they were way too happy lol

bharatanatyamandballet  asked:

I'm so happy for you love!! No matter what you put yourself out there and I'm SURE Candice appreciated it so much and was so happy to see you again because you're so lovely💜☺️ so it's a win all around!!💜💜

Love you hun! Thanks for the constant support. Candice is too kind.

LOL! How could Brandon do you like that? He should have let you ask CP at your own pace. Damn, but at least it’s out of the way.

Brandon didn’t force lol! He was just being nosey and wanted to know what we were saying, he should’ve helped lol! 

“A wild Fowsia appears. Local Pokemon trainer Grant comes in and says “I see you everywhere!” LMAO!

I’m gonna post the video of our interactions here soon lol! 


In TeruMob AU, where Mob isn’t exactly oblivious as you think he is :”)) /what

Do something cute after my previous fancomic of Teruki were too sad, although this comic is entirely about Mob (not on purpose) trolling Teruki all the way till the end LOL. But, at least, Teruki is happy here :”D after I kept making him sad almost all the time /slapped

Also, work has been stressing me out a bit too much lately, so I need to do something to escape myself from it :”))

Hope you like it~! <3

  • Click here to read my TeruMob previous fancomic: Here
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BTS Reaction: You’re insecure about being natural around them

Request:  I love ur blog so much I was super happy to see your request were open again lol 😭❤️ do you think you can do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being too insecure to be natural around them? Like no makeup, natural hair, etc?

A/N: This is honestly so sweet thank you so much! I can only apologise for the wait, but I really hope it’s worth it for being such a sweetheart <3 xx


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I think Jin would wonder if it was something he was doing wrong as you were so insecure and so he would go out of his way to compliment you, whether it be on your appearance or that your laugh was particularly adorable. Either way he would just try and make you feel comfortable enough around him to be natural without make up or your hair done, but he wouldn’t want to pressure you into it either as he respected that it was your body and your choice. 


Originally posted by kthmyg

He would watch you finishing off your make up before a date and would look at you and wonder why on earth a girl as beautiful as you both in and out would feel the need to wear so much make up. Of course you looked beautiful with it on too but he started to feel concerned that you felt like you needed it. He would sit next to you and whisper in your ear that you simply didn’t need it but when you explained you wanted to he would leave it at that, leaving a tender kiss on your cheek.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I think at first Hobi would be concerned, after all his main priority would be making sure you realised how beautiful you truly were and he was confused as to how you couldn’t see that. However, when he realised that you weren’t ready to be naturally beautiful around him yet he would make an effort to learn about your make up, asking you lots of questions and pointing out the ones his make up noonas use to reassure you it was okay.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by bangthebae

While Namjoon would definitely appreciate the effort you put into your hair and make up, he would definitely drum into you that it wasn’t necessary and that you could show up bare faced and beautiful. Regardless, you knew the subtle looks and not so subtle heart eyes were a clear indication of how beautiful he thought you were but he would be understanding if you didn’t want to yet. 


Originally posted by chimcheroo

He would regularly play with your hair, loving the feeling of running his hands through it but one day he asked you what your hair was like naturally, when you first woke up in the morning. When you told him you thought it looked awful he dismissed you immediately, still patting your hair tenderly and promising himself that he would see it someday and tell you how beautiful it was.


Originally posted by armyfanclub

Taehyung would beg you to show him your face without make up but when you refused, compromised with maybe a little less make up or a more natural look. When you finally complied he told you how gorgeous you looked and how he could only imagine how radiant you were without it and that he hoped to see it someday before sitting with you and pulling faces in the mirror.


Originally posted by jeonbase

Little Kook wouldn’t be too sure how to handle your insecurity until he had a brainwave. He walked out the bathroom one day with his hair sticking up everywhere and remnants of your make up strewn over his face with lipstick up to his ears. ‘See Jagi, now you’ve seen me like this you gotta let me see you all natural’ he’d giggle, attempting to wipe his face on your shoulder.

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Elriel has a slim, slim chance of happening, right? So then who might Mor end up with (if anyone at all because we know Mor doesn't need a man because she's an independent lady)? Well to answer that question I think she might end up with Lucien. Two of the sassiest people in the book ending up together. Hell yes, please! Mor and Lucien are not end game in any way, shape, or form, but I would love if they got together because the SASS they could produce together would kill me w/ happiness.

