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in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

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Stelena Forever Meme || [5/9] Quotes

↳ 2x20: The Last Day


I don’t understand why we can’t just agree that Jared, Jensen and Misha are all best friends. Lately, I have seen so many posts saying that either Jensen has to really hate Misha because he’s coming in between him and Jared, or Misha truly can’t stand Jared for the same type of thing … or some other combination of that. Umm why? Last time I checked, a person was capable of having more than one real good friends. I have several—two best friends, in fact. Two of them!

I know!

Shocker. I must be some sort of rare, side show freak because I am capable of having two people that I love to hang out with and talk to—at the same damn time!

Seriously …

Ship whoever you want to ship, but that doesn’t mean you get to attack the third person.

Whether you think that two of them are romantically involved, or just very, very close—whatever, I don’t care. But they have all said at one time or another that they all care about each other. They have all said that the three of them enjoy spending time together. They have all three hugged and showed affection as a group right before our very eyes.

It’s not a conspiracy.

It’s not acting.

They are friends.

All three of them.

Jared loves Jensen and Misha.

Misha loves Jensen and Jared.

Jensen loves Jared and Misha.

The friendships between the pairs might all be different, but that doesn’t mean less.

Stop letting your ship convince you that it’s okay to sully a person’s choice in friends, sully their friendship overall and sully their emotions. None of them would appreciate that.

They are all humans and they all deserve to have their words be respected—and their words have always and specifically been:

“We are all family.”

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I might post more, I will make the LeoRaph week, but I think you already know that :>

*Plot Twist* Renee is the one interviewing her husband and his boyfriend. :3c

Based off of the “Special Feeling” meme and @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance‘s funny response to an ask. :p

That special feeling goes straight down Seth’s throat.

my favorite ship dynamic is Mutual Appreciation Society

  • enthusiasm for each other’s interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • smiles get bigger when they look at each other (giant!! nerds!!!)
  • each other’s number 1 fan
  • supportive and honest
  • do that nerdy shit where they want to be the best version of themselves for the person they’re in love with
  • laugh together A Lot
  • talk their partner up to their friends, and everything they say is totally sincere
  • Happy, whether they’re in love or aaallllmost there

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is will x hannibal canon? like, i want to watch it but i'm sick of queerbaiting

Yes, they’re canon, though perhaps not in the conventional way most would expect. There’s no sexual component to their relationship (yet–it seems like a pretty natural progression of things, though, IMO), but there is burning intimacy there, and affection, and desire, and obsession, most of which transcends mere subtext. 

Even if you take the possibility of sex entirely out of the equation, Will and Hannibal still, without a single iota of doubt, love each other to an unthinkable degree. Bryan Fuller, the showrunner, has openly admitted to them being attracted to one another (though not necessarily sexually) and has been overwhelmingly vocal about the romantic evolution of their relationship. 

Just keep in mind that it’s a very slow burn, in large part because of the dark and complex nature of their relationship, and while Will and Hannibal do see other people–singularly women–throughout the series, they are unquestionably endgame. 


He leaned in, giving me time to pull away. I could feel his breath when he said, “I love it when you quote me.”


Favorite ROMITRI Moments: Last Sacrifice - Chapter 11
Fugitives - Rubysville Public Library

[…] He scanned the shelf twice and then pulled out a large, bright-colored one entitled 100 Best Places to Visit in the World.

We sat down cross-legged on the floor, and he handed me the book. “No way, comrade,” I said. “I know books are a journey of the imagination, but I don’t think I’m up for that today." 
"Just take it,” he said. “Close your eyes, and flip randomly to a page.”

[…] “Mitchell, South Dakota?” I exclaimed. Remembering I ws in a library, I lowered my voice. “Out of all the places in the world, that makes the top hundred?”

He was smiling again, and I’d forgotten how much I’d missed that. “Read it.”
“‘Located ninety minutes outside of Sioux Falls, Mitchell is home to the Corn Palace.’” I looked up at him in disbelief. “Corn Palace?”

He scooted over next to me, leaning close to look at the picture “I figured it’d be made of corn husks,” he noted. The pictures actually showed what looked like a Middle Eastern–or even Russian–style building, with turrets and onion domes.
“Me too.” Reluctantly, I added, “I’d visit it. I bet they have great T-shirts.”
“And,” he said, a sly look in his eyes, “I bet no guardians would look for us there.”

I made no attempts to conceal my laughter, imagining us living as fugitives in the Corn Palace for the rest of our lives. My amusement brought us a scolding from a librarian, and we quieted as Dimitri took his turn. San Paolo, Brazil. Then my turn: Honolulu, Hawaii. Back and forth we passed the book, and before long, we were both lying on the floor, side by side, sharing mixed reactions as we continued our “global tour of the imagination.” Our arms and legs just barely touched.