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can we get rid of the idea that ‘strong women’ in media can’t fall in love or be straight

Imagine Eleven going to a petting zoo for the first time and feeding apple slices to a baby goat and hugging an alpaca while Mike looks on nervously because a llama once spit on him when he was younger and he’s terrified of it happening again. Eventually El convinces him to get closer—she has a way with animals—and Mike ends up hugging the alpaca too. 

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Do you have, like, a list or chart of your Overwatch ships (and please tell me you won't judge if I disagree with any)

Oh gosh well… Most I’m neutral towards. McHanzo, Pharmercy, Genyatta, Roadrat, I’m happy with all of them, just not especially passionate. 

The ones I’m passionate about? Gotta be Reaper76. It’s just such a juicy ship with loads of juicy canon background and a whole loada potential. It also helps that I have a big fondness for grumpy old men. Like dang, that’s a ship I super love. The other one I really dig is Ana and Reinhardt, because with their interactions they just seem like the most perfect couple ever and I wanna see em live happily and awesomely ever after. 

Some pretty popular ones I don’t like are Meihem and Gency. Meihem seems to be built on what is so far a one sided relationship being seen as adorable, and I can’t get behind that much. A lil’ too true to life for me. Gency just doesn’t offer me much, and the two often work pretty badly on teams together xD I’m not against anyone enjoying these ships though.

Episode 2x08

Okay guys! So I’m gonna be honest I really liked the episode! There were things that I didn’t like obviously but I’m not going to dwell on those things *cough* lack of Luke again *cough*. Anyways I really liked the Izzy and Raphael interactions and I want this to blossom into a beautiful friendship. The malec obviously and the Magnus and Jace scene. I’m not a Climon shipper but I’m not going to bash them because I don’t ship bash. Kat and Alberto were really good together, as always. The scene with Alec and Clary got me and both Matt and Kat did so great in that scene. Magnus! Oh my god Magnus actually killed me in this episode he’s so amazing and badass like holy shit I love him! The Alec and Clary scene at the end made my heart sing. I’m so excited for them to become best friends forever. And of course, perhaps my favorite scene in the whole episode, the Jace, Alec, and Maryse scene. Dom, Nicola, and Matt were so good. I really felt Maryse’s emotions and it was such a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene. So all in all, I would give this episode an 8/10. It was a lot easier to follow than last week’s and didn’t seem rushed or cramped so I liked that. But obviously I want to know what you guys think so come at me with your reviews! 😘

i wanna do something really cool and fun for tiva since we haven’t had a big tiva event in a while and we didn’t do the holiday collab this year (bummer) but like

the fandom is so fragmented and like just absent anymore, with so many of my connections to tiva actually on different social media or just no longer even willing to engage with the fandom anymore

and i fucking miss it.

but is it worth it to do anything if i’ll get like 4 people to participate? like i know we’re busy and stuff and i know that mw’s departure was like our last hurrah for so many people but honestly i’m not done yet???? and if the x-files can have an active fandom after 24 years then why can’t we?

anyway if you’re interested in doing some sort of tiva fandom event type thing i’d love to re-engage the fandom

“Uh, Dad?”

“Dad, what are you doing?”


So are pokemon that get evolutions in later generations going to be rebalanced CP-wise when their evolutions are finally put in Pokémon Go?

Because you can usually only catch so high of a CP on a first evolution pokemon, and of course you get much higher CP on pokemon that don’t have evolution to boost it.

But like, I’ve caught a 700+ CP Murkrow and seen an almost 600 CP Misdreavus, so…