It certainly seems that way after the second book. There were only like two spots of legit foreshadowing. The other spots could mean anything at this point. But we’ll know more after the third book. Cuz that’s a plot line I feel like Maas would save for the spin off. 

And hell yeah. Mor does not need a man. But I like people to have partners to spend their lives with and be happy with. I would 100% take Lucien too! They would be sassy and classy as fuck. LOL. OMG. The more I think of this, the more I need to have them in the same room together. Just to see how they will act.

UNPOPULAR HC ALERT: I’ve never said this publicly on Tumblr before, but I HC that Mor might be gay. Cuz at this point we’re all assuming that she is straight because the whole Cassian thing—but our normative category brains are filling in what we don’t know so most of us assume she’s straight. It’s obvious Azriel loves her, Feyre told us 100 times. But not once did Feyre say she thought Mor felt the same way for Azriel, nor could any of Mor’s actions be used as irrefutable evidence that she loves Azriel beyond friendship. But also, knowing Maas, probably not. But it would certainly be irresponsible of us not to at least consider it because we’ve seen no irrefutable evidence to counter it.

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Can you do the one where lance get hit and blue starts freezing up and he gets frostbite? It's to long to post the whole in the ask Lol-- and since it's ok to ask more, i might ask for another... I'm sorry i just like the way you writeÕ_Õ

Yeah. I like that one too. And it’s no big deal. Honestly I’m so happy you like my Prompts so much. Feel free to ask away as many as you like.


Lance was still dealing with the after affects of the last mission they went on. Blue was malfunctioning, and there was honestly no problem with any part of her. Her controls and armor were all fixed, but somehow she still was “broken”. The insides of Blue’s cockpit was freezing cold. The controls even colder against Lance’s warm hands.

He had to spend hours training I the freezing cold of Blue’s cock pit. Some days his fingers only turned a light blue from lack of warmth and blood flow. The longest mission they had gone on was wrecking Lance’s hands. As he fought his fingers turned numb and he wasn’t sure how he continued to pilot Blue and fight.

He guessed it was the adrenaline and the wish to not let down his team. His brain always supplied with him useless depressive thoughts and they only made him work himself to the brink of danger and exhaustion. His hands were slowly turning more and more of a dark color during he current mission. It had been hours.

They were stuck fighting for hours on hours. Finally. Thank the stars it was over finally. Lance was shiver and his cheeks and nose were a bright pink and his hands and fingers were an unnatural purple and blue color. He had been able to hide the pain they gave him so far. It they had never gotten this bad.

As he got out of Blue he sighed in thankfulness to the warmth of the castle. Thankfully his hands were covered with gloves but they were still freezing cold. Cold enough to burn a little bit of prolonged touch ensued. The team high fives and as Shiro gave Lance a high five Lance winced in pain.

He shuddered as a burning feeling ran from his finger tips up his arms slowly. He could barely move his fingers and they were numb with cold and he held them close to his body as he smiled with team. Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance’s actions and quietly huffed. “What’s wrong wth your hands Lance?” Shiro asked suddenly.

Lance’s eyes widened and he pulled them closer into his chest. “It’s nothing..” he mumbled and looked away. Without another word Shiro closed the distance between them and grabbed Lance’s wrist and yanked off the glove. Lance winced and looked away at the terrified gasps of the team

His hand was a dark purple and almost black. At his finger tips. “Lance..” Hunk let out in worry as he looked at Lance’s hands. “How long..”

“About a week or two…” Lance replied. “It wasn’t that bad until now. We usually only trained for about an hour and a half and nothing happened but the hours of this mission, I guess, took a toll on them. Blue has been malfunctioning and is freezing cold inside. Everything is fixed about her but she’s freezing cold inside…” he mumbled in defeat.

The team was silent, unable to believe they hadn’t noticed at all. Especially since they trained every day about three times before eating. They just didn’t know what to say as Lance was ushered to go get healing before his hands were completely done for. The team was silent, guilt laying over them like a weighted blanket. Had they really been that blind to never see until now how Lance flinched at the high fives and how burning come his hands had been..?

