they were way too happy lol

I have a lot of feelings for my dad.

Inktober 2017 day 1: The Old Hero


In TeruMob AU, where Mob isn’t exactly oblivious as you think he is :”)) /what

Do something cute after my previous fancomic of Teruki were too sad, although this comic is entirely about Mob (not on purpose) trolling Teruki all the way till the end LOL. But, at least, Teruki is happy here :”D after I kept making him sad almost all the time /slapped

Also, work has been stressing me out a bit too much lately, so I need to do something to escape myself from it :”))

Hope you like it~! <3

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BTS Reaction: You’re insecure about being natural around them

Request:  I love ur blog so much I was super happy to see your request were open again lol 😭❤️ do you think you can do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being too insecure to be natural around them? Like no makeup, natural hair, etc?

A/N: This is honestly so sweet thank you so much! I can only apologise for the wait, but I really hope it’s worth it for being such a sweetheart <3 xx


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I think Jin would wonder if it was something he was doing wrong as you were so insecure and so he would go out of his way to compliment you, whether it be on your appearance or that your laugh was particularly adorable. Either way he would just try and make you feel comfortable enough around him to be natural without make up or your hair done, but he wouldn’t want to pressure you into it either as he respected that it was your body and your choice. 


Originally posted by kthmyg

He would watch you finishing off your make up before a date and would look at you and wonder why on earth a girl as beautiful as you both in and out would feel the need to wear so much make up. Of course you looked beautiful with it on too but he started to feel concerned that you felt like you needed it. He would sit next to you and whisper in your ear that you simply didn’t need it but when you explained you wanted to he would leave it at that, leaving a tender kiss on your cheek.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I think at first Hobi would be concerned, after all his main priority would be making sure you realised how beautiful you truly were and he was confused as to how you couldn’t see that. However, when he realised that you weren’t ready to be naturally beautiful around him yet he would make an effort to learn about your make up, asking you lots of questions and pointing out the ones his make up noonas use to reassure you it was okay.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by bangthebae

While Namjoon would definitely appreciate the effort you put into your hair and make up, he would definitely drum into you that it wasn’t necessary and that you could show up bare faced and beautiful. Regardless, you knew the subtle looks and not so subtle heart eyes were a clear indication of how beautiful he thought you were but he would be understanding if you didn’t want to yet. 


Originally posted by chimcheroo

He would regularly play with your hair, loving the feeling of running his hands through it but one day he asked you what your hair was like naturally, when you first woke up in the morning. When you told him you thought it looked awful he dismissed you immediately, still patting your hair tenderly and promising himself that he would see it someday and tell you how beautiful it was.


Originally posted by armyfanclub

Taehyung would beg you to show him your face without make up but when you refused, compromised with maybe a little less make up or a more natural look. When you finally complied he told you how gorgeous you looked and how he could only imagine how radiant you were without it and that he hoped to see it someday before sitting with you and pulling faces in the mirror.


Originally posted by jeonbase

Little Kook wouldn’t be too sure how to handle your insecurity until he had a brainwave. He walked out the bathroom one day with his hair sticking up everywhere and remnants of your make up strewn over his face with lipstick up to his ears. ‘See Jagi, now you’ve seen me like this you gotta let me see you all natural’ he’d giggle, attempting to wipe his face on your shoulder.

first date with connor murphy headcanons

requested// ‘first date with connor hcs?’

author’s note// YOU GUYS thank you for all the love i didn’t think i’d get so many people supporting me on like the first week thank you all wow hope you enjoy this !!


tw; crappy family mention, lil surprise smut at the end

  • okay let’s get ready
  • so you and connor met in like science class because he cheated off of your test and you both failed cause you didn’t know didley squat 
  • you both thought it was hysterical, and started to talk sometimes in class, joking around, stuff like that 
  • “hey, can i see number twenty three? oh wait, never mind, wouldn’t wanna ask you.”  was his personal favorite to use 
  • one day, he just like asked if you wanted to go to roller skating
  • separate headcanon; connor LOVES rollerskating and he loves it and everyone knows him there and stuff
  • okay focus emily
  • he picked you up, but he doesn’t have a car
  • and you had to incognito leave cause you didn’t tell your parents you were going on a date with the notorious druggie of the entire town
  • since connor did not have a car, you walked there, so it gave you plenty of time to talk and stuff
  • you mainly talked about your families, cause connor himself had a pretty shitty family, and you used to before your mom left your dad and got remarried so you bonded over horrible parent(s)!!!
  • about halfway there, he just like grabbed your hand real aggressively cause like he wanted to touch you but he had no idea how to like,, make it romantic
  • so he just like grabbed your hand, and you decided to entwine your fingers 
  • you got to the rollerskating place and evEryone knew connor, and he like had his pair of skates and he was so good omg 
  • he held your hand the whole time, cause you were a little rusty
  • he would pull you and spin you around, and he looked so happy and you were just as happy to be there with him, it was like seeing this whole different side of him that you loved 
  • you both got hotdogs, but you both only ate about half because you were way too busy talking about life and stuff
  • he was a great listener, he loved listening to you tell stories and talk about your friends and your, now, rather nice family
  • he told stories too, he would talk about when he was younger more, instead of all the negative things going on now
  • he walked you home and stuff, and like, he kissed you and he tasted like smoke tbh lol yikes but he like,,, quickly hugged you afterward it was all very stiff because bby had no idea what he was doing 
  • he was sweet to you though like he tried he really tried and there were many ;;)) more dates!!!
  • i just went on my first date so sorry if this was out of character i just like sweet plz love me

