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at my job you can't tip 100% or more than the actual bill if u use a credit card. is that a normal policy? cause a lot of times people will buy something cheap and try to tip but we won't be able to take it cause it's too much :(

That sounds like one of those policies that is meant to curtail theft. Like after you leave a dishonest server can’t up the tip to steal money. Sounds good in theory but as always it leaves much to be desired in practice.


mmmm ive hit a thing im curious about but idk if i should go for it

So We Won't See Our Shadows
Cheap Haircuts
So We Won't See Our Shadows

I get embarrassed when people say
that they’ve been missing me.
I get freaked out just thinking about doing ordinary things.
Like, I’m high.
then I’m not.
I’m low,
then I’m not.
I just wanna find a middle ground where sometimes

 I don’t feel distraught.

I don’t care how stupid you think it sounds. We need to start educating by being interested. Stop patronizing people! I don’t feel like I should have to say this, but evidently I do. You’re not superior. You are just more informed on a topic or have an experience they don’t.

Rather than telling someone their fish is going to kill a tankmate. Because the answer you’re going to get is “They’re fine. I’ve never seen them fight.” Tell them about your pets. I don’t even care if you make it up. “I kept my old goldfish and cory together too… I actually wouldn’t recommend it anymore. They were perfect for months and overnight my goldfish accidentally bit my cory. He got stuck in her throat and they both died. I’d hate to see that happen to yours and have you go through that. I’d recommend rehoming the cories, goldfish are just as fun without them.” I mean you can sound more formal. But you’re not attacking them. You’re not even telling them what to do. You’re informing them that this is a thing that can happen. Ask questions! Don’t assume. Provide resources and stories. Don’t lecture. Most people just won’t listen, you just need to let them go and hope for the best.

SSMonth 2014, Day 19: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me"

Title: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little more “Touch Me”
Summary: Because he’s never really done this before.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
Prompt: Rusty
Rating: M-ish.
Warning(s): Teenage smut.
Comments: I’d actually been looking forward to this quite a bit. Hope you love it, or at least like it. *sweats*

Sasuke failed to understand how she remained so calm, so collected under the proximity. For Sasuke, it was an experience being so close to her no matter the circumstance; smelling the light perfume on her blouse hinted by the scent beneath the layers that was so palatably Sakura; feeling the warmth radiating off of her skin and onto his; being so close that even lifting a finger meant breaking the barriers that she had so cautiously set up for the two of them.

No matter what happened, no matter what she said or did, no matter what feelings of hers stirred beneath the surface, Sakura kept her eyes turned forward, a warm smile set in place.

It took him a year to kiss her.

A year filled with meaningless talk of anything from her patients to his past, with prudent gazes into each other’s eyes that meant so much more to the two of them than passerbys could have possibly been aware. A year filled with slammed doors, broken plates, and “I never want to see you again” fights. A year filled with not-so-platonic hugs, apology flowers, and- of course- confessions.

One emotionally exhausting year.

But it had been sudden, like a breath of fresh air after a horrendously humid summer. One minute, she was speaking about becoming a team leader, and the next he had pressed his lips to her own. Wordlessly, and more quickly than he had anticipated, she had accepted it, moving her lips with his as if it were the most natural thing she had ever done.

Things moved on from there, from kissing to hand holding- to now.

Sasuke never felt certain of how long it took a person to become accustomed to the nudity of others.

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Can you hear the silence?
Can you see the dark?
Can you fix the broken?
Can you feel my heart?

Can You Feel my Heart - Bring me the Horizon

A5 (on shitty cheap paper, which means it was a pain in the ass -_-) - HB, 2B, black pencils, grey felt pens, black and grey pens, white Posca.

