they where to lazy to name the tour

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anyway your opinion on their cookie lifestyle (????) - flavours, soft level ™, store bought or homemade (who mAKES them 👀), idK I JUST WANT COOKIES NOW TOO SO LIKE.


Oliver is a classic chocolate chip cookie type of guy - he likes simple flavor combos, maybe a peanut butter one here and there, or sugar cookies during the holidays. 

Marcus has a lesser sweet tooth, but he’s also far more willing to try different types of flavors. he tried an earl grey vanilla cookie once and swears by it (it’s from some town from one of their multiple quidditch tours and Marcus always laments that “i should’ve written down the places name/taken a card/oliver, help me find it again”

they’re sweet (on each other badum tssss) on small bakeries around the area where they live, and they both like store bought for the sake of easiness, laziness, and the lack of waiting time 

but Marcus also enjoys spending time in the kitchen to bake, occasionally, and so he does most of the baking (he’s learned from observing the house elves while he was a kid) and Oliver does his best to help aka eating the portioned out amount of chocolate chips until they are no longer the Right™ portion and Marcus swatting him on the behind when Oliver tries to eat the cookie dough

when they have kids, Marcus leads the girls through their first baking ‘lesson’ and stands behind their youngest so she doesn’t topple off the little step stool she’s on while she’s mixing the batter and they all tease Oliver for being useless yet sitting at the dinner table eagerly awaiting the fresh batch of cookies

they let the girls ice their sweets however they want (well, as long as it’s not too Cavity Inducing) and even though their daughters all groan and “ew” at their dads’ flirting and shenanigans, Marcus always decorates one just for Oliver.

hey are u sad??? here are some funny band videos to cheer u up !!!

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hii i was wondering if i could have a cute shawn imagine where we have a lazy day or something like that? i would really appreciate ittt and my names holly if you need it, my friends call me hol for short sometimes too

Imagine Shawn:  Surprise cuddles

You were alone in your room because your boyfriend Shawn was gone on tour with Austin and you wanted to cuddle with him.

Text convo

(Y is you & S is Shawn)

Y: babe ):

S: hey whats wrong?

Y: I wanna cuddle with you

S: Aw babe! I promise to cuddle with you when I get back!

Y: But I want you RN!

S: Yeah I want you too (;

Y: Wow funny shawn! But please hurry! I love you!

S: I love you too Holly

End of text convo

You sighed and locked your phone. You were on your laptop until you saw Shawn texted you again

S: Go to your front door..

You wonder why he texted that but you went down anyways. You open the door and you see a puppy. You smiled and picked up the puppy and read the note on his collar

“To my beautiful girlfriend

Shawn xx”

You looked up then see Shawn standing in front of you. You put the puppy down into the house and kissed shawn.

“I missed you sooo much” you said

“I missed you way more but lets go cuddle!!”  he said smiling while leading you to your bedroom

You guys spent the whole night cuddling and talking about everything that you guys missed.

I hope you liked it!!!!

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