they will expecting me to leave money

Family Troubles (Jughead X Reader)

Summary- The reader has family issues just like Jughead. When Jughead finds out he is mad that he didn’t know sooner. (Based when jughead lived in the Drive In.)

Warnings- angst, kissing, crying, alcohol, maybe triggering??

Requested- Yes! by @bvreathe

A/N- My fist real requested imagine! Also, I’m like really busy with school and stuff so ya don’t expect your requested stuff to be on time lol. ALSO my ear hurts rlly bad rn so ya. Anyways… enjoy!

“Leave me alone!” You yelled at your mom as she came closer to you.

“Just give me the money, Y/N!”She screamed back.

You had a little bundle of money in your hands that you had earned from working shifts at Pop’s. It was rightfully yours and your mom was trying to take to buy god knows what. 

“No! It’s mine!” You yelled stuffing it in your pocket.  

Your mother looked at you with cold eyes, like you were the worst person on the entire planet.

She suddenly reached out and tried to take the money from your pocket. 

“Stop!” You screeched and stumbled back.

“Y/N. I swear to God. Give me that money. NOW!” You mom reached for the money again but you leaped back, colliding with the couch and falling into it. 

“Get a job if you want money so bad!” You yelled as you dodged your way out of another one of your mom’s attacks. 

You mother suddenly pinned you down on the couch. You looked into her eyes with fear as she grabbed an empty beer can from the floor and held it over your head as if to hit you with it.

“Give. Me. The. Money.” She said quietly as you quickly grabbed your money out of your pocket and handed to her. 

She let you go and put the money in her pocket. 

“Now get out. You’re such a pain. And take your brother too… I’m sick of his crying.” She said as she plopped on the couch, opening a bottle of hard liquor and turning on the T.V. 

“W-what?” You stuttered, tears welling up in your eyes. 

Your mom had never kicked you out before. Where were you going to go?

“Am I speaking Chinese?” she exclaimed, “Get. Out. I’m sick of you right now.”

Tears began to run down your cheeks.

“Where am I gonna go?” You asked quietly. 

You mom looked at you and shrugged, “Don’t know… Maybe you can find your father and tell I’m to get back here already.” 

You gulped and ran for your room. 

You swung open the door and quickly ran to your dresser. You stuffed everything you could into the bag and then went into the bathroom and grabbed your toiletry stuff. 

Once you had finished packing, you went over to the small bed beside yours.    A small boy that had all of your features lay sleeping in it. He was four. You quickly waked him.

“Wake up, John… We gotta go.” You picked him up out of bed and set him on the ground. 

“Wha?” He rubbed his eyes. 

“Get some clothes and put them in this bag.” You handed him a bad and he did what you said. 

“Now, Get on your coat. It’s cold.” 

Once he did so you both headed out. The living room was silent except for the T.V., which was playing a cop show. Your mom was asleep on the couch, the liquor bottle still in her hand. You sighed a long and sad sigh.

Your mother was a good person at heart. She really was. But, ever since your dad left, 2 years ago, she had turned completely different. She turned to alcohol to make her feel better. She lost her job. She went spilling downward. And she took me and my brother with her. 

As the hour neared mid-night, it was cold. the wind rustled the tree branches as you walked with your little brother down the streets of Riverdale. You didn’t know where to go. There was nowhere to go. You couldn’t let your friends know about this… They already had their own troubles. 

Maybe we can rent a hotel… you thought. But then you remembered: your mom took your only money. 

“Y/N, I’m tired.” Came a whiney voice from John.

You looked down at the sleepy boy. He sucked his thumb and rubbed his eyes.

You had to find a place for you to stay. 

Then you saw it: The Drive In.

It was dark and no one would be there this late at night.

“Come one, John just a little further.” You said and pulled him along.

You neared The Drive In and quickly helped your brother through a tight entrance in the gate. You did the same. 

You neared the little building where they projected the movies. You would sleep there tonight. 

As you fumbled with the locked door handle you neared a noise from inside.

maybe its just some rats… you thought to yourself. 


