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Imagine: Theo’s face when you turn up to save his ass…again.

“We really need to stop meeting like this Theo"you laughed as you brushed some of the dirt off his face.

He brought his hand up and held it on top of yours.
“I’m so grateful "he smiled before hugging you into his chest.

Do something good for yourself. Put more sugar in your coffee if it’s too bitter. Eat whatever you like, go to the gym whenever you want to. Read as many books as you want, whenever you want to enter another world. Read to further educate yourself. Study for school, uni or that midterm exam you’ve got coming up. Grow. Give all you’ve got. Use the energy you have for the things that are good for yourself. Take a shower if you want to clear your head. Walk around the block to get your mind off things. Scream if you gotta let something out. Forget how many calories are in that piece of cake you’re craving. Eat, eat, eat. Live in the moment. Laugh as loud as you want, no matter how many people will stare at you. Turn up your favourite song, as loud as you want. Dress as you like. Drink green tea, travel to unknown places, take aims and fulfill as many of your dreams as possible. Say your thoughts out loud. Cry when you’re sad. Analyse your problems and try to find a solution. If something’s getting too much for you, lay down and rest, you’ll figure it out tomorrow. Don’t stay in one place, remove yourself from all the negativity in your life. Feel the moment, live your life the way you think is the right way. Drink, party and dance all night long. Do your homework. Get ready for your exams. Eat healthy and greasy. However you want. Open your eyes and step away from all the lies, intrigues and toxic people. Run, as fast as you can, to overtake everyone else, be better for yourself as you were yesterday, a week ago or a month ago. Don’t stop. Don’t give up, keep your head held high and show everyone who didn’t want you, what they’re missing. Don’t ever stop dreaming. Tell those who don’t believe in you to go to hell. Trust but don’t be naive. Give everything you’ve got. Your only competition is yourself. Eat, whenever you’re hungry, wear that outfit you like, if you want to, dye your hair in all the colours, be crazy, be moody, don’t be all square and express whenever you don’t like something, when you’re unhappy or uncomfortable. Stand by your opinion. Take yourself seriously. Laugh loud, get excited over little things, laugh about yourself, say “please” and “thank you”, be happy for others. Grant others the things you’d like to have as well. Don’t be perfect. Be brave enough to do your thing, take advice but don’t accept it without thinking about it yourself. Don’t spill your secrets to everyone, trust yourself the most. Start accepting your mistakes, loving yourself, your flaws, your rough edges. Talk good about yourself, with yourself and start thinking positive. See positive in all setbacks and defeats. Look for the small victories and believe me, you will find them. Do something good for yourself. You’re worth it. You deserve it.
—  I think so many people still don’t get this. original text by @neues-leben-berlin , translated by @cldhearted

You, Scott and Liam were being cornered.

The nazi werewolf was closing in on you, explaining how he was going to tear everyone apart one by one.

“And then a banshee, werecoyote"he continued.
Your breathing got heavier and you glanced at the two boys by your side.

Scott shook his head and Liam rested his hands against the wall.
You saw something in the shadows and a smiled made its way onto your face.

"A Stiles"you stated.

"A what?"The ‘teacher’ asked confused.

"A stiles"Stilinski repeated as he emerged from the shadows and struck the villain around the head with his baseball bat.

"Bad guy right I didn’t misread that?"he glanced down at the body then his eyes traveled to meet yours.

"Bad guy"you nodded.
He held his arms open and you ran towards him, he placed a kiss upon your nose and then your forehead.

After Stiles had reunited with everyone you looked at him curiously.
"What?"he smiled, taking your hand into his.

"No matter where you are you always end up with that bat"you laughed.

"No matter where I am I always end up with you"he grinned.

-but like did you guys see the reunions, I’m such stydia trash and I loved the sciles reunion😭😭😭❤

I saved your ass

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1648

Warnings: mmh, none.