Okay so I know it’s been awhile since my WINGS fansign but my life is in shambles and I’m going one day at a time lol so here it is

I arrived at the fansign early this time…thank god lol and legit picked the pages that the members were gonna sign right before. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but they happened to sit in the perfect order since I picked different photos from all 4 albums for each member to sign and the members who shared the same album were sitting together lol I also wrote my name down (Kat 누나) so that they would know what to write. Namjoon I didnt put Noona. It didnt seem right since I knew we would just be speaking english to each other.

Anyway I went in and took my seat. I was in the middle second row. Pretty good. Once again it was like 99% fansites lol It seems many fansites work in at least a pair. One takes pictures while the other uploads previews to twitter. Or while one is getting their album signed they will point to their camera/fansite coworker so that the member will wave or act cute for their specific camera.

So right when I sat down one of the fansites behind me tapped me on the shoulder and started speaking korean. I told her I didnt speak korean and in the most fluent english I have ever done heard she asked if we could switch seats. Obviously she wanted to get closer; who wouldn’t. She said she would take pictures of me with the members while I was up there if we could switch bless her soul. And honestly in my mind one row further back meant nothing to me so I said yes and gave her my email, honestly going on faith lol

I was so nervous to meet them again. Seeing them so close and in such a comfortable setting for them surrounded by fansites that they know so well. But I felt better than last time. i think i just had more time to get my brain under control lol and I was talking to my friends in my GC the whole time this time and it kept me light and calm. Bless them

So the fansite was true to her word and she sent me 75 HD photos of me talking with the boys. Unfortunately she did not get me with Hobi or Jin, but oh well, life goes on. i assume another member was being extra adorable and she had to stop to photograph it. Don’t blame her.

So Jhope was first and he was so bright and smiley (they all seemed in a super good mood tbh) He asked me where I was from. i told him America…then LA just to keep things simple (I am from LA originally gosh dangit) He got super excited and said that he loves LA. I told him that I loved his Intro and he rapped a small part of it and danced a little lol I asked him about this abs and he laughed and touched his stomach and said thank you. I asked if he still had them and he said no…suuuuuuure

Tae was next. Just like last time he was so shocked by my name Kat. He kept asking if it was my real name. i just insisted it was lol I’m assuming he was thinking of the animal and was shocked that I was named after cats lol I mentioned that I had a lot of friends who came to Korea to see them. Then for a friend I asked him what perfume he wore. He was very cute and acted like he couldn’t recall the name. i know he was just messing with me though and didnt want to tell me. The lady came over and told me to move and he pretended to be all panicked. I asked him to write the answer on the post it note but he just wrote some random lines lol and then I had to move on that jerk. I’ve included 3 Tae pics because his face during this exchange was too great

Jin was next. He’s so handsome and so put together. I told him I was worried about him going to the jungle. He asked me if there were lions or bears or tigers in the jungle. I said no to all and he said then I shouldn’t worry. He was really funny and I wish I could properly express over text the way he said it all. It was so cute cuz he kept pausing to think of how to say the animals in english. His english is honestly really good.

Next was Jimin that shy little angel. Even though the album for him to sign was right on top as I had intended he moved it and went through all 4 before I picked it up and gave him the right one lol he was so shy and flustered. He signed my album and then looked up to start talking to me, then suddenly he looked back down at my album with a shocked expression. He quickly added a noona after my name. He also drew a little cat which I love cuz sometimes I draw a little cat after my name too. But just the way his face looked when he realized he should add noona. He was so scandalized that he hadn’t haha He was also the only one to actually write noona. I’m dead. He then went on to point out one of my rings which is kind of his style. Then he pointed to one of his and said that his ring was bigger than mine. I said yes but my hand is bigger than his so he held his hand up to compare and he just died inside when my hand was bigger lolol he laughed shyly and then it was over lol

Next was Yoongi. He was very quiet; didnt talk much at all. I told him that i was from LA and he said that he likes LA. I told him I saw him at KCON and I would be going to Muster. I also told him that we would win daesang and he just smiled slightly and nodded (little did he know) Even though he didnt talk much he held my hand almost the whole time as if to show his appreciation. Even though he didnt seem like he wanted to talk english with me I felt appreciated and that he was interested in what I was saying the whole time.