bonus!! first time with connor

  • connor was a kinkay man in all honesty 
  • but your first time wasn’t kinky at all
  • it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t insane, it was pretty vanilla
  • you were home alone, watching a horror movie, an intense sex scene came on, his lips made their way to your neck and the rest just happened
  • he didn’t try too much, he was kissing you all over your body, leaving marks on your breasts, your neck, everywhere
  • you were a literal mess underneath his touch 
  • he was good at it all too man
  • like he fingered you a lil and you went BESERK like hot damn those fingers are loNg and it wasn’t for long just a minute or two
  • he wrapped his arms completely around your waist, making sure you felt one hundred percent supported 
  • and because he wanted to feel closer to you while you had sex for the first time
  • you tried putting yourself on top, but it didn’t work out well and he felt like you were hurting yourself so he just got back on top lol
  • so many i love you’s omg and he complimented you and your body every single chance he could 
  • OKAY i wanna make this a separate hc cause i’m getting carRied away

jigglejaggle  asked:

Can you do the one where lance get hit and blue starts freezing up and he gets frostbite? It's to long to post the whole in the ask Lol-- and since it's ok to ask more, i might ask for another... I'm sorry i just like the way you writeÕ_Õ

Yeah. I like that one too. And it’s no big deal. Honestly I’m so happy you like my Prompts so much. Feel free to ask away as many as you like.


Lance was still dealing with the after affects of the last mission they went on. Blue was malfunctioning, and there was honestly no problem with any part of her. Her controls and armor were all fixed, but somehow she still was “broken”. The insides of Blue’s cockpit was freezing cold. The controls even colder against Lance’s warm hands.

He had to spend hours training I the freezing cold of Blue’s cock pit. Some days his fingers only turned a light blue from lack of warmth and blood flow. The longest mission they had gone on was wrecking Lance’s hands. As he fought his fingers turned numb and he wasn’t sure how he continued to pilot Blue and fight.

He guessed it was the adrenaline and the wish to not let down his team. His brain always supplied with him useless depressive thoughts and they only made him work himself to the brink of danger and exhaustion. His hands were slowly turning more and more of a dark color during he current mission. It had been hours.

They were stuck fighting for hours on hours. Finally. Thank the stars it was over finally. Lance was shiver and his cheeks and nose were a bright pink and his hands and fingers were an unnatural purple and blue color. He had been able to hide the pain they gave him so far. It they had never gotten this bad.

As he got out of Blue he sighed in thankfulness to the warmth of the castle. Thankfully his hands were covered with gloves but they were still freezing cold. Cold enough to burn a little bit of prolonged touch ensued. The team high fives and as Shiro gave Lance a high five Lance winced in pain.

He shuddered as a burning feeling ran from his finger tips up his arms slowly. He could barely move his fingers and they were numb with cold and he held them close to his body as he smiled with team. Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance’s actions and quietly huffed. “What’s wrong wth your hands Lance?” Shiro asked suddenly.

Lance’s eyes widened and he pulled them closer into his chest. “It’s nothing..” he mumbled and looked away. Without another word Shiro closed the distance between them and grabbed Lance’s wrist and yanked off the glove. Lance winced and looked away at the terrified gasps of the team

His hand was a dark purple and almost black. At his finger tips. “Lance..” Hunk let out in worry as he looked at Lance’s hands. “How long..”

“About a week or two…” Lance replied. “It wasn’t that bad until now. We usually only trained for about an hour and a half and nothing happened but the hours of this mission, I guess, took a toll on them. Blue has been malfunctioning and is freezing cold inside. Everything is fixed about her but she’s freezing cold inside…” he mumbled in defeat.

The team was silent, unable to believe they hadn’t noticed at all. Especially since they trained every day about three times before eating. They just didn’t know what to say as Lance was ushered to go get healing before his hands were completely done for. The team was silent, guilt laying over them like a weighted blanket. Had they really been that blind to never see until now how Lance flinched at the high fives and how burning come his hands had been..?

Okay so I know it’s been awhile since my WINGS fansign but my life is in shambles and I’m going one day at a time lol so here it is

I arrived at the fansign early this time…thank god lol and legit picked the pages that the members were gonna sign right before. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but they happened to sit in the perfect order since I picked different photos from all 4 albums for each member to sign and the members who shared the same album were sitting together lol I also wrote my name down (Kat 누나) so that they would know what to write. Namjoon I didnt put Noona. It didnt seem right since I knew we would just be speaking english to each other.

Anyway I went in and took my seat. I was in the middle second row. Pretty good. Once again it was like 99% fansites lol It seems many fansites work in at least a pair. One takes pictures while the other uploads previews to twitter. Or while one is getting their album signed they will point to their camera/fansite coworker so that the member will wave or act cute for their specific camera.

So right when I sat down one of the fansites behind me tapped me on the shoulder and started speaking korean. I told her I didnt speak korean and in the most fluent english I have ever done heard she asked if we could switch seats. Obviously she wanted to get closer; who wouldn’t. She said she would take pictures of me with the members while I was up there if we could switch bless her soul. And honestly in my mind one row further back meant nothing to me so I said yes and gave her my email, honestly going on faith lol

I was so nervous to meet them again. Seeing them so close and in such a comfortable setting for them surrounded by fansites that they know so well. But I felt better than last time. i think i just had more time to get my brain under control lol and I was talking to my friends in my GC the whole time this time and it kept me light and calm. Bless them

So the fansite was true to her word and she sent me 75 HD photos of me talking with the boys. Unfortunately she did not get me with Hobi or Jin, but oh well, life goes on. i assume another member was being extra adorable and she had to stop to photograph it. Don’t blame her.

