they were super fun to make too

Another Day, Another...Galleon?


I really don’t get the hubbub today? All these whispers that such-and-such is the son of “what’s his name” and how that flower girl is the daughter of some important person and some different important person, and they were both friends with the father of so-and-so… and that guy defeated some evil guy who I’m literally not supposed to remember the name of….

Spoiler alert: I can’t remember it, so history won that battle. Something with a silent ‘T’… “Who has a silent ‘T’ in their name? “Hello there I’m Bert, pronounced Berrrrrr”.

It’s ok the dude was apparently super evil. I think I get a pass on making fun of him. Either way he’s dead and was too dumb to have any kids to reap revenge.

Listen, whatever. You kids have fun being important somehow….. All I care about is that the network is up and running….. Which it will be…. Just give me like a day or two….

fun ideas for things to do for fun that are free:

- Play “don’t let the balloon hit the floor” with multiple balloons while at the same time playing “the carpet is lava”

- play hide-and seek in a mall or large public place

- dress up in elaborate costumes to do normal things like go to walmart

- play hide-and-seek or something in walmart without getting kicked out

- get on youtube with friends and try to learn a new talent like juggling or dancing or something

- look at the ingredients in the house and google what you can bake with them

- go to a park you’ve never been to before and walk around like you’re an adventurer discovering everything (“I do say! This here looks like a leaf! What an interesting specimen!”)

- just go to a park in general. I mean, they got slides and swings and crap. Get all over that (but don’t be a jerk. kids are awesome. let them play first).

- dig up toys/games from when you were a kid. Try to play Nintendo 64 games on your hi-def TV. Feel yourself get cut by the sharp, pointy pixels. 

- make a super tacky music video to a song that you thought was super cool when you were in middle school

- draw with chalk, blow bubbles, jump rope, ride your bike around your neighborhood

in general, just stop pretending you’re too cool to do the fun stuff you did when you were 10. 10-year-olds don’t have money to spend on entertainment, and yet I notice that they have more fun than anybody. Have an awesome summer, everybody.

Hamilcast Shit-Chat {Part 2}

A/N: Hello hello. It is here. eXCITE.


Tags: @xx-echo@snoozing-hippogriffs-23@marvelous-hamilfan@nitrogennerd@hamiltrashtothemax@buzzlikeabeeee@rottwat@always-blame-jefferson

Pairing: Hamilcast X Reader

AU: All texting

Warnings: cussing, VERY sexual jokes

KEY (this lists the usernames of the hamilcast, including yourself)

Lin Manuel Miranda: OldManMiranda,,,, also,,, him and reader are shipped quite a lot (for reasons)

Reader (Y/N L/N): thuglife420 (don’t ask,,, Jo came up with it)

Daveed Diggs: OaklandTrash

Okieriete Onaodowan: OakSmash

Anthony Ramos: JasmineFan

Jasmine Cephas Jones: RamosOwner

Pippa Soo: PippaSoo

Renee Elise Goldsberry: ShipMaster

Jonathan Groff: GroffSauce

Chris Jackson: CJack

thuglife420: i am incredibly bored.

thuglife420: someone come talk to me.

thuglife420: lonelyyyyy.

thuglife420: i am so lonellyyyyy

RamosOwner: you called?

thuglife420: JASMINE.

thuglife420: YOU’VE COME TO MY RESCUE.

RamosOwner: I HAVE?



RamosOwner: I mean, I would

RamosOwner: But I’m slightly loyal

RamosOwner: slightly

thuglife420: well shit

thuglife420: me too.

PippaSoo: You’re not even in a relationship.

thuglife420: not yet you mean.

RamosOwner: how many men/women are coming after you?

RamosOwner: 1?

thuglife420: shut up, jazzy.

thuglife420: not all of us can have the curves of a goddess.

RamosOwner: tru

RamosOwner: but I mean, there is Lin. ;)

thuglife420: NO.

thuglife420: WE’RE NOT GOING THERE.

PippaSoo: Why not?

PippaSoo: You two are very clearly into each other.


PippaSoo: I don’t have a dog.

thuglife420: IUFHSIORGELGH

RamosOwner: Face it, you’re both in loooooovvvvveeeee.


RamosOwner: he’s into some kinky shit

RamosOwner: I don’t think he’d mind

thuglife420: wait, that reminds me of a question i had.

thuglife420: have you fucked him in the ass yet?

ShipMaster: the fuck is going on

thuglife420: i’m collecting very important information, renee.

thuglife420: i need it for science.

