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Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)

anonymous asked:

Stop being a fucking pissbaby and just post the content. Your blackout is completely illogical and counter-productive - people who repost stuff will continue reposting, since they don't care. While those that care about reblogs, will not reblog, because you won't post art for two weeks. Brilliant strategy. it's the typical tumblr mindset: "I want to change the world. I know, I will sign a bullshit petition!". God, you are stupid.

….oh man, this is about to become very embarrassing for you. 

first of all, i’m not even participating in the blackout nor am i organizing it so i don’t even know why the hell you’re coming to me with this. if you’ll notice i’m still reblogging art and still posting writing. which tells me that what you’re doing is going through the tag, finding anyone who’s posted about the blackout, and sending them useless asks because it’s how you get your rocks off. because apparently a harmless tumblr protest upsets you so fucking much that you have to go and insult people over it. you must have a lot of time on your hands. 

if you don’t like the protest, don’t participate in it. if you think it’s not going to do any good, fine. don’t participate in it. i don’t understand why you’re so angry about people participating in a protest that doesn’t affect you. the fact that you are angry shows me that you’re entitled. either you’re a content creator who thinks that you’re entitled to the notes that the people currently protesting aren’t going to give you for two lousy weeks (which, grow up) or you’re a consumer who thinks you’re entitled to the fanart and fanfiction that people on this site post for fucking free that you will be without for two lousy weeks (which, again, grow up). there are plenty of users not participating who are still posting and still reblogging, so the fact that you feel the need to send messages like this to complain about people who are protesting for personal reasons is about the most childish thing i’ve seen all week. 

and here’s another tip, hot off the press. since you’re apparently so offended by a harmless protest that doesn’t affect you, why don’t you do something that you do think will help with art theft instead of insulting people about this protest. why don’t you spread information about proper etiquette around reposting? why don’t you hold an event where people can report any stolen art they see? why don’t you write up guides for new artists/writers who don’t know how to report their stolen content?

bet that didn’t occur to you. because you’re too busy complaining about what other people are doing rather than trying to do something positive for once. because you don’t really care about art theft and you don’t really care about remedying it. you just want an excuse to insult people on anon for doing something that you don’t particularly care for. again, that is childish, entitled, rude, and proof that you really must have a lot of time on your hands. 

please entertain yourself with something else. and if i see you in my inbox again, i’m blocking and reporting your ass. 

13w13kw | efflorescence (hoshi)

flowering, blooming, blossoming

w.c. 1k exact | fluff | tagging the sweet @dumbbelle ♥ | listen ♡ | ml

You’d always noticed how everything around him seemed to spring to life.  The plants, the people, the atmosphere.  As if he brought about a jar of sunshine, something small but always able to make people smile, the flowers blossom.  Even in the dark of twilight, when the sun itself had long disappeared beyond the horizon and the moon had taken its watch amongst a milky curtain of stars, he was always alight with happiness and warmth.

