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       Around them, the temple shook and trembled with the energy of it’s own impending destruction. The obelisk the sith-holocron had been placed in sparked violent currents that charged the air between them with sharp static, and for a moment, she almost forgot all about the sabers in her hands, the frantic sounds of Ezra and Kanan calling for her to hurry. The door was slowly inching shut, and yet she stood rooted to the spot, fixated by the terrible wheezing sounds made by the monster behind her. 

      Vader rose slowly, body straining under the pressure of a damaged breathing apparatus trying frantically to process oxygen to burnt lungs. She’d cracked his mask and exposed a portion of his face — exposed the charred skin and sith-yellow eyes underneath.  Time slowed. 

      “Ahsoka,” the monster rasped.  The sound came out distorted and broken, but the voice was achingly familiar; she’d heard it in her dreams, and in memories so old that they felt as if they were from another life entirely. She could’ve wept at the sound. This was Anakin.

       “I won’t leave you,” she said, heart aching. “Not this time.”

      The lone eye stared back, and for a moment she could’ve sworn that she saw the yellow give way to blue. 

  • Person: *looks at me*
  • Me: they're looking at me because they found my tumblr blog and they've seen all my posts and well I guess it's time I deactivate my account it was nice expressing my demon but everything good must come to an end unfortunately

Like the way Bakugou turns around and is ready to beat the shit out of whoever is behind him

And is shook when he sees it’s Uraraka (he still swears at her cuz that’s just who he is, but still)

^^ Also the fact that Uraraka knows Bakugou’s looking for Midoriya without him having to say so


(I guess it’s pretty hard to miss but SHHHH LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT)

Bakugou can’t hurt her with his stank attitude:




(Note that the speech bubbles have a black background, which usually happens in manga when those words are important to someone.)

AND I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYONE ELSE STRAIGHT UP TELLING BAKUGOU TO HIS FACE THAT THEY THINK HE’S COOL (It’s probably happened before like with Kirishima or somebody but I seriously can’t remember it happening).






And after the whole thing’s over, she’s all like,

And even though he’s perpetually an angry shit, her words still made Bakugou calm down:

These two are just -


Dream Daddy Cult ending.

So from looking up sources, refreshing twitter, tumblr, and reddit in search for what is going on, i have a pretty good understanding of what this secret ending with Joseph is about.

I believe how it started was someone trying to find out if there was a good ending with Joseph. As of now, (7/23/17) all i know is that there is a ending where Joseph has sex with you, and then goes back to his wife. I heard that there was a second ending where you stay his side hoe, but i haven’t gotten that ending nor seen anyone else get it. I guess while data mining someone had found and posted the dialog where you wake up after having sex with Joseph, you are in a underground ‘dungeon’. 

The dialog goes on to show that Joseph is not human at all, but some sort of demon. He calls his kids ‘vessels’ that are apart of him. Joseph tells your dad that you are underground below the cul-de-sac and anyone who has ever seen this place has died. Joseph then says: 

“…Just think of it as the real Margarita Zone.”

Then Joseph admits that the reason why all the dads in the area are single is because he hunted them down and was using their power to fuel this entity(?)  

It doesn’t stop there, Joseph goes on to say:

“Now you’ll excuse me, there’s some other business I need to attend to. Your dear friend Robert has been awfully worried about you.
I think it’s about time that miserable drunk gets one last visit from the Dover Ghost.’’

After this Mary shows up and sets you free, you run and run and make it back home somehow. Once you get in Amanda greets you and things seem normal…until you ask her when he birthday is and you realize that Joseph made a fake Amanda. The “demon” Amanda turns to ash and this is followed by you trying to stab Joseph with the knife that Robert gave you. You drop the knife in the struggle, where Mary grabs the knife and stabs Joseph. His children attack him and possibly eat him(?). You end up waking up in bed and told by Amanda that the yacht you were on sank. Joseph was found to be taking money from the church and was no where to be found. 

Detective Saul Graves comes in and tells you he saw the underground dungeon himself and that his own wife died mysteriously.

Looking deeper into the game, people started to find sprites that go along with this storyline.

To Mary holding the bloody knife she stabbed Joseph with.

Joseph being stabbed in the shoulder.

Detective Saul Graves. (possibly voiced by Ross or Jacob Anderson: )

“demon” Amanda.

There’s even more, including Joseph’s vessel children, the background to the dungeon, different facial features for characters…ect

Then even more was found…Background music, voice clips for Mary, Saul, creepy footsteps, and very disturbing background music.

Now, for the speculation. Everything above was found IN THE GAME

People started to make some connections to Robert and Joseph. Robert has a odd looking tattoo that he doesn’t want to talk about. Joseph has the same tattoo, and that symbol keeps showing up in the game.

