they were tense at first

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first date

• both of them would be nervous, their hearts pounding in their chests like drums, they would just show it differently.

• dan would be all blushes and glances and he would touch his hair a lot, maybe it would get curly from sweat/messing with it.

• phil would be the one to blurt things out, like “oh wow you look really cute tonight,” and “i like your hair like that, i think it’s sexy.” he would be the one to reduce to awkward complements and puns when nervous, while dan just stared at the ground and internally freaked out.

• once they settled in though, it would be fine. dan would actually flirt back, but more in actions than words. dan would be the one to subtly put his hand on phil’s knee or casually curl into his side if they were watching a movie.

• if dan did that, phil would tense up at first, not sure if he should say anything or what he should do. eventually he would put his arms around him or maybe play with a strand of his hair, smiling if dan hummed or made any noise of satisfaction.

• phil would probably do that thing where you walk home/drive the other person, and kiss them outside their door. he would probably scratch the back of his neck while dan watched him sputter, amused. finally he would just blurt it out- “dan, can i kiss you?” or “i’ve really wanted to do something all night…” and dan probably wouldn’t even let him finish, grabbing him by the shirt and pressing their lips together gently.

• their first date would be awkward and there would be far too many puns and innuendos and too much blushing. but they’d definitely want a second one.

Silent Treatment // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 723


Hiii. I wanted to request an imagine about you giving Joe the silent treatment? Like, he forgets something important to me and I give him the silentbl treatment? Can you do it? Please? Thank you ❤❤❤


Joe knew he had messed up, but he also thought you were overreacting. He had forgotten your mother’s birthday dinner. But what really iced the cake was that he had yet to meet your parents. He was supposed to meet them that night yet when you called him asking where he was, all you got was his voicemail.

So when you were stood in the middle of the living room waiting for him to come home, Joe wasn’t surprised.

“Where were you?” you had asked, hands on hips.

“Babe, I’m so-” he had begun saying.

“Where the hell were you?” you interrupted.

“I went out with the boys,” he sighed, plopping onto the couch.

You chuckled, “Nice. You stood me up and went out with the boys. How lovely.”

“I said I was sorry!” he stood up.

“And???” you shouted. “That doesn’t change anything Joe! My parents waited all night to meet the man I speak so highly of. An apology doesn’t mean shit right now.”

“Stop overreacting” he said as he walked past you to your shared bedroom.

“Where are you going?” you asked.

“To bed! Its half past two in the morning,” he replied, not turning around.

“Whose fault is that?” you mumble under your breath as you sat on the couch.

“Excuse me?” he questioned, reappearing in the doorway.

“Nothing,” you sigh.

“No, tell me!” he demanded, walking further into the room.

“I just find it funny that you went out all night and are complaining about it being two in the bloody morning. If you choose to go out, you shouldn’t complain about the consequences, that’s all.” You shrugged, opening your laptop.

“God you’re so fucking annoying sometimes!” he shouted. “You know that right? Sometimes you just really know how to annoy the shit out of me!”

“Then don’t be around me,” you said simply, getting more annoyed by the second.

“Just, please don’t talk to me.” He sighed once again before turning around and going to your room.

“If that’s the game you wanna play, then fine.” You whispered to yourself.


It had been 2 days since your and Joes argument, and things were tense. At first he hadn’t noticed what you were doing, he just assumed you weren’t in the mood. It wasn’t until he had asked you if you wanted to try the new dish he had made that he realized you were giving him the silent treatment.

At first he laughed it off. But when you continued to ignore him on even the smallest of things, Joe began to panic.

On the outside you were completely blank, but on the inside you were having the time of your life. Seeing Joe panic normally wouldn’t make you laugh, but he deserved it.

You had just closed the book that you had been reading for the past week. You were now headed to the bathroom to shower. But something stopped you right before you walked into your room.

“I don’t know what to do, Zoe.” He whispered into the phone.

A few moments passed then you heard, “I tried, but she’s not budging.”

You leaned against the wall, eager to see what Joe had to say about the situation.

“Of course I regret it! But I can’t change the past,” he sighed. “Yes… no… yes. Zo, you don’t understand. She won’t even acknowledge me. I don’t know how to apologize.”

Guilt started to rise in you, but then you remember why you were doing this. He embarrassed you and your parents. He chose partying over you; you had a right to be upset.

“No!” he said loudly. “Please don’t say anything. I need to fix it myself. Yeah, okay. Thanks Zoe… alright, bye. Love you too.”

After he hung up, the door opened faster than you could walk away.

“Oh, hi.” He said with a small smile. “Look, Y/n-”


“What?” he asked, taken aback by your voice.

“You know what you did wrong and that’s all that matters,” you smiled.

“So, you’re not mad?”

“Oh no, I’m furious.”

“Oh,” he sighed.

“But I have a few ideas on how you can apologize,” you wrapped your hands around his neck.

“And what would those be?” he smiled, pulling your body flush against his.

“Let me show you,” you whispered, pulling his head down to meet yours.

Meant to Be

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Peter Parker x reader cuddles after he comes back from a rough fight? thx xx❤️


Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

A fit of rapping came from your bedroom window as a certain masked sat behind it. Dropping your pencil, you run over to the window, opening it with haste. 

“Wha-what? Spiderman?” You stammer. Your eyes flee from his masked face to his abdomen where his suit stuck to him, torn in two as a gash in his skin separated the fabric. “Oh, god!”

Spiderman clutched his wound, dropping himself inside your bedroom. You mentally thanked your mom for taking the night shift at the hospital tonight. 

“I don’t know what the protocol is for revealing your secret identity so,” He tugged at his mask, sliding it off his head revealing a familiar set of brown curls. “Hi? Surprise?”

Peter Parker.

Your best friend and long time crush.

Was Spiderman.

Your jaw could have hit the floor as you stared at Peter with large eyes. Peter lifts his hand and shuts your mouth.

“Careful, you’ll catch flies.” He mocks.

Emotions swirled through you as you continued to stare at him. Were he not hurt, you would have smacked him right then and there. Instead, you indignantly got up from your place on your bed and stalked to the bathroom, grabbing the first aid kit before dropping it on the bed next to Peter.

“We will talk about this,” You say, pointing to his suit, “Later. Now take your shirt off.”

Peter’s eyes go wide at your statement, realizing how it sounds. A fierce blush spreads across your face as you bite your lip. Peter does as he’s told and unzips his suit so his wound is revealed. 

Taking out the antiseptic, you look up at him. “This is going to hurt a bit…” You warn.

“I can take it.” He replies, licking his lips before looking at his wound.

After cleaning his wound, you wrap his torso. “The good news is you don’t need stitches. Barely. The bad news is, you’re going to be pretty sore for a while. I’m surprised you even made it here, honestly.”

Looking back up at his face, you notice some minor cuts and a busted lip and grab the antiseptic again. Cleaning up the last of his wounds, you glace up to see how close the two of you are. Heart rate picking up, you finish dabbing at his lip before your eyes rest there. Lifting the cloth off of his lip, you boldly press a kiss to the uninjured part of his mouth. Peter tenses at this action at first and you were about to pull away when he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. 