A huge crash came from inside.

you gasped. That was not a rat. 

You quickly grabbed John and hid on the other side of the building. 


the door had opened. 

Holding your breathe, you cupped a hand over your brother’s mouth for him to stay quite.

“Hello?” A voice came from around the bend. 

It sounded familiar. Very familiar. 

“Jughead?” You exclaimed and looked around the bend.

“AHHHHH!” A scream escaped the mouth of the tall and thin teenage boy that you looked at. 

His dark hair under a beanie and he wore dark clothes, it was your boyfriend Jughead. 

“Calm down! It’s just me!” You exclaimed, touching his arm. 

“Oh my god! What are you doing here, Y/N?” Jughead asked, looking around.

You shifted uncomfortably. 

But wait. What was he doing here?

“Wait a minute… What are you doing here?” You said pointing at him.

He sighed and took your hand leading you inside. 

“Wait!” you said, “My brother.” 

You grabbed your brothers arm and took him inside with you. 

“Oh my god Jug! I can’t believe that. I’m so sorry.” You said in a whisper as your brother lay sleeping in a sleeping bag. 

You were sitting in the projector room of The Drive In. Jughead had just told you his story, he was homeless and lived here.

“It’s ok. It’s not your fault.” He replied.

You looked at your brother and sighed of relief. He was safe and so were you.

“Ok, now to answer my question… What are you doing here?” He asked, eyeing you.

You look at him seriously. 

“I got kicked out.” You say, a lump in your throat forming.

“What? Why?” He asks. He looked so concerned for you, so caring.

“I got money, for working a few shifts at Pop’s. I was going to use it to buy some good snacks for John and maybe some new school books for myself.” You say, “But my mom took it. She takes all the money I ever get… Birthday money, working money…. I know it sounds stupid but I need that money. She never buys me and John good clothes or good food or hardly anything. I have no money to actually go do fun things. Like get ice cream or go to the movies. All I wanted was to keep some money. But she took it, to buy…Who knows what. She doesn’t always hurt me or John… Only sometimes. When she’s really mad or wasted. Im just glad she kicked us out instead of hurting us again.”

A hot tear runs down your cheek as you finished your last sentence.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He asks, a bit of anger in his voice.

But you could tell, he wasn’t mad at you, he was mad at himself for not knowing sooner.

“Im sorry. It was my own problem and I didn’t want to drag anyone into it.” You say.

“I’m so stupid. I should have known. I should have guessed. I should have looked at signs.” He began to say to himself, angrily. 

“No, Juggie. Don’t bring yourself down for this. It’s not your fault. It’s no ones fault I’m in this situation.” You tell him.

“I could have kept you safe, Y/N. And I didn’t.” Jughead stated, looking deep into your eyes. 

“Jug. There is no use fretting about it now. It’s over for now. Don’t beat yourself up for this. It will only make me feel worse.” You whispered and smiled. 

Jughead nodded and then took you in his arms. Wrapping his long arms around you and pulling you in close to his warm body. 

“I’m sorry Y/N. You can stay as long as you need.” He says into your hair. 

He hugged you tightly before letting go and kissing you on the top of the head. 

“Thank you Jughead.”

I posted this on FB and wanted to post it here as well.

I have largely kept quiet about a lot of this until now, but with the double whammy of Thanksgiving and Black Friday fast approaching, I had to say something. To wit: this coming Sunday will mark one year since I walked out on the worst job I’ve ever had.

A job where I was actively discouraged from taking my federally mandated rest periods. A job where my first supervisor encouraged me to prey on Hispanic customers and convince them to open credit cards because, in her words, “You know those people. They can’t help themselves with money.” A job where that same supervisor disparaged fat women openly: “They’re always so angry. That’s why they leave the plus size section a mess.” A job where all of these things happened during my first week.

