn’t have been going any better for you. You had amazing, you were relatively popular, and you had an amazing boyfriend, Grayson. You and Grayson have been going strong for well over a year, and you couldn’t be happier.

It was already the second semester of your senior year, which meant time for wrestling season. Grayson had been on the wrestling team for three years now, and you were at all of his matches, meets, and tournaments, supporting him and cheering him on with his family. Even before you were his girlfriend, you went just as a friend. 

You were at the school gym waiting for the meet to start and you were standing in the concessions line with Ethan, just catching up. Being Grayson’s girlfriend, you were pretty much the sister that Ethan never had. You and him had a pretty tight relationship.

“Jeez, (Y/N), what are you gonna do with all this food?” Ethan asked sarcastically when the worker brought you all your food, which you ordered for four people.

“Haha, you’re funny.” You said, playfully hitting him. You grabbed all of your snacks and went back to the bleachers. You saw Grayson sitting in the chairs on the edge of the mat. He locked eyes with you and waved for you to come over. You walked over to where he was and he pulled you down on his lap.

“How you doing? You feeling good?” You asked. He nodded.

“Felling better now that I know you’re here.” He said as he kissed you.

“Why wouldn’t I be here? I’m always here. At all of your wrestling events.” You said.

“Yeah, I know that you are. But it makes me feel better when I can actually see you here.” He said.

“Well, here I am.” You said.

“You’re so cute. You’re the best, you know that?” He said kissing you again.

“Thanks I try.” You said smiling. 

“Hey, is that my sweater?” He asked. You nodded.

“Yeah, you left it at my house the last time you were over, so I figured I would wear it and never give it back.” You said.

“Awe, c'mon. I like that sweater.” He said.

“Awe, but I like it more.” 

“You’re lucky you look cute in it, because if you didn’t, I’d have to wrestle you for it, and we all know how that would turn out.” He said. You laughed.

“Speaking of wrestling, you know who you’re going up against yet?” You asked. 

“Yeah, that kid over there.” He said pointing. You followed his finger to who he was pointing at.

“He’s in your weight class? How? You’re like twice his size.” You said.

“Yeah, I know. But, I mean, I take what they give me.” He said. Just then, you were interrupted by his coach.

“Dolan, come on. They’re about to start.” He said.

“Okay. I’m coming.” Grayson said.

“I guess I’ll get back to the bleachers then. Good luck babe.” You said as you kissed him. You got off of his lap and walked back over to where Ethan and everyone was. You sat there watching match after match, waiting for Grayson to go up. When it was finally his turn and he took the mat, you, Ethan, and his mom all took out your cameras so you could record everything and take pictures and post him on snapchat and everything else you wanted to post him on. You took a picture of him in his uniform because you liked the way it made his butt look. “Baby boy got cake for daaaays 😍” You captioned it on snapchat. You cheered for him as he pinned his opponent over and over again. After the five minutes were up, both of them got up, and Grayson, scoring the most amount of points with his take downs, was of course the winner. When the referee held up Gray’s hand, you snapped a picture and posted him on snapchat and captioned it “Yayyy, my baby wooon.” after you saved it to your gallery. You sat there for the rest of the meet, watching everyone else wrestle. You didn’t realize it at first, but your school actually had a really good wrestling team. After everyone had gone, you walked over to Grayson, who was talking to his coach.

“Hey, (Y/N), glad you’re here. I actually wanted to talk to you.” Coach began. “I know this is kind of out of the blue, and you usually have to apply for these things, but how would you like to be a manager for the team? It’s only the first meet of the season, and we have a lot of competitions and tournaments coming up, and it’d be really nice to have someone to help run things around here, seeing as how I’m the only coach and I just got word that our old manager decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore. I mean, I figured I’d ask you, since you always come to our events and are one of our biggest supporters. Now, of course, I’d only want you to take the job if your schedule allowed it.” He explained. You were at a loss for words, but you jumped at the opportunity to have another reason to hang out with Grayson.

“Oh, wow. Um, yeah. Actually, I’d really like that. And I have late arrival, so you can just put it in my schedule and I can have a full day of school.” You explained.

“Awesome. The class period is first period, so I mean, it wouldn’t really be an actual class that you’d have you go to in the morning. But, I’ll put in the schedule change in the morning and hopefully you can start on Friday.” Coach explained.