Pulling away for air, he rests his forehead against yours. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” You tell him.

“Me too.”

Pulling you closer, the two of you lay back, resting in the comfort of each other. You lay on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart. And in that instance, there was no bad guys for him to go catch, no evil in the world. Just Peter and (Y/N). Together. The way they were meant to be.


Helping Hand (Part 2)

(Namjoon’s embarrassing encounter with you ends up making for an exciting first date.)

Warning: Masturbation, exhibitionism

It was 3:15pm.  Namjoon had left your apartment about 10 minutes earlier.  

An hour ago, you had never even considered dating Namjoon.  But right now you were prancing about your apartment like a giddy school girl.  You had been on plenty of dates before, but it had been a long time since you were this excited.  When he told you he liked you, it felt like the first time you had received a boy’s confession – back when you were shocked to find out that any boy liked you, let alone one as cool as Namjoon.

You skipped to your bedroom to start thinking about what you would wear tonight.  You had less than four hours to make yourself beautiful, might as well use every minute.  As you scoured your closet to find just the right look, you heard a phone ringing in the living room.  You looked at your bedside table to see your own phone sitting there silently.

You followed the sound to find Namjoon’s phone, half hidden behind a sofa cushion.  You noticed a missed call from someone called Boss-nim.  Figuring it could be an important work call, you headed over to return the phone to as quickly as possible.  As you approached, you saw Jin coming out of the apartment and closing the door quickly behind him.  You called out to get Jin’s attention.

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00q-prompt. So Q might not be much strength wise but I imagine him pretty agile and flexible. Either through parkour or gymnastics. Scenario 1: Q gets himself into a spot of trouble, the 00's and Q-branch are holding their breath and he shocks everyone by doing some mindbending stunts to escape. Or Scenario 2: Some sort of competition between MI-5 and MI-6 and the tasks are chosen randomly. The quartermaster is asked to do an almost impossible obstacle course and obliterates the competition.

Thank you for the prompt, @hargreaves1999! I hope you enjoy it <3


To encourage morality and to possibly induce positive votes (instead of scrunched-up noses and piles of vomits) about the approaching meeting to discuss merging MI5 and MI6, someone had come up with the stellar idea to have the members of these two agencies meet up in a friendly competition.

Whoever the fool was, they had failed to comprehend the fact that when it came to competitions, winners and losers abound, “friendly” was the furthest thing from people’s minds.

Especially when it involved spies. Spies would hardly be spies if they brushed off losing with a laugh and a handshake.

At least Mallory had had the sense of issuing an internal message that no one, from any department whatsoever, was allowed to tamper with the competition in any possible way in order to maintain the honor code of fair play.

And if your ego is somehow bruised,” the man had included. “Walk it off.

As in, “please spare me the extra paperwork and don’t try to maim anyone if you lose.

But because it was a written message, the Double-Os pretended as though Mallory hadn’t specifically been aiming at them when he made such an announcement.

And In that scope of so-called ‘fair-play’, everyone’s names were entered to later on be randomly generated through a program to select the competitors.

Q let out a long-suffering sigh as he walked down the hallway that led to the arena where the next phase of the competition was taking place, working on his tablet still. Really, he didn’t understand why they kept insisting on feeding his name into the list. As if being a department head didn’t entail enough work and troubles already.


One thing for certain, morality, indeed, was high.

And so was agitation.

After Angie from accounting, their Angie from accounting, had miserably lost the knife-throwing challenge, the scores were 74-86, in favor of MI5. In this instance, which agency reached 100 first would be deemed the winner.

The obstacle course was their only remaining chance, and looking around, Q sincerely hoped a Double-O would get picked so they could just be done with it. Dealing with sulky Double-Os was even worse than dealing with fussy toddlers. At least toddlers weren’t homicidal with government-issued licenses to kill.

Suppressing another sigh, Q attempted to distract himself from all the building tension by turning back once more to his faithful tablet as the referee explained the instructions for the last challenge.

“This is to showcase your physical agility, so no equipment allowed. 40 points to the person who arrives first and makes it under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. 30 to the person who arrives first between 4 minutes and 3 minutes 30 seconds. 20 points to the person who arrives first over 4 minutes!”

That put them quite at a disadvantage.

So when the random generator began running, a lot of people were tensed.

The person on the Mi5 team was announced first. Someone from the security team.

“From MI6… Quartermaster, Q-Branch!”

Half of the crowd froze.

Q looked up and blinked. What?


“You can always use the Switch mode, you know,” Bond said helpfully. “We’ve still got that left.”

Switch mode: choosing someone from within the same department as the competitor to replace said withdrawn/indisposed competitor. They hadn’t exhausted this yet, while MI5 had already.

Q made sure his trainers were well in place before starting his warm up routine.

“Come now, Bond. Have faith in your quartermaster,” Q’s lips quirked up some.

“I do,” Bond replied without missing a beat. “Just that it’s quite a long obstacle course.”

“I know.”

“And you’re still doing it?”

Q smiled. “There’s a guy over there who calls himself Merlin that’s the head of the MI5 technical team. I won’t give him the chance to gloat.” He turned to Bond. “Besides, I’m getting myself that money from the betting pool.” His green eyes glinted mischievously. “Our department can use a bit of extra on our budget anyway.”

Bond couldn’t but smile himself.


So, when the whistle blew and Q dashed ahead and maneuvered over the obstacles with near graceful effortlessness, everyone’s jaws dropped.

The entire arena went silent before cheering shouts erupted from the crowd.


Q promptly finished first at 3 minutes 32 seconds.

Hmph. He was getting rusty.

Preference "How they react when they hear you sleep talking"

(Firstly sorry for posting so late, I got busy :( and secondly sorry if some seem similar I just couldn’t find other ways for them to react XD So i really tried my best to make them all different. PS. They’re talking to themselves XD Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d have the reflex to always answer you immediately whether you say something weird or not. However, he’d then realize something off and shift to your side to look at you super closely. He’d then realize his mistake and start laughing to himself. “Fucking shit…Y/N…you’re at it again…talking in your sleep…Here I thought you wanted to keep me company…whatever that doesn’t mean I can’t hug you…”

Daryl-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he wouldn’t be too sure of what was happening. He’d wondered if you were awake and turn to your side of the bed to wave his hand in front of you and spend quite some time inspect you. When he’d realize you were asleep, he’d end up smiling and tuck you in even more. "Seriously, Y/N…what kind of grown up talks to themselves in their sleep…you’re a weird one…but I still love you…”

Rick-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually wake up just to listen to whatever you have to say. Sometimes it made him laugh, even making it hard for him to control it but sometimes it was just sweet it and melted his heart. He’d then just turn over to your side and wouldn’t be able to keep himself from smiling and getting closer to hug you and kiss your cheek. “Even in your sleep you’re sweet Y/N…and you love me so much…I must be lucky to have you…”

Merle-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d end up not sleeping for most of the night. As soon as he’d hear you he’d turn over to check you and grin to himself as he’d get closer to you. He’d start to talk back to you, questioning you about whatever he wants to hear, usually questions about your feelings for him or just about your sexual fantasies. “Oh…so what else do you like about me? Actually no…Y/N…I want you to be real honest here…what’s dirtiest thing you want me to do to you…”

