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I really like AUs where alphadave raised Dirk, idk if he would've been a GREAT guardian but I find it sorta tragic that Dirk and Roxy never met their guardians.

Me too :(  I think they’d have been good parents.

When I first made this blog, I had an AU comic where the betas raised the alphas; it’s dropped now, but it was fun to think about. Roxy was an ecto-clone of Rose’s mom, Dirk was adopted, Jake was single mom Jade’s kid, and John got married and had Jane. It was supposed to be an after sburb au where the game makes another round in their new universe and they know they have to play again to ensure their survival.

It was based off of my original misconception about homestuck before I read in which that last sentence plays out and they just run into the trolls again years later. I thought Rose and Kanaya were two adult moms everyone shipped together but who weren’t actually canon.

ANYWAY making that AU made me think of a lot of good beta-alpha parent dynamics and I think it would be fun to see more fics on the subject.


The 10 Things Dally has never told anyone… 

1. He wishes that his parent’s loved him like parents were supposed to love their children.
2. His mother cared about drugs more than she ever cared about him. 
3. Dally knows that if there is a Hell, he has a first class ticket there… and he is okay with that. 
4. When Dally met the gang, Mrs Curtis would treat him like her own son, it was the first time he had felt what love was truly like. The night she died he cried, he sobbed his heart out until he fell asleep. He still hasn’t gotten over her loss.
5. He doesn’t “make love” he fucks until he cannot feel a thing… he doesn’t know how to love someone, and his not quite sure that he ever will. 
6.The only person he has ever truly cared about is Johnny, but God, he just didn’t know how to love the kid. 
7. He prays every single night before he goes to bed, hoping that God hasn’t lost faith in him yet. His prayers always go unanswered.
8. He was in his first real gang at the age of 10, at age 12 he watched his best friend get shot in the stomach, he held his friend in his arms until the police arrived. He was carted away to juvenile detention. 
9. His first night in Juvie was the hardest. He cried the whole time. 
10. It turns out he loved Johnny. And he couldn’t stand to live in a world where an innocence like that was stolen. So he decided to die too.

random things my fragile bi heart gets really emotional about: axton the commando, and the treatment of his sexuality in the game. just hear me out for a second.

like, for all intents and purposes axton is pretty much the most stereotypical video game character ever— a ruggedly handsome, confident-bordering-on-cocky, square-jawed white guy with a crew cut, a couple carefully placed facial scars, and a military career that’s probably just a bit too illustrious for his age.

but then he’s also canonically bisexual!! and not even on purpose originally, but because of a glitch that made him flirt with everyone instead of just the attractive female character the line was intended for.

and when fans saw this and were like, ‘oh this must mean axton’s supposed to be bi! awesome,’ the writers, instead of 1. freaking out and trying to quash those headcanons or 2. turning the situation into a gross queerbaiting mess (which seem to be the two things that happen most often), were like ‘oh, yeah, looks like axton is bi. let’s add some dialogue to the dlc that confirms this and make it irrefutably canon.’

and that was that. like, there was no uncharacteristically dramatic and emotional coming-out scene. no awkward forced romantic subplot with a male character to ‘prove’ he’s really bi. just a couple stupid and perfectly in-character lines about having dated lots of ‘people’ instead of specifically women and that quip about ‘guns and women… and sometimes dudes.’

and i just want to throw those moments in the face of every writer who’s ever claimed that it would be too hard to make a character bi, or that they can’t do it because it wasn’t the original intent of the character. all it took was two lines of dialogue for the bl2 team to confirm what players had already picked up on. it’s literally that easy and i’m just really tired of excuses for why characters ~can’t~ be bi!!!

so let me get this right

at the start of the noble bachelor, we get watson mentioning his engagement, and then we go on to hear about a case where two people are getting married but one of them’s heart already belongs to someone else, that they were previously married in secret, and that they’re only marrying their new fiancé because they can’t be with the person they truly love

am i or am i not supposed to be drawing the conclusion then that watson’s engagement is the same… that his heart belongs to someone else, that he’s already secretly “married,” and that he’s only marrying his new fiancé because he can’t actually marry holmes (and needs a beard)?

Give me tattooed, badass emissary!Stiles who is always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and saving the day and gruff yet charming, put upon Alpha!Derek who is always there to work with Stiles even if he complains about it even though he actually enjoys working with him.