A job where management expected employees to flatter and humor customers who sexually harassed them. A job where I was reprimanded for calling out sick 3 times in a year and a half, despite having doctor’s notes. A job where my scheduled hours were consistently kept just low enough that I never accrued a single hour of paid time off. A job where I was encouraged to work off the clock. A job where conversations with my HR lead were immediately repeated and spread, despite my insistence that those conversations remain confidential. A job where those conversations were held over my head and used as a reason why I might not succeed in a managerial role. A job where I was poorly trained, micromanaged, mocked, and belittled. A job where my direct supervisor, a woman who made at minimum three times my salary, did not understand how time zones worked. A job where, as employee morale plummeted, the staff was repeatedly told, “If you aren’t smiling, you aren’t doing your job.” A job where my team members were sent home (without pay, obviously) for “looking tired.”

One year ago, I realized that I was wasting my time, energy, sanity, and youth at a company that did not give a flying fuck about me. I realized that it’s normal to dislike your job, but not for your job to make you feel utterly worthless, hopeless, and suicidal. I realized that it wouldn’t change. I realized that I could fucking do better. I walked into the building on the morning of November 27th, 2015, put my keys on my store manager’s desk, and told her I was done. The night before, I had told another manager in confidence, “I can’t trust anyone in this store.” That morning, my store manager glared at me and said, “I’m disgusted that you think you can’t trust anybody here.” Note that I never said those words to her, thus proving my point. I smiled at her and said, low and slow, “If you’re finished, I’m leaving now.”

In the year that has passed, I have not, for one single moment, regretted my decision to leave that viper’s pit of backstabbing, gossip, and incompetence.

I worked in retail for ten years, from independent stores to small regional chains to national big box retailers. No job has ever destroyed my sense of self worth so thoroughly, no company has ever treated me as poorly, as JC Penney. If you read any of these things I’ve written here and thought, “Wow, that is awful,” I urge you NOT to spend your money there. Not on Thanksgiving. Not on Black Friday. Not ever.

Day Thirty-One

-I asked a woman if she knew of the store’s card program. She responded by loudly chanting “Nope” over and over again until I gave up, as if she were a child on the playground with her fingers in her ears. It was not what I expected her to do, but, to be fair, it was an effective tactic.

-Three old women approached my lane. One of them carried five plates. As I rang up the two in front of her, she stayed with them and did not leave the lanes. The plate-carrying woman purchased one plate. I did not see her put the other four anywhere. She did not leave the area. I am still not certain of what she did, but I would like her to teach me.

-I was shocked to hear that the Cat Lady’s boyfriend continues to send his money to Jamaica after how she had assured us she was going to give him a stern talking-to. She now seems to be planning to set an ultimatum with him. She then regaled us with tales of the good and bad men she has known around the country, and how one of her husbands recently died. She did not specify whether this was a current husband or ex.

-After a mother made a purchase, her young son leaned in and whispered, “She does not have this much money.” I assumed it was just a kid giving too much information about a family’s personal situation, but her reaction makes me suspect something much more sinister.

-I handed three children stickers. They all instinctively placed it on their right cheek and pocketed the paper backing. I can only assume that this is some sort of gang symbolism. I hope to be initiated soon.

-As a woman approached my lane, she announced, “Hi! It’s me!” I did not recognize her at all. She showed no signs of recognizing me. Having said that, she was most definitely her, and I appreciate anyone who speaks the truth like this.

-I once again placed a stack of stickers on my counter with a sign prompting guests to take one. I decided to keep a tally of who took them out of curiosity. Behind girls under the age of fourteen, stickers proved to be most popular among women in their thirties or forties. They also proved to be least popular among women in their sixties, as evidenced by the one who blatantly backhanded my display off of the counter, remarking that they were now all over the floor, and that I should pick them up before someone wanted one. All in all, a relatively fruitful social experiment. 

-A woman stared at the card reader and told me in a confidential tone, “I’m too tired for prime-time, y’all.” 

-A woman angrily told me in great detail of her hunt for a DVD copy of Big Hero 6, which ultimately yielded no results. I feel that a large part of this may have to do with the amount of time she told me she spent searching in the clothing and food lanes, rather than at the display in the DVD aisle, but she seemed more interested in being rightfully angry, so I said nothing and simply admired her outside-the-box shopping stratagem. 