Glenn-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and just try his best to keep it in. He’d find it adorable that you did that in your sleep and would just want to pinch your cheeks but hearing you say weird things would just make him laugh more than anything else. “What the hell Y/N…How can you be as hilarious asleep as you are awake…Great now I can’t sleep because of you…”

Carl-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually be asleep as well. You would usually be both sleep talking to one another and it seemed to always happen when one of you start it. It would make everyone else around laugh and try to join in so you’d both just say weird and regretful things. “Y/N…you’re just jealous…of me…cause of my hat…I see you looking at it…But i’m not giving it sorry…”

The Governor-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d find it adorable and just shift on the bed to get closer to you. He’d listen trying to figure out what was happening in your mind and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling whenever he realizes your having a dream about him. “Even in your dream I love you that much…good…it’s how it should be…”

Abraham-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smirk to himself and try to carry a conversation with you. He knew it could get weird talking to you when you’re asleep but he’d just love it that way. He’d then end up spending most of the night propped up on one arm and just stare at you sleepily. “Goodness Y/N…how can you get this weird in your dreams…I always thought you were a sane person…”

Eugene-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get startled and try to figure what was going on. He’d turn to you but still kept his eyes shut and just start to ramble along with you when your sleep talk just seems natural. However, once it gets weird he’d then just stop and awkwardly just wrap his arm around you. “I should’ve guessed you were asleep…man i’m such weirdo thinking you were talking to me at this hour…”

Ron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d be able smile and laugh. To hear you, it was just another reason for him to feel a little happier and he’d end up whispering nice things about you in hopes you’d end up waking up as well. “I like you Y/N…I like the way you smile at me…the way you look at me…and I like everything else about you…”

Jesus-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up and start to chuckle. He’d get closer to hear you and hug you from behind resting his head on you and sleepily answer back to you only to wake you up. “Yeah…I like you…I like you a lot actually…I mean there’s a reason we’re together…so yeah…oh you’re awake now!”

Dwight-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d slowly wake up smiling and jokingly cup your face as if to talk to you. He’d end up just staring at you, enjoying looking at your lips slightly moving to form words and he’d end up laughing at himself for doing what he was doing. “I’m sorry Y/N…I seem like a freaking weirdo…gosh why am i apologizing, you’re asleep and probably can’t hear me…”

Morgan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d genuinely think you were awake talking to him and casually just start to answer. Sometimes it can get strangely deep but sometimes he realizes your answers were starting to get weird and that’s when he’d slowly turn to look. “Y/N? Y/N…damn it…again…i’m talking to you in your sleep…why do I keep doing this to myself…”

Shane-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually smile and turn over to you. He’d prop himself on one arm and start to stroke your hair hoping you’ll have a good sleep. However, whenever he realizes you were having a rather dirty dream he’d casually slip his hand under the blanket and into your pants. “Oh Y/N…I know what you need…”

Milton-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he’d tense up thinking you were angry about something as it was late at night but once he realizes you were saying sweet things about him, he’d get flustered. He’d try to stay still as much as he could and just want to listen to everything you have to say. “Y/N…really you think all that of me…even in your sleep you’re so kind…”

Aaron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t be able to stop. Eventually it would end up waking you frustrated and him grabbing you just for a hug. He’d start to apologize and try to explain what had happen. “I’m sorry Y/N! It’s just really funny what you said! If only you could hear yourself you’d understand!”

Gabriel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually seem to wake up whenever you were saying dirty things. He’d get startled and turn away from you, closing his eyes. However, realizing you were mumbling to yourself about him he’d smile and just turn around to get closer for a hug. “You might be saying strange stuff Y/N…but at least it’s about me and not someone else…”

The Wolf-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up in surprise and get up from the bed. He’d go to your side and look at you and start laughing when he realizes you were truly asleep. “What is this?! What kind of person sleeps and talks at the same time! You’re really weird Y/N…”

Noah-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get a little worried thinking you had a fever or something and would always end up getting up checking your temperature. Once he realizes you’re fine, he’d feel at ease and be able to start laughing. “Well as long as you’re asleep it’s better than you being sick…”

Simon-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t even want to hide it. He’d sometimes even get up and go get every of his friends who were still awake and just get them to listen to whatever you had to say. “Hey guys! Y/N’s at it again…listen…yeah she’s hilarious even in her dreams…I got lucky like that…”

Ezekiel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to chuckle and wouldn’t be able to resist just wanting to hug you and kissing you all over while trying his best to not just wake you up. “Y/N…You are unbelievable…How can an adult be as lovely and innocent like this…”

Benjamin-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smile and scoot closer to you to hear you better.  He’d listen to everything you’d have to say and just feel at peace and at ease to hear you that no matter what you were saying he’d be able to fall back to sleep. “It’s good to hear your voice Y/N…I like it…”

Caesar-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d go check on you making sure you were fine and then chuckle realizing you were just asleep. He’d then just kiss you and go back to sleep. “Goodnight Muñeca…You should be asleep and sleeping…not keeping me awake…”

Michonne-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d approach you and wrap her arms around you. She’d be a little worried but hearing you saying silly things she’d smile and kiss your head before going to sleep. “You should be fully asleep at this hour Y/N…not rambling on…about little ridiculous things like this…”

Maggie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually turn to look at you and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and grinning. It made her laugh to hear you speak so much in her sleep and she’d end up falling asleep to the sound of your voice. “Even in your sleep you make me smile Y/N…if only you knew…”

Andrea-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually be sleepy herself and would end up talking to you. She wouldn’t even be sure if your were awake or not and just end up talking to you. “So that’s what I told him…Y/N if you were me..what would you do?”

Jessie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile to herself and turn to check on your for a while before turning back to sleep. 

Beth-When she hears you sleep talking, she wouldn’t even realize it and just talk to you about everything and anything. She’d open up to you and slowly fall asleep. “Yeah…I don’t like it here…it’s not as comfortable as home used to be…you feel that way too, right Y/N?”

Sasha-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d turn over to you and look at you for a little while. She’d then smile and just get closer and stroke your hair before falling asleep next to you. 

Rosita-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d chuckle and feeling clever she’d start to ask you about your thoughts. She’d want you to tell her the dirt and your views on her and the others around and wouldn’t want to stop. “So what do you think of him? Do you like him? or do you like someone else? Tell me Y/N…:

Enid-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d get startled and wonder what was going on. She’d slowly look over to you and just start to chuckle and go back to sleep.

Tara-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile and chuckle. She’d get closer to you and hold you tightly against her and listen to everything you have to say. 

Carol-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d be able to genuinely have a good laugh about it and would have a hard time keeping it in. She’d then calm down and just look over at you ruffle your hair.

Gatito: Chapter 4

Having a cat-human hybrid for a partner was never going to be dull, or easy, even without Omnics and Overwatch getting in the way. A collection on one-shots featuring Kitty!Jack and R76.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Hurting- part 2

Hurting - part 2  

 Hey guys- so sorry for the long interval in between the updates- I’ve been really busy lately - preparing for my clinic opening and also the arrival of my new nephew.