RamosOwner: i have not fucked him in the ass.

RamosOwner: yet

PippaSoo: I can not believe this is an actual conversation.

thuglife420: BELIEVE IT, PIPPA.

ShipMaster: Honestly, it’s believable.

PippaSoo: I know, but I was hoping to have a semi normal conversation for once.

thuglife420: why?

thuglife420: those are no fun.

PippaSoo: Sure they are.

RamosOwner: they’re okay.

ShipMaster: Not really


ShipMaster: ASK ME WHAT IT IS.

PippaSoo: What is it, Renee?


PippaSoo: WHAT

thuglife420: WHAT.

RamosOwner: WHAT



ShipMaster: permission to scream?









OldManMiranda: why are we screaming?


OldManMiranda: that was not a legitimate answer.


OldManMiranda: Renee? Jasmine?

RamosOwner: AHHHHH

ShipMaster: AHHHH

thuglife420: AHHHHHHHHHH


ShipMaster: AHHHHHH


OldManMiranda: what the fuck

JasmineFan: jasmine is screaming?

JasmineFan: she is screaming about singing in the super bowl, okay.

OldManMiranda: WHAT


thuglife420: AHHHHHHHHH

JasmineFan: alright, so based on what i’m hearing, her, pippa, and renee are going to be singing at the super bowl.



OldManMiranda: that’s my thing, Chris.


thuglife420: so am i, tbh.

OldManMiranda: Chris, are you not screaming?

CJack: Nah. Only internally.


thuglife420: we didn’t say you couldn’t, pippa.

OldManMiranda: scream your hearts out, kids.

CJack: well, I mean I don’t know if that’s a good idea because if they keep screaming they can’t sing

OldManMiranda: Chris, shut the fuck up.

JasminFan: Jasmin has practice with screaming and singing the next day. ;)


RamosOwner: he’s not wrong

thuglife420: BAHAHAHAHA

ShipMaster: BAHAHAH




JasmineFan: what is happening.

OaklandTrash: BAHAHHAHA


Groffsauce: BHAHAHAH

OldManMiranda: :(

OldManMiranda: don’t make fun of me you meanies.

thuglife420: meanies.

thuglife420: oh my god that is absolutely precious.

OldManMiranda: thank you :)

ShipMaster: ;)))


OldManMiranda: stop what?

OldManMiranda: what is she doing?

thuglife420: nothing.

thuglife420: shut up.

OldManMiranda: :(


Groffsauce: okay seriously, I’m up for teasing lin as much as the next guy, but what really is happening?

JasmineFan: Honestly? I have no idea.

CJack: the girls were screaming about the super bowl and I don’t know from there, honestly.

PippaSoo: I’m surprised we were able to keep track before the super bowl reveal.

thuglife420: really this entire conversation was teasing lin.

thuglife420: thats it.

JasmineFan: naturally.

CJack: that’s all we ever do in real life anyway.

OldManMiranda: I want to love something as much as my dog loves raisins and trains.

CJack: Lin. I will fight you.

thuglife420: i want to love something as much as my cat loves kNOCKING OVER MY FUCKING DISHES.

thuglife420: i have mess to clean up now, later guys.

OldManMiranda: byE

CJack: Lin please shut the fuck up

My Fake boyfriend Part 7

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2273


A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

credits to the gif owner

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Bucky gets off of the bench, offering you his hand. You accept gladly smiling at him, but his mind can’t focus on anything now. Would you let him kiss you? Would you be mad at him for asking? Maybe you would just politely decline; he wouldn’t blame you for not being attracted to him.

In the dinner room everybody is already sitting waiting for the two of you, including an old couple that he assumes to be Lucas’ parents and the way they are looking at you leaves him no doubts.

He sits by your side on the table watching as you smile at him and he kisses your hand. It is a small gesture, sure real couples do this all the time but it was also a way for him to say that things were alright between you two.

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lamsforlams  asked:

Could you write a connor x evan where no one knows their dating and Zoe, Alana, Jared, Connor, and Evan are eating lunch and Zoe, Alana, and Jared notice a hickie on Evans neck and they freak out and him and connor ars super embarrassed



When Evan and Connor became a thing, they decided against telling anyone. They knew their friends would be overbearing if they did tell them. So they thought it was just better to keep the relationship between themselves.

The day had gone by normally. The two boys went to classes and ended up eating lunch with their friends. Zoe, Alana and Jared were all still in dark about the relationship between the two boys.