-The sweetest old woman apologized to me for coming in so near closing time, telling me that she rushed through the store as quickly as she could. I appreciated her understanding of the struggles of retail, but we were not closing for another two hours and twenty minutes. I did not have it in my heart to tell her that, though, so I simply assured her it was not a problem and thanked her for her kindness.

-A very eager, antsy woman purchased a string of items which had no connection, including a birthday card, a diet soda, and large, blocky sunglasses. She took two stickers and put them proudly on the front of her shirt and immediately placed the glasses back on her head, tags and all. Concerned for her, I offered to cut off the tag, but she looked me in the eye and explained herself to me. “This is a joke. My boss is in the car and he’s being an asshole.” With that, she giggled and ran out the door, leaving me wishing I knew what phase two of this joke was.

-I handed a girl a strip of stickers that was taller than she was. She did not know how to handle this, but she seemed very excited to figure it out.


Daenerys x Reader

Requested by @ravuswolf

“We need someone to make an alliance with her.” Sansa pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“Why me and not Jon?” You sighed and she chuckled.

“Because you wanted to cross the seas and Jon never has.” When the two of you glanced at Jon he shrugged and span his goblet in his hand.

“She is right though, we need someone to make an alliance with her and it will be easier to do face to face, we can spare some money for you and you’ll have to stay until you’ve secured her favour.” Jon waited for you to nod, all be it reluctantly.

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Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile Left The DNC Without Debt. Was That Wise?
The next chair gets a clean slate. But he also has a Republican president.

Omg they didn’t leave the party in debt! Fucking bitches!!!! 

It takes me a while to digest shows, especially new ones, but I have come to the realization that Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 is a MASTERPIECE. All around entertainment. You will leave the theatre feeling like you got your money’s worth. Josh Groban actually surprised the hell out of me. Not that I was expecting something not great from him, but when these big Celebs do Broadway I always am skeptical. But HOLY SHIT. GIVE HIM HIS TONY. Not even half way through the first act he got the longest applause ever. Cause he was just fantastic. Seriously his acting & singing was just amazing. Denèe Benton was so precious and her voice is beautiful and I was inspired by her performance. Being a black girl who wants to be in theatre, maybe musicals and seeing her do such a role with range is amazing to me. The end took my breath away ok. The scene with Natasha and Pierre had me secretly bawling but I don’t like to cry in public. OKAY NOW If you haven’t already I WANT ALL OF YOU TO LISTEN TO “SONYA ALONE” PLEASEEE. Brittain Ashford stole the damn show with that song. SO HEARTBREAKING. The most unique and beautiful voice I have ever heard. The ensemble were so lively. They gave out dumplings. This was sort of random but if you are in New York please see this show. We got rush tickets for about $39. I don’t think you can capture anything like this on camera, there’s no way. Even though I know a lot of you guys won’t be able to see it, I hope there will be a video out there. It was so weird cause we weren’t allowed to take ANY pictures like he yelled at us. So who knows if there will be a bootleg? But I hope there will be some sort of professional recording. But yeah I loved this show. WORTH THE WATCH!

Exo reaction to their gf giving them a big birthday surprise


“Oml what’s happening.. why are there so many balloons??!”


*smiles when his eyes lay upon the whole table covered in chicken*


*so shocked that he got scared and started crying*
“why would you sneak up on me like that?”


*blushing up, feeling a warmth of happiness*
“you really did this for me?”


*shocked puppy is shocked*


*acts surprised like he had no idea for your satisfaction and everyone else you invited, but after they leave he’ll tell you the truth*
“sorry (y/n) can’t hide stuff from me”


*party hard*


*actually so shocked, he wasn’t even expecting it, tbh he didn’t relize it was his birthday*
“oh whos birthday is it?… mine?!…omg”


*there is no present his money can’t buy, so just you being there is good enough*


*shocked, scared, doesn’t know what’s happening*
“maybe if i stay still, they’ll stop”


*just so happy that you remembered and even threw a party*


*you know this awkward little flower pot doesn’t like big parties, so you invite only his closets friends over for a calming game night, and everyone has a good time*

