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If you ran away, come back home
       Just   come   home

Sleep paralysis is a terrifying experience. Your entire body just freezes and you can’t move a muscle. You’re awake but not really awake. You start to see things that aren’t there. You think you might be dying and you start to panic, urging yourself to move, to do twitch a finger but nothing happens for quite sometime. 

I used to suffer from sleep paralysis. It would happen to me during afternoon naps and I’d be lying there on my bed, trying to wake myself up but I can’t and I keep hearing things and seeing things. It was horrifying and I didn’t dare to nap so much afterwards because I didn’t know when it’d strike me and I didn’t want to experience it again. It happened once at night when I was sleeping and that was the worst. I felt like someone was breathing heavily in my room and holding me down, my mind was just conjuring all sorts of scary thoughts.

I rarely have sleep paralysis now. It’s no longer happens so often like years ago, though I did had one last year. What I’m saying is that it’s a really, really frightening thing when it happens and it’s nothing to laugh about or even funny. 

Baekhyun has it but we don’t know how often he has it and if he still has it but it’s a scary thing to go through. So before you all think with omg he’s having sex with chanyeol 111!, have some sense and decency first.

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since bakugo is ur Son, do u know what those cinder blocks thingy around his shoulders do?

u mean those?

I honestly don’t know anon lol, I checked his character sheet abt his hero custom but like….there’s literally every info abt his hero custom except for those cinder blocks thingy.

I’m assuming it’s either:

a) for absorbing (?) shock-waves?? so it won’t reach to his head/ears or smth (bc in real world explosions make u deaf temporarily or permanently) 


b) stability

if u go back to the bakugou & deku vs all might, deku used one of bakugou’s gauntlets and it pained his shoulder after releasing a huge blast.

due to that huge explosion, the kinetic energy and kickback caused his shoulder to dislocate

and tbh I think it has to do w/ point B more than point A.

(or maybe just for making him look ‘flashy’ just like the mask lol)


AU Material Gifs + Manip Pt 1

I make gifsets because I’m not confident in my writing abilities and this lets me get the story out of my head. I use random gifs like these to show details and convey the mood/emotions of the would be story (for ex: happy, sad, tense, sweetness) It’s totally up to you if you wanna use them all I ask is that you follow the rules

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Or, idk, pay you because you get a lot of shit and you deserve to trEAT YO SELF. You post some real good content and angry anons need to stop.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  tbh not really, like, people who have donate buttons actually do things that other people can use and……well….lol

Just a rant because I don’t have friends who I can say this to
Tw: self harm // suicide // drug mention // idk

I’m so sad and I just wanna get drunk and high and like?? Disappear????? I don’t wanna start going down that hole again but nothing is going right my friends don’t care if I died and I have so much anxiety that I can’t even leave the house all I wanted to do is stay home and rot away but even that feels awful I just wanna die
Anyways I’ve been clean for just exactly a full year and i just wanna dig through that box and pull out my old scalpels and everything is so hard why do I even try I’m graduating in a year and I don’t know what I’m gonna do after high school everything is so stressful can I just dissolve and float away

grace & frankie season 4 fuckery that is (probably?) well-known but i’m just putting it behind a cut so whatever

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since i get a good amount of people asking me this question, i figured i might as well make a post regarding it 

                                                     what is yuuto’s ‘type’?

i think it’s fair enough to say that most murderers have a type – a specific stereotype that they look out for ( as it is a common trend in their victims ). g.erald s.tano for example only went after hookers & college - age women ( or younger )

because yuuto’s victims are more often than NOT his “love” interests ( whether the other party knows this or not ) his preferred target is generally what he looks for in a girlfriend / boyfriend. that being said, yuuto NEVER kills anyone underage – because he is twenty years old his interest lies with those ranging from 18 - 26. 

        typically, his victims are women. this is because of trauma from his childhood. not only because he feels a sense of paranoia towards being rejected ( mainly from many, many past rejections ), but he also ASSUMES that men are more likely to do physical damage to him. & that’s not because he’s never been hit by a women – women fight back the same as men. he is just used to his childhood where other boy from his school would push him around for being scrawnier than the rest. he remembers every bit of the physical torture that the boys in his class put him through – bullying him for being too skinny, too creepy, too quiet …

yuuto doesn’t just stalk women for being women, he has to have a legitimate interest in them, akin to a crush, but far more obsessive. appearance-wise, he only cares for his interest to be of a similar height to him – & weaker either mentally or physically he can’t stand the thought of being bested. if he does pursue someone ( of any gender ), it’s because he BELIEVES he can get away with it & they will be completely helpless to the situation. 

       personality - wise, he is much pickier. girls who are too forward, too loud, he can’t stand them. he looks for KINDNESS. someone who can hold laid back, friendly conversation with him is preferred to someone who sits back quietly. 

when it comes to men, yuuto will rarely come to such an obsessive state that he stalks them. his taste in men is almost identical to his taste in women. but it’s rare that he will ever be open about his interest in men as well, seeing as it’s not very welcome to society. 

@thebootydiaries I did lil’ drawing of you ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*