They were never suppose to fall for each other, but somewhere between clearing out a nest of vampires and saving a pod of selkies from poachers they fell in love (well first they fell into bed together, but then they fell in love).

  • Luke and Jocelyn living in a cramped little apartment their first year in New York while they were still adjusting to the mundane life style
  • Luke working a bunch of jobs to make ends meet while Jocelyn is pregnant
  • Jocelyn waiting impatiently for Luke to get home from work the first time she feels Clary kick so he can feel too
  • Luke picking out the perfect stuffed animal for Clary and bringing it home her first day out of the hospital (it’s a little bear that she still sleeps with)
  • Luke staying up late with baby Clary while he studied for his written test to become a police officer so Jocelyn could get some sleep
  • Jocelyn struggling to balance grieving her family and raising the daughter she loves with all her heart, and Luke supporting her every step of the way
  • Jocelyn and Luke keeping track of all of Clary’s milestones in one of those Baby’s First books 
  • Their first christmas as a mundane family included watching the christmas specials on a tiny tv (Clary cried at all the claymation cartoons)
Opposites Attract

Character: Percival Graves

A/n: Alright! I think I’m improving at this because I’m immensely more pleased at this imagine than the first one I did for Graves.

I sort of used a different aspect of his character that I think he would have but I’m in no way implying that Graves would actually behave like this in movie canon. I just wanted to have a little fun with his character.

Percival Graves had always taken on the bulk of the work ever since being promoted to the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement. And it was entirely his own doing, regardless of his honorable reputation, he always felt the need to prove himself.

This meant lots of late nights in the offices filling out paperwork, attending council meetings and hearings, plus all the feild work cases he was supposed to lead.

So whenever people meet you, one of his closest and oldest friends, they were thoroughly surprised.

You were a highly regarded potions master amoung the northern magical society, even serving as an assistant to the Potions professors at Ilvermorny.

But apart from that, you were an incredibly down to earth and kind person. Some argued even the polar opposite of Graves.

Sure he was stoic and rather intimidating to anyone that looked at him, the two of you worked really well together.

You both attended Ilvermorny in the same year, though you were in different houses, you had majority of your classes together.

After your close friendship during school, you both ended up living in the same apartment building.

At first you tried traveling by floo powder to get to the school whenever you were simply applying for the job, but soon after you were hired and Graves only ever got to see you during the summer and other holidays.

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t think of you often, you were his confidant and he often missed being able to talk to whenever he needed it. Although you both exchanged letters every now and then to see how the other is doing.

One particular night during the summer months whenever you were home, Graves was having a terrible time falling asleep, more so than usual.

He knew that you often worked late into the night, brewing your own potions or mastering new ones you had learned. So he didn’t hesitate to putting on a pair of shoes and traveling up to your floor.

And he was right, you were at your door in no time, smiling as you let him in.

Your apartment was like a whole other world from his. Graves had everything furnished in his usual monochrome theme, even the lamps and art peices that hung on the wall.

But your place was a kaleidoscope of colors, from the red bookcases to the brightly colored chairs at your dining room table that didn’t match each other.

You had green plants and herbs that hung from the ceiling and poured out from every window. And glass jars filed with magical ingrediants for your potions.

You also had a considerable collection of random momentos, such as small animal figurines and crystals that lined almost every surface.

Though Graves didn’t necessarily enjoy the controlled chaos of how you ordered things. He always enjoyed the homely atomosphere at your place over the rather cold tone of his.

“Another sleepless night?” You asked, reaching up and plucking a few green leaves from a particularly draped vine.

“Something like that.” Graves answered, taking off his shoes and looking out your windows.

“Well sit right there, I can have a sleeping draught made for you in a heartbeat.” You told him with a bright smile.

Graves was about to decline, but you had already started to clear off your work space. He pulled one of the wooden stools up next to where you stood, and opted to watch you at your craft.

“Reminds me of our school days.” You thought aloud to him, remembering the countless hours you spent in the potions room, Percival by your side and watching you brew potions and elixirs.

“Yes, I distinctly remember you being the only reason why I managed to ever pass a potions class.” Graves said, handing you the lavender you asked for.

“So tell me, Percy.” You started, crushing up the lavender into the now purple liquid. “What’s keeping you up?”

Graves held back a remark about the awful nickname you had given him, but remembered that he hadn’t seen you in months.

With a heavy sigh he rubbed his eyes. “Work mostly, I have a lot to do in a matter of 24 hours.”