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I am so ready to be out of here. Mentally, emotionally, physically…. Family shouldn’t be this draining. This manipulative, aggravating, degrading. I can’t wait for the day I wake up in a home of my own, with my pets and my love by my side, without being afraid to walk into a different room. Without literally putting off eating and going to the bathroom simply to avoid them. Without being guilted for not having money and for not living my life the way they expect me to. Leaving was the best choice I’d ever made on my own and having to come back was one of the most heartbreaking and desperate moments of my life. I just want to leave again and trust me, it couldn’t come soon enough. If I didn’t have my pets I would go live on the streets. Fingers crossed.

// I’m in bed and I just realised something (call me slow), but you know in the fourth comics, when Sniper meetsvhis real parents, how Bill-Bel says he’s always wanted to ask him something, and we expect something big/emotional, but he actually just asks for money?

I thought it was just for the comedy of it, but I just realised, Bill-Bel does that and minutes later leaves NZ by stealing the submarine. Did he just obey on the impulse of the moment, when he saw an empty submarine and his chance ro escape?

No. This guy saw a submarine for the first time in forever. An escape route, in addition to the rocket he had built. Because of Mundy’s story, he knows there is a strong chance that the rocket will land on Earth instead of space. So what does he do? Get money from his estranged and confused son so that whatever his way out, he can get by on Earth for a little why.

Immediately after that, Lar-Nah steals the rocket. So what’s Bill-Bel’s last way out? (An option he KNEW he had from the start) The submarine.

In other words, he was a shite scientist, sure, but the man was smart. The moment he saw the submarine and his son emerging, his mind was set on getting out. Him abandoning his son a second time wasn’t just an impulse, it was premeditated, calculated (rocket or submarine + valid currency to survive), and never included his own child in the equation.

retail problems

- customers who laugh/act condescending/get angry when you offer them one of the promotional products at the counter. many places punish workers for not selling enough of these!!! just say “no thanks”.

- customers who dont parent their children. we have these godforsaken egg timers at work and today some children ignored by their parents set them ALL off in quick succession

- customers who come in 10 minutes before closing time to browse or with a demanding request. PLEASE do not do this unless you know exactly what you want or its urgent, often managers let workers leave a little early if the store is empty

- sexist remarks. i once got told by one man, I quote “so that’s where you belong, like all women, behind the counter taking the money”

- customers that call you “babe” “love” “sweetheart” etc, the exception is sweet old ladies calling you “dear”

- customers that expect me, a 17 year old girl, to know EVERYTHING about every single kettle, hoover and garden strimmer and act like I’m terrible at my job when I have to ask someone else to help them. we don’t get any training.

- customers that don’t politely ask for help and instead yell the name of the product they want at you. this happens so much, i swear people lose all social skills when talking to shop workers

- customers who constantly are in a phone call or have their headphones in and barely acknowledge you while you’re serving them. this is just bad manners!

- when you’re already clearly serving someone and a customer barges in interrupting and asks for help. wait your turn or ask somebody else!

i could go on forever

Why we closed the donations.

First of all I want to thank everyone who donated, everyone who wanted to donate but couldn’t, everyone who even thought about donating, everyone that shared the link/video, and everyone that has sent me amazing messages over the past week.

I’m still getting lots of messages about the fundraiser, most of all about why we closed it. And I don’t think we really addressed that, so here goes.

I worked out that £800 was the amount I needed to be safe for two months during the move. I needed this money for the deposit, rent, food and bus. When the donations page was opened it reached the goal within half an hour. We did not expect this.

We decided to leave it open a little longer, because with a few more donations I’d have more security (access to things like a moving van if I have no other options) and we were taken aback by how fast it jumped. It grew at a pace we couldn’t keep up with and by time an hour was up we’d hit £2200.

Still looking at that number right now is abstract and overwhelming. It felt like too much money - definitely enough for me to be comfortable til I secured a new job. We decided to close it when it hit 2k because anymore money felt selfish and wrong. 

