they will BOTH finally be at peace

The Yambala people and Shambal Ramal’s name are most likely a reference to Shambala, a legendary kingdom described in both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.  However, teachings and practices related to the Shambala legend predate either religion, and may have been part of an older belief system.

In the Hindu text, the Vishnu Purana, Shambala is described as the future birthplace of Vishnu’s final incarnation, who will lead the world to the ‘Era of Truth’ and 1.7 million years of peace.

The Buddhist Kalacakra Tantra contains a similar prophecy, where Shambala is a utopian society, untouched by the decline of the outside world, until the reign of its 32nd and final king.  At this time Shambala will be revealed, and the final king will defeat a great oppressor.

The Shambala legend was often misrecorded by Western sources, changing it from a spiritual concept to a physical lost kingdom.  In the 20th century, expeditions in search of Shambala were initiated by high-ranking members of both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

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Cool! :") The prompt was "When we lay together on the fresh spring grass." If you could write it with Cas, I'm sure that it'd be great - all of your imagined are ^.^

When we lay together on the fresh spring grass

Peace had finally found you and Cas. Between hard hunts and broken bones and bleeding cuts were moments like this; quiet and beautiful. Like the universe was finally giving you both a chance to breathe.

It wasn’t too cloudy that day; just enough so that you and Cas could point out shapes in the fluffy white blobs. Cas didn’t understand the game at first. But then he saw a rabbit in the clouds. Since then, he hasn’t stopped.

“I wish this could last forever, Y/N.” The angel piped up after a long moment of comfortable silence.

You let out a sigh, nodding, before turning over and resting your head against his shoulder. Cas brushed away some grass sticking to your hair before his arm came around to hold you. “I wish that, too.”

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I'm calling it Kaneki is going to be the trailblazer to a future where both humans and ghouls are able, even willing to become not just equals but good friends to each other. Peace will finally reign T^T in the world :') -starts to shed tears of joy-

*gently wipes away a single tear of joy rolling down my cheek* good good

whats the bet that the road to get there though is filled with doubt and heartache

A little shot of Britt

Gift for @seleneslyre for the ususksummer festable.

Alfred could feel the killer stare coming from the woman beside him. He tried to not worry about it but the look his little sister was giving him was enough to make a harden criminal cry. It didn’t help that she got their father’s stare.

“Okay, how many times do I have to say I’m sorry..”

“Ya broke the coffee maker.”

“I didn’t mean too..” he whined.

“Alfred, one word finals.”

Alfred winced, Bella had moved in with him because she was going to school which was close to his apartment. The two both agreed to this arrangement so their parents would be relived and wouldn’t worry as much. The two got along well, but their was thing that kept peace between them. The one thing that Alfred broke that morning.

“How was I suppose to know that plugging in the coffee maker and toast at the same time would short circuit both of them.”

“Common sense.”  she replied with a frown.

“I had been up all night we had three babies born.”

Alfred was a nurse in the matronly ward and loved doing it. The only thing he hated about it was that he was on call most days, and that he missed spending time with Bella. He would only see her during the time he left or when he got back and would check on her when he got home.

“I know ya work hard Alfred, so does papa, mamma, Matthew, even Tina.”

Alfred sighed, he knew that his sister was missing her twin like he was missing his own. Bella and Tina deiced to go with Matthew to cooking school in France. While himself and Bella moved to England, himself for work while Bella went for her bachelors degree in English.

“Alright were here.”

“A coffee shop..”

“It doubles as a book store.”

“You know, the only thing keeping you alive now is the hope of me getting both a cup of tea and a good book.”

“I know don’t remind me.” Alfred replied as he parked.

“How long?”

“Well I don’t have to work today..”

“My next Class is at 10…”

“It’s 7:30,  we can get a quick cup, then I can drive you to class.”

“That would be nice…”

“It’s settled then.” he replied opening the car door and then closing it behind him.

Bella followed with her own door, and they both headed to the shop. It was a small shop which was fully brick with a set of old fashion windows with gold paint making little designs on the windows. On one of the windows was the shops name in bright green with hints of gold.

Dragon Tale.” Bella read out to her brother.

“It sounds kinda cute.”

“Yes, now let’s get in there before I’m late for class.”

“Your not going to be late.”

“We’ll see.” Bella stated as she went in first.