 So here is the second part of ‘Hurting.’

 You can read part 1 here:

Thank you lovely Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread!


Owen winced as April wrapped his wrist in a bandage. It was sprained, and there were a few bruises and abrasions, but thankfully the xrays showed that his wrist wasn’t broken.

They were both in the currently unoccupied trauma room 4.

‘Care to tell me what happened exactly?’ April asked, intrigued.

‘ I fell down the stairs.’ Owen lied. ‘ I was looking at my phone when walking down the stairs- bad move on my part.’

April wasn’t convinced by Owen’s story. She had been working with Owen long enough to detect when he was lying. The guilty look on his face gave it away.

She didn’t want to pry though- so she played along with the lie.

‘ Oh? Did you hurt yourself anywhere else?’ she asked.

‘ No. Only the wrist.’ Owen replied.

‘ You sure?’

‘ Yes’

‘ Well- if you say so.’ April conceded as she finished bandaging Owen’s wrist.

Owen didn’t reply, pretending to seem interested in the tiles of the trauma room floor, which were still stained with the blood from the previous patient who occupied the room.

‘ You need to rest your wrist.’ she said. ‘ You can take the rest of the day off, Hunt, I’ve got this.’

April walked out of the trauma room, leaving Owen alone in the room, sitting on the bed with his hands covering his face.

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Getting To Know You

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: super fluffy, smut
(Reader request)

Being a hunter, things like romance, a regular life, a family, and a stationary home were exciting but could be only a distant dream. Once you get in this life you never leave. Even when you want to, it follows you, the dreams, the instincts you have from places you’ve been. It never leaves you.
I know I can never have a normal life but that never kept you from dreaming.

The bunker was the closest thing to home, and it wasn’t always easy living there. Especially with the Winchester’s who loved to pull pranks and cause trouble ever since they took you in a few years ago. Castiel would come around too and that’s what made living there the hardest. Castiel would ‘visit’ but in reality he practically lived there with you guys. You’ve always had a crush on the blue eyed angel but of course he was always too dense to notice all the flirting you had done, which Sam and Dean picked on you constantly about. You just told them to shut up and brushed them off, acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

You sat in your room, nothing but your simple white underwear set and an over sized tee-shirt on. It had been a long hard day of researching a new case in the bunker and of course Dean had left it up to you and Sam per usual.

Point is you were tired and tense. You laid on your stomach and hugged a pillow tight to your chest as you sighed and closed your eyes, wishing someone would massage your back, well maybe a specific someone.
Castiel popped into your mind. It wasn’t hard to think about his hands rubbing up and down your back, since he had given you hugs and helped you up many times. It wasn’t hard to imagine that his skin was rough and calloused in comparison to you smooth but slightly scarred skin. Sure his touches were nearly friendly but that didn’t stop you from thinking. You sighed longingly wishing he was actually here.

The sound of wings filled your ears and you turned your head to see Castiel standing beside your bed. Letting out a startled yelp you brought your legs to your chest and put your shirt over them, trying to cover as much skin as possible.
“Is something wrong Y/N? I could feel you thinking of me quite hard, I thought you were in danger.” He said with a look of concern.
“No I’m fine Cass thank you.” You replied, smiling up at him.

He sat down on the bed a look of genuine concern on his face.
“Y/N what could you have been thinking about so hard?”
You gulped and tried to pull the shirt over you more. He was close enough to hear his breathing and feel his body heat.
“I-I was just really tense and you were the f-first person I thought about.” You mumbled out.
He tilted his head in that cute Cass way, turning to face you more.
“Would you like me to relieve you of tension?” He asked.

Slowly you nodded and he gave a small smile.
“Do you know how to do this Cass?” You asked giving him a strange look before stretching out and turning to lay on your back.
His eyes drifted to your legs momentarily before he gulped and looked at you again.
“I know of many pressure points and tension spots in human bodies, I think applying an adequate amount of pressure and rubbing is what makes people feel better.” He answered.
His very matter-of-fact answer made you blush. You blushed even harder when you felt his hands on your back. He started at the top and worked out the knots in your shoulders and your back. Even through your shirt it felt amazing to have his hands on you. He slowly worked his way down your back, the pressure of his hands hitting all your most tense spots.
When he reached the curve of your back you let out a strangled moan when the heels of his hands pressed down. He stopped and you looked back confused.
“Why’d you stop?” You ask.
“You made a noise and I am uncertain if I have caused you pain or not.” He answered.
You smiled sweetly and giggled a bit.
“No Cass it felt good.”
Another look of confusion crossed his face.
“Do you always make noises like that when you feel pleasure?”
Your face went bright red.
“Well… it kinda depends…” you murmured.
He smiled and then pushed you back to laying down and continued to massage your back.
“I like it when you feel good.” He said. “I wish I could make you feel good more often, I care for you greatly Y/N.”

This made you smile to yourself, a warm fuzzy feeling spread through your chest at his words. He cared for you. Castiel, an angel, an angel you liked cared for you. You tried to push the fuzzy feeling away. Of course he cared for you. He cared for Dean and Sam as well. You were all like family after all.
“It’s nice to know that we have someone like you who cares for us. I know there are plenty of times where we’d be dead if it wasn’t for you. You’re all also the closest thing I have to family.” You sighed.
He stopped again and you pushed up to a sitting position to look at him. He had a very conflicted look this time instead of confused. You turned to face him more and took one of his hands in yours, rubbing the back with your thumb.
“Cass what’s wrong?” You asked concerned.
“Am I only family to you?” He questioned.
“Well isn’t that how you see me?”
He looked down avoiding your eyes using the hand that you weren’t holding to play with the threads of his trench coat nervously.
“I don’t want to scare you Y/N but there is something I must tell you now that we have reached this topic.”
You felt a strange sinking feeling in your gut, unable to tell if his news was good or bad.
“Y/N you’re my life-mate.” He revealed.
You sat there wide eyed, looking at the angel you had liked for so long, the angel who had taken care of you for so long, the angel who just told you that you were his life-mate.

He looked down again.
“I understand if you would like to think about what I have said and I will not bother you till you call for me.” He quickly said.
Cass stood up and you grabbed his hand, the shock finally falling away. He looked down at you startled and you stood up before cupping his cheek and pulling his lips to yours.

At first the kiss was awkward, neither one of you knowing what you’re doing, until you both found a steady rhythm. He cautiously slipped his arm around you around you, pulling you closer to him and bringing his hand up to your cheek. His tempo suddenly changed and his kiss was more needy and urgent, like he was scared to lose you or that you’d change you mind. He lowered you both down to the bed and his hands were suddenly everywhere like he couldn’t get enough of you. It was overwhelming and you had to push him up to sit so you could breathe.
“Castiel wait.” You whispered.
He looked at you with worry.
“I’m sorry Y/N. I went too far.” He apologized.
“Cass no you didn’t…. I just- need to slow down a bit. I’m not going anywhere, you don’t need to rush.” You said with a giggle.
He smiled at your statement, realizing that you did in fact want him and that you weren’t rejecting him.

