they will regret hiring me soon



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The last thing you wanted to do was having another fight with Park Chanyeol, but when you heard Baekhyun telling Chen what he had just said to him you couldn’t stop the feeling of rage taking all over you.

“He said what?” you squealed surprising them. They hadn’t noticed your presence there, but as soon as they heard your voice they knew what would come next.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were there,” answered Baekhyun hesitantly.

“That’s not what I asked. Did he really said that was the way I managed to get into this company?” You wanted to kill him.

“And not just that, he said you did exactly the same to reach that job position,” smiled Jongdae with a huge smile, taking the whole situation as a joke.

He clearly couldn’t read you well. Was he expecting you would drop the issue and ignore what they were telling you?

Turning around immediately, you walked fast until you were standing in front of the door of Chanyeol’s studio. For half a second you considered knocking on the door, but you were so furious that you couldn’t really think of being polite. You shoved it open and started yelling at him even before he knew who was there.


He turned around in his chair, confused, looking at you with huge brown eyes.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with YOU?” he replied pointing at the door, “Didn’t your parents taught you how to knock?”

He stood up and looked down into your eyes.

“My parents taught me a lot of things Chanyeol! For example, how to NOT be an asshole!”

The anger kept growing inside you as Baekhyun’s word echoed in your head over and over again, she’s sucking dicks.

“I’m done with you! What did I do now?” he was exasperated. It was obvious he didn’t want to fight, but you did, and you were ready.

“What are you saying about me? How do you think I got this job? I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR THIS COMPANY, YOU IDIOT!” you howled while poking your finger against his chest with every word.

“Baekhyun!” he scolded looking now at the boy who had just entered the room apologizing and asking you two to please not fight.

“Shut up Baekhyun! I don’t care if it was a private conversation or just a joke! The thing is that he said it, and you said it too and I don’t know if you were planning to tell someone else or if you already did! Can you imagine how that makes me look? How that makes me feel?”

While you were venting your rage against the poor guy who was now pouting in front of you, the sound of an email dinged, coming from Chanyeol’s computer.

He sat again ignoring both of you and read the text he had just received, leaving him speechless. Noticing the change in the atmosphere, you shut your mouth and both of you stared at him.

“I’ve been offered one of the main characters for the new KBS drama,” he announced in a low voice.

You went to look at the screen of his computer and read the email, “So they finally did it?”

Their eyes were on you as soon as you muttered your last sentence.

“You knew they were thinking of me?” asked Chanyeol in disbelief.

“Yes. Actually, I am the one who suggested them to hire you,” his jaw slacked opened.

“What? I can’t stand you, but I can recognize a good actor when I see him,” you paused as your eyes met his, “do you wanna know whose dick I had to suck to get you that role?”

He closed his mouth, guilt and regret clouded his eyes while he struggled to find a way to start asking you to forgive him but you didn’t give him the chance. You straightened up and left the room after getting around Baekhyun, leaving both of them to realize how unfair they were being with you, especially the younger one.

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Exo reaction to when they have to dress up as Santa Claus

mhhhmm I love Christmas!! 


*bratty boy*
“b*tch that outfit makes me look fat”


*wink wink nudge nudge*
“anything for you and cookies


*teasing you*
“only if you be my little elf”


*freaking out*
“okay, but what if he doesn’t believe it!? why don’t you ask chanyeol”


*thinks your joking and agrees, but will soon regret it*


“ah.. no”


*too much queen to care*
“girl if you think your getting me into that, think again”


*He’s nervous not wanting to be santa, but agree’s cuz he will do anything for you*


*hires someone to be santa instead, cuz he’s a rich boy who can’t lose his cool*


“but I’m the present”


“but… why can’t I be santa??! WHY AM I THE DEER!!”


“Only if you’ll be my misses Claus”
(b0Y WhAt U D0inG WiTh yoUR MoUth STAP)

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