Alfred was about to reply when he was stopped. His eyes were drawn to the person behind the coffee bar. His mouth failing to make a sound.

The person behind the bar was a man. His golden blond hair was a little wild and went his ears. His dark green eyes were beneath a pair of thick eyebrows. He wore a crisp white shirt underneath a green apron with a golden dragon on the front with the shop’s name on the bottom. He had a soft smile as he handed a small child their hot chocolate.

As Alfred looked at the man of his dreams, Bella’s own eyes went to her own Adonis. The man had blood red hair and dark green eyes. He was putting books on the shelves, a small smile playing on his lips. He wore a white shirt also with black dress pants. He seemed to be deep in thought sorting the books.

“Be right back.” Both Alfred and Bella told each other as they went to their man.

Alfred walked up to the counter, trying to calm his breathing as he got closer to the man who had caught his attention.

“'ello and welcome to Dragon tale, what would you like?” the man asked .

Alfred shivered, the man of his dreams had the most beautiful accent he had heard. His eyes went to the man’s name tag. The name was in bold black letters.

“It’s my first time here Arthur, will you tell me what you’ll recommend?”

“It depends what do you usually drink?”

“Coffee.” he replied.

Arthur wrinkled his nose and shook his head. Then sighed as he looked at Alfred and took a breath.

“I’m afraid we don’t have that much coffee in stock right now..”

“But this is a coffee shop..”

“It’s also a book shop.” Arthur replied with a small frown.

“Yea..well do you know when you might get some more coffee?”

“Any time this week..but I do have some new teas if you would like to try them..”

How could Alfred say no, not with Arthur’s eyelashes shading his green eyes. It looked sexy to him that he had clear his throat before answering.

“Sure..what ya recommend?”

“Earl Grey with one lump of sugar with cream.”

He blushed, why did everything this Brit said was making him hot around the collar. He had to shake his head, he was a cool older brother. He needed to keep his head out of the clouds and thoughts of the man before him naked.

“I’ll take that then.”

“Very well.”

Oh the gods hated him, Alfred thought as Arthur turned around and bended down. He had to hold his nose, he couldn’t help it that the Brit had a sexy bottom that it almost criminal. He was so lost in his thoughts when Arthur turned around.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked with a small smile.

“What..I..yes..” Alfred replied a slight blush on his face.

“Love, your not as sly as you think.”

Alfred lost his words as Arthur handed him his tea with a napkin.

“Here’s the drink, It’s one pound.”

Alfred paid it still wide eyed, then he thanked Arthur and walked to find his sister. She was in the same state as him. He saw that she had a book in her hands along with a receipt. They didn’t speak until they were in the car.

“Arthur, they guy who was serving the drinks, I got his number…”

“Alistair gave me his and we have a date..”

“Hold on, you got a number and a date.”


“Your not going.”

“Just because you only got a number.”

“No, our parents will kill me if you go on a date…”

“Then let’s do a double date.”

Alfred huffed but nodded, it made since to have a double date. One he wouldn’t embarrass himself at much with Bella there. Second he would be able to protect his sister from anything the other man tried.


“Thank you big brother.”

“Your welcome.”


“Gave him a number did ye.” Alistair stated to his brother as he walked over.

“you gave the girl your number.”

“And we’re going on a date on Friday.”

“then I have a date Friday too.”

“What ya mean?”

“Their Siblings.”

“Dam. “

“Don’t worry Allie I’ll keep the older brother for murdering you.”

“Thank ye little brother.”

“Your welcome Allie.”

Arthur couldn’t wait for his date with the American.


Everything changed when Regina realized she was pregnant. When she told Gregory he had the same reaction she did – utter disbelief. They were always careful – she was on the pill and he always made sure to wear a condom – except that one night … The mood between them was somber. There was no question as whether or not she was going to have the baby. They were both dealing with their own thoughts about the idea of becoming parents. Regina was still getting used to having Gregory share her space. They have never thought about or even discussed marriage and now they were going to parents. First she told her grandmother. It wasn’t that Regina was pregnant that disturbed Fatimah. What bothered her was the dark mood that seemed to hang over Regina. Regina finally made peace with her impending motherhood. Perhaps it was because she was about to become a mother herself that made her heart grow tender towards her own mom. Regina ended the silent war with her mother. Once again her Uncle Khalil’s home became her safety zone for an ending a family dispute.

angelhart79 replied to your post “I have lost 15 pounds in a week in a half…. I’m not sure if I should…”

Maybe both? ^^ Stress isn’t good for your health but it is the best diet ever. I do hope that the bad environment you’re in now will be resolved soon. *hug*

Thank you, sugar. :) Things are starting to look up with all the wonderful support I’ve been getting across fandoms. We’re actually looking in to a house that’s for sale (super cheap little place) in my area and my mom has been staying at my grandmothers lately, so I’ve been able to work on commissions and such in peace.