On Joseph’s walls…

This is the cult’s symbol. Its all through the game, and in the actual dungeon.

The symbol is even on the build your dad clothing options…

Not to mention the times robert warns you about joseph and how they had some twisted past together.

People having been saying that this ending was a Halloween DLC.

 I would like an answer as to: 1.) Who said it was a DLC and were the screenshot proof is. 2.) If it is a Halloween DLC, why is the cult symbol EVERYWHERE IN GAME. 3.) Why would they have a DLC for a game that just came out a few days ago..

I’ve seen people also say that it was something the game devs wanted to take out, thinking it was too much for a silly queer dating sim. This is more believable. I heard that one of the devs is into the horror genre, but this isn’t confirmed. Even so, why would they leave so much code in for data miners to find and cause people to get upset over. If they didn’t want to upset anyone why did they leave so much in for people to find?

As what I've seen and heard, at the moment there is no way of getting this ending. The code is apparently broken and wont start like the other endings.

These could all could be possible ideas….If there wasn’t a steam achievement out for “Escape from Margarita Zone” that no one has gotten. 

Along with that achievement, there’s “World’s okayest Dad” which no one out of the thousands of people playing can unlock. ( sidenote: someone on reddit said they got the achievement and wouldn’t say how, but looking deeper into it they seemed to have hacked the achievement and not gotten it ‘naturally’)

Ending notes:

I think that you can get the achievement and this chapter 18, cult ending. It might be a “true” ending, but that’s up to the person playing to decide.

HoodiePanda hosted a stream where he said himself that there is a possible Mary bug that the devs have confirmed which might be the reason we cant unlock this ending. This guy has played 24+ hours on this game and i think i can agree.

maybe we’ll never know…

"Why are POC, LGBT, and people of religious and other minorities siding with republicans, anti-sjws, and going conservative?????

Allow me, a bi black male, lay down a few possibilities.

-You claim to stand for minorities up to the point they merely disagree with you (“I don’t believe violent protest is working” is met with “ARE YOU VALUING PROPERTY OVER LIVES???????” because CLEARLY they said that.)

-Association with people that have screwed over the people you claim to be defending (the Muslim immigrant that had their limo smashed on Inauguration Day) and barely (if at all) acknowledge them

-Label everyone of a group who you claim to be out for that doesn’t support you as self-hating (because you know, that’s not cultic or manipulative at all!)

-You hate people of minorities who disagree with you (See previous point)

-The STARK lack of people of the regressive left calling out other members of the social justice movement (I’ve seen more righters and GamerGaters call one another out)

-Some of us want ACTUAL equality, NOT supremacy (hence why I believe you CAN be racist to white people)

-Your methods of combatting prejudice with more prejudice (Combatting immature people who seriously think the existence of LGBT people or women harms them in ANY way with the notion that the existence of cis people, even cis people of the LGBT community, hinders them when their character says otherwise

- “So these groups are easily susceptible to alt-right and nazi ideaologies for being isolated and shunned, especially groups with nerdy interests. What do? “ISOLATE AND SHUN THEM HARDER!!!”

-The ambiguity of whether or not you guys actually shun pedophillia (Sarah Nyberg. Enough said.)

-Attempting to rationalize the dehumanization of people for “being of the status quo” (“All males are misogynists, all straight people are homophobes,” am I supposed to take pride in being African-American and bi or hate myself for being a cis male? Superficial stuff I can’t fucking help?)

-Devaluing terms by using them on dang near EVERYTHING

-Write off any dissent by us with “you’re not the only person of this group lmao” (True, but don’t we deserve a voice too? Why should a majority be heared over a minority?)

-Rationalize violence with mere assumptions

-“Mistakes” aren’t a thing to you guys; everything is malicious

-Holding other people accountable for stuff they didn’t do, even if what they’re being held accountable for isn’t affecting anyone today

-Responding to people asking not to be called a term that was originally a slur WITH THOSE SLURS (Just ask @lethal-cuddles)

-“Righties can’t distance them from extremists, they’re THEIR people.” Yet you guys get away with multiple anti-Gators being involved with sexual crimes in the past, AND attempts to normalize pedophillia (again, Sarah Nyberg.)

And probably even more.

From what I’ve experienced, centrists, right-leaners, and ACTUAL liberals have been far more “accepting” than a lot of you guys.

Fairy Girls Volume 4. (Based after GMG arc). I’m posting this to say that even though I know it’s just a spin off, it’s important to show that when asked who she’s closest to Juvia says Lucy and doesn’t even consider Gray.

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