So Jhope was first and he was so bright and smiley (they all seemed in a super good mood tbh) He asked me where I was from. i told him America…then LA just to keep things simple (I am from LA originally gosh dangit) He got super excited and said that he loves LA. I told him that I loved his Intro and he rapped a small part of it and danced a little lol I asked him about this abs and he laughed and touched his stomach and said thank you. I asked if he still had them and he said no…suuuuuuure

Tae was next. Just like last time he was so shocked by my name Kat. He kept asking if it was my real name. i just insisted it was lol I’m assuming he was thinking of the animal and was shocked that I was named after cats lol I mentioned that I had a lot of friends who came to Korea to see them. Then for a friend I asked him what perfume he wore. He was very cute and acted like he couldn’t recall the name. i know he was just messing with me though and didnt want to tell me. The lady came over and told me to move and he pretended to be all panicked. I asked him to write the answer on the post it note but he just wrote some random lines lol and then I had to move on that jerk. I’ve included 3 Tae pics because his face during this exchange was too great

Jin was next. He’s so handsome and so put together. I told him I was worried about him going to the jungle. He asked me if there were lions or bears or tigers in the jungle. I said no to all and he said then I shouldn’t worry. He was really funny and I wish I could properly express over text the way he said it all. It was so cute cuz he kept pausing to think of how to say the animals in english. His english is honestly really good.

Next was Jimin that shy little angel. Even though the album for him to sign was right on top as I had intended he moved it and went through all 4 before I picked it up and gave him the right one lol he was so shy and flustered. He signed my album and then looked up to start talking to me, then suddenly he looked back down at my album with a shocked expression. He quickly added a noona after my name. He also drew a little cat which I love cuz sometimes I draw a little cat after my name too. But just the way his face looked when he realized he should add noona. He was so scandalized that he hadn’t haha He was also the only one to actually write noona. I’m dead. He then went on to point out one of my rings which is kind of his style. Then he pointed to one of his and said that his ring was bigger than mine. I said yes but my hand is bigger than his so he held his hand up to compare and he just died inside when my hand was bigger lolol he laughed shyly and then it was over lol

Next was Yoongi. He was very quiet; didnt talk much at all. I told him that i was from LA and he said that he likes LA. I told him I saw him at KCON and I would be going to Muster. I also told him that we would win daesang and he just smiled slightly and nodded (little did he know) Even though he didnt talk much he held my hand almost the whole time as if to show his appreciation. Even though he didnt seem like he wanted to talk english with me I felt appreciated and that he was interested in what I was saying the whole time.

Jungkook was next and oh lord was he so cute. He was in such a good mood. He said hello in korean and I said hello in English and his face lit up. He said “oh! English! ok!” Like he was super ready to speak english. Our conversation:

Me: You’re really excited today!

Kookie: …..

Me: LOL You’re really happy!

Kookie: Yes! Happy!

(He signed my album then…lol)

Kookie: Today………today….today… … I am happy

It was so cute. He wanted to speak english so bad but just couldn’t get the words happening. But he was smiling and bouncing in his seat the whole time bless him. I just died from his cuteness

Last was Namjoon. At this point I was super proud of myself for having survived through all the members and all the language barrier. Namjoon was next and I was like OK! relief! You got this! He was super nice. He asked me about where I was from. How long i had been in Korea. He joked that my korean must be really good by now. He told me to be careful of the cold. It was small talk but he was so nice and charming. Then we were done..It was the end. The lady had come to tell me to move it along and then as if an after thought…as if he just wanted to let me know he said “You’re really attractive”…

And I died. I put my head down I was so shocked. But then I told him “No, you’re really attractive!” Pretty sure I was laughing a lot at this point lol and just so shy and then the lady came back and was like girl for real go lolol

It was like Namjoon knew I was way too chill. I had done much too well. He had to end me.

That’s pretty much it. Everything after is probably stuff you’ve already seen circulating twitter and tumblr. Tae playing the piano and playing with a yoyo. Jimin stickering people. Jin singing part of his solo song. It was the last fansign for wings and it just felt like such a happy and great time. All the members were in a great mood and I was in a great mood, and I was also dead.

I forgot to mention that I did hold all of their hands! lol 

Thanks for being so patient guys!!! 

anonymous asked:

Elriel has a slim, slim chance of happening, right? So then who might Mor end up with (if anyone at all because we know Mor doesn't need a man because she's an independent lady)? Well to answer that question I think she might end up with Lucien. Two of the sassiest people in the book ending up together. Hell yes, please! Mor and Lucien are not end game in any way, shape, or form, but I would love if they got together because the SASS they could produce together would kill me w/ happiness.

It certainly seems that way after the second book. There were only like two spots of legit foreshadowing. The other spots could mean anything at this point. But we’ll know more after the third book. Cuz that’s a plot line I feel like Maas would save for the spin off. 

And hell yeah. Mor does not need a man. But I like people to have partners to spend their lives with and be happy with. I would 100% take Lucien too! They would be sassy and classy as fuck. LOL. OMG. The more I think of this, the more I need to have them in the same room together. Just to see how they will act.