“So I was like Mr. Bellden, with all due respect I believe I deserved one hundred percent on this project-” Alana was in the midst of her story when Jared cut her off.

“Evan is that a hickey!” Jared gasped as he saw the small purple bruise poking out from Evan’s collar.

Evan blushed. “N-no it’s not!”

Zoe’s eyes widened as she saw part of the little bruise. “Oh my god Evan! Who the hell gave you a hickey!” Zoe was in utter shock. Evan had a boyfriend or girlfriend? Why didn’t he tell them?

“Evan, I didn’t expect this from you of all people!” Alana was shocked.

Connor had to hide his blush, holy fuck. Evan was right he should not have given him a hickey in that spot. “Wait a second! Connor are you blushing too! Are you the one who gave Evan that hickey!” Jared laughed.

“Oh my god ew, no.” Zoe gagged. The thought of her brother and Evan dating was weird to her.

“You guys! What the heck!” Alana covered her face.

Both Evan and Connor were super embarrassed. They’d done so well with hiding their relationship but a little hickey was enough to make the two teens all flustered and embarrassed. 

Jared, Alana and Zoe were all still freaking out and making fun of them

“I hate you so much.” Evan muttered as he covered his face.

“I hate myself too don’t fucking worry.” Connor grumbled back, the blush still evident on his pale cheeks.

tag yourself: florida edition



-votes democrat

-gets blackout drunk

-skips class

-likes nature

-goes bird watching


-everyone knows you 

-but no one /knows/ you

-super into aesthetics

-likes big cities

-has a vaporwave blog

-doesn’t like alcohol, prefers drugs

central florida: 

-really like horses

-knows every disney movie

-enjoys antique stores

-goes thrift shopping

-can’t make up their mind

-exclusively drinks orange juice

south florida:

-fun at parties

-loud as all hell

-has seen too many alligators

-goes to frat parties

-has a fake ID

-has almost gotten arrested

the florida keys:

-very gay

-likes the beach

-smokes weed

-either super outgoing or very relaxed

-possibly both

-thought they were a mermaid as a kid

-really likes key lime pie 


What if the Lions were Paladins???? 

Their personalities are similar to the actual paladins and lions;;

Black is a natural born leader, calm and collected and supportive!! But tends to be a bit bossy but hey it’s his responsibility to keep everyone safe!! He is Brazilian.

Blue is cheerful and likes to have fun, almost a bit too friendly(even with strangers) and a natural people person, but he finds it hard to know if people find him annoying or not;;  He is Mexican!

Red is smol and angry, he finds it hard to trust people sometimes;; The only one he listens to is Black(he’s always following him around, senpai notice me). He’s the fastest and very reliable in battle! He is English.

Green is the smartest out of all of them and tends to be the one that comes up with the best plans!! Is he a boy? a girl? IDK who cares he can kick your ass. They are Japanese. 

Yellow is that big brother you wish you always had!! He’s probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and that makes it hard for him to say no to things(he can never refuse he’s tOO NICE) He is African American!

This is just my interpretation!! They were super fun to draw ;v; 

Hey! So I know some of you were asking for some advice on a Chrom cosplay so at last I am here to help. Sorry it’s a bit late, but let’s get started!

Here’s the front of the shirt! The shirt and pants are made up of some dark blue spandex-ish type fabric, and I got about 4.5 yards of it. The shirt is actually two layers, the under layer being the part with the sleeve and folded collar. I used just a basic long sleeve shirt pattern for that but instead of sewing on both sleeves, I only did the one and just hemmed off the one missing the sleeve. The collar was simple too, I just used YouTube for collar tutorials since I never made one like this but it’s very basic and is easier to make than you might think. Now, the top layer is a sort of poncho that I made out of the same fabric that I lined with bias tape as seen above and connected the buttons and other collar to.

Chrom is weird and has two collars, one being the folded one (that I sewed on the bottom shirt) and the other being a sort of Sailor Moon or Anime School Girl collar which I connected to the top layer, the poncho. The flatter, school girl collar was simple to make as well and just used more tutorials on YouTube, you can make these however you want or in what way you want, but that’s how I did it! So the funky-shaped poncho went over the shirt and that’s the base of the shirt!

The bias tape is actually made by me, I bought the fabric I wanted for it which was some silvery-gold satin and used a bias tape maker to get the even strips of fabric that are free of frays on the outside. Then I literally just hot glued them onto the shirt lol.

The buttons are made of craft foam and worbla and I just hot glued those on as well. Sometimes the simplest/laziest methods work the best! 