You hummed, waving your wand in a circular motion about the steaming cauldron. “Ever thought of taking a break?”

Graves chuckled. “Department heads don’t really get days off, and if I did manage to get one I’d probaby be called in by 9.”

You laughed, taking a small laddle and pouring it into a glass vile. “I suppose I see your point, Percival Graves takes a day off and MACUSA would fall.”

That stirred another laugh from him. “Yes, I suppose it would.”

“Now, this should take an hour or so to kick in.” You said, placing it into his hands.

He accepted it, noticing the purple shimmering liquid looked different than the usual drafts he took. “Is this new?”

A broad smile crossed your face. “Yes it is, of my own design.”

Graves smiled, tilting his head back and downing it all quickly. “Well, then I know I’m in good hands.” He said, handing the now empty bottle back to you.

“It was very nice having these chats again, (Y/n).” He said, moving from the stool and making his way to the door. “I hope you have a wonderful evening.”

“Well, hang on a second.” You said, grabbing onto his arm.

The two of you shared a look before you tentatively took your hand off of him and he cleared his throat.

“I’m probably not gonna get to bed tonight anyways. Why don’t you sleep in the guest room and see if a change of atmostphere helps you sleep better?” You offered.

Graves had every intention to decline your offer, but if he was honest he didn’t want to go back to his apartment where he’d be alone and miserable.

“I think I might take you up on that offer.”

You smiled. “It’s down the hall and the second brown door on the right.”

Graves nodded. “Goodnight then.”

“Nighty night, Percy.”

Graves spent a lot less nights at his own apartment after that.

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~Xmen Preference~

-Softcore :)-

{I honestly have no idea what to call this mess. But these are softcore canons. These small set of canons contain sexual content, but it’s low level. So, enjoy~!}

A/N: I don’t know how bad these will turn out. Also these were supposed to be straight up sex canons but… It took a turn. So these are Canons with GIFS.


 Hank McCoy- He’s pure. A terribly kind heart rests behind his chest cavity. The slightest touches from you gets his heart racing and his facing boiling to 360° degrees. He’s the guy you’ll find spending all day in the lab rather than all day in bed. He’s the guy that doesn’t need sex in a relationship. If your asexual. Cool. That’s perfectly fine with him. But… With the right strings pulled gently and not forced, sex could be amazing. 

Your first time together would be rather awkward, like any. He’d be a complete mess. Asking “Am I doing this right?” Or “Tell me if I’m hurting you, please.” He’d be as insecure as you. Reassurance spills from both of you. As time would go on, he’d learn what you liked and didn’t. Sex wouldn’t be an everyday thing. It would probably be an end of the week surprise. 

-His lips ghost over your raw ones. His hands would be busy running over your body’s curves and luscious hair. Those beautiful baby blue eyes, so captivating, never leave your gaze. He’s all yours and your all his. Both your shirts are off, but both of you remain undistracted. Just the love from each other’s gazes could be just enough for a mental high.-

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Hajimeme: Man the people I’m surrounded by are so weird and childish wtf

Hajimeme canonically: *screamed “BE FREE” to hermit crabs to be free from Saionji’s terror, his only pets ARE hermit crabs, worried about his monocoins when faced with exiting the Neo World Program, actually debated playing russian roulette with ko until ko said that he thought you were supposed to put bullets in every round, jokingly said he was going to assassinate Peko, if you count the anthologies willingly decided to act like gundam and called a cow his best friend.*

  • city of oh another name for muggles
  • city of oh don’t mind me shipping incest
  • city of nobody speaks of that second of an instant we all sort of shipped sebby with clary
  • city of the one in between jace’s resurrection and jace’s demonic possession where clace finally becomes canon but nobody really remembers the plot or is that just me
  • city of omg sebby is a lonely misunderstood lil snowflake that just needs love in his life #rip
  • city of we were all expecting the worst but where are these 6 main characters who were supposed to die

Can I just say one thing I really love is that all signs in canon point to Kara being some kind of ace? Like her two encounters with any sexual activity were her being grossed out, she lights up more at food than she does the idea of dating, and when she finally gets the guy she wanted she realizes what she thought she wanted based on all those rom coms she loves maybe isn’t actually what she wants. That feeling intimacy is supposed to give her just isn’t happening. And while it’s very much the writers doing a terrible job of handling the relationship, it does provide more fuel to an ace Kara.