I used to take refuge at Hale’s House. Since there had been the burning, and the few survivors had left Beacon Hills, the house was by now abandoned. I needed a place to stay a bit alone, away from my family, from my friends, and everyone else. It was my secret refuge, until Derek Hale wasn’t returned to the city. The first time I met him, he found me while I was sitting on one of the sofas in the room on the second floor, with a book in my hand. As soon as I looked up, and saw him, I jumped up, and panicked, I ran away.
I saw Derek a few days later, when one of my friends, Scott, had been bitten by a werewolf. The first time Stiles told me, I began to laugh. Who knew that the stories about werewolves were true?
And when Stiles told me that Derek was a werewolf, I had a stroke. Scott and Stiles had decided to talk to him, and asked me to follow them. Hesitantly, I decided finally to go. When I saw Derek, I felt speed up the heart; the first time, I had only fleetingly, however, in that moment my eyes wouldn’t stop exploring his body. He was cute, and his mysterious look.. I still fascinated more.
After the conversation between Scott and Derek, this last came towards me.
“There was no need for you to run away, the last time. You can come here when you want to hide.”
At first I decided not to go into the house; to know that I was no longer alone, it made me feel.. nervous. I felt uncomfortable, knowing that there was Derek.
One day, however, I quarreled furiously with my father, and not knowing where else to go, I ran to Derek. I had tears in my eyes, when I knocked on the front door. Derek just saw me, his face turned from confused to worried. He asked me what had happened, and surprisingly, he embraced me. I didn’t expect such a.. lovely gesture from him. I didn’t say what had happened, I asked only awkwardly if I could stay, and he, without another word, made me sit in the house.
From that moment I went to go to Derek’s house, whenever I needed it.
Stay in that house, alone with Derek, it was not easy. I was always nervous in his presence, even though I tried to ignore it, I knew he felt my nervousness. Even without his wolf powers.
The guy used to train, and I.. I tried not to look at him. Even though my eyes were always on him.
One afternoon, as I entered Hale’s house (by now I entered without even knocking), I saw Derek while exercising on chin-up bar, without a shirt. I was behind his, watching his body, his arms muscles, his tattoo on the back. I had realized how much he had been beautiful for a long time, but at that moment, seeing him there, his body was naked and sweaty.. I suddenly felt the butterflies in the stomach. I jumped when Derek jumped on the floor; he turned to me and greeted me.
“You’re right?” he asked me, knowing that my heart beat hard. I didn’t have time to answer, that a worried look formed on Derek’s face.
“Derek? Something wrong?”
“You came alone?”
I frowned, and Derek’s question put me in confusion. Did he feel the presence of someone else besides us?
Suddenly Derek shook my arm and dragged me to one of the couches in the next room.
“Don’t move from here, do you understand? Y/n, don’t make noise.”
“But Der-” I couldn’t finish the sentence that I heard the front door being broken by someone. Derek looked up at the people who had come home, and turned into a wolf, fluttered over them. I couldn’t see anything behind my hiding place, but I felt perfectly the noises of the fight between Derek and somebody else.
Suddenly, I heard a female voice speak to Derek, and I immediately realized that she was Kate Argent. She said she missed Derek, and she missed having fun with him, like when they were young.
A dirt of jealousy invaded my body; I didn’t know that they were attending, and thinking of Kate in Derek’s arms.. I threw that thought out of my mind.
When I suddenly heard Derek scream with pain, I jerked, and I shouted.
“Who is there?” shouted Kate.
I put my hand to my mouth, trying not to make any other noise. Kate shifted her attention again to Derek, continuing to torture him.
I was tired of hearing the boy screaming because of the pain, and I realized that one of the windows in the room was open, an idea came to my mind. It was crazy, but I couldn’t stay there doing nothing. I had to help Derek.
Suddenly, I got out of my hiding place, and I found face to face with Kate. I saw Derek, his chest covered with wounds, and he almost faded on the floor.
“Who are you?”
I didn’t know what to say; I looked at Derek, who looked with me gazing at me, but instead I said the first thing that came to my mind.
“Do you want to hurt Derek? Take me.”
Kate was surprised to hear those words, and Derek was also surprised, but that was the only thing I had thought to say.
“And who are you, her fiancée?” said the hunter, laughing, “Impossible; you’re just a stupid little girl, you’re so afraid your legs are shaking.”
His words hit me like knives that fluttered in my stomach, but I tried to be as bold as possible for Derek, and so I answered.
“At least I’m not a bitch like you. Why do you think Derek got tired of you and left you?“
I was surprised at my own words; I had never been courageous, but at that moment I just wanted to save Derek.
Anger took over on Kate, and her gun quickly pointed to me; it was a moment. I turned to the open window, and I went out, but not before I heard a shot, and a bullet hit my shoulder.
I caught a scream, but despite the pain, I managed to get out of the house, and I found myself out on the porch. I touched my wounded shoulder, and I noticed she was beginning to lose blood.
I heard more shots, and when I turned, I saw Derek jump out of the window and run to me.
Without thinking about it twice, I started running off into the woods, with Derek being a few yards away from me. He and me had been away from home very much, and suddenly I heard Derek call me and say stop.
I put my hands on my knees, tired of the long run; Derek came to me and checked my shoulder.
“We have to remove the bullet, and quickly.”
Derek and me decided to go to Deaton, the city’s veterinarian. When the doctor saw me and Derek entered the veterinary clinic, he immediately realized that something had happened to hunters and werewolves.
Deaton put me on the steel counter in his operating room, and he asked me to take off the jacket and knit. At first I hesitated, but then I did what he asked me. I felt so embarrassed, sitting there, with nothing else but the bra, while Derek, on the other side of the room, was just staring at me. I blushed, thinking at the time that Derek was also without knitwear.
“This will hurt a little.” Deaton said, as he took a pair of pliers and slipped into the wound.
I felt my body wring out for pain; Derek came to me and shook my hand between his. My eyes met his, and I saw the concern on his face. I made a smile to calm him, but the pain came back when Deaton pushed the clamp in my flesh even further; The bullet had come in deep, and it wasn’t easy to extract it. My usual fortune. Derek shook my hand more, and suddenly the pain calmed, until it disappeared altogether. I looked surprised Derek, I wanted to know how he did, but I heard Deaton sigh.
“Behold, I have done. Now I sew the wound, and then I’ll give you some medicine to take.”
After about ten minutes, the wound was completely closed, and all that time I had not felt pain. Deaton told me to rest for a few days, then he left me and Derek alone.
The boy came closer to me, and putting his hands on my hips, he managed to lock me on the counter. I couldn’t get off.
“I thought I told you to stay hidden.”
Derek’s serious voice sent me on turns; he was trying to get angry, but I knew he was worried.
“I saved your ass, Hale.”
“Kate shot you.”
I was trying to stay focused on the conversation I was having with Derek, but I was just thinking that he was close to me, too close, and that we were both naked. I looked away from his, and took a look at my shoulder.
“It doesn’t hurt.”
“Yeah, because I helped you.”
Curious to know how he had done, I asked him.
“Wolves Secrets.”
I rolled my eyes as Derek took my jacket, and put it on my shoulders.
“Anyway, you’re right. You saved my life. But.. don’t do it again.” Derek said; he approached me, and hug me, making me blush.
“I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
There had never been such a thing between me and Derek, and that made me confused, and oddly happy.
Perhaps Derek wasn’t the scurvy person who wanted to believe others.