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Cup Of Tea Aesthetics
  • Earl Grey: A grey morning. Clouds of fog settle across the ground, and there's a slight patter of rain against the window. You sit in bed, clutching your favourite mug, surrounded by blankets and pillows. You stare out the window at the rain, a good book in your hand. The window is slightly open so you can hear the raindrops fall on the ground below, and a slight breeze drifts across your room. The rain isn't supposed to ease up any time today, but that's alright because you haven't got anywhere to be, and you're dying to finish this book.
  • Chamomile: A warm summer's day. You lie in a field of daisies, your picnic blanket spread out. The wind brushes against your skin, cooling you from the summer's heat. You stare up into the sky, watching the white puffs of clouds form to make different shapes. The air is sweet, and smells floral. Beside you is a radio, playing songs reminiscent of the 20's. You hum along, your lips curling into a small smile as the melody of the music flows along. The sun's warmth rests gently on your skin, settling like liquid gold, warming you at your core. You decided to spend the rest of summer in this very spot, watching the clouds drift by, dreaming of tomorrow.
  • Honey: Late at night, after a long, hard day. You've just run a bath, which is now steaming hot, a pile of fluffy bubbles sitting at the surface. You turn off the lights, and light your best smelling candles, placing them around the bath. The amber light they give off is soft, comforting. You slowly sink into the warmth of the bath, consumed by it's warmth. Your breathing slows ever so slightly, and you can feel your heart in your chest as it beats. The faint sound of the bubbles of the bath surround you as you relax, your mind free of worries. You are at peace.
  • Vanilla: A late winter's night. Snow is falling outside in large flakes big enough to stick to your eyelashes, but you are bundled up inside. You're wearing your favourite pyjamas and have your warmest blanket bundled up around you. In the fireplace is a large, crackling fire, which makes your whole house smell of pine and a gentle smoke. You sit by the fire, and stick your feet out to warm up your toes. Your cat sits on your lap, purring softly, contentedly. You hold a sketchbook, and draw a doodle of a forest that you remember visiting as a child. Everyone else has already gone to bed, but you remain by the fire, sketching quietly. The crackling of the fire is gentle, comforting, and under the softness of your blanket, as the flames turn to glowing embers, you slowly drift to sleep.
  • Chai: An autumn campfire. The world is exploding in shades of amber, maroon, and topaz, as fall settles in. You stand in the middle of the forest, with your closest friends as they slowly construct the bonfire. Once it is lit, the bunch of you sit on logs surrounding it, watching as the flames dance around each other, almost rhythmically. One of your friends has a guitar, and so you spend the night singing your favourite songs, roasting marshmallows, and making s'mores as you spend time around the fire. By the time the flame's have died down you huddle close together, telling scary stories. Once the final embers have died, you spend the next hour simply staring at the stars through the clearing in the trees. No one says a word, because none of you need to - you're together, and that's what counts.
  • Green: Early in the morning. You stand atop a big hill, looking out over your city as it slowly wakes from it's slumber. You watch as the hazy purple skyline slowly becomes replaced by pink, and then light blue. The lights of the buildings slowly flick on, one by one, each light marking the start of a new day for a person in the city. The clouds become lit in hues of magenta as the sun begins to peek around the horizon. The traffic of the city slowly grows louder, as more and more people wake. You watch as your breath turns to clouds as it passes your lips, being met by the crispness of the morning. The city wakes, and slowly, you do too.
  • Chocolate: A Sunday afternoon. Your best friend is over, and the two of you spend the afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies (and eating most of the dough), dancing around to disney songs in the middle of your kitchen. By the time the cookies are in the oven, the entire room is flooded by their sweet, vanilla-y scent. Once they're out of the oven, you both eat at least four, as you sit in front of the television, marathoning your favourite disney movies on VCR. For this afternoon, you've nothing to worry about. There's something about this very reminiscent of your childhood, it makes you feel young again, childish even. But that's okay, it's good to be a child sometimes.
  • Lavender: Late one September night. You sit by your spot by the window, a thunderstorm raging on outside. The rain hits the glass of your window hard, and you watch as the droplets race each other down to the bottom. Your dog sleeps beside you, surprisingly unaffected by the loud cracks of thunder outside. The sky lights up every so often, streaks of lighting piercing the purple sky, lighting up your room and filling your heart with a sense of excitement, a form of electricity. You clutch your journal, and write a small poem in the warm light of the candle. You vow to yourself not to fall asleep until the storm is over, because there's nothing that makes you feel quite so alive as the cracks of thunder and streaks of lighting. Nothing is quite so exciting, nothing brings you such life.
  • Ginger: Early one summer morning. You walk along a country road, beams of the early morning sun streaming through the trees. There's still a coolness that lingers in the air from the night before, and the dew still remains in the air, like little droplets of mist. You're not wearing any shoes so you can feel the coolness of the cement beneath your feet. The chorus of birdsong from the forest on either side of the road unifies to form one single melody, one perfect song sung by hundreds of birds. You whistle along, enjoying the peace in this moment. You've nothing but the clothes on your back, a pack filled with your belongings, and determination. You don't quite know where you're going, but you know you're going home.
  • Orange Pekoe: A garden party, late in the spring. Flowers everywhere have just begun to bloom, and the world is alive in the most brilliant hues of yellow, pink, green and purple. The air is fresh, sweet. A group of your best friends surround you, as you eat the meal you'd spent hours preparing together. The sun has just begin to set, and soon the christmas lights you'd strung up in the garden will light up the night. You spend the evening reminiscing over stories from childhood, and laughing at the memories you had together. You won't notice it's late into the night until you look up at the sky to find all the constellations brightly lighting up the night sky. This night will only be added to the list of memories you share with them, there for you to reminisce about some time in the future.
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Explore Your Thoughts, Stop Acting Scared - Aline