Jungkook was next and oh lord was he so cute. He was in such a good mood. He said hello in korean and I said hello in English and his face lit up. He said “oh! English! ok!” Like he was super ready to speak english. Our conversation:

Me: You’re really excited today!

Kookie: …..

Me: LOL You’re really happy!

Kookie: Yes! Happy!

(He signed my album then…lol)

Kookie: Today………today….today… … I am happy

It was so cute. He wanted to speak english so bad but just couldn’t get the words happening. But he was smiling and bouncing in his seat the whole time bless him. I just died from his cuteness

Last was Namjoon. At this point I was super proud of myself for having survived through all the members and all the language barrier. Namjoon was next and I was like OK! relief! You got this! He was super nice. He asked me about where I was from. How long i had been in Korea. He joked that my korean must be really good by now. He told me to be careful of the cold. It was small talk but he was so nice and charming. Then we were done..It was the end. The lady had come to tell me to move it along and then as if an after thought…as if he just wanted to let me know he said “You’re really attractive”…

And I died. I put my head down I was so shocked. But then I told him “No, you’re really attractive!” Pretty sure I was laughing a lot at this point lol and just so shy and then the lady came back and was like girl for real go lolol

It was like Namjoon knew I was way too chill. I had done much too well. He had to end me.

That’s pretty much it. Everything after is probably stuff you’ve already seen circulating twitter and tumblr. Tae playing the piano and playing with a yoyo. Jimin stickering people. Jin singing part of his solo song. It was the last fansign for wings and it just felt like such a happy and great time. All the members were in a great mood and I was in a great mood, and I was also dead.

I forgot to mention that I did hold all of their hands! lol 

Thanks for being so patient guys!!! 

Cool Down- Steve x Reader(f)   Chapter 8

Authors Notes: SO, I hashed this one out really fast and I’m almost done with the next one too. I don’t know what happened but I actually had time to write!

Note/Warnings: Kissing, jealousy, fluff, sass and more kissing lol

Originally posted by s-a-l-t-w-a-t-e-r-k-i-d

 Lizzy. Of all the friends Tessa had, you couldn’t for the life of you figure out why Lizzy was one of them. She was… how to put it? Loose. And of course she had to jump at her chance to get Steve Rogers in her bed. You were livid. A happy day for your sister ruined but the one person you can’t stand.

 You weaved out of the crowded dance floor and made your way through the tables where Lizzy was tugging Steve towards the edge of the tent, no doubt to steal him into the night.

 “Lizzy!” You called, a little more sternly than you had anticipated. She whipped around with a devilish grin.

 “Hey, (Y/N), having fun?” She smirked.

 “So much,” You lied. “What are you two off to?”

 “We were just going for a walk.” She lied right back. You looked at Steve who had the Deer-in-headlights look on his face.

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Happy Birthday, Dad

Requested by @awkwardlove18

AN: I hope you enjoy this imagine and thank you for the request! Shoutout to April for this gif lol 

Also, based on the request there were some blanks I had to fill. Hopefully it’s fine and you still enjoy it!!

Originally posted by illumeshawn

Shawn had known since an early stage in your relationship the strain shared between your father and yourself. It pained him to no end, seeing how tense it made you anytime he was brought up.

Shawn helped in every way possible, too. He cared so much, and often you wondered how you deserved such an amazing person to join you in a seemingly fucked up life.

Today, however, was your fathers birthday. Usually all you did was send him a text, or mail a card, hoping to avoid any, and all, face to face communication. The idea of even seeing him filled your mind with anxiety, but knowing Shawn would be there made it more manageable.

“We can leave whenever you want, ok? Don’t be afraid to tell me you’re uncomfortable. I won’t let him upset you.”

You nod, not being about to trust your voice in this moment, or your choice words, making Shawn’s feel small. You needed to stay strong and having a mental breakdown wouldn’t help anything.

You checked yourself out in the bathroom mirror, making sure each hair was in perfect place. Along with any wrinkles in your dress. That was always something your dad called you out on. Everything needed to be perfect, no excuses. A wrinkled dress meant a messy, careless person.