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Theo climbed out of the ground and gasped for air, he was covered in mud and dirt. But he was still attractive.

You took a step back and held on to Liam’s arm. He took a step in front of you and Hayden gripped on to Kira’s sword ready to send him back.

Theo finally looked up at his surroundings, he didn’t look around properly because the first thing his eyes landed on was you. His heart started to speed up and tears formed in his eyes. You were all he’d thought about when he was down in hell; he’d dreamt of you. Theo had always loved you but from a distance. He’d never gotten the chance to tell you.

“Y/n? I-is that you?"he asked, the tears spilling down his cheeks.

"Thank god, it’s really you"he walked towards you but Liam stood in his way.
You sighed. Although Theo had torn the pack apart and tried to do a lot of bad things you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

"Liam, it’s okay"you nodded.
Liam and Hayden hesitantly moved out of the way. Theo slowly made his way towards you. You wrapped your arms around his body and he did the same. His arms snaking around your waist and holding you tight. You sat on the floor resting against the walls. He sobbed as you cradled him. All he needed was a hug.

He was shaking, maybe he was cold or frightened but you’d never seen him like this.

"I don’t have any powers"Theo spoke to Liam.

"We need to send him back"Hayden replied.

"NO!"you said almost immediately, trying to defend Theo.

"Please don’t send him back"you mumbled as you ran your hands through his messy hair. You felt his grip on you tighten.

"But y/n, there’s nothing he can help us with"Liam said sadly.

"Maybe he’s learnt his lesson"you protested. Theo glanced up at you, his gaze was full of adoration. You had never stuck up for him before you were always the first one to push him away.

"Where’s Scott? Where’s Stiles?"Theo asked.

"You remember Stiles?"Hayden asked.

"Why wouldn’t he remember Stiles?"Theo replied confused.

"See? He can help so Theo is staying"you raised your eyebrows at everyone.