“Alec’s wedding, it didn’t just effect the Lightwood family. It effected a lot of people. It made people feel less alone, even in Idris it changed something. But even that couldn’t prepare me for what it’s like here, and I wasn’t in New York long enough to notice last time. But coming here, it’s like opening my eyes and seeing, feeling, like the world is different and better. It makes me feel less alone.“
For years homosexuality has been frowned upon by the Clave, those who were gay never dreamed of saying the words out loud… until somebody did. When the Branwell and Lightwood families were set to unite, Alec Lightwood had other ideas. In the middle of a room filled with respected members of the Clave, Alec kissed the man he would come to love; and everything changed.
Progress was slow, but it was still progress. It took time, but people finally started to open their minds to the idea that their relationships weren’t sinful and wrong; they were really no different from anybody else’s.
A year after the war, Aline comes to the New York Institute and she finally has a chance to explore this possibility that her sexuality is more than a phase or a fling, that it was a real part of her and it was okay.

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Hayden counted- internally because she knew the number would probably be measly-  as she pulled herself up on the bar. With spring break around the corner, and her secret hope that she was going to spend it somewhere where she could get away with a wardrobe consisting of only bikinis, she had given in to the inner bikini body calling to her. Having been so focused on her workout, she barely noticed when someone else entered the gym. 

Important thing about net neutrality

If FCC wins this, then I will no longer post on Tumblr. I suppose it’s called a hiatus and I’m not sure if it should be permanent or not. The reason why I’m saying it because without net neutrality, my responses would go slow and my internet can be stupid sometimes. I won’t deactivate it, no chance - but I will put it on hiatus. 

If it happens, I will be on Quotev and Discord for rps and some asks. However, if it’s friendly stuff and all, I’ll be on Twitter. I hope it doesn’t because I know some of my followers don’t have Discord or Quotev, which is a problem. I wish FCC will not win, otherwise, this could be the last post I’ll do. Yeah, and the result will be on my birthday, July 17th, so I don’t know if it’s going to be an happy birthday here for me on here or the worst one.

The Confederate Flag Controversy, Did anyone notice he had a gun in his hand?
  • I've been getting a lot of mail from people on Tumblr regarding the Confederate flag in light of recent events in South Carolina with the murders of innocent victims by a mentally unstable and evil nut. I won't even state his name. I don't like giving my personal opinion on this blog, but in this case I have to speak out my thoughts post all the messages I've received.
  • In a world gone crazy. We act like we are so SHOCKED that more people have been killed yet again in an American Mass murder. Did anyone notice that he had a gun in his hand? Even our President hasn't seemed to address this. But Wal-Mart, Flag making companies, Gaming Companies (Apple) Amazon, Sears, eBay, The Valley Forge Flag Co etc. Have stopped selling the Confederate flag.
  • Will anyone step up in this country and say, "We will stop selling guns?" Absolutely not. Theres more $ involved with guns than there are the selling of flags. Regarding the second amendment, bla bla bla, The right to bare arms. The Second Amendment was based partially on the right to keep and bear arms in English common-law and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as (an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state) unfortunately, in this age we are not using guns for those purposes. (WE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER) Its not the 1700's any longer. Nor is it 1865.
  • Next time these mass murders happen again. (And unfortunately they will) no matter who is the victim. Maybe we should look at whats wrong with anyone (the mentally unstable) being able to get their hands on a gun. Be more SHOCKED at that, than the fact the guy had a thing for the confederate flag. The flag should not fly above Government buildings, this is the United States, and has been for 150+ years. As the descendent of Confederate soldiers, I can find other ways to honor their memory. When the site of that flag hurts so many people to their very soul,I won't be arrogant enough to say it should be a part of this society. Keep in the cemeteries and the museums.
  • I'll get off my soap box now. I won't be posting anymore stories or news items on this topic. Back to History!
  • E Pluribus Unum!!

i just got don’t starve since it was on sale and i thought muffet would look good in that art style

well she might if i could draw with thin lines but i tried at least. ive never been very good at imitating other art styles

also i actually drew this yesterday so i could post it when i got don’t starve, and actually i drew another drawing with the same idea the day before that but didn’t actually post it because it looked too boring, so yeah basically i spent 3 days posting this thing i made in like an hour if you don’t count the time it took to make the first one. that’s too long

Okay soo i’ve been thinking about the episode where Katara and Sokka meet Bato again and they’re so happy to see family again and get info from their dad and whatnot. 

So like…in the episode, Aang is probably the most childish he’s ever been. He fusses about the food, upset the attention isn’t on him, and even steals mail from Bato because he’s scared they’re gonna leave him. 

