they wooon

taegi vs jikook at the arcade
  • taehyung: [lose at the guitar battle] but I wanted to win that teddy bear :((
  • yoongi: [sighs]
  • taehyung:
  • yoongi: [after awhile] take it, I won it for you
  • meanwhile..
  • jimin: I WOOON YEAH
  • jungkook: mh? you beat my sCORE?
  • jimin: ..yes?
  • jungkook: [play again to beat jimin's score]
What A Weird Relationship (6/5) - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Stark

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Words: 2214
Pairing: Brother!Stark x Reader x Peter Parker
Warnings: swearing, bullying kinda(?)
Requested by anon
I really liked your "What a Weird Relationship” and I just need more of the Brother/Father!TonyxReader. Like maybe a sorta prequel? When Tony first became Iron Man or finding her or the Avengers or anything. I just need it assjdjsjdjkhjshd.
Author’s Note: soooooo I kinda made it a series of small stories but I didn’t really know how to include the becoming the iron man but it’s definitely a prequel, of like three parts :) and to keep it the Peter Parker x Reader part, I made sure to include a story about him :))) Also, the italics is memory, and the normal text is real time woo

One Two Three Four Five


Ever since you were able to understand the relationship you had with Tony and Pepper, you wanted to hear about how it all came to be. So every year, right around the time they found you- which also happened to be right around your birthday- they told stories from when you were found.

And this year was no exception. But since it was official adoption time, again- right around the your birthday, you both decided to include some extra memories. It was nice, to just remember how things started, and what a weird relationship the two of you have had over the past ten-plus years.


All your five year old self wanted was food. Just something small. And you found the perfect target.

A man walked past you, holding a bag of fast food in his hand. He stopped at the crosswalk, and talked to the lady beside him, looking at something in his hand. He was too distracted to notice a little movement on the bag.

So you walked up to the crosswalk and stuck your arm into the bag, but the man turned around. "Hey!” He yelled, realizing that you weren’t face to face with him, but closer to the ground.

“Tony!” The lady caught the man’s attention. “It’s just a child, be careful.”

“But, Pepper, they tried to take my food!” The man whined.

“Am sorry.” You looked down at your fingers, sad that your plan had not worked.

The woman bent down and was now eye level with you. “Where are your parents?”

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why do i love to make myself cry? 🙃

also known as i know everyone is super mad at mitarai rn but i drew this before today’s episode so i didn’t fucking know and i spent too long on it for it to just not get posted
also i still have hope that naegi and co will be able to convince him what he’s doing is fucked up and wrong without killing him and a reunion with imposter-kun could happen :0 (lololol it wooon’t *sobs*)

Very short story. Sans x frisk slight. Vore

“Aw. What’s wrong. Are you mad cause I didn’t give you a kiss?~” He would tease her. But moments of shuffling later she growls. “Shut up!” Sans raises a brow. “Okay then. I’ll stay quiet.. And I wooon’t talk to you…~"  but his satisfied grin turned to regret and sadness when he heard her crying and sobbing.. Breathing heavily. "I-… Frisk?..are you.. Crying?” Frisk moves more and covers her face. “I-..I…I don’t wanna die..S..Sans….I don’t want this…Sans…"  Sans comforts her with soothing hushes. He rubs his stomach around her and keeps hushing. "Shhh. Shh…don’t worry… Frisk…I won’t hurt’re okay baby bones…” and if she closes her eyes a last time, she opens them back up to see sans hugging her. Wrapped over her shoulder on one arm and on the other under her arm. He was slightly lifting the child up. “Doll…. Doll you’re okay…breath for me…..” She shutters a bit. “Ss…sorry..S..Sans…” He nods.  “I know I know..” “I… I love you Sans…….” Frisk muttered, hugging onto him tighter and wipping her tears away. Leaving her sniffles. “I know.. I do too baby bones… I do too….”

iKON reaction to you winning against them in basketball

Anon said: Hello! I like your blog a lot ^^ Can u make a ikon reaction when you beat them at basketball?

- Hiii! Aww thank youu! Enjoooy

Bobby: “Wooow… Bravo, after like 5 times me winning” *gif* *you slap his arm and both of you laugh*

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Hanbin: “I’ll get you next time” *smiles* *gif*

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Jinhwan: *you keep on teasing him about you winning* 
“Okay I get it you wooon!” *gif* *laughs*

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Junhoe: “No, no not gonna accept you won. Let’s play again” *gif*

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Donghyuk: *gif*

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Yunhyeong: “Pffftt I let you win” *smiles*

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Chanwoo: “Okay whatever” *laughs as you tease him*

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