I am safe now, and that’s all thanks to you guys, and I couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve done. In light of that I urge anyone who messaged me asking to reopen the donations to take that money somewhere else. Pop some pennies in a donation jar next time you go shopping, buy a friend something nice, get yourself that thing you’ve been wanting, or find another trans person who’s in my place and lend a hand. You’re all brilliant people and I am so blessed to be a part of this community.

Thank you a million times over.
Tom Hiddleston to play villainous role in new Aardman film Early Man - BBC News
Actor Tom Hiddleston is to voice the dastardly Lord Nooth in Early Man, the next film from animation company Aardman.

The Thor star said he felt “incredibly honoured” to have a role in the film, out in the UK in January 2018.

The Night Manager actor will play Lord Nooth, described as a “ridiculously pompous… money-loving tyrant”, in the prehistoric comedy adventure.

Director Nick Park said it had been “thrilling to see [Hiddleston] bring our comic villain to life”.

Hiddleston, whose previous voice roles include a part in 2014’s Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy, said he is a long-time fan of Park and Aardman.

Writing on Instagram, he said Park was “absolutely as brilliant as you might expect” and that the film would be “hilarious”.

“Sometimes he makes me laugh so much I have to leave the sound studio for five minutes and calm down and have another go,” he went on.

Eddie Redmayne will voice the lead role of Dug in Early Man, Park’s first feature film since 2005’s Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Set “at the dawn of time”, the StudioCanal release tells of a plucky caveman who “unites his tribe against the mighty Bronze Age”

Tell Me Secrets Only Trouble Knows

After her parents die in a car crash, Sansa Stark leaves town and never looks back. Three years later, she finds herself back in her hometown and living with her older brother. She doesn’t expect to stay long, and she certainly doesn’t plan on being pulled into the darker part of his life, where blood and money go hand in hand. As she grows close to his best friend, another fighter, Sansa finds herself drawn further and further down the rabbit hole.


(this started out as theorizing but ended up being me creating headcanons)

if Stan really did run to Carla after being kicked out, I doubt her parents would’ve let him stay in the house with them, no matter how chill they were 

I imagine that Stan shows up at Carla’s the night he gets kicked and throws pebbles at her window until she sneaks outside. he tells her what happened and that he’s leaving NJ, but she convinces him to stay (”you’ve got no job and no money, Stanley! at least stay back a while so you can figure everything out…”)

Carla hides Stan in the shed behind her house that they don’t use anymore, with a spare mat and pillow. he stays there for no longer than a month. afterwards, he either gets caught by her parents or he starts feeling guilty for putting her out and leaves voluntarily, but while he’s there-

during the day, Stan’s out looking for treasure (or possibly a job???) and Carla’s in school, but the nights are theirs to share. 

Carla sneaks Stan dinner every night after everyone else has gone to bed and they stay up for a few hours, drinking in every second they have left together, because they both know that this can’t last forever but neither of them wants to admit it.

sometimes they talk about the future. Carla wonders out loud about living her life outside of New Jersey, at least for a while. Stan talks about having so much money someday that he can just throw it around and not give a damn (because let’s be real, what Filbrick said when he threw him out must have messed him up a least a little bit).

but they don’t talk about a future together, not until-

they’re in the shed one night. she’s sitting on the floor and Stan’s lying down with his head in her lap. Stan’s talking about being rich again, and Carla says, “y’know, money’s not everything.” softly, but he hears it anyways. and he sits up suddenly and faces her.without thinking, Stan sputters, “but… but it is! how else will i get my own place, an - and buy you a ring, and support you-”

he realizes what he’s saying and turns to her with panic and uncertainty spread across his face. her eyes are wide and he searches them frantically for a response.

“you - you think about that sort of thing?” she asks, her voice wavering ever so slightly. “about - about you an’ me?”

he swallows hard and rubs the back of his neck, “yeah, i have-”

she takes his face in her hands and kisses him hard. when they part, he’s breathless in wonder and relief and love flood her voice when she says, “good, ‘cause i have too.”

and after that, their futures are one entity. even when he leaves, even through all his crazy schemes and scams, they are sure that they’ll spend the rest of their lives together.

no questions asked.