UNPOPULAR HC ALERT: I’ve never said this publicly on Tumblr before, but I HC that Mor might be gay. Cuz at this point we’re all assuming that she is straight because the whole Cassian thing—but our normative category brains are filling in what we don’t know so most of us assume she’s straight. It’s obvious Azriel loves her, Feyre told us 100 times. But not once did Feyre say she thought Mor felt the same way for Azriel, nor could any of Mor’s actions be used as irrefutable evidence that she loves Azriel beyond friendship. But also, knowing Maas, probably not. But it would certainly be irresponsible of us not to at least consider it because we’ve seen no irrefutable evidence to counter it.

I’m really happy Mashima’s been drawing the main ships lately. 
It’s been a lil awhile since FT ended and some people were disappointed with there ship not being “canon” but here he is drawing Natsu and Lucy being all kinky, Erza and Jellal getting all cozy together and Gray and Juvia as well. 

Of course there’s going be people that say that these are just drawings and blah blah blah but we already know Mashima wouldn’t draw his characters like this if he didn’t want too lol. He could’ve drawn them in more friend like ways but he didn’t.
In the actual story he made it at the very least clear that all the main 4 were endgame and all these drawings just reinforce that they all end up together in the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy Birthday, Dad

Requested by @awkwardlove18

AN: I hope you enjoy this imagine and thank you for the request! Shoutout to April for this gif lol 

Also, based on the request there were some blanks I had to fill. Hopefully it’s fine and you still enjoy it!!

Originally posted by illumeshawn

Shawn had known since an early stage in your relationship the strain shared between your father and yourself. It pained him to no end, seeing how tense it made you anytime he was brought up.

Shawn helped in every way possible, too. He cared so much, and often you wondered how you deserved such an amazing person to join you in a seemingly fucked up life.

Today, however, was your fathers birthday. Usually all you did was send him a text, or mail a card, hoping to avoid any, and all, face to face communication. The idea of even seeing him filled your mind with anxiety, but knowing Shawn would be there made it more manageable.

“We can leave whenever you want, ok? Don’t be afraid to tell me you’re uncomfortable. I won’t let him upset you.”

You nod, not being about to trust your voice in this moment, or your choice words, making Shawn’s feel small. You needed to stay strong and having a mental breakdown wouldn’t help anything.

You checked yourself out in the bathroom mirror, making sure each hair was in perfect place. Along with any wrinkles in your dress. That was always something your dad called you out on. Everything needed to be perfect, no excuses. A wrinkled dress meant a messy, careless person.

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5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Title: 5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: He decided this was the girl he would never let go. [College!AU]

Note: Written for @stardresss for Valentine’s exchange fic. I initially plan to put Gajevy as side pairing, but I got carried away and I ended up writing way too long that I can’t afford to put side pairings anymore. In fact, I can write longer for this fic just for NaLu but let’s not get there LOL. I had so much fun writing this. So here’s your NaLu college AU! Hope you enjoy. Happy Valentine, from your viva valentine! :D

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→ a way to cure sadness is through gratitude

Originally posted by bangsongguk

I was having a real terrible day and I was moping and feeling sorry for myself when someone I love very much told me I should make a list of things that I love and I’m grateful for and focus on them instead on what was making me sad, since one way to cure sadness and self-pity is through gratitude. And one of the things in my list was this blog and all the wonderful people I’ve met through it. So excuse my emo words, but here they come!

Recently this blog turned one, reached 2,5k followers and over 50k views. @writings-by-cl also recently reached 1k followers and 10k views. So I would like to thank you, my lovely reader, from the bottom of my heart! I don’t mean to brag about my follower account, if you have been here for a while you know that I don’t do things that way. 

What I want with this post is to show love, gratitude and appreciation towards all the amazing people that have been reading my stories and making this journey worthwhile, and if you are here, following my blogs and reading this, you are included among them for sure.

My goal has always been to become a better writer and to have fun while writing fanfic. Along the way I also felt the need to give some space in my blog for those who are underappreciated. It’s not something I can say I achieved yet; it’s more of a ‘compass’ to keep me on track on why I started this blog in the first place and remind me what I’m still doing here whenever I feel down.

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Reveling in Richonne

#21: The RV (6x11)

So for Richonne’s first outing together, I’m sure all of us were watching with bated breath to see how it would go. We knew their first day post-cannon would be amazing, of course, but I know some people (me ✋🏽) had questions lol.

Questions like; Would they try to downplay their whipped-ness? Would they feel awkward or nervous about PDA? What would change and stay the same between them now? I was very happy that Rick answered those questions and basically said “Bump all of that. We’re in love and I don’t care who knows it!” Like this is actual footage of Rick in 6x11. 😂

Originally posted by unipornsandrainhoes

Rick very quickly let us know that their love was going to be on display for the world to see lol. Homeboy put everyone’s lives in the balance just to reach over and hold our girl’s hand! That’s when I knew. That RV hand hold made it loud and clear that they were way too in love to “downplay it” in front of people. And I’m so beyond here for it. 

The hand hold was choreographed a little awkwardly but that’s only cuz he had to reach so far…while still steering an RV. And it was cute nevertheless. I love that Michonne seemed a bit shy in that moment, especially for having been so suddenly outed in their house. She was looking over at Rick like “What is he thinking right now?" cuz he had a smile that said he felt on top of the world lol. 

And of course, being so in tune with her, and also cuz R&M haven’t even got time to address their sudden reveal to TF, he reaches over and takes her hand to let her know that she is, and will always be, what he wants.

Also can we talk about how different Rick is looking driving up to Hilltop than when they were driving up to ASZ? Like this is pretty much the same situation but two completely different Rick’s. Jesus basically did exactly what Aaron did when he first met TF, except worse cuz Jesus made a first impression by trying to steal from them.