Now that the zutara atla trash that i am i’m comparing zuko and aang in these situations on how they handle foreign cultures. Aang completely rejects it, won’t even try the food because it looks and smells funny. When he was actually in the water tribes he never wore their clothes or anything like that (kept himself warm with his airbending), only did things his way and only did what he considered fun…really we don’t see him try to adapt anything of their culture at all (besides waterbending ofc). We didn’t even see him eat the entire time he was in either watertribe. 

Then we have Zuko, a pure firebender and firenation royalty. He doesn’t have to accept shit from others or eat from anywhere else. But he still does! We saw him in the earth kindgom give everything at least a try. Yes he was on the run and a refugee BUT he could very well have acted like aang and rejected everything and complained the entire time, in fact you would expect that more from him, a freakin prince, than a monk. You see Zuko eating at these earth nation restaurants, helping the earth nation locals, even taking care of animals. AAAND you see him implement waterbending techniques not just in his lightening re-directing but his actual fire bending form. 

I just find it so interesting that even though Aang is supposed to be a worldly monk, he’s the spoiled one. and he definitely acts like a spoiled child. Whereas the royal, heir to the throne prince, is actually the more worldy of the two. 

Don’t get me wrong about this because yeah it does seem biased, i love aang, i love all the characters because they’re all so well written, and this is what makes it even more well written! You always see the prince as the immature spoiled brat and the monk/religious character as the mature worldly type that gives everything a chance so it’s also kinda refreshing to notice this realization and role switching!


but imagine this concept

haruka nanase, aged 18

know how to user the computer!!!!!



haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

(altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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Instans Spontaneous Midnight Blogpost Incoming

So tumblr,

Here we are again. I never think about you. I never really regularly use you as a social media platform. But yet again, the time has come to use you as my only way of exporting my thoughts towards the world.

It just came to my head, how can a human being not be driven by creativity? It sounds stupid, but at least now I have your attention.

My everyday life is pretty much haunted by the need to overrule myself creatively every single time. Nothing is never good enough. Never. A video idea has turned into crap, an hour after it came to my head. While exporting a video I get fucking anxious because in my head, from my perspective, the video is shit, again. And although that might sound like a bad thing, I have to make myself believe it is exactly the opposite. You see, if I would’ve thought all my stuff was brilliantly brilliant (this probably doesn’t really work in the English language but you know what I mean) I would never feel challenged to be better every time I create something new.

I’m not getting into detail but I’ve noticed Youtube get’s characterised by ‘content creators’ who don’t care if what they’re making is the 28th part of a funny face mask challenge they’ve been doing for the past years. I get the impression (and I don’t conclude anything in this matter) a lot of Youtubers tempt to focus too much on the rational part rather than the creative part.

‘Why put more time and effort into creating something which won’t probably even result in more views?’ <- This is where the artists are being separated from the rationalists. 

I write these posts to hear your opinion about subjects like these. I don’t want to make a statement or start a war, I’m just thoroughly interested in your guys’ opinion about this. Do you feel the same? Can you be bothered? Or do you simply just don’t really care? Let me know.

x Kelvin

“She’s as cold as ice.”

Okay, this scene is so sad/cute for two very important reasons.

First, look at Kristoff. Look how quickly he reacts. His eyes widen, he yells Anna, but not to loud, making sure it won’t hurt her ears since she already looks so weak. And look at how quickly he just gets off all of those leaves on top of his to have Anna in his arms. Like if he just wanted nothing between them. Because in this moment anything could hurt her.

The second one, and I don’t think I’m seeing things, but he’s actually pulling her in (if you notice his hand going out and landing on her arm). He doesn’t even think for a second. This is like a reflex for him. She starts to look weak and he immediately pulls her to make sure that she’s safe and she doesn’t fall. And look at how tenderly he does it too.

Because he can’t bear the thought of anything else hurting her.

So if you want, go follow that new blog! :) I have way too much of blogs that I follow, I tried to cut some people off from my followers (I mean those who have been inactive for at least a year), and even now I have over 500 blogs that I follow. It’s not that I don’t wanna follow them, but I feel like I am a “ghost follower” for some people because I don’t notice their posts… because 526 other blogs are rumbling their photos, and I don’t notice them because they are so far, even if they posted them just a few hours ago.

(I will post this many times so people notice this, if they think that I have left from Tumblr forever :D)