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5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Title: 5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: He decided this was the girl he would never let go. [College!AU]

Note: Written for @stardresss for Valentine’s exchange fic. I initially plan to put Gajevy as side pairing, but I got carried away and I ended up writing way too long that I can’t afford to put side pairings anymore. In fact, I can write longer for this fic just for NaLu but let’s not get there LOL. I had so much fun writing this. So here’s your NaLu college AU! Hope you enjoy. Happy Valentine, from your viva valentine! :D

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First of all, lemme just give a HUUUGE thank you to @hotchnerfuckmeup for making this amazing edit!! I am so in love :)

Well, here we are at WEEK 9 of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! As always, y’all never disappoint :) It was an awesome week of reading so many different types of fics and pairings!! Friendly reminder that if you want me to read your fic, be sure to tag me in it <3

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

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yo, could you possibly do a fic where gaston survived at the end, but he's so badly damaged that reader takes him in and ends up having to teach him how to walk again? Thanks~

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney / Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: this wasn’t supposed to be as angsty as it now is lol. I’ve been listenting to sad music while writing this so that might be why haha. But I gotta be honest, I really like it that way! Hope you do too love! thanks for the request <33


You got up from the chair in front of the fireplace when someone knocked on the door and walked over to open it.

You were surprised but also happy to see your old friend Belle on the other side of the door.

“Belle! It’s so lovely to see you! I heard what happened at the castle.. I’m really glad that you are alright,” you gave your friend a short hug.

“(Y/N), I didn’t know where else to go.. you’re the only one I know who has skills in medicine and I really need your help,” she looked distraught.

“Are you sick?!” you tried to find any signs of.. well.. anything.

“No, no.. I’m good. It’s.. Gaston. I don’t know how, but.. he survived!”

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Do you travel alone? I'm thinking of doing some traveling in Europe alone but I'm kinda scared. Any tips? And any tips on planning out your trips?

I travel with many of my girlfriends, alone or with a male companion
Nothing wrong with travelling alone, you just have to be very diligent.

  1. Never tell anybody you are travelling alone. Remember you always have a “friend” or “cousin” you are seeing. You also have 13 roommates.
  2. Search “Ten things to do in (Your location). 
  3. Sign up for excursions and tours so you can be shown the desirable places in safe group & befriend others  who are also anxious tourists. Many would be happy to invite you for drinks & dinner in town.
  4. When alone, opt for hotels, as opposed to hostels & airbnbs for your own safety. Hotels can even issue you with private storage, provide you with meals, provide security everywhere, and provide you with taxis and will always a have a spare key just incase something goes wrong.
  5. Use sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, YouTube to plan & get an idea of what to do on your trip
  6. Read travel blogs.
  7. Have a plan of how you’re going to get everywhere & by which method.
  8. Get to know the public transportation systems 
  9. Try & study the place as MUCH as possible before you even go there. If you are an organized person (I’m not),create a daily guide of what to do & where to go.
  10. Always bring emergency money
  11. Join online travel groups so you can gather ideas of things to do & the way people especially lone women travel.
  12. Get your taxi drivers to pick you up after you’re done at an event or night club. Many welcome the business & are happy to ensure that you are safe.
  13. Walk purposefully with your head held high as if you were a local.
  14.  If you choose to date, never give too much information about yourself, enjoy dinner or whatever but try not to stick around too long!
  15. Create boundaries & don’t be afraid to come across as rude or unwelcoming to strangers. Trust your instincts.
  16. After doing the 92038474 things women have to do to stay safe lol, enjoy your trip & look forward the countless experiences you are about to have.

ajoyfulstorm  asked:

Something about oversized sweaters and mugs of warm beverages, everyone loves oversized sweaters.

replace “warm beverages” with “wine straight from the bottle” lol. hope you like it!

Jack wasn’t due back at the apartment for another hour and Bitty was miserable.

Not so much in a codependent, can-only-be-happy-with-my-boyfriend way, but more of a…Jack’s ridiculous floor-ceiling windows were drafty and Bitty was already soaked through from the sleet he’d trudged through getting from his rideshare to the lobby of Jack’s building and he needed his big, unnaturally warm Canadian boyfriend to snuggle his frozen limbs back to life sort of way.

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GUYS MY RFA VIP PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! CRIES// after missing the other two chance bc they were sold out too quickly, I finally got it I want to cry, I am so happy. So yeah, here’s a short video of my genuine reaction. 