(Side note: I love that Michonne is right behind her man, ready to post up if need be, in the gif above. Magnets y’all)

TF is riding up to a community they don’t know much about, but a guy claims they want to work with them, and all they have to go off of is one man’s word. Look familiar? Not really lol. Cuz this isn’t the same Rick.

Rick is so much more complete now. He was so hesitant and on edge about going to ASZ and now here in 6x11 Rick is driving and smiling and just so dang content. 😊 And why is that? I’ll tell you lol. Cuz you know good and well Rick is not thinking about Hilltop on this car ride. 😂 

Look at this gif. This is not the face of a man who has anything other than his woman on his mind.

Like it is so clear that, as Rick is driving, all he’s thinking about is the woman sitting next to him in the passenger seat. His eyes are fully off the road lol. And Michonne’s trying to be subtle but homegirl is def thinking about him too. And I feel like he reaches over to her in this RV cuz he wants her to know exactly who’s on his mind rn.

Also I love that she’s sitting in the passenger seat cuz she always has sat next to him and so it just reminds you that they’re not sitting together cuz they’re just now a couple, they’re sitting together cuz they’ve been a couple for a while now.

And don’t get me wrong, Rick’s not boo boo the fool, so of course he’s cautious about going to Hilltop, but if Michonne owned 50% of his mind pre-cannon, then you know that she is now 95% on his mind post-cannon and so I love that, as he drives, that’s what’s occupying his thoughts. He literally looks so overjoyed and slightly still in shock that he finally has her.

The woman of his dreams is now his woman in reality. I feel like that’s almost part of why he subconsciously reaches over to her while driving, cuz he’s so happy Richonne is real now! Again, I’m here for it. 😋

I love the shy smile Michonne gives when Rick reaches for her, because she knows that, even though she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve in the exact same way Rick does, she too is okay with the world knowing their bond just got a whole lot tighter. So she takes his hand and smiles cuz she knows she’s taken that leap and it more than "worked out for her.” Cuz this man she loves, adores her.

And them holding hands in that RV was so powerful. It was so clear that, now that they’re more united than ever, they’re going to be pretty unstoppable.

Plus, I was like that’s the Rick and the Michonne holding hands and riding in the front like the king and queen they are. That’s “you could’ve just taken the formula” Michonne and “well…it must’ve been something else then” Rick! I have to remind myself of that lol cuz it’s just so amazing that it’s those same season three characters now holding hands and being in the greatest deepest love on TV.

(Side note: Once I re-watched their pre-cannon scenes, the week leading up to 6x11, I adored Rick’s “Must’ve been something else then.” moment. Blatant flirting lol.)

And now we know exactly what that something else was. Also I noticed how pre-cannon Rick always used to have to look away when he’d look at Michonne for too long. It got to the point where it almost felt like he was looking directly at the sun or something. But now he doesn’t have to look away! Won’t He do it!😊 🙌🏾

And Jesus noticing the hand hold in the RV and being like “This lovey dovey guy is not who I met yesterday” 😂 But he took note of it and it didn’t take long for Jesus to realize just how whipped Rick is. At first I was like why aren’t the others, who’ve known R&M longer, taking note of this RV moment like Jesus was? But then I remembered that to them, this is such a natural progression of their relationship. R&M would always sit with each other and smile at each other the only thing new now is holding hands.

But if anyone of the audience had any doubts that this wasn’t real or going to last, Rick’s highly content smile and putting Michonne before all of the others lives by reaching across a dang RV to hold her hand should have told them that what they have is serious stuff.

I know some people sort of interpreted this handhold as Rick really trying to confirm to Michonne that he wanted her long term and that what’s happened between them genuinely meant a lot to him but I honestly don’t even think he was trying to do any convincing.

They both knew that what they have was the real deal and long term without even having to discuss it. I think Rick was doing all this PDA because he’s always wanted to and now he can. Like I think holding her hand and looking at her like the ☀️🌙⭐️ are always things he’s wanted to do (and would “subtly” do sometimes) and now that he’s gotten the green light he just does them without thinking cuz it feels so right to him. Gotta love it. 😊

This RV handhold, that totally alludes to the “You ready?” hand gesture they had before entering the new community of Alexandria, just further cements that Richonne has some of their best moments in cars lol and that they are constantly evolving.

Seeing this RV moment, before they even get to Hilltop, let me know that no matter what craziness was about to go down in this episode, Richonne was going to stay on R&M’s mind the whole time…and it definitely did. 😋

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Omg that soul mates one was amazing! Can you do the same scenario but with Tamaki, toshinori, and tokoyami? (Lol my "t" boys)

These guys all deserve to find their soulmates and be happy with them, especially Dadmight, so yes

Tamaki Amajiki

+ he always wondered who was at the other end of his string, but he was always far too shy to go out of his way and look for them

+ even when they were very close on several occasions, he couldn’t bring himself to go to them

+ one day while he  was on patrol with Fatgum and Eijiro, someone came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder as he walked

+ he was startled by the sudden contact, turning to look at whoever it was; they waved at him as he turned around, showing off the red thread tied around their pinky

+ Hiya! Sorry, did I scare you? They say, smiling at him, I know you’re working right now, but I just saw you walking by, and… I needed to meet you! I’ve seen you around a few times, but you always seem kinda nervous, so I didn’t know if I should come up to you

+ Are you Amajiki senpai’s soulmate? Kirishima asks the person who came up to them, noticing how red Tamaki’s face was