I also finally got medicine and such for my ADHD which has made it a lot easier to function. I’m having a lot less panic attacks and my depression is a fraction of what it was. I still have bad days, but I’ve been able to proactively go out and look into jobs and fill out applications without acting like a hot, flying mess.

I still gotta be super cautious about leaving the house if mom isn’t at work, but I’m pushing towards the goal of being okay sooner rather than later.

Learning to play music is a long exercise learning to be kind to yourself. As your fingers stumble to keep up with your eyes and ears, your brain will say unkind things to the rest of you. And when this tangle of body and mind finally makes sense of a measure or a melody, there is peace. Or, more accurately, harmony. And like the parents who so energetically both fill a house with music and seek its quietude, both are needed to make things work. As with music, it takes a lifetime of practice to be kind to yourself. Make space for that practice, and the harmony will emerge.
—  Liz Danzico, “Grace Notes

Okay, I just need to talk about how perfect that Ballie love scene and the choreography was. The fact that it starts off with them both standing at the window, with the light streaming in, which gives a sense of holiness and rebirth and new life( a new life in which Bea finally feels what it’s like to be loved). Heightening the sense of the purity of their love. The fact that they use the “tantra yab yum” position, which is described as being the closest that two hearts can be. The way Bea kisses up Allie’s back and then practically snuggles into her, getting as close to her safe and peaceful place as possible. The shot of Allie massaging Bea’s breasts and Bea placing her hand over Allie’s, discovering her own body like she never has in her life. Bea stroking Allie’s lips, not missing out on any part of her. The camera closing in on Bea’s face as she orgasms, highlighting the importance of this moment for her, and then nestling into Allie’s shoulder, with serenity and peace on both their faces.

 Anyway, this was an over-analyzation of the Ballie love scene and I have too many feelings! 

 In conclusion, Ballie love scene > any love scene on tv ever.

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Shu - 11

#11. “Be my wife.”

“…..Be my wife.”

Shu’s whispered words floated into thin air as the two of you snuggled.You really had not been expecting that…at all. You sat up out of your comfortable position to peer down at his peaceful expression. His eyes were closed, not any type of emotion noticeable on his face. He was perfect.

The proposal wasn’t ideal, but it was a nice surprise since the both of you had never brought up marriage before, at least you were to scared to do so.

You still weren’t sure if he was only sleep talking, maybe he had fallen asleep, or joking, maybe to see your upset form when he shot the idea down with amusement.

Or maybe he was being serious.

The idea of marrying this beautiful man, to finally claim him as yours to everyone else, was very intriguing.

“Re-…Repeat that..?” You spoke out, hoping for the best.

Shu opened one eye, looking up at you tiredly before reaching out a hand to grab your own. “Be my wife…marry me.”

His repeated statement and small smile were all you needed to be reassured. 

“As long as it’s not a big wedding.” You say with a small chuckle. Shu gives an amused breath before tugging on your hand, pulling you on top of him to spend the rest of the day relaxing and exchanging many kisses.

concept; me and you, together, in bed. no sex, just love. both of us are warm and happy, my hands are tangled in yours and your legs are wrapped around mine. our favourite things are here, blankets and soft toys, more importantly us, you are my favourite thing, and i am yours, we have each other, therefore we have the world. right there in front of us. even though neither of us ever thought it would be, things are finally okay, we have found peace in the things that destroyed us and nothing can harm us anymore.

Margaery x fem!reader

GoT imagine: Could you write an margaery x femReader fan fiction? Like margaery gets possessive and jealous when someone tries to flirt with the reader? And maybe smut at the and if you are computable with that. That’ll be sooo amazing because I love your blog 😍❤️

AN: I don’t do smut sorry but thanks for understanding!!