Summer in Orcus: Coming Soon!

So hey, guys, I’m gonna be releasing a web serial next month, and let’s chat about how you would like to read it!

Details to get out of the way–It will be called “Summer in Orcus” it is about 90K, it will be available in ebook format as one volume at the end for sale, and possibly as a physical book if I get off my butt or convince somebody else to make it. It is already done, it is currently being edited, and yes, if you want to throw money at me to support it on Patreon, we will add a Friends of Orcus option to the Patreon. (I’m, uh, kinda hoping people will, because I’m going to put this up for free online and leave it up for the foreseeable future, barring something like “Disney options the rights for meeellions and demands I take it down,” which…seems unlikely.)

It is a weird story, as you might expect. It has my usual problem, where I write things in the voice of a children’s book and then REALLY BAD STUFF GOES DOWN and people are like “What is wrong with you, this isn’t a children’s book?” and I’m all “Uh…this isn’t horrible, is it?” and then my editor drinks and my agent puts her head in her hands.

So this is a wild experiment for me. Patreon sponsorship basically means that for people supporting at the $5 or above level, I will see if I can’t send out a link for a free book download at the end, because obviously if you’re backing it, you should get something! (And if we see a lot of traction, I will put up extra content on the blog between story chunks–worldbuilding tidbits, mostly, about the backstory of various weird critters in the world of Orcus.)

And if we see no traction at all and people hate it, I’m still gonna put it up, because by god, I have determined on this course of action! Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead!

Now I would like to put it out two days a week, adding up to around 5K a week, which means that I’ll be able to finish it off in like…eighteen weeks or so. Which after Digger doesn’t seem scary at all, but may be kinda long for many serials, but anyway, that’s where we’re headed.

My thought is that I will post it over at on its own little page, and just include a link over here when it goes live, so that people can discuss if they want, but can read without spoilers if they prefer. There will also be a big page that has links to all the story chunks in order, and a FAQ and whatnot.

So! Questions for you, O my internet! Do you like Monday and Friday? Tuesday and Thursday, like Digger was? Would you really prefer M-W-F and want me to break it into three chapters a week? Do you hate reading on the computer and would like it available as an e-book download every month if at all possible?

Anything you loathe in a serial? Anything you saw done really well and were hopeful for? Please let me know below–I’m actively soliciting feedback on this one, I’ve never done this with words before, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!



ok so im a senior in high school this year, and i’ve been working my lil booty off saving money and applying to scholarships, but i have a very bad feeling that that wont cut it by next fall, so this is kind of a plea for help (but you leave with something too which is cool right)


-Leave me an ask so i can expect an email!
Dont know how to word an order? i made an outline. youre welcome.
1. your name and tumblr
2. character ill be drawing (be it you, an oc, or a fandom character)
3. references of your character/you! (you can also add things like a specific color palette/pose/clothing you want!)
4. how should it be done? (headshot, waist up, fullbody)
5. any other details? (any date you need it by? any backstory that’s critical for your characters?)
if that seems like a lot of work, just talk it out with me, we’ll figure it out B)


-sfw (lets keep it pg13 people)
-half animal/half human (like cat ears or centuar/fawn)
-you (of course)

-heavy mecha (i cant draw a transformer guys, sorry)
-anything to do with alcohol/drugs
-heavy gore

paypal: (will be given after an order is accepted!)

sorry this is a bit long B0
boosts are very much appreciated! <3 thank you all!

I dare a bitch to come in my ask box again telling me that Dani is greedy and is leaving because of the money. They offered him a shitty ass deal, the board has no faith in him, they saying a big fuck you to 7 years of assists, titles, tremendous sprit dedication and love that Dani has offered to this club. He is one of the best right backs the world has ever seen you expect him to just be a meek and bow down to this disrespect? He got a family to think about he got his pride to think about and his legacy. Don’t come talking shit about him being greedy, this is the same man that was willing to drop all the money and fame so he could save Eric Abidal’s life. Don’t try me on this one. Today is not the day.