You sighed and cupped his cheek with your right hand, your other supporting your weight.
“I love you Castiel.” You said.
His face lit up and the most breath taking smile you’d ever seen broke out onto his face, causing you to smile as well. His eyes were drawn to your lips and he looked back up at you.
“May I kiss you?” He asked.
You nodded your head and he leaned in and captured your lips in a soft and timeless kiss. His hands stayed on your hips as you both lowered down to the bed, gentler this time, your hands reaching up to tangle in his soft hair. He rested some of his weight on you and it felt strangely good to have his hips between your legs. When you moaned at the feeling he smiled against your lips, glad to have made you feel like this. His hands slipped under your shirt and onto your bare stomach causing shivers to run through you. He stopped kissing you and looked into your eyes with adoration.
“I’d like to see you.” He whispered.
You nodded and he lifted your shirt over your head, leaving you just in your underwear. You blushed and looked down embarrassed about your plain underwear choice. Cass took your chin in his hand and tilted your head up to look at him.
“You’re beautiful.” He said.
“But I look so plain, and all these scars-” you started to look away.
He silenced you by pressing a quick kiss to your lips.
“I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world no matter what was on your skin or what you wore.”
You both smiled and he took of his trench coat and unbuttoned his shirt before shrugging it off.

Your eyes roamed over the smooth planes of his chest, you could see muscles but not so much that it was overwhelming. You bit your lip and tore your eyes away to look up at him. He shifted his pants uncomfortably and groaned as he looked at you. You pulled him down on you and kissed him hard. Blush dusted your cheeks as you felt the tent in his pants against your crotch, moaning at the new and foreign feeling. He quickly took his pants of and then you were both down to your underwear. He leaned down and kissed your neck, making you gasp in pleasure. This urged him on and he pressed his hard on into you more as his mouth continued to attack on your neck.
“Please Cass, I need you.” You whimper.
He raised his head to look at you and nodded, the look of need reflected in his eyes. He reached around you to take your bra off, fumbling with the clasp in irritation until you giggled and undid it yourself, slipping it off and throwing it to the floor with the other clothes.

Castiel let his hands run over your body, massaging your breasts, trying to elicit another moan from you. He didn’t fail. His name along with other noises seemed to be the only sounds you could make and it was only egging him on.

He pulled his boxers down before sliding his hands down your sides to the edge of your panties. He looked at you for permission and you nodded, lust in your eyes. He slowly pulled them down your legs till they joined the rest of the clothes and then he crawled back up your body in between your legs.
“I need you Y/N.” he said in an almost pained voice.
“I need you too Cass. Please.” You replied.
He took his man hood and lined it up with you before slowly sliding in.

He held up most of his weight and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your fingers digging into his back and your legs wrapping around his waist. You gasped, the pain of him in you mixing with the pleasure.
“Oh god Castiel.” You moaned.
He slowly moved his hips, creating an irresistible friction on your clit and in you. It was like a slow burning fire building in your body.
“Is like it very much if you didn’t moan my father’s name while we’re doing this.” He groaned.
You could hear how much he was controlling himself in his voice. You wanted him to feel good too.
“Cass, you can move a bit faster.” You moaned out.
He took the invitation and picked up his pace, causing you to let out a startled moan and grip his back harder. He growled in pleasure, holding tight to your hips whispering sweet words in your ears. You we’re on edge, your body numb, head fuzzy, almost like you were in a pleasure filled daze.

Suddenly it was like everything erupted and lights were going off in your head.
“Castiel!” You cried out as you came.
“Y/N!” He cried into your neck as he came shortly after.

You both lay there for a bit, before he kissed your forehead and rolled himself off of you. He wrapped his arms around you waist and pulled your back to him, spooning you into a warm embrace. The world seemed to shine and the warm fuzzy feeling inside you buzzed through your body. He startle sitting little kisses on your head, neck, and shoulder, really wherever he could reach without letting go of you. You sighed contented with how your day was ending.

“I love you Y/N. Will you accept me as your life-mate?” He asked.
“I’ve loved you for a while Cass. Yes, I will be your life-mate, but we’ve still got a lot of getting to know each other.” You replied sleepily.
He smiled.
“For now rest, I will be here when you wake and we can start then.”
You mumbled a goodnight and drifted to sleep with the love of your life, your angel behind you.

Congratulations, I Hate You - Jaebum
Part 2 // End

He was so cold towards you. Sure, you were debuting with a group of girls who trained for years when you only trained for 8 months, but it still didn’t make sense to you why he’d hate you so much for that reason. It’s obvious that he’s close with the group members you were going to debut with, but that wasn’t a good enough excuse to be so rude to you. As for the girls, they were still awkward around you since you’re so new. It’s as if they’re unwilling to let you in on the click. To be honest, you were lonely. You felt like it was almost not worth debuting because you didn’t feel welcomed. The only ones who at least talked to you were 15&’s Jimin, Got7’s Jackson, and BamBam. A few others acknowledged you, but they always went their own ways after.

Today, you had to face him again. The struggle was, you’re his dance partner for one of Got7’s new piece. You couldn’t avoid it because JYP himself believed it was a great opportunity to get you out there so fans would notice you. Not wanting to disappoint, you arrived early to the dance room. Even though it wasn’t time yet, if he was there before you, you were considered late. He was hard-headed like that. You entered the room with a heavy heart, but once you saw that he wasn’t there, you sighed a relief as you sunk against the wall. Your eyes closed for a couple seconds, in hope to get a little nap in before he arrived.

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You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Sam x Chubby!Reader (with Dean and Castiel)

Warning: Fluff? Do we really need a warning for this? Lol.

A/N: I made it so that the reader was going through a breakup as well just too add a little something more to the story. Also this turns into Sam fluff I hope that okay.

It’s bad enough you have to deal with the unasked for opinions from strangers you don’t even know but when it’s your boyfriend giving you unsolicited advice it hurts that much more. It also doesn’t help that you don’t like your body either and you find yourself looking in the mirror grabbing your stomach, thighs and butt trying to tuck the fat away imagining what your body might look like if it was smaller. Your boyfriend, now your ex-boyfriend after what he said to you, had no right to say what he said to you. Saying you may want to think about dieting or maybe you might want to join him at the gym.

It’s not like you don’t exercise regularly or eat healthy, it’s just how your body works and you hated. You decide to go from a walk, maybe some fresh air will help calm your thoughts also being in that apartment surrounded by your ex-boyfriends stuff wasn’t helping.

You put on your jacket and head out the door to the park just a block from your apartment.

The self-hating thoughts that took home in your mind were making it hard for you to enjoy the scenery of the park. You usually found yourself so caught up in the beauty of the landscape of the park that it was enough to occupy your mind, even if just for a few brief moments, but not today. The images of yourself in the mirror clouded your mind and the words your boyfriend said to you echoed in your head.

There was a slight breeze creeping into the air and you placed your hands into your jacket pockets to keep them warm when you felt a sharp poke on your finger and pulled you hand out along with a business card you forgot you stuffed in there months ago. It was for the FBI agents, who later found on were not FBI agents but something else completely, that questioned you about a murder you witnessed this past summer.