You were a lady from a House near Highgarden. Because your father was a Lord who worked closely with the Tyrell’s you had grown up at Highgarden with Margaery and Loras and became close friends with them. However, as you and Margaery grew up together you also grew closer in more than a way of friendship. When you both recognized your feelings for each other you tried to push them away until finally you realized you could both keep it a secret and have a peaceful relationship without the prying eyes of others.

But, months ago, Margaery had been taken to King’s Landing to marry King Joffrey. With their wedding a fortnight away you were excited when a raven came inviting you to their wedding. Now, here you were, pulling up to the front steps of the King’s grand castle. “Y/N,” you were greeted by an excited voice as soon as you started to leave the carriage. You looked up and saw your Margaery. “Margaery, how are you M’lady? Or, shall I say my Queen.”

“I am not a Queen yet doll,” she smiled. “It’s very good to see you. I have missed you so much,” she said hugging you.

“We have plenty of time to catch up,” she caught on to your tone and fought to hide her smile.

“Yes, we shall.” She showed you her room and brought you to the room you’d be staying in. “I have to get ready for dinner tonight, as do you, so I’ll leave you to it,” she pressed a kiss to your cheek.Your handmaidens and her guards saw it but to them it was nothing more than friends overjoyed to see each other but, to you two, it was a comfortable gesture that you two had been missing for months.


You had never been in a grander hall. Margaery sat at the front table with the King and his family while you sat mingling with the other Lord and Ladies on the floor. You and Margaery kept eyes on each other throw dinner and as the music picked up you swayed to the music. “Excuse me m’lady,” you looked up to a handsome man standing beside you, “I’m Sir Loral Ryes,” he introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Sir Loral Ryes. I’m Lady Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Oh, the future Queen’s friend. I heard of your arrival but, I must say m’lady, the whispers of your beauty did not do you justice,” you felt a blush creep into your cheeks.

“Sir Ryes you flatter me too much.”

“Would you like to dance?”

You glanced up quickly at Margaery and saw her looking intently at you. “It would be my honor,” you accepted his hand and spent the rest of the night dancing.


You closed your room door tired from all your dancing and your handmaidens flocked to you trying to get your dress off and get you ready for bed. Your corset was half untied when your door was viciously thrown open. “Margaery,” you said surprised, “I wasn’t expecting you.”

You saw her put on her fake smile, “Yes, well, I thought we could stay up and talk like we used to back home. Ladies, you may leave. I’ll finish her dress,” they bowed and left the room. As soon as the door closed her smile dropped. “What was that tonight?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.”

“You and the King’s guard member. You flirted with him all night!”

“Like any single lady would if a handsome knight spoke to her.”

“You are not single,” she growled.

“You are getting married, Margaery. You are building a family and so must I.”

“Then build your family,” she stepped closer to you, “but know that you are always mine.” She twirled your hair around in her finger.

“Always,” you grinned. “And you remember that you are always mine. Don’t you think you should be getting back to your room,” you breathlessly said.

“I’ll just say we had a sleepover like all friends do,” she grinned and started unlacing the rest of your dress.

Title: Daisy Chains

Character(s): Connor Kenay x Reader

Request: Could you do a Connor Kenway one shot where he and the reader spend the afternoon going for a walk and picking flowers and just relaxing after finally winning the war???

Warnings: none

The homestead was peaceful this time of year. The leaves were changing color, the air was cool, and the settlers were finally becoming accustomed to living without the threat of war looming over them.

You and Connor walked hand in hand down the path that led to a small cliff, giving you both ample view of his ship and the beautiful water it sailed upon. Sitting in the clearing with Connor sat next to you, you had begun absentmindedly picking the flowers that surrounded you. 

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I'm actually excited to see Peter and Stiles dynamic this season, they got great chemistry, and both actors are super talented (i know you don't like ian but when it comes to acting he's hella good) and like Stiles hates him but Peter is the only familiar face down there, so i'm excited to see if they're gonna "team up" or something

 I totally agree with you about Ian’s acting, and as a villain I think that Peter is incredible. I’ve always wanted him to be the final villain of the show, and for the nematon to be the other final villain. Finally destroyed so that Beacon Hills can live in peace. 

I’m pumped to see Stiles and Peter’s dynamic, i think it’ll be really entertaining and actually quite funny. This season is gonna be loaded with snark like sour cream on a baked potato. 