“Alright, sounds good.” You said. The coach shook your hand and walked off.

“Well, Manager, how about we get out of here?” He asked.

“You know your mom wants pictures.” You said.

“Yeah, I know. C’mon.” He said as he lead you back over you where his family was.

“Grayson, I’m so proud of you.” His mom said hugging him.

“Yeah, congrats bro. That kid didn’t know what was coming.” Ethan added. His mom started taking pictures of Grayson, then of Ethan and Grayson, then of you and Grayson. After each match, you always went over to Grayson’s to just hang out, watch some movies with him and Ethan. Back at his house, you and Grayson were on the sofa and Ethan was on the floor in front of you.

“This is a really cute picture of us.” Grayson said admiring the picture that his mom took.

“All of our pictures are cute, what do you mean?” You asked.

“No like, for real. My favorite sport, and my favorite girl all in the same picture.” He said smiling at you. You pulled his face to yours and kisses him.

“Ooh, let’s have a contest. Let’s both post this picture on Instagram, and whoever gets the most likes, can have this sweater back.” You said.

“You’re on.” Grayson said. “Boom, done. And I gave it a cute caption too.” He said after he posted it.

“What was it?” You asked him.

“Seeing her after a win really makes it worth while.” He said.

“(Y/N)’s is better.” Ethan interrupted.

“What, no its not.” Grayson whined. “What’s yours?” He asked you.

“‘Nothing I love more than seeing my favorite wrestler bring home a win’ with the little sparkly heart emoji, and the heart eye emoji.” You said.

“Damn, that is better.” He said laughing.

“No we wait.” You said. You both turned your phones on silent and waited an hour before you checked Instagram again to see who had the most likes. After the hour was up, Grayson practically slid across the table to grab it.

“No, I can’t look. Ethan, you give us the results.” Gray said. You both handed him your phones.

“Okay, after this hour long contest, the results are in. Grayson, coming in at one hundred and seven likes.” Ethan said.

“Okay, I can live with that.” Grayson said.

“Okay, what about mine?” You asked.

“(Y/N), you currently have one hundred and sixteen likes, and counting.“ Ethan said.

“And counting?! I demand a recount.” Grayson said sarcastically.

“Babe, the numbers are right there. Not only have you lost, but you lost to a girl.” You said laughing.

“Whatever, its just a picture.” He said.

“Babe, if it’s that big a deal, I’ll give you your sweater back.” You said.

“No, keep it. I like the way it looks on you.” He said wrapping his arm around you.

“Good, because I like it too. It gives me something to cuddle with when you’re not around.” You said.

“I love you (Y/N).” Grayson said, kissing you on the forehead.

“I love you too Gray.” You said kissing him on the cheek. You rested your head on his chest and watched the movie until you fell asleep.

Who Knew Games Could Lead To This? (Boyf riends)

Author’s Note: this just in: emma can’t title for shit. Hooooly shit. That’s all I have to say about this. Willow and I kept talking about Jeremy with a tickling kink, and that lead to us writing this together. And, this is the sequel to this like I promised I’d give you all! Just like last time, they wrote Jeremy’s parts and I wrote Michael’s! We maay have gone a bit far, but we had fun, haha. I hope you all enjoy this! (also, I’m very proud to say this is the longest fic I’ve written, with the help of a friend of course. Thank you Willow~ <3).

**I guess I should leave a bit of a warning for bondage? There’s a bit of that in there, but it doesn’t get too bad ^^

Description: It started with a few video games. It led to Michael giving Jeremy exactly what he wanted, and maybe a bit more.

Word Count: 6,068

“Okay, seriously?” Michael mumbled. “You’ve gotta be cheating, Jeremy…”

“Well, if you call taking a chill pill cheating, then maybe?” Jeremy winked.

“Is your chill pill really an excuse for you beating me in these past 13 levels?!” Michael asked, putting his controller down and looking over at Jeremy.

Jeremy looked at him. “Sore loser, are we~?”

Michael glared at him playfully. “I never said that!”