You and the taller of the two hit it off better well and become fast friends. You’d been emailing back and forth this whole time, talking about mundane things what you did that day or what kind of coffee you had with breakfast, nothing too personal or intimate. You decided to give him a call.

“Hello this is agent Hans.” The voice on the other end sounded worn and broken.

“Sam? It’s me, Y/N” you spoke softer than usual, not wanting to sound too harsh in his ear as you were sure he was just asleep and you had woken in. It was 6am.

“Y/N it’s good to hear your voice. Is everything okay?” his voice went from sounding sleepy to worry in an instant.

“Not really” You realized that you needed to be more specific “it’s nothing supernatural or anything like that” you trailed off stopping for a moment debating if you should even be burdening him with your own problems.

“Are you still there?” Sam’s voice spunk you back to reality.

“Yeah sorry Sam.” You tried to mask the shakiness of your voice with a forced chuckle as you continued “This is stupid but” you paused again and took a deep breath “but my boyfriend and I just broke up and I’m not really feeling my best right now and I could really use a friend.” You took another deep breath and waited for Sam to reply.

“Well I’m actually in town if you want to meet up for coffee? I was going to surprise you tomorrow but we can meet today.” Sam offered “but my brother would have to join us and you’ll get a chance to meet our friend Cas.”

The corners of your lips started curling up into a smile and already you were feeling less tense. You hadn’t spoken to Dean since the first time you both had met and you were couldn’t believe Sam wanted to introduce you to his friends. You’ve always embarrassed with yourself and you just assume everyone else was too.

“Yeah I would love that, I’ll text you the coffee house address.” You eyed the coffee shop across the street from the park and figured that it would be a good place to meet. This way you could walk around the park a little while longer. “You can meet me whenever, I’m at the park across the street and I have a feeling I’ll be here for a while so just text me when you get here.”

Sam took a minute to respond “Okay we’ll be there in 30 minutes.”


It was now 6:50 in the morning and the coffee house was just about empty except a young couple at the corner table and two girls in the back booth. You actually arrived before Sam and the others so you figured you would order yourself a cup of coffee and a bagel while you waited. You noticed the two girls eyeing you like a sideshow attraction and you suddenly regretted ordering a bagel. You’ve never been comfortable eating in front of people because you always felt like they were watching you thinking about how gross the fat chick looked eating.

When the waiter arrived with your coffee and bagel you thanked him and then just stared at your meal. You turned looked up and back at the young women in the back booth, who were now looking directly at you, one of them whispered to the other and they both started laughing and then stood up.

Now you found yourself regretting choosing the seat by the window because they had to walk right passed you to go out the door. As they started toward the door you looked down hoping that if you didn’t make eye contact with them they wouldn’t say anything.

Just as they got halfway across the shop Sam, Dean and their friend Cas walked in and saw you sitting down and walked up to your table. You were looking down so when Sam took the seat next to yours it startled you and made you jump a bit.

“You okay Y/N?” Sam’s voice was so comforting that you completely forgot about the girls who just moments ago were silently judging you and you looked up at him.

“I’m better now.” You replied.

You finally remembered the reason you were so embarrassed and looked back up to try and find the two young women. You spotted them outside the window and relaxed. You put the thought of what they might have been thinking or saying about you in the back of your mind and focused all your attention on Sam.

You and Sam talked for a few minutes while Dean ordered enough food for a family of 4 and Cas just sat there staring at everyone with a confused looked. It took the waiter no time at all to bring you another cup of coffee along with Dean’s meal and Sam’s coffee.

“You sounded upset on the phone and said you needed to talk, what about?” You were so caught up in seeing Sam again that you hadn’t even thought about it.

“Yeah my boyfriend” you paused and then correct yourself “my ex-boyfriend” you forced a smile “and I got into a huge fight and we broke up.” You leaned your head down and looked into your coffee, your eyes following the cream swirl at the top as it danced in the dark liquid.

Sam placed his hand on yours and gave it a squeeze “Well he must not know what he had” you looked up at him and he flashed you a smile “his loss.” He took a sip of his coffee, keeping his eyes on you.

“What did you argue about?” Sam asked after placing his coffee back on the table.

“He told me what I already know” you looked down at your stomach and touched your belly “that I need to lose weight.” Your eyes watered a bit but you held back the tears.

Dean stopped stuffing his face for a moment to say something “Your ex-boyfriend sounds like a dick. You deserve better.” He then continued to shovel more food into his mouth and gave you a wink. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Y/N you are perfect just the way you are.” Sam’s words were gentle and kind. He took another sip of his coffee and replaced his hand on yours this time rubbing over your knuckles “Any guy would be lucky to have you Y/N and there is nothing wrong with you.”

“Yes Y/N” Cas began speaking “your wide hips make you a perfect mating partner. You will bare healthy children.” He smiled. You, Sam and Dean all looked over to him giving him the most confused look and started laughing.

“Yeah Cas that too.” Sam said looking at Cas then turning to give you a quick wink.

When your tampon string breaks.

So I’m gonna talk about a relatively ‘taboo’ subject. Tampons! And what to do if one ever gets stuck. So if your tampon string ever breaks off while you were trying to remove it.
First, STAY CALM. When your body tenses up it makes your hips contract inwards therefor making it harder to remove the tampon.
Second, get ready to get really dirty. Wash your hands. Remove any clothing from waist down. Wash your hands again, and get ready to stretch.
Third, squat. Squat as if you’re going to poop in a hole. I know this sounds weird but it will help you as you move your fingers around to grasp the tampon. If squatting doesn’t work lift your leg up and lean it against the wall now delicately insert your fingers.
Fourth, be careful with your hands/fingers you don’t want to push it in further. Try not to freak or get grossed out from it all.
Fifth, stay calm! Relax its gonna be ok.
Six, DO NOT USE TWEEZERS TO REMOVE IT. Just don’t. You could really hurt yourself!
Seventh, if you cannot remove it or push it in further seek medical attention ASAP. A Doctor will be able to remove it for you. Do not wait for more than a few hours and do not sleep!

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Amoré - Part Two

Characters - Peter x Reader

Word Count - 1739

Warnings - Fluff

A/N - I’m so falling in love with this series. I really wish I knew where it was really going, I have a few plans but no end game just yet. I really hope you guys like this part!

Amoré Masterlist

You walked through a crowd of people. Each one, bundled up with heavy coats, hats and scarves to protect them from the chilling winter air. Tugging your scarf up to cover your nose, you pulled your cellphone from your pocket and clicked open your inbox. Checking the time, you started to grow worried that Peter was standing you up and just the thought made your stomach drop.

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YUZU DAYS (1st Feb 2016)

Yuzuru Hanyu talks about That Moment– Sochi Olympics

First Olympics
–In the newly added Team Trophy event of Sochi Olympics, Hanyu competed in the short programme.  It was held earlier than the opening ceremony, and he arrived in Sochi 4 days before the ceremony, on February 3rd, to prepare.–

“Participating in Sochi, a first thought is that it is a long period. The day before the opening ceremony, we had the team competition;  there is a feeling that soon after an event is over, there is another event, for the period of nine days until the individual competition.  As I had to skate my short programme twice, for the team and individual competitions, it was hard to adjust to peak each time. Having to continue maintaining the ability to focus over a long period, I think this was the unique experience of the Olympics.

