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The saga of the unanswered text message. [x][x]



Kyungsoo has come so far.

He’s no longer that shy guy hiding in the corner, seeming almost expressionless and off putting. He interjects in conversations now, adding flavor with his humor and quick wit. He’s no longer just a singer. His vocal range and stability has well surpassed his “What Is Love” days. He models well. His photo shoots are filled with breath catching expressions of his beautiful face. He dances well. He not only keeps up with the main dancers of Exo but adds his own touch to every move, every technical tick. His acting is amazing. His range is wide and only growing, and he was awarded for it multiple times. He’s opening up to us and growing and expanding with each and every passing day.

I’m so proud of him, and so very greatful I get to see every new side of Do Kyungsoo.

jesus christ all my bois are either gonna turn evil, is turning evil or was close on becoming evil—like cOME ONE DISNEY LEAVE MY BBYS ALONE???

Hey um what do u do when u accidentally skip class to help with a school event but dont have a note or anyone to ask because im deadass having a nervous breakdown rn

I’m leaving the Undertale fandom

Let’s just get straight to the point: I’m going through burnout because the only art I do is undertale. I can’t physically will myself to make more and it just feels really exhausting. I want to make art for Pokemon and Steven Universe as well because I’ve been into Pokemon since I was a wee babu and I just think Steven Universe is the most beautiful thing. Of course that means I’ll still make undertale art from time to time BUT it won’t be the focus of my blog.

I understand that 100% of you follow me for undertale content and this might upset some of you but I’m just really done with drawing undertale related stuff. I’ve had it, officially. I’m just so bored of the fandom and want to move on to do new stuff. I feel like I’ll learn new things from drawing new characters and body types and will be able to draw a lot of inspiration from these different things. I want my art to be eclectic (meaning it draws from many pools of inspiration) so I think it would be best for me to try something new.

This probably won’t happen until the New Year but just to warn you, you all are not, y’all are not, y’all ain’t, YAINT seen the last of undertale - I’ll still make some stuff when I get bored of other stuff, I’ll alternate.

The concept of water fountains is so wild to me

We just, press a button. Then out of a pipe comes shootin liquid of an unknown temperature that we then have to pluck from midair like hongry hongry seagulls

I wish Glenn would stop pussy footing around tbh. If he is going to come back for s13, then say so, If he isn’t, say so. This whole thing is getting old and surely at this point he knows fairly well if he will at least be in a few eps, because they have to write it. It’s not cute at this point. Maybe they are trying to keep it a surprise so when he turns up inep 5 or something it will be a shock, but I’m kinda over it.

“stranger things doesn’t pass the bechdel test”

Well if you would stop forgetting the episode that is ENTIRELY focused on El and her sister Kali (who is a woman of color) this wouldn’t be a problem would it

i’m a idiot pt.2