+ Yep! They answer cheerfully

+ after a few moments, the anxiety he felt at first meeting them wore off

+ Sorry I didn’t go to meet you sooner he apologized to them, surprised that he had no difficulty talking to them

+ Why don’t ya go hang out with em? Fatgum suggested, Me and Kirishima will be fine without ya

+ Tamaki left wish his soulmate, and the two of them went to a nearby takoyaki stand

+ it’s so cool that you’re a hero! I wish I had a cool quirk or something so I could be a hero, too! they said

+ you don’t have a quirk? he asked, surprised they would just come out and say it so casually

+ nope they answered

+ oh no, they could get hurt because of me he thought, as happy as I am to have met you, you should probably stay away while I’m working, I don’t want you to get hurt he told them

+ now that I’ve met you, I think that’s a fair request they replied, smiling, I promise I won’t cause you any trouble, Amajiki-kun

+ they weren’t causing him trouble, he just adored them; they’d been waiting for him, trying to hold off until he was comfortable enough to meet them, and now that they’d met, he didn’t want to lose them. They were such a good person, he loved them.

Toshinori Yagi

+ he was at the grocery store when it happened

+ as he entered the bakery section of the store, he spotted the person at the other end of his thread purchasing a strawberry cake; he himself had been there to buy some cakes for Izuku, who had just finished his first year at UA

+ he felt anxious as he watched them; they were lovely, and he was overwhelmingly attracted to them

+ he cautiously made his way over to the counter where they were paying for the cake, and got their attention

+ excuse me he said, getting them to look over at him, I’m sorry to bother you, but… It seems this was fate

+ they looked at him in shock, nearly dropping their wallet as they looked him over

+ A-All Might?! they asked, astounded that their red string was attached to him Is this a dream?!

+ Please, call me Toshinori he responded, smiling and scratching the back of his head

+ S-Sorry, right, you’re retired, and you’re not just All Might they apologized, smiling back and laughing nervously

+ they paid for their cake and stayed with him as he did his shopping; he bought a box of assorted cakes for Izuku, as well as some pastries for Inko, and then they left the grocery store

+ I wonder why I didn’t see the thread whenever I saw you on TV… They mused as they walked together towards a taxi stop

+ My assumption would be that you have to actually see the person to know, not through a medium such as television he responded

+ Still, to think I’d end up with you, it’s so strange they said, sighing, after all, I’m quirkless, it’s not like I’m special

+ Nonsense! he says, being quirkless is not a lacking of special qualities, it is merely a lack of a quirk

+ you really think so? they ask, I mean, now you’re retired because you have no power left, right? So, you’re technically quirkless too, I suppose…

+ he told them about his past, how he was born quirkless, and they are surprised; the once powerful All Might, Symbol of Peace, had been born just like them, and was once again, just like them

+ please never put yourself down, quirkless people are sometimes the bravest and most heroic people he told them, thinking of Izuku

+ as it turned out, they were friends with Inko, and were on their way to give Izuku that strawberry cake they had purchased, so the two of them went to the 
Midoriya home together.

Fumikage Tokoyami

+ despite having seen the red thread, he was convinced that his soulmate would end up not liking because of his appearance and quirk

+ they met at a park while he was taking a walk to clear his mind on a day off

+ hi! he heard them call out, looking over as they ran up to him, the thread between them growing shorter as they drew closer I’ve been looking for you forever!

+ you have? he asked, surprised that they seemed so excited to see him, even knowing what he looked like then

+ of course! We’re destined to be together, after all! they answered, coming to a stop a foot in front of him you’re cute! I’m really happy I finally found you!

+ he was stunned by what they said, cute? That wasn’t an adjective he’d use to describe himself

+ you’re cute yourself he admitted, feeling himself drawn to them

+ you’re going for a walk, right? Mind if I join you? they asked

+ he didn’t mind the company of them, their cheerfulness was a welcome distraction from what had been on his mind

+ the two of them walked around the park together for a while, and they had a lot of questions for him; he answered as many of the questions as he could, though he also had questions for them

+ they paid no attention to the way he looked, made no mention of it, but he was still a bit self conscious; you don’t mind that I look the way I look? he asked

+ what do you mean? they asked, tilting their head to the side you look perfectly normal to me

+ could they not see that he had a bird head?

+ Dark Shadow emerged, startling both Tokoyami and his soulmate

+ huh, this is them? it asked Tokoyami, who nodded in response

+ his soulmate reached out and began to pet Dark Shadow, and Dark Shadow made a contended noise as it closed its eyes

+ I like them, don’t mess this up Dark Shadow told him

+ i’ll try not to Tokoyami responded, surprised by the whole situation

+ I like this guy his soulmate said, looking to him, what a cool quirk! You’ve got a friend built into yourself, you’re never alone! I don’t even have a quirk

+ you don’t? he asked, alarmed

+ yeah, I got the short end of the evolutionary stick, I guess they answered, but, look at you! You’ve got this guy, I bet he’s really useful!

+ he felt compelled to protect this person, they had no quirk to defend themselves with, but he was also mildly concerned about Dark Shadow; he never wanted to lose control over it again, like he had before, and that was the moment he decided to become even more serious about his training, to gain better control over his quirk and to be able to protect this person he was fated to be with

+ we should head back to our homes, it’s getting late he said to his soulmate

+ can we meet up again soon? they asked

+ of course he answered, the whole point is for us to spend eternity together, isn’t?



See What Happens When a Normal Guy Dares to Dress Like Harry Styles
Maybe “normal” is generous.