Warning: My voice is gross, you’ll hear me say “omg” a lot, and my gross fangirling over Yoosung lmao

anonymous asked:

The fact that you think JJ can be bisexual makes me extremly happy. Half of the fandom (aka the fujoshis) stopped loving him when he stopped being "potentially gay" and seriously, I'm so sick of them... Also I love your blog (and Leo too lol) ♥

omg I feel you!!! people were so salty that Pliroy got destroyed haha

imo there’s no way JJ isn’t bi, like he seems like the kind to like cute guys and girls (with black hair) haha. that’s why he likes Seung Gil 👀

negative space

Originally posted by softsnuper

a/n: got kinda carried away and had way too much fun writing this. now i have to finish my design assignment lol the ending doesn’t really make sense but i thought it was cute. i’ll re-edit this later. also, really glad people enjoyed ‘happy birthday’ thanks :)

pairing: wooseok x reader (gender neutral)

rating: possibly fluff

word count: 1,379

   Slowly but all too quickly, the sun sunk below the horizon, almost leaving the room completely dark. Your laptop and the lamp on your bedside table were the only sources of light in your apartment. Outside, the city was alive as always. Cars honked and people chatted as you typed away on your laptop, the sound of your fingers sliding across the keys added to the cacophony. Every so often, you found yourself checking the time.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to know what your thoughts are on Descendants 2, based on the information we've gotten (trailer, sneak peeks, songs, pictures, etc). It seems that some people aren't as excited for this one. But what do you think? Do you think it'll be a hit like the first movie? Do you have any issues with how D2 might go? Unless you've already voiced your thoughts, I apologize, but I hope you can reply as soon as possible.

To start, I think part of the reason people may not seem as excited has to do with how some of the tie-in material got handled. E.g. Wicked World was really fun but lacked a lot of the campy charm and more serious emotional weight of the original movie. Ooor maybe I’m just projecting my feelings on a wider set of people as you do.

Based on what I’ve seen so far it seems like they may or may not recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the original. (Caveat, I haven’t had time to read the most recent book, Rise of the Isle of the Lost, which obviously leads into this movie and would probably give me a better idea of the tone of Descendants 2.) There’s hint they may get at some meatier questions—how does Mal adjust to the immense pressure of being a King’s girlfriend? why have the other villain kids been left to rot? how are they going to handle (or not) future redemptions? is it even possible to fully redeem a villain?—but we’ll see. I’m hopeful but not expectant, if that makes sense?

One of the things I worry about in terms of how D2 might go is that they might fundamentally misunderstand what made Descendants so popular in the first place. Yes, there was the campy shenanigans, the terrible puns, the inexplicable dance numbers, and the weirdly named children of popular Disney characters. (All of which are veeery present in the promos.) All of that is awesome and wonderful.

But looking at the fandom, a lot of what appealed to people was the characters and the acknowledgment of their pain. Despite the glitter and dubstep, Descendants ended up being a fairly legit look at rising above abusive cycles to find happiness. It hit a chord of genuine emotion that many modern DCOMs can’t quite manage.

Sooo, yeah, I am worried that they’ll spend too much time on the style and not enough on the substance. I think doing so would really rip the heart out of the franchise. (At least for anyone over the age of eight.)

This is probably way more rambly that you were expecting Nonnie but lol I cannot keep my mouth shut whoops. Also one night turnaround is like the fastest I’ve ever done on this blog so my present to you! (◕◡◕✿)

P.S. No matter how they handle it, it’ll still probably be a “hit” at least in terms of viewers and sale numbers. This franchise is too big to fail.





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I found a new good stim/fidget today and i didnt know who to tell? But i cant really afford to buy stim toys or fidgets, but i can afford hair ties! There is a way you can tie a hair bobble in a knot w one hand and its a vv good fidget bc its silent and p discreet and nobody is ginna ask about a bobble right? and aaa im just very happy sorry (if anyone is wondering, just search one handed hair tie trick on youtube! The first and second results look like what i mean)

I was watching a different video of it before this one where they were doing it really fast and weren’t explaining it, so I’m glad I found this one too lol!!

I’ve been doing it myself for the last few minutes and it feels pretty great to do once you get the hang of it! Plus it feels nice to untie the knot afterward! :D

And like in the video, you can do it with rubber bands too, so it works even if you don’t use hair ties!!