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kate’s tv otps: 17/100

↳mary stuart & francis valois

↳reign 2013-2017

↳ ❝my dearest mary, if you are reading this, then you are leaving france to reclaim your scottish throne. i always knew this day would come and i wish i could be at your side as you set sail to take back what is yours. in the darkest of times, you were my conscience. your heart was a light, mary, and it burned so very bright for france. no matter how far you go, that light will burn forever. i have left you a gift, something i made for you to fight for what is yours and for what you know in your heart is right. i love you, mary stuart. forever.


Get to know me meme -  [3/20] Favourite Ships -  Frary (Reign) 

 “My dearest Mary. If you are reading this, you are leaving France to reclaim your Scottish throne. I always knew this day would come and I wish I could be at your side as you set sail to take back what is yours. In the darkest of times you were my conscience. Your heart was my light, Mary, and it burned so very bright for France. No matter how far you go, that light will burn forever.”


     So that your heart that I wish to capture won’t go anywhere. Please stay here with me forever.

For my dearest friend and beloved, yourcolorlessgarden.

speak now (or forever hold your peace)

wishing my dearest jan (@loudestdork) a happy birthday. you are one of the best people i know, and deserve everything in the world. unfortunately all i can do is give you this fic ;)

When we get out of this mess, we take a couple of steps back, start again.

They had made a deal, all those months back down in the tunnels together, unsure whether or not they would make it out alive. It was the promise of something more, something for them to hold on to, to fight for. Too many mistakes had been made in all the years they knew one another, and they had finally agreed to start anew, reassess the relationship between them. There was a conversation to be had, straight forward and without lies, no more hiding.

Phil had long anticipated something getting in the way of them sitting down together to talk; it was inevitable that a catastrophe would occur somewhere in the world, and they would put everything else on the back-burner to deal with the problems of others, their own issues long forgotten. Though he wanted nothing more than to sit down together, lock the door so no one could disturb them, and talk about their feelings from dusk till dawn, he knew the chances of that ever happening were a million to one.

But the universe always did have a sense humour, because here they are.

“I kind of wish I paid a little more attention to Astronomy during school. I can’t name any of those stars.”

His weak attempt at breaking the silence between them is met with a quiet scoff from Melinda, who is sitting in the corner opposite him, fingers running absentmindedly over a panel on the wall. The light behind her is a bright green; reminds him of those artificial plants he decorated his apartment with back in the day, never being around long enough to keep the real ones alive.

He watches her just sitting there, while she stares at the view before them, gaze fixed upon the seemingly never ending expanse of darkness, illuminated by specks of light, a myriad of colours mingling together in a way one would never be able to experience back on Earth. It’s beautiful, possibly one of the most magnificent sights in the universe.

Yet it pales in comparison to Melinda, just like everything else he’s ever laid eyes upon.

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~*kidkytes’ forever follows*~

artwork by casus-angelus for myself and posted with permission

Happy new year everyone! I know this is late but I really haven’t been on tumblr lately because of the holidays. 2014 was such a blessing, like all years there are highs and lows. But this year has been filled with so many wonderful highs, the friends I have made and the people here have meant a huge amount to me. So I would like to present my forever follows. First off I have to present the people who are so dear to me.

kimmycupcakes / vanilla-ceai - Kimmy I am so happy that we started to talk outside of here. You really have helped me mold myself into the person I believe I am. And I’m happy when we talk about whatever it is, if you ever need me I am always here for you.

kouuke -Jorge my little buddy, haha I’m sorry you’re so easy to wind up. But I love you very much, I enjoy our conversations. And have more confidence in yourself!

vxzeroangelxv -Brogan you little shit -pounces on- We talk about the weirdest shit together, we need to play another game. You’re awesome and I look forward to our random stuff.

alaskathunderfvcking - Hiiiieeeeee!!!! I had such fun at Alaska and it was even better because I met you! Morna it was so fierce and fabulous and I can’t wait to see the Haus of Edwards with you. And our drunken nights out, comic cons and our addiction to Drag Queens and of course Alaska Thunderfuck. 

angelicroxas -Drew and all of your various Roxas accounts. Thank you for getting me back into RPing. It brings me such joy and I love RPing with Sora. You need to have more confidence in yourself to, be happy and live the best that you can be.

wingblade - Frankie! You are so awesome and I love our little weird conversations! You really brighten my day and make me smile. I hope we can continue to grow closer and laugh together.

martynatom -Maryna! -tackle hugs- I hope you are doing okay and that your health is better. Hopefully we can get some time to spend together and talk more but life is important. Be safe and good luck!

princessrandomness - Ayuready!? I hope everything is safe and okay in Ukraine, you are such a cutie pie and I love our little conversations even though I am late with replying sometimes. I’m sorry.

casus-angelus / stellae-noir -Dearest Sam. I am so happy, so happy I have you in my life. So happy. You have been the biggest inspiration this year and my greatest accomplishment of 2014 just meeting you. I love you so much, so very much. You aren’t even a close friend, you are more than that completely. You are forever a part of my life and I look forward to the memories that we will create together. Our RP, it means so much to me with my Sora and your Roxas. Thanks to our OTP I can have you a part of my life and I refuse to let it go.