TFP Thoughts

There’s a lot of confusion and anger right now over TFP (understandably), however, attacking Moftiss is ridiculous and unnecessary. This season was phenomenal- no, it wasn’t what we were used to from the show but it wasn’t supposed to be. It was dark, raw, and emotional-the major plots came full circle and while there may have been plot holes in the finale- the show itself was incredible and in my eyes the writers did canon tjlc in the most sherlock way possible. There was never going to be an intimate physical moment-we’ve seen that by sherlock’s weariness of the subject of sex throughout the show. But this ending, while sudden and bittersweet…..gave us a glimpse of the future we wanted for the baker street boys. Mary gave them her blessing: “If I’m gone I know what you can become” (after which they shared a knowing smile) John and Sherlock living together, raising Rosie, and solving crimes. Now that Sherlock has understood his past, we see the human, emotional being he always was come to light-and we see him recognize that…he is finally allowed to feel. They are more than friends, they love each other and they are family- the way it should be and always will. That being said…….I don’t believe it is over and there are elements to come back to.
The writers have always said this wasn’t a detective show- it was a show about a detective…more specifically John and Sherlock’s relationship so it was upsetting to see Mary say “it doesn’t matter who you are” because with as much character development as we have seen throughout the show we know that its a lie-everything thats happened is because of sherlock’s past and who they are….it does matter. I am so happy to see them at peace…happy and living together, doing what they love with the people they love…the writers never told us john lock would be canon-in fact they said it would never be, but they always lie. Too many people are upset because they treated this as the end, and even though it felt like one, we don’t know that it is. If I were moftiss I wouldn’t want to come back to this either- they have given us so much and written an absolutely beautiful show with deep characters and intricate plots. They have said in the past that this was the story they wanted to tell and didn’t care if people liked it or not- it only mattered if they were happy with the product. They have ALL said (cast and crew) that they want to revisit sherlock, so don’t be so quick to assume this was the end.

Here’s some reasons why:

-We never met Harry

-It was never explained why Mary’s videos were titled “Miss Me?”/”Miss You” and where they came from/how they got to john/sherlock 

-We never saw sherlock resolve his relationship with molly

-We never saw Martin’s “big monologue scene” ????

-What was so “history making” about the ending? because while it could be interpreted as canon it was extremely subtle….

-Moriarty plot was wayyyyyyy too elaborate to be resolved so suddenly

-Rathbone Place ???

-Anemoi ???!!!

-Moftiss said something along the lines of “its not whether or not sherlock loves someone, its WHO he loves” and yes he loves his friends and family, they never deliberately answered this…again..vague

-Vatican Cameos

-Never explained how Eurus was in connection with Culverton??

Why TJLC is canon:

-Oscar Wilde reference

-The scene where sherlock angrily yells at Mycroft that John is family (to which he smiles)

-Sherlock never once pointing the gun in John’s direction

-Soldiers? Soldiers.

-When they watch Mary’s video, immediately after saying “I know what you can become” sherlock looks down at john and john smiles (Mary has ALWAYS been aware of John and Sherlock’s love for each other)

-rebuilding 221B exactly the way it was before


-raising Rosie in 221B (there are only two bedrooms) ????

Nothing has ever been certain on this show, we were never promised Johnlock. Yes this episode had it’s flaws but I cannot comprehend how one can view it as bad- it made me scream, cry (repeatedly), laugh, sob, leap out of my seat, sob some more…and bad writing could not be capable of inciting that kind of a reaction. I’m thankful for Moftiss, I’m thankful for Ben and Martin’s heart in staying loyal and repeatedly returning to do this show despite more pressing demands, and I’m thankful for the incredible show they’ve given us. 

Who knows if there will be an episode 4 or season 5, but for me…..Sherlock has been the best thing I have ever seen on television and I am in awe of Moftiss’ depth and dedication to the story. I hope this isn’t the end, but in the meantime take everything with a grain of salt (we’ve known that since the beginning) and for now, try and be happy with the evolution of Sherlock and John’s relationship throughout the show and where it has led them. John just lost his wife and it nearly destroyed their relationship beyond repair…John needs time, sherlock needs time, they need time to heal and get back to their routine where the love began….. Moftiss can’t make everyone happy, so they gave us an ending where we could interpret it as we choose and make Johnlock whatever we wanted it to be. xx

this is super scribbly because I remembered this week was lgbtq+ shep week and panicked…but I feel like it adds an endearing kind of energy to it??