By Frank Kobola and Charles Manning

I don’t know much about One Direction. I know they are a boy band from England. I only know the full name of one band member: Harry Styles. I know he dresses in the same androgynous, rock-star chic clothing Mick Jagger and David Bowie were huge fans of. I know, in my heart, that there is no way any of that shit was comfortable. For some reason, fashion editor Charles Manning challenged me to prove that hypothesis right.

Here’s a fun fact for Harry Styles fans: if you’re ever curious where Harry Styles penis is at any given time, it’s pressed firmly against his taint. I guarantee you that’s where it is. If you look up at the moon and wonder if Harry is staring at that same moon, right at that moment, he may or may not be, but his penis is definitely all up in his own business. All of his clothes are crazy tight and there is no other way to wear them.

That said, other than being a size too small, this outfit isn’t too bad. I think the ruffled shirt is a little too much unless you’re going to prom, and even then you might get made fun of.

Alright, you need a lot of rock star swag to pull off animal prints. I don’t have any swag. Sometimes I still eat Lucky Charms cereal. For dinner. There is no way someone who includes kids cereal as a staple of their diet can pull off leopard shirts and tight jeans.

To be clear, I have nothing against Harry Styles’s fashion sense. The dude pulls it off (and I definitely don’t). But everything is so restrictive. If Harry Styles ever finds himself in a knife fight, or confronted by a bear, or challenged to a foot race, or even asked to just sit down, he’s basically screwed. These are not clothes for moving around in.

When this picture was being taken, an entire nearby Starbucks was craning their heads to see who was being photographed and styled (HARRY STYLED LOL) just outside. They were very disappointed to find out it was some moron in a weird wig dressed like a middle-schooler. I was disappointed, too.

I’d probably wear this, as long as everything was a size bigger. Also, since we’re comparing, I look much lonelier here. And I couldn’t see where I was walking because my fake hair kept getting in the way. And I was losing the circulation in my legs. This was the last picture of the day, and I was happy to take these clothes off.

Getting my jeans back on opened up a world of possibilities. It was like after you’re done doing squats and you put the weight on the ground and you feel like you could jump higher, except with range of movement.

I have to say, though, I have a lot of respect for Harry for doing this. It takes a lot of determination and focus to dress like that AND look that good, not to mention casual.

I may never be able to pull off Harry Styles’s wardrobe, but I can do things he can’t do, like run in my jeans, and not live in fear of my balls falling asleep every time I sit down.

GUYS MY RFA VIP PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! CRIES// after missing the other two chance bc they were sold out too quickly, I finally got it I want to cry, I am so happy. So yeah, here’s a short video of my genuine reaction. 

Warning: My voice is gross, you’ll hear me say “omg” a lot, and my gross fangirling over Yoosung lmao

negative space

a/n: got kinda carried away and had way too much fun writing this. now i have to finish my design assignment lol the ending doesn’t really make sense but i thought it was cute. i’ll re-edit this later. also, really glad people enjoyed ‘happy birthday’ thanks :)

pairing: wooseok x reader (gender neutral)

rating: possibly fluff

word count: 1,379

   Slowly but all too quickly, the sun sunk below the horizon, almost leaving the room completely dark. Your laptop and the lamp on your bedside table were the only sources of light in your apartment. Outside, the city was alive as always. Cars honked and people chatted as you typed away on your laptop, the sound of your fingers sliding across the keys added to the cacophony. Every so often, you found yourself checking the time.

  You replayed the last conversation you had with Wooseok that day and remembered he mentioned something about coming home early. The thought made you smile and shake your head as you tried to refocus on your assignment. It didn’t work though which was the reason you fixed a cup of tea and sat perched on the windowsill. Only a few minutes had passed before you placed your mug in the sink and began typing again.

   It wasn’t that your assignment was due soon, it was just that you had a lot of inspiration that you would later forget. So, there you were, too immersed with Photoshop to notice the text that was sent to your phone or the door opening a few minutes after.

   Wooseok tried to tiptoe to your bedroom but failed. Your lack of a reaction made him stop a foot or so from the room, an eyebrow raised. He stood there for a few minutes before he slowly crept up behind you and hands wrapped around your waist. The feeling of lips against your temple made you grin as you continued to work on your assignment. The tall boy mumbled a greeting as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.

   “How was your day?” you questioned.

   Wooseok told you about his day and how the older boys bought him presents. Among all of the presents, he mentioned that his favorite was Yuto’s which wasn’t surprising.

   “I smell brownies,” his face was quickly removed from the crook of your neck.

   “Oh yeah,” you spoke, eye glued to your laptop, “on the counter.”

   Wooseok rushed from your bedroom to the kitchen. You could hear him shout something around the brownie in his mouth which made you snort.

   “How was your day?” he asked as lied down on the bed, hands tucked under his head.

   You told him about your day that wasn’t necessarily as tiring as the day before. Your classes of the day had ended early which meant you were able to sleep for about an hour. Then you woke up and your groggy state slipped away when you suddenly had too much inspiration.

   “So this is the assignment you were talking about?”

   You nodded.

   “And you’ve been working on it for nearly two hours?”

   That made you turn around. You frowned and nodded sheepishly.

   “I mean, it’s due in a week,” you mumbled, your bottom lip between your teeth and eyes on the floor.

   Wooseok stared at you from his spot on the bed, “Make sure to allow yourself time to rest,” he stood and kissed your forehead, “I’m gonna take a shower but when I’m done please promise me you’ll take a break. We could go for a walk or something, okay?”