“I think you’re being a very sore loser indeed,” Jeremy frowned. “That’s not nice…~”

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What A Weird Relationship (6/5) - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Stark

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Words: 2214
Pairing: Brother!Stark x Reader x Peter Parker
Warnings: swearing, bullying kinda(?)
Requested by anon
I really liked your "What a Weird Relationship” and I just need more of the Brother/Father!TonyxReader. Like maybe a sorta prequel? When Tony first became Iron Man or finding her or the Avengers or anything. I just need it assjdjsjdjkhjshd.
Author’s Note: soooooo I kinda made it a series of small stories but I didn’t really know how to include the becoming the iron man but it’s definitely a prequel, of like three parts :) and to keep it the Peter Parker x Reader part, I made sure to include a story about him :))) Also, the italics is memory, and the normal text is real time woo

One Two Three Four Five


Ever since you were able to understand the relationship you had with Tony and Pepper, you wanted to hear about how it all came to be. So every year, right around the time they found you- which also happened to be right around your birthday- they told stories from when you were found.

And this year was no exception. But since it was official adoption time, again- right around the your birthday, you both decided to include some extra memories. It was nice, to just remember how things started, and what a weird relationship the two of you have had over the past ten-plus years.


All your five year old self wanted was food. Just something small. And you found the perfect target.

A man walked past you, holding a bag of fast food in his hand. He stopped at the crosswalk, and talked to the lady beside him, looking at something in his hand. He was too distracted to notice a little movement on the bag.

So you walked up to the crosswalk and stuck your arm into the bag, but the man turned around. "Hey!” He yelled, realizing that you weren’t face to face with him, but closer to the ground.

“Tony!” The lady caught the man’s attention. “It’s just a child, be careful.”

“But, Pepper, they tried to take my food!” The man whined.

“Am sorry.” You looked down at your fingers, sad that your plan had not worked.

The woman bent down and was now eye level with you. “Where are your parents?”

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iKON reaction to you winning against them in basketball

Anon said: Hello! I like your blog a lot ^^ Can u make a ikon reaction when you beat them at basketball?

- Hiii! Aww thank youu! Enjoooy

Bobby: “Wooow… Bravo, after like 5 times me winning” *gif* *you slap his arm and both of you laugh*

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Hanbin: “I’ll get you next time” *smiles* *gif*

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Jinhwan: *you keep on teasing him about you winning* 
“Okay I get it you wooon!” *gif* *laughs*

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Junhoe: “No, no not gonna accept you won. Let’s play again” *gif*

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Donghyuk: *gif*

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Yunhyeong: “Pffftt I let you win” *smiles*

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Chanwoo: “Okay whatever” *laughs as you tease him*

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Thanks to Grace

It was just a normal Friday. [Y/C/N] was over and you were both watching some cooking show on tv. He had his arm around you but that was nothing new. You were best friends it was just something that happened. You were sharing popcorn and betting on who would win. You thought this girl Grace would win but he thought chef Charlie was going to win.
“So what do I win if she wins?” You ask him
He thinks for a moment. “If Grace wins you will get a surprise, but if Charlie wins then you have to give me a kiss.”
You raise your eyebrows. “Okay.” you say.
You continue to watch the show. It’s the final round of three and it’s between Charlie and Grace. Your rooting for your girl aloud but
Inside you keep thinking how much you wanna kiss [Y/C/N]. You’d had the biggest crush on him for the longest time.
It came time for the judges to determine the winner, but they went to commercial right before they announced who won.
You turned to him. “So what do I get if I win? What’s my surprise?”
He put a finger to his lips and your entire body just went “ugh.”
The commercials ended and you looked back to the tv. They uncovered the winners dish, it was Grace!
“Yes!” You said. “I wooon, I wooon!!!”
He sighed and smiled.
“What’s my prize, [Y/C/N]?”
“This.” he said and then he kissed you. Fast and hard with plump lips that tasted like salt.
He broke off from you all too soon
“Would you be my girlfriend?”
“Of course” you said, breathlessly.
“Thank God for Grace” he said, then he began to kiss you again.

ask-dexyu-deactivated20141010  asked:

Hahaha best twister i have ever had![as he was standing over her on his four.] Perhaps we should take this as a sign and fate at work? Hehe //AU or not your choice ^_^

[She fell down, with her cheeks completely red, and covered them with both her hands.] Too embarrassing– You wooon! [She shook her head energically.]

// AU is ok.