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Endgame alternative ending - Reggie x Reader

A/N: Since I have gotten a request for Endgame to end with the reader and Reggie and the reader and Veronica, I have decided to put out 2 alternative endings to Endgame where the ending is after part 3, I will write these before anything else because as y’all know, I love to please my followers!!! Gotta keep you lovelys happy xx ORIGINAL ENDGAME WILL HAVE MORE PARTS AND JUGHEAD AND THE READER END UP TOGETHER, THESE ARE ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS xxx 

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Word count: 1423

Warnings: Same as the other Endgame warnings xox

“Reg, please” you whisper, “Alright, I’m done, just for you Y/N” he leant down and kissed you on the cheek, making eye contact with Jughead, he pulled away and grinned “Friends?” he asked, “Of course, you want to crash at mine later?” before he could answer he was knocked to the ground, you turned to see who it was.


“What the fuck?” you scream at Jughead as you kneel down by Reggie’s side, he has a small cut on the top of his face, “Are you alright Reg?” you asked, he nodded as he stood back up.

“You’re dead, Jones” he growled as he started charging for the raven-haired boy.

“Woah woah woah” you said as you put your hands on Reggie’s chest, standing between him and Jughead.

“Reggie, let’s just go home, okay? Please?” you whisper, Reggie looks down at you, then back at Jughead, he sighs and agrees, “Let me go get my stuff” he says, “Meet me out front in 10?” you nod as he walks away.

You turn your head to the Jones boy, “What the actual fuck, Jughead. What was that for?” you could swear you could feel steam coming from your ears you were so angry.

“He was talking shit an-”

“Was he?” you yell, Jug’s face dropped as his eyes met yours, “Was he talking shit Jughead? Or was it the truth” you say sternly. Betty walked towards Jughead which made your blood boil more, “Y/N” she started, “No, don’t even put your two cents in Betty.” you growl, “I told you guys I was fine with your decision to be together, so don’t you dare get angry at my decision to chose Reggie’s side on this” you snap as you turn to walk out the door, leaving a very stunned Betty and Jughead.

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