   You nodded, hand entwined with his before he let go and entered the bathroom. For those twenty minutes, you continued to work, only stopping for a moment to grab a brownie and take out the present you had bought. Wooseok yelled that he was done moments later and your reply was along the lines of monotonous, too focused on your laptop to let any emotion sink in. In a way, it kind of bothered you. Even if you noticed how tired he was, you knew that he wanted to spend his birthday with you but you were stuck chasing inspiration.

   You were surprised when he pulled up another chair and rested his head on your shoulder. Wooseok wasn’t selfish, he knew that your classes required a lot of effort and swallowed the words that threatened to spill out. He was antsy but quiet and you appreciated that. Every so often he would ask about how you made certain effects. He finally noticed the bag you placed on his side of the bed. Of course, you turned around to see his reaction.

   “Like it?”

   He nodded, a smile on his.


   You nodded, “No problem.”

   Wooseok plopped back down in his seat beside you, “Can I have a kiss?”

   The smile that formed on your face couldn’t be hidden. You would never be able to grow used to his cute side since he always tried to be manly.

   You shifted to face him, “Yeah, you can have as many kisses as you want.”

   Wooseok leaned closer.

   Then you turned back to your laptop, “As soon as I finish this. Sorry.”

   A dramatic sigh was emitted from Wooseok’s lips. The boy stretched so that his back rested on your lap. His whines eventually melted away as you saved your documents before you edited them a bit more. It had only been a few minutes but you were sure that Wooseok was asleep.  He proved you wrong when you felt him pinch the material of your, well, his shirt.

   You promised that you were almost done and he nodded and sat up, careful not to disturb you. You could feel his eyes on you as pressed keys and chewed on your bottom lip. Even if it was an assignment, he could tell that you enjoyed working on it. When you were officially done, he complimented and asked about it.

   “Why’s there so much blank space here?” he gestured to the all of the empty space.

   “Oh,” you stretched, “negative space. Kinda a technique to draw viewers to the main focus of the graphic.”

   He nodded slowly and you smiled before you delved into an explanation. Wooseok grinned at your use of hand gestures. Every day he discovered another reason why he loved you. Once you were done explaining, he asked you to put on a light jacket as the two of you fell into the bustling city. For some reason, he always preferred the city at night. He pulled you to his favorite restaurant where you treated him to some of his favorite foods.

   When the two of you were done, you walked around aimlessly. Wooseok always made sure that he was holding your hand and that you walked on the safer side of the sidewalk. He made terrible jokes as the two of you strolled about. Sometimes he couldn’t get the joke out because he was laughing too much. It was impossible for his actions to not make you smile. It was always endearing to see your tall boyfriend be himself and not the manly guy he often tried to be.

   “Thank you,” he stopped walking to pull you into his chest.

   His eyes were sparkling. At times it made you feel weird that he’d look at you like you held the world. It always made you feel unexplainable emotions but it was along the lines of safe. Yeah. That was it. Wooseok made you feel safe just by his presence and though you knew one of the reasons was his height, you knew that it was just his personality.

   “And…” he drawled.

   You narrowed your eyes, “And what?”

   “I wanna try something,” he spoke, voice low and soothing.

   “Try what?”

   Wooseok tightened his grip around your waist and stooped to your level. He took in all of your facial features, deeming all of them cute. Both of his hands cupped your face and his thumbs caressed your cheeks. He slowly leaned closer, his eyes never leaving yours.

   “Negative space.”

   You wanted to snort but it was too late. His lips were warm and soft against yours. There was something about his kisses. They were always sweet and made you weak in the knees and it seemed as if they could send you to another dimension. You were always convinced that they had healing powers, well, that was just Wooseok.

   After the two of you shared a few more kisses, you ambled back to your shared apartment with red dusted on your cheeks. The bustling of the city couldn’t compare to the beating of your hearts.

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yo, could you possibly do a fic where gaston survived at the end, but he's so badly damaged that reader takes him in and ends up having to teach him how to walk again? Thanks~

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney / Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: this wasn’t supposed to be as angsty as it now is lol. I’ve been listenting to sad music while writing this so that might be why haha. But I gotta be honest, I really like it that way! Hope you do too love! thanks for the request <33


You got up from the chair in front of the fireplace when someone knocked on the door and walked over to open it.

You were surprised but also happy to see your old friend Belle on the other side of the door.

“Belle! It’s so lovely to see you! I heard what happened at the castle.. I’m really glad that you are alright,” you gave your friend a short hug.

“(Y/N), I didn’t know where else to go.. you’re the only one I know who has skills in medicine and I really need your help,” she looked distraught.

“Are you sick?!” you tried to find any signs of.. well.. anything.

“No, no.. I’m good. It’s.. Gaston. I don’t know how, but.. he survived!”

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The Wedding

Dear Jessa.  I have always been inspired by your amazing fics, so here is a little something I wrote, that was inspired by one of your drabbles…. I think you’ll know which one.   Happy Birthday. 

by @louezem

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Do you actually think the new song could belong to jasper? because I think like many people that hte song is for lapis because you made a good point that jasper is trapped but lapis was trapped for far longer than jasper

id like to hope its jasper’s!!! but i wouldnt at all be surprised if it was someone else’s, too. obviously ive basically always got jasper on the mind, so when i saw the lyrics i immediately associated it with her and fit the lyrics into her story.

more extensive thoughts on this under the cut! (if theres any confusion, this is about the tags i put on my reblog of this post)

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