Avengers ::: Closed ::: Aidan, Kadyn & Ben

While Ben was glad to be running with Kadyn again without the animosity between them and that Aidan would get to run with the other boy too, the Aussie knew tonight was special mostly for Kadyn and him because they would get to avenge Lexington’s death and maybe finally find some sort of peace of mind and help the both of them moved on.

He had ran a good part of the night with Aidan (and tried very hard not to fuck him in wolf form, which had proven to be very difficult) and now he was on the border of the West Side, waiting for Kadyn to arrive, then they would get to the spot Vincent was being held for him before he was released for them to hunt down.

‘I’ll let you play with Kadyn a little bit, then we hunt.’

@aidanxoshea then @brokenxwolf

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Hello ~ The pairing would be DC x DL ( maybe angst maybe fluff or both that's up to you ) Thank you owo

(muffled cries of fluff in the background)


For Ciel, nighttime was the most peaceful moment he had as a member of the El Search Party. Lu had been put to bed, and the leftover cookies had been safely stowed somewhere else, much to Add’s hunger.

The exhausted Dreadlord let out a sigh of satisfaction as he finally collapsed onto his bed in his comfiest phoru pajamas. It had been a long day at the Phantasmal Geyser, and he needed some well-deserved rest after what just happened there. He was about to drift into sleep when he heard a knock at the door. Groaning, he mustered out a “Come in,” and sat up.

A worried Deadly Chaser stood at his doorway, clutching his pillow. “I….I had a bad dream,” he whispered. Ciel’s eyes widened and patted the space next to him on the bed.

“It’s okay, you can tell me,” Ciel said reassuringly. Chung breathed a sigh of relief, and sat next to Ciel, closing the door behind him.

“The dream was about my dad, to be honest. I can’t stop thinking about he could’ve killed me back then, if the El Search Party didn’t save me. I would’ve died at the hands of my own father….no, at the hands of the demons,” he cursed, then looked at Ciel apologetically. “I’m sorry….I know you and Lu are good, I just can’t forget what they’ve done-”

“It’s alright,” Ciel interrupted. “When I lost my parents, I had nightmares of them too. In fact, once in a while I still have them……” Clearing his throat, he patted Chung’s back. “If you like, you can sleep in my bed tonight. I know how bad those dreams can be.”

Chung smiled for the first time that night. “I would like to, if you don’t mind.”

Pulling the covers over, the two assassins fall into a deep sleep, with no more nightmares intruding on them.

reasons komaeda IS gamzee
  • starts off peaceful, a friend to the protagonist, if a bit strange
  • same bad hairstyle/same bad fashion sense
  • ends up going batshit and does everything for their beliefs/spirituality
  • becomes a minor villain but not the true big bad
  • are the ones that RAISE the big bad to their final form so they complete their villainy- komaeda raising junko’s successor to continue junko’s will, and gamzee raising caliborn so he ends up becoming lord english
  • both are moirails with the main protag until they reveal their True Self
  • both are super batshit
  • it’s uncertain if either of them are dead or CAN die

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i lost my friend as well in october and im not over it at all, that video is so lovely she seemed like such a sweet person and i wish the world was kinder to her and my friend, if you ever wanna talk please do :) sending all the love and support

I am so sorry for your loss. And yes, Liv was such an incredible and lovely person. I’m glad both our friends are finally at peace, and I do hope you find healing someday. That offer extends to you, too. If anybody following me needs to talk about grief or loss from suicide, please message me, as I can empathize with you too entirely well. Hang in there everyone.


I’m finally home from Ai-kon and HOH what a weekend.
Being Luke with @kanashimicloud as Obi wan was a good time. We went on a special mission to get flower crowns so we could both be peaceful jedi together.

See Kanashimicloud again as Budgetwanch Hanzo in the last picture. 
The whole group of budgetwanch cosplayers were actually my crew and were amazing. (I was supposed to be their 76 but it didn’t happen). Also, note, the Bastion had a kazoo taped inside his box and was playing sandstorm along with other things. 

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(For the tell me about your day thingy) I ate a delicious apple pie today. Also I'm deeply in love, we are both pansexual and I think I finally found peace with myself

ooo pie! pie is a wonderful thing

also - im glad you have found peace + love!! i hope you have a wonderful day