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who thought giving superpowers to those kids was a good idea

So, there’s this relatively new member of our team who’s a gossip fanatic, she’s always around chatting everyone up and then reporting the juicest news and hot details she’s given, which is a demeanour our main client is pretty bothered by, therefore she always makes sure to shut up and behave around them.

Two coworkers of mine, me, the Big Boss and our client were arranging and planning a few things, when she burst into the room, not noticing the BB and the Client, who were at that moment having coffe behind the door and she went “ooooh, you know what they say about Louis Tomlinson not actually being the father of his child? Looks like it’s true after all, even though it’s been ages!”

We didn’t have time to gesture to her, that my client appeared from behind the door all frowny and straight faced “yeah, the same ages it took you to dig this oh-so-shocking information up, with that quick, sharp rate of yours you’ll have to start working on the next campaign tomorrow morning if I want it out before 2036″.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale: Creator breaks down Jake and Rosa's fate

Here’s an interview with Dan Goor about the finale and Season 5. Some tidbits:

  • There was a version of the ending where Jake wakes up in jail
  • Chelsea will be on maternity leave in early season 5
  • He reiterates that the s5 Halloween episode will be the best one yet
  • Currently, the 99th episode also happens to be the Thanksgiving episode!!