they will always be my dream pairing for this show

dreaming-shark  asked:

Why do you ship Klance? I mean, I know it's the most popular pairing by far, but I genuinely don't understand the appeal. Lance is just kind of always a jerk to Keith throughout the show. Even the famous "WE HAD A BONDING MOMENT" scene read to me as Lance being a jackass and throwing Keith's attempt at friendship back in his face. I know that rival ships are popular, but this doesn't register as rivalry to me. Just Lance with a bug up his ass and Keith being like "WTF why are you such a jerk?"

Lance has been butthurt all this time because he thought he had a rivalry with Keith at the garrison, but Keith never even noticed him. Also, Shiro is his hero, but Keith is closer to him than Lance could ever hope to be. Keith makes Lance feel insignificant, so that’s his issue with him.

To me, the appeal is two characters with a lot of issues between them learning to get along. Also, I’m a xenophile like Lance and want him to fuck the galra