I stuck with humans because human sexuality labels get confusing when you try and apply them to species with different gender concepts…

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Okay but, what about cute and adorable domestic jdronica with their daughter who can see ghost and like they are in a family dinner or something and their cute little daughter just screams "well fuck me gently with a chainsaw do I look like mother Theresa?"

Or maybe in canon, a little bit after JD died she stopped seeing the ghosts after a while and figured they were just figments of her imagination, but then like over 10-15 years later, she still thinks about JD but she’s mostly moved on, she has a kid (maybe it’s JD’s?) and he/she is suddenly just like “mommy, what’s an iche luge bullet?” And Veronica turns completely white and her stomach drops and she’s just like…………..shit. And whoever she’s married to is like “honey what’s wrong?” And she can’t even say anything she’s so freaked out, and then she slowly looks up and sees Heather, Kurt, and Ram, standing next to her kid and smirking.

Danganronpa 2.5 Ending
  • Komaeda: *hugs Fuyuhiko and Souda*
  • Fuyuhiko: I thought the gay moments were supposed to be with Hinata.
  • Komaeda: Damn right they are.
  • Hajime: So are you coming, Love?
  • Then they all go and save the others. Komaeda has a gay moment with Naegi. Hajime chooses Komaeda over ghost Nanami. And KOMAHINA is canon. Except that last part isn't actually true... But then again nothing proves it's not.

Ok, here’s The Thing with Steve and Peggy

I genuinely don’t think that the end kiss they shared in CATFA was their only kiss

Now this is just my interoperation of things, but I think they were together through most of that film, they just weren’t telling people. It would have undermined Peggy’s position, and compromised how people saw her. (We see that a little in Agent Carter when they refer to her as “Cap’s Girl”). After rescuing everyone, we all saw how they looked at each other, and I would not be surprised if soon after they got together. Their missions with the Howling Comandos were largely glossed over for the sake of time in the movie, but it fits perfectly within canon to believe that they were in a romantic relationship at the time. The part where they see Steve’s compass with a picture of Peggy and both get flustered, makes way more sense as “damnit we’re supposed to be on the DL” and not “oh no people will know I have a crush.”  I mean carrying around a pic of someone says “relationship” more than “secret yearning.” It was actually a fairly common thing in WWII for soldiers to carry pics of their SO. 

Even more so, look at how each one grieved the loss of the other. Peggy was married with kids by the time that Smithsonian interview rolled around and she still couldn’t talk about him. Steve’s first thought when dropped in 2012 is PEGGY. People who are saying “Ok but they had one kiss, its not all that” have a fair point, if thats all they shared. But I don’t think that was it. I really, genuinely do not. CATFA isn’t the best when it comes to pacing. It skips huge blocks of time, in a vague manner, and it would be easy to say “they only knew each other for 2 seconds and had one kiss” but a rewatch shows it was much longer. Look at how everyone in canon outside of the movie talks. Howard and Steve were close according to Tony. You don’t go on and on about a guy you barely knew from a bunker a few times. That kind of bond and friendship is amassed over time, which is another indicator that a lot happened off screen. 

Peggy always referred to him as “the love of her life” and when Wanda was in Steve’s brain in AOU, she was what was there. Calling him back home. She is what he dreams of. That’s not something you have with a one time thing person.

Everything in every other movie/show makes 100000x more sense, if we assume Steve and Peggy were together through CATFA.

  • The central question of Naruto part one: What if a child, hated for a power he didn't know he had, grew up to choose to return love for hatred and identify and solve the systemic problems that affected everyone, no matter what was supposed to be fated or unchangeable?
  • Of Naruto part two: What if two people were reincarnated over and over and one of them fulfilled a prophecy to end this cycle?
  • Of Naruto the Last: What if the main character fought an alien on the moon?
  • Of Boruto the Movie: What if the main character's son fought TWO aliens in ANOTHER DIMENSION?


Where was the insane wish fulfillment? What, exactly, was supposed to make television history? Why the FUCK did you do that to one of the most important emotional moments from the original canon? Was that a deliberate jab, since you know so many of us were waiting for it? Was all of the teasing, hinting, and joking for nothing?

This isn’t even just about queerbaiting. This was genuinely one of the most poorly written episodes of television I’ve ever watched and not even a shadow of a show I used to love. Fuck.