These are a few of the following people who I already know and have talked to or people I wish to talk to! Please don’t be afraid of me and I would like to get to know you so we can be friends and close friends!

lovelysora / partfairy / yo252yo / akeyofserendipity / tardisleuths / canyoufeelsora / interminatisnox / lazydazysapphire / clumsyroyalknights / sorahikarukaze / kxyxfdxstxny / shosketch / shomunn / ceriraye / secretlysora / kazurabii / marchamasaki / sending-mail / lockandkeyblade / yummysora / miryel-beggins / mystickismypower / littlest-cat / to-infinitybeyond / aserendipitouskey / sensualroxas / iggy-the-taco-slayer / maggientoby / there-is-a-sora / thecolourofstarlight / waderingpotatoes / creamy-pies / solarlunarxiii / glamtr0n / soraismineee / theeyeofthetigger / ghostmarch / roxas-heart-13 / machikono / doyouhaveabigbananana / somethingforeveryone14 / cloaked–schemer / ventusu / insiderensmind

And finally people I will always forever follow:

seth-loves-bunnies / starhealers / willambelli / ayuangel / ayustar / manicsworld / karkat-the-yellow-snow-fairy / jinkxmonsoon / sutanraja / ericfuckingcartman / sg2tiger / xxxxredxxxxcatxxxx / twilight-horizon / bekascrazyrambles / sorayoudork / mysticaladventurer / roydevos / sailormoonscreencaps / sailormoonfavorites / sailormooncrystalfailures / ribbonchocolate / mahoumaikuru / leohamasaki / fuckyeahhelgapataki / kieku / taiki-x / roxas-uke / roxas-has-the-stick / roxoah / awesomeisred / capsulecoop / cedarleaf / hirakoba kingd0mheartz / kingdomheartskey / sea-salt-and-silver-crowns / amazingsora / eikocarol / mynameiswomen / celescole / snowflowertea / flip-reaper-z / neovongolaprimo / neogohann / sonofson-gohan / raineeclouds / kh-art / harajunki3 / mountgagazet / alaska-says-hieeee / seven-days-war / fuckyeahayumihamasaki / kingphilipi / britneyspears / blackpaopu / mekarabeam / violetprismia / lonely-queen / nyaaheverywhere / ayu-michan / indyplus / raipunzel / khvanitas / liverpepper / rupaulownseverything / destinylslands / khnightmares / dragracemetohell / xehanorts-girlfriend / mylifeisprocrastination / flowergazing / paopufish / crazy-chocobo / oathkeepers-in-oblivion / oathkeeper–oblivion / roseshine76 / roxsack / megam1 / oatkheeper / jolly-golly-misty / soraboots / xxcastingshadows / no13roxas / neogon / thetwilightroadtonightfall / soras-majestic-butt / sorasbootay / dsmbrvltg3 / pxlsun / xkit-extension / kingdomkeysora / happy-gon / nekosandkeyblades / radicalriku / chisaiikey / petal-princess / sao-shadow / sora-kun13 / cheerupcharms / kingdomsanctuary / wayfinderventus / imnotbigfoot / prince-roxas / prince–galaxy / foxyroxy813 / oniroxasora / aizy-boy / roxycake / h-anabi

And a very special shout out to friends I have known for years that also have tumblr! Some of you it’s been 9 years wow, I love you all!

589ish / lapoin / stray-arrows / excellionblade / aswimmingelegy / hoshishang / aerithbunny

And I think that’s it! Most likely I have forgotten some people and I’m sorry! -tackle hugs you all-

‘Dearest Brother’ and 'Dearest Sister’ they [Ludwig and Elisabeth] would call each other; during dinner they would - against court custom - sit at the same side, when he rides away for a longer period, she would put on mourning clothes, which she change for pearlies at his return; and when he comes back after such weeks of separaration, she would run to meet him and kiss him 'more than a thousand times’, without caring about the piqued bystanders.
The 'one true love’ really seem to exist between these two temperamental, but at the same time very sensitive young people, and it wasn’t a straw fire. He would choose his Elisabeth over a heap of gold, Ludwig said, and on the whole world there was nothing more precious to him.
—  Christian Feldmann, “Mehr als Brot und Rosen - Elisabeth von Thüringen heute”

Happy new year everyone! I wish you all an amazing new year. I hope all of your wishes will come true and all your OTP will be canon. (especially if your OTP is Sterek u_u) I’ve been seeing lots of Follow Forever posts on my dashboard lately, so I thought I would do one as well. I want to thank everyone on the list above and on my blogroll for making my dash an amazing place in 2013. 

If I forgot you, I apologise. I love you.

First of all, my dearest best friends. I love every single one of you from the bottom of my heart:









And these are some perfect people who make my day every single day with their lovely edits and posts:

adoringlana ✦ allhalestilinskiargentallisoncrystalreedie ✦ daniels-gilliesdeathlyhallowesdylanships ✦ haletostilinski ✦ hoechlinedhoechlinteeth ✦ iheartcrawfordjensensacklesjensenscollins ✦ kirayukimurakirkenterpriselonewolfedmishaletoenakedeppohhelga ✦ pauleski ✦ paulwelseypawesleyprettiestalphaprrimqhuinn ✦ riidusruevolutionsinyhalesterekismstereksextapestileslovesderek ✦ stilinskisparklessquattmccall ✦ troiastingstylerhoechlin ✦ werebabieswhittenomorewolfsanatomyyouneedmetosurvive