they will see it

Like the look on his face. I imagine the conversation with people who weren’t there going something like:

Draco: So then I made a stupid paper bird and charmed it to fly at him with a rude picture drawn inside.

Background Slytherin 1: Wait….paper bird? Like, you folded him a paper crane? And then charmed it to get to him?

Draco: …yeah. It was savage.

Background Slytherin 2: Dunno, mate. That’s some pretty lovely charm work. How’d you get it to him?

Draco: You know… I just sort of…blew on it. Like you do.

Background Slytherin 1: Like, just so we’re clear…You made him an origami note, and sent it to him by blowing him a kiss? That doesn’t seem, you know…really romantic?

Background Slytherin 2: Draco, mate, it’s okay if you like him. We won't–


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a spell for love and foreseeing the future

things you will need:
a pink candle
a pink marker and a piece of paper
rose petals and other various pink flower petals from the outdoors
5 pink beads (optional)
pink sparkles (optional)
lavender essential oil
a wand
a cup of water for an offering

how to do the spell:
draw a pentagram on your piece of paper with your pink marker
place the pink beads on the 5 points of your pentagram
anoint your candle with your lavender saying “as above, so below” as you anoint it
place your candle in the center of your pentagram
sprinkle pink sparkles and lavender and all the pink petals you can find over your pentagram in a clockwise circular motion
cross your circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out
light some incense
place your cup of water at the corner of your spell
light your candle. say
“with this candle i will have love in my life
and i will never have any pain or strife
love i will have and the future i will foresee
the spell is perfectly cast, so mote it be”
let the candle burn out on its own
wait for the results

anonymous asked:

omg that stilinski house post. the fish. the sad concrete slab. is there any chance we can see your ideas about the hale house?

Okay, this one is really not going to be that heavily tied to what we see in the show, because I kind of hate it. Granted, all we’ve seen of the Hale House is its burned remains, the front hall, and like half a room, but I still hate it, because like so many things in Teen Wolf, they had the beginnings of something really cool, and then they half-assed it in pretty much every way.

The exterior of the house is kind of a lazy Second Empire style, but weirdly short and wide considering the entire point of the style is to make things seem very tall and narrow. Even shot from below like this, when it should seem like it’s towering over you and being ominous, it just looks like the dumpy uncle of an actual Second Empire style house.

The floors aren’t tall enough and there isn’t enough space between the windows on the first and second level. The way they have it, the second floor windows would start like six inches off the floor, and the walls would be maybe like six feet tall. You could say that the fire made the wood compact and shrink, but it still looked too short in that one shot of the house on fire. 

Even without all the ornamentation, look how much nicer the proportions are on the right. It’s tall and stately, and doesn’t look like it’s trying to disappear into its own turtleneck and hide from the world.

And on the topic of ornamentation, the Hale House is depressingly bland, so to make myself feel better, I’m going to say that it was more ornate and all of the great details burned off. Because I’ve always considered the Hales to be a founding family of Beacon Hills–which probably would’ve been founded late 19th century–and wealthy founding families didn’t half-ass their homes back then. Even if set builders on MTV shows do.

Moving on.

Directly inside the front door is the foyer.

I hate this foyer. 

It’s a very stupid, very large foyer to put in a house this size, and it doesn’t fit the exterior, because the window above the front door implies there’s a room there. There are shades on it, it’s not very grand–it’s not one of those windows in a two story foyer that’s pretty much only there to frame a gaudy chandelier. This type of two story foyer also cuts out a massive part of the second story they could be using for rooms. 

So, to the right of the foyer looks like the dining room. Do your best to ignore a shirtless Derek; it’s the only decent shot of that room I could find.

Remember that Kate was about to come threaten him. It’s not sexy, it’s sad. Focus on the house.

On the other side of the foyer is the living room, and I get angry.

The way they divided up the house makes no sense. Half the ground floor is one large room, leaving everything else like the kitchen, dining room, storage, etc. to be crammed into the other half. But it’s not just a giant living room, because before you get to the living room, there’s a random hallway for no reason with a couple very shallow steps of a tripping hazard.

Where does this hallway go? What is its purpose? It’s not wide enough to be a room, so it has to lead somewhere at the back of the house, but that is the back of the house, unless the living room has double double doors to a study behind it that completely burned to nothing…while still leaving the doors intact. And then someone stole the doorknobs.

So based on what we’ve seen, this is the approximate downstairs Hale House floor plan:

Which is dumb and a bad Sims design. It could extend back further on the right, with a bigger kitchen and a bathroom or something back behind the foyer, but if it does, then only the ground floor does, because the second floor stops at the top of the stairs.

(Side note: Why is this house so lopsided? I’m all for asymmetry when it’s done right, but this just looks really shitty! They made the left side wider, but didn’t do anything to the right side to visually balance it out!)

Oh, and upstairs? There’s a railing on the left, so the hallway continues around the foyer of wasted space, and to the right looks like there would be a hallway. 

Only turn to the right and it’s literally just a wall and an old rusty bed frame.

Does that hallway wrap around to the right? If it does, I hate it, because then you have something like this. Which sucks and is inefficient, and I hate bathrooms with no windows. 

So, changes I would make:

Literally everything.

First, bring the right side of the house forward to help balance out the asymmetry, and to make the dining room larger. Big family, big dinners, they’re going to need more space than that rinky dink dining room they had. Add some windows for more ornamentation on the exterior to give it some visual weight, and you’re golden.

Then I’d put the staircase against the wall in the foyer and make the foyer narrower too. The only reason it was so wide was to fit the doorways on either side of the stairs, which was pointless and stupid. That makes more room on the second floor, and if the house extends out back more, you can easily fit four good sized bedrooms. Do the same on the third floor (but with smaller rooms because of the mansard roof) and bam! Big family house for werewolves!

Also lose the terrible wallpaper. 

I just can’t take the Hales seriously knowing that was on their walls.

Not My Type (Beverly Marsh/Reader)

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(A/N: I cannot write today this is not good. Still I wanted to do this asap bc I’m gay as hell. Sorry it’s repetitive and bad goodnight.)

Request: “for a beverly x reader: how about the losers got to the arcade and they see the reader all the boys each take turns trying to talk and flirt with her only to be shot down. after all the boys have been shot down, richie makes a joke that bev will be the only only successful at talking to her. while he was saying this no one realized that she was coming towards them. she interupts him by slinging her arm around bev’s shoulder because her and bev have been dating secretly for a couple months.”

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Katy: So that one time you brought him in and he was sparking all over the place–

Keith: Yeah.

Katy: Oh. Oh my god

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