At the Olympics, it was the first time that I, as a competitor, was practising together with Plushenko. From young, to me, Plushenko is a hero. It was after watching his performance that I wanted to compete in the Olympics. To be standing in the Olympic rink alongside someone you admire and look up to…… that alone moved me a lot. During practice, we exchanged some words but I totally cannot remember the content of the exhilarating conversation. We shook hands and I thought, “I’m definitely NOT washing my hands!” (laugh)  Plushenko was watching me as I skated during practice. Being able to practise together with him is one of the best memories of Sochi Olympics.“

~The stage where the medal is~

"For the team event and the individual short, I was very focused. Just do as I usually do and it will definitely be fine, just do a good performance, that was the only thing I told myself. Riding on the music, I was able to skate feeling very good, right to the end. Getting more than 100 points for the short, I unconsciously thought, "Gold medal!”

In the free programme, my body did not move like how I thought, I also could not focus well on my performance. About the medal and other idle thoughts, I was desperately trying to clear my mind of these distractions, but trying to do that itself was a distraction…. After I skated, I thought there would definitely be a reversal (of positions) and I gave up on the gold medal almost totally.  In any case, I was ashamed (of my lack of ability) and full of regret. To the extent that I thought I would rather lose gracefully when I saw Patrick Chan’s performance. That’s why I was really surprised when the gold medal was determined.

Now, looking back, was that the “demon of the Olympics”, I wonder. Getting a score that was beyond expectations for the short programme, the gold medal flickered in my mind. It was evidence that I was already not focused on my performance at that point. But I was not the only one who was very conscious of the medal. Almost everyone was conscious of it and became stiff; during the 6-minute practice for the free programme, an abnormally nervous, tingling air flowed. For that free skate, I think nobody skated clean.  Patrick Chan also, just like me, could not skate his normal way and got the same kind of points as me. So in the end, I was in the lead for both short and free, and I won the gold medal. It is often said that there is an “Olympic demon”, but the true identity of my demon was the ‘weakness’ that came out of myself, this is what I think now.“

~The view from the podium of world number one~

"Standing on the podium, I could see the Olympic symbol at the rink side illuminated by lights and shining brightly. At that moment, finally, I could feel it for real, "I am standing on the podium at the Olympics. I am first.” I remember that. And then, I could see many people waving to me. Up to now, all the people who have helped me, one by one, their faces floated to mind…. Again, this gold medal was not won by me alone, this feeling of gratitude welled up in me. At the same time, I thought I must train harder and start working towards the World Championships so that I will live up to this medal on my chest.

When I met my family, it was at the award ceremony and the first words said to me were “So tense!” The day before, after the short programme, the reaction was “So touched!”, but when I got the gold medal, it was all words like “So anxious”, “Was praying for you”. (laugh)  With the short programme, spirits were all charged up;  with the free, spirits slid down, 'the gold medal may be gone’. Not just me and my family, anyone watching surely felt the same. (laugh)  But at the award ceremony, I could feel the achievement of the gold medal and I could share the joy with my family.“

(translated by me)
(this was so heartwarming to read in Japanese; apologies if I did not convey that in my translation.)

source: (P&G monthly article on Yuzuru)

For past translations of YUZU DAYS: [X]


Prompt: Romeo and Juliet of the Science and English department

Word Count: 645 (more of a drabble really!)

Warnings: language, alcohol

Author’s Note: loved the thought of space nerd vs lit nerd! Enjoy!!

Another sigh emitted from you as you listened to your friends. You thought high school was bad. Then you got to college. Now they were able to buy their own alcohol.

Did you know English majors only get louder when they drink? You had to find that out the hard way.

“But Poe would have never said that!” John, a friend of yours, yelled from your side. The whole drunk debate was Poe, Shakespeare, and Fitzgerald. What even?

“How do you know? Were you best friends with him or something?!” Kristen yelled back even angrier. You didn’t put your opinion in on it. You could get shanked with a quill or something (Mike has one, don’t ask why).

“Obviously not, but you weren’t friends with him either! It wasn’t just Kristen and Poe hanging out with ravens and shit!” Mike defended John.

You just watched from the side in shock. They never got quite this rowdy. Maybe it was time to intervene.

“So did you guys see the debate between Beck and McCalin on biological dynamics?” You asked in a soft tone. All fighting stopped to stare at you alone. Apparently not.

“Why would we go to that?” Kristen asked with a scoff. You shrugged while looking at your lap.

“It was actually really good. Beck made some great points about bio-” You were rudely cut off by Mike making an accusation about Fitzgerald. Yelling began again, and you sighed. What was up with such turf wars?

You just excused yourself, saying you’d see them all in the morning. The truth was they wouldn’t crawl out of bed because they were going to be soooo hungover.

The walk back to your apartment was quick. No need to dilly dally in the cold weather. You were also ready to see your roommate.

You unlock the door, shedding the jacket you had. Your purse and keys were hung up next.

“I’m back. You were right! They didn’t go, which meant we are good.” Beck came from the kitchen with a smile. He held a bottle of water in his hand to signal he was just getting a drink.

“Perfect. I told you there was no reason to worry.” He smiled, grabbing the back of your neck and giving your forehead a kiss. You smiled at such a gesture.

How did a science nerd and lit geek end up together? Neither of you figured it out. All you knew is you were looking for roommates and happened to answer each other’s ads. You were both a little tense at first, but you got comfortable with each other. After a night of drinking and slurred confessions, you became the tragic love story of two rival departments. No one knew about it. He read all of your papers, and you went to all of his debates.

“One of these days we can actually be a couple in the real world. Though I’ll admit I’m liking the secretness of this. We’re like agents or something.” You joked as you both began to head upstairs. Great thing about having a boyfriend as roommate? Sharing a room together and not having to say goodbye in the morning.

“I mean, I’m going to be an astronaut, but part time agent works as well.” Beck returned with a laugh. You chuckled as you began to strip off your clothes. The two of you got ready for bed while you talked. Funny stories were shared as well as brief kisses. Your greatest enemy became the easiest person to love.

Beck was first in bed, splayed out across the mattress. You quickly jump on top of him which earned laughter from the both of you. Some quick shifting had you two in your normal spots. He sure was one cuddly science geek. A quick swap of kisses and I love yous ended in snores and great dreams.

Proved It

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Genre: criminal au? stripper/dancer au?

Featuring: Jay Park x Reader

Warnings: talks of kidnapping(?), mention of drugs

A/n: tbh I don’t know what this is, but I listened to “Wading” by Jhene Aiko and watched the mv and became inspired to write this. So hopefully you guys like this? ALSO, where it says “y/fn y/ln” that means your first name and your last name, k enjoy!

You were sure it was the right decision, it’s not like your parents would actually look for you. And Jay had promised you a better life. Sure it wasn’t exactly where you saw yourself or what you saw yourself doing, but it was better than where you were headed.

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Words I Should've Said /02/

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Part 01

Seungcheol had so many questions. But,the thing is,  they weren’t questions that couldn’t be answered. They were questions that he well on knew the answers to, but just didn’t have the courage to answer.