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Frat Boy AU
  • Ashton: People. So many people all around. Someone stumbles into you, half of their cup of beer splashing on the ground and partially on your shoes, but you don't care. You toss your empty cup into the trash as you make it to the door and push your way through into the cool air outside. You take in a deep breath of cold air, your cheeks burning more now than they did inside where everything was hot and sweaty and loud and simply too much. You lean back against the railing that bonds the porch in as you struggle to catch your breath. "You alright there, freshman?" The voice is accented, not entirely unusual for your school, and you turn to greet the person who spoke. "Just my first frat party. That's all," you tell him as he starts to step closer to you. He comes out of the shadows and you recognize him from one of your classes. To say he's out of your league doesn't begin to describe it. "Never pegged you for a frat party type, love," he chuckles as he leans against the railing next to you and crosses his arms over your chest. You start to introduce yourself, but he cuts you off, "Yeah, I already know. I'm Ashton, in case you didn't know that. Still didn't answer my question. What are you even doing here? This isn't your scene." You shrug and shove your hands in the pockets of your jacket that you regret wearing. "I don't know. I'd never been and I figured I'd try it before I wrote it off as 'not my scene,'" you reply. He nods softly, "And what did you think?" You laugh and shake your head, "Definitely not my scene." He laughs with you before asking, "And frat guys? Written them off as well?" You bite your lip before you shrug, "I guess not necessarily." He smiles and says, "Good. Then I'm going to walk you back to your dorm and take you out for lunch tomorrow."
  • Calum: His hands press into your hips, pulling you back against his chest. You throw an arm back over his neck as your hips sway against him. You know exactly what you're doing to him and so does he. You've done this before, countless times, always with Calum, so you know exactly what to do. "You're killing me tonight, baby," Calum breathes into your ear before kissing your neck. "New dress, huh?" He should know. He's taken off practically every single party outfit you own. You hum in affirmation as you lean your head back against his shoulder. "Your room?" you ask him as he pulls his mouth off your neck. Calum sighs and kisses your mouth lazily. He tastes like beer, whiskey, and Calum and you can't get enough. You can never get enough of him. He pulls away before you're ready for him to do so and you open your mouth to yell at him, but he grabs your hand and pulls you toward the stairs instead. You're a stair behind him all the way to his familiar room. You're here far more often than you should be. The feeling of his sheets against your back and his hands on your bare skin sets you on fire while also making you feel at home. You're head over heels for him, but you know better than to say so, because then you won't even get this and this, whatever this is, is better than nothing. It's worth all the pain. His skin is sweaty against yours as you both come down from your highs. He always takes such good care of you, part of the reason why you always come back even though you know you're being used for sex. "You're so fucking amazing," Calum breathes into your neck before his lips attach to your skin again. "Calum, not again," you laugh lazily. "I'm too tired." Calum sighs and gives you a long kiss before collapsing onto his mattress beside you. "I guess I'll get going," you mumble as you start to sit up. Suddenly, Calum's tan arm snakes around your waist and pulls you back to him. "Stay," he mutters to you as he snuggles up next to you. "I want to wake up with you." You bite you lip before you say, "Calum, you're-" He cuts you off, "Breaking my own rule. Yeah. I know. I've also fallen for you pretty damn hard. Which breaks even more rules. But fuck it. Stay with me." And so you stay.
  • Luke: You watch as he adjusts his snapback on his head, shoving more of his sweaty hair under it. He takes a swig from his cup, noticing you as he lower his cup. He throws a faint smile your way as his eyes scan down your body, never making it all the way back up again. You're both so new to all of this. Your hands are practically shaking as you walk over to him. His eyes are following you, watching you take each step toward him. By the time you reach him, his cup is already down and he's waiting for you. "Hi," you manage to get out. "Hi," he says back, surprisingly sounding just as nervous as you are. You know he's new like you and new to the whole fraternity thing, but he's far more shy than you were expecting. "Do you, um, do you want to dance?" he stumbles through. "Sure," you smile, adding your name onto the end just so you can learn his. "I'm Luke," he tells you as he takes your hand and leans you onto the packed dance floor. Your hands are on the back of his neck. His are on your hips. You're sweaty, he's sweaty, everyone around you is sweaty, and no one cares. He's got you pressed tightly to him as you sway to the music, taking all your cares away with him. You don't even notice how late it is until your friend finds you, telling you its time to go. In his slightly drunken state, Luke lowers his lips to your ear and whispers, "Stay with me tonight." You chew your bottom lip as you consider his proposal, before deciding to throw all of your caution to the wind and tell your friend to head home without you. You know it's not your best decision, but you don't care the moment his lips find yours. You're tangled in unfamiliar sheets as hands that should feel unfamiliar as well, but somehow don't, roam over your entire body, bringing pleasure with them. By the time you're both done, all the alcohol is out of your systems and you can feel yourself falling for him as you lay your head on his bare chest and draw patterns on his stomach. "Do you want to stay with me?" he asks softly as he twirls pieces of your hair around his fingers. "Yes," you reply softly. "Do you maybe, uh, um, want to get breakfast together in the morning?" His voice shakes as he asks you out. "I'd love that," you say with a sigh of relief. "Good," Luke nods. "Did, um, did that feel special to you?" You smile and kiss his chest before answering, "Yes, yes it did, Luke." He sighs with relief this time. "Okay. Because it felt it too. Whatever it was. And I want to feel that again and again." You giggle and lean up to kiss his jaw on before saying, "Me too, Luke. Me too."
  • Michael: You shift a little on your makeshift seat, trying to find a slightly more comfortable position as people take turns around you picking up cards to play a game you don't fully understand. "You don't seem like you're having a good time." You're surprised when the boy with dyed red hair next to you speak to you. He's been sitting next to you for thirty minutes and hasn't said a thin yet, so you thought he was simply going to ignore you all night. "I'm okay," you tell him. It's not a complete lie, but it's not the complete truth either. He nods softly. You know by the way he's looking at you he's sober enough to see right through your lie, but he doesn't press you for more. "I'm Michael, by the way," he says, pushing the conversation past your lie. You reply with your name just as someone gets his attention, telling him it's his turn. "Uh, I'm sitting this round out, guys," he says as his eyes move back to you. No one asks if you're doing the same. They already know what's happening as they see you two start to talk. The conversation flows comfortably. He's the driving force behind it, letting you keep talking even though you're pretty sure you're talking too much. As the game slowly starts to dissipate, you're still talking and he's still listening. He cuts in once to ask, "Hey, do you want to take this back to my room? I think my brother wants us all out of his room now." You don't think twice about following him. You grab your jacket and he grabs your hand, leading you to his room. As soon as the door closes, his lips find yours. His mouth moves against yours smoothly despite the alcohol he's consumed tonight. His tongue slides between your lips just long enough to deepen the kiss and your want for him before he pulls back to kiss you from a different angle. He slowly starts to pull you back toward his bed by your hips and you let him. You know this probably won't turn into something special. It probably won't even become a regular thing. But right now, he tastes like cheap beer and kisses well enough to make your mind hum more than alcohol and that's what you want right now, which is good enough for both of you.