It felt as if he was writing a test and this was the one part that he didn’t study for. He wasn’t prepared for you to walk right out of his life. To tell him that you were done being neglected, that he was being taken away from you. 

He wanted to blame it on you. Blame you for overreacting or be being selfish. For making him feel as if someone had taken his heart and left him cold and hollow inside. But, at the end of the day. It was truly all his fault. 

The fact that he so willingly let you walk through the front door that day, bothered him the most.

He had so many questions for not only you but, himself as well. So many, that his thoughts became cloudy every time he tried to think about the situation too much.

He wanted to call you or text you, to apologize or even try to see you, but he knew that he didn’t have the courage for that. Even if he did get in contact with you, what would he say? He’d be at a loss for words. Because he surely knew that sorry was not going to cut it this time.

But, above those questions lie his biggest question. The question that not even Seungcheol could come up with the answer to. One that’s been floating in his mind ever since the last time he saw you. And that question is why hadn’t he run after you that night?

If he cared about you so much, then why hasn’t he tried to get you back. To tell you the words that he should have said and to finally tell you what’s been on his mind for the longest time. 

You wondered the same question too.

You had spent the past few days being a miserable mess. Life was just not the same when the person that meant the most to you wasn’t in it anymore. 

You knew that your feelings for Seungcheol were always there but, you didn’t want to allow yourself to come to terms with them. All that your thinking right now was making you feel even worse. Everything reminded you of Seungcheol and all you wanted to do was sit on the couch like old times, resting your head on his shoulder with a big blanket around the two of you. While you and Seungcheol talked and laughed throughout the whole movie.

You felt tears well up in your eyes as you began missing Seungcheol again. You tried so hard to fight them back, curling up into your bed just a little bit more and gripping onto your sheets tightly. But, this wasn’t helping very much so you lazily rose from your bed, scrambling to your closet to grab a sweater and head outside. You were going to go for a walk and try your best to clear your mind.

Seungcheol was having a mental battle on whether he should call you or just show up to your house unannounced. He came to the conclusion that seeing you in person would be the best option. He knew that if he called; you’d probably ignore him anyways.

So here he was, walking down the sidewalk on the way to your house The weather had seemed to have somehow reflected his gloomy mood. The day was dark and the sun refused to shine through the clouds. When Seungcheol couldn’t expect for the weather to get worse, it began to drizzle. Before he knew it, he was running as fast as he could to your house before the rain started to pick up.

That’s when he felt himself bump into something or someone. Causing himself and the unsuspecting stranger to be knocked to the ground.

“I’m so sorry” he began to rise extending his hand to help the poor stranger up. When he looked up his eyes softened and were filled with guilt. “(Y/N). I don’t know where to begin. I’m so sor-” 

“Save it,” you said with such a calm yet cold voice, that made Seungcheol’s heart sink. “Sorry, isn’t going to cut it.”

You twisted on one heel ready to leave and walk away only having reached a few steps before Seungcheol grabbed onto your wrist, stopping you. “Please (Y/N), just hear me out,” his voice was soft and pleading and as you turned around to face him, his eyes were filled with a mix of things.

That’s when you took in his features. Slightly damp hair either from the rain or running, soft eyes that looked as if they hadn’t seen an ounce of rest and dishevelled clothing, he had even put on his sweater inside out which he obviously had not noticed or just didn’t care to fix. You couldn’t help but, feel slightly guilty knowing that you were the reason why that he looked this way. But in your defence, he didn’t even try to contact you.

“Why didn’t you call me?” you questioned so softly that it was barely heard. You looked up into his eyes but he looked away from yours.

He let go of your wrist and used the same hand to scratch the back of his neck. He looked at the ground then up at you. “I didn’t know what to say and definitely didn’t have the courage to say what I really wanted to. But I think that I have the courage now.”

“And what did you want to say?” you asked, looking down at your fingers. 

He let out a deep breath before reaching towards you and using his thumb and forefinger to lift your chin, making you look straight at him. He stepped towards you and reached down to grab your hand. Your heart was beating so hard right now that you swore he could hear it.

He peered into your eyes again holding your gaze as he spoke. “First of all, (Y/N). I’m so, so, sorry for being such a terrible friend, no, such a terrible best friend. If I can even call myself that anymore. I’m supposed to be there for you when you need me and I haven’t done that. Second of all, I’m so sorry for how I acted when we were arguing. I should’ve realized how we were drifting apart and how it was all because someone had come in the way of our friendship. When we were little I promised that I’d never leave you, even if you left first. But, I did. I let you leave. And I’m so sorry about that.” You could hear that his voice was filled with sincerity and regret. He held onto your hand tighter as if he was afraid that you’d slip away at any second.


“Just let me finish. Lastly, (Y/N). I’ve been wanting to tell you this for so long. But, I’ve never had the courage to say it. You know when I used to call you in the middle of the night to talk and say it was because I had a bad dream?”

You nodded, remembering the ridiculous dreams he’d tell you about, you couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, it wasn’t because I had a bad dream. I just missed you and wanted to hear your voice.” He chuckled to himself before continuing. “Even when we watched movies and you’d fall asleep on my shoulder. I could have woken you up, but I always let you sleep because I loved the feeling of you in my arms. The past few days have been rough for me because I felt as if I had lost the most important person in the world to me.” 

You heart was aching from his sincere words and you were afraid that he could feel how your heart was beating so rapidly at his words. 

He took another step forward leaving only inches of space between the two of you now. Then, he pulled you into a hug wrapping his arms around your waist in a sweet caring hug. You were slightly surprised and tense at first but your arms your arms slowly found your way around him as well. He rested his chin on your shoulder before he began to speak.

“But, what I really want to say is. (Y/N), I’m so terrified to say this right now. And it’s probably the reason why I’ve held it off for so long. Because it changes everything, and I don’t know if you’ll stay by my side after this but…” He took a deep breath before pulling back slightly to look you in the eyes. “(Y/N). I love you. I love you so much that it hurts. And I’d want nothing else but to be able to hold you and call you mine.”

You went completely silent, mouth slightly agape in shock. He pulled out of your hold, embarrassed and the rain began to come back down after it had eased up a little. “I knew this was how it would en-”

“I love you too Seungcheol, and I’d love that too” he looked at you with eyes filled with love and joy. The rain had begun pouring at this point but, that didn’t stop Seungcheol from pulling you back into his embrace. He took his forefinger and lifted your to chin to place his lips onto yours. Your eyes closed and you felt his lips glide over yours softly.  He placed his hand behind your neck and the other rested on your waist. He smiled into the kiss before pulling away and placing a small kiss on your forehead.

He gave you a meaningful kiss in the rain that you’d never forget. 

“I’m so glad that I got to tell you the words that I should’ve said a long time ago. ” He said with the biggest grin on his face. 

“But this doesn’t change the fact that I’m still mad at you,” you told him with a pout.” His smile immediately faded into a frown but you hugged him reassuringly. “I’m just kidding.”

“Good,” he said smiling at you again. “Now let’s get you home before you get sick.”