This is the back of the shirt where you can see that school girl collar much better. To get the designs, I used some thinner cardboard/cardstock and cut out the shapes, then I took the same fabric as the bias tape I made and covered the cardboard pieces with it. (The cardboard could be like the backs of notebooks or cereal box cardboard, that’s what I used) I tucked the edges of the fabric around the back of the cardboard and glued it down so the fabric didn’t fray, then I just hot glued the pieces on, nothing fancy at all!

Here are the pants, I already talked a bit about them in a previous post but here they are again! The base of it is just leggings I sewed, then the part on the thighs are strips of that blue fabric that I put bias tape on and glued together and wrapped around my legs. So they’re like an extra layer that I just hot glued on top of the leggings. I also stuffed them with a bit of stuffing to give them that pantaloons shape that Chrom has. (So yes, these are pillow pants basically) The little buttons are buttons that I covered in that same fabric and glued on as well.

Here’s the back of the pants where you can see how the fabric is wrapped around from the butt and all the way around the front and to the inseams. It was very awkward to make, but they’re comfy!

These are the belts that go around the chest area! I got about 2-2.5 yards of this I think… The base is just some white vinyl I picked up and folded over (and glued) so it had nicer edges. The buckles are made of craft foam and worbla and the buttons are googly eyes that I painted. There’s also a decorative button that I sewed onto it as well.

It looks like a jumbled mess now, but if you take a look at a reference of Chrom, this all makes much more sense where everything should be placed! You can also see Velcro on there where I attach it to the bottom part of the belt that goes around the waist, which you’ll see in a second.

Only one of the buckles I made actually functions like a buckle in case I need to use it getting on the costume or taking it off, but usually I don’t need to unbuckle it at all.

Here is the other belt I mentioned earlier that hangs lower on Chrom’s waist and sort of loops around his thighs. You can also see the Velcro here where I keep it attached to the chest belts. Nothing fancy here either, just a strip of fabric with lines on it. The lines are black fabric paint that I very carefully painted on because for some reason, I didn’t want to sew on the black lines since it was leather-y fabric. It took a lot of patience lol.

Moving along, these are the gloves and the little wrist band thing that goes on his sleeve arm! I literally bought some gray gloves off amazon, cut them down to size, then made little cuffs and sewed them on (that are lined with the same gray fabric as the wrist band). Then the wrist band is just a strip of fabric I hemmed and sewed in a loop that I just slide onto my wrist. It also has some tiny buckles on it that I believe I bought from Etsy, I just got a little package of like 12 of them since I used them more later on.

Here are the leg things! Leg sleeves? Leg bands? Leg warmers? I have no idea. Either way, you can see that the little buckles come into action again here and I just stuck them through little hemmed strips of fabric, then (you guessed it) hot glued the strips down to the base of the leg thing. The longer leg thing is just sewed in a tube and hemmed, once again nothing fancy there, then the top is a band that I sewed in a tube shape as well and sewed black lines on for details. As you can see, I also added on the cuffs just like the gloves made of that same gray fabric (that I got about 2 yards of). So I made two identical bands with cuffs, but one has that weird leg sleeve thing, otherwise they’re exactly the same and just slide onto the legs just below the knees!

Now getting to the cape, you can see the little brooch he has that I made out of clay and then painted with acrylics and sealed with mod podge. The brooch is hot glued to some weird rope stuff I found at a craft store, however, I braided the rope so it was thicker, sturdier, and got a similar effect to Chrom’s. The other end f the rope is hot glued to the inside of the cape on the edge there, where there is also another decorative button I just sewed on.

Here’s the pauldron/shoulder armor! I could have done better on this but whatever. It’s made out of craft foam and worbla and I just shaped it to the way I wanted and added on the details. The details are little strips of worbla that I heated up and rolled into noodles, then I just attached them  and shaped them to the surface of the pauldron. No glue there since worbla sticks to itself! If it looks uneven, you can always heat it back up and move the pieces around!

I also just glued the pauldron to the cape because I was lazy and when I was looking at references, I didn’t notice any straps or anything that Chrom has so that’s what I did!

And this is the cape! You can see the black patch in the top right corner there, that’s just more Velcro that connects to the back of the brooch, which of course also has Velcro on it. You’ll see that in another picture as well. The cape is made up of some nice cotton fabric and it’s two layers of the same stuff that are just sewed together. I made sure it was cotton because that’s the easiest to dye since the bottom gray-ish part is gray Rit Dye that I dipped it in to gat the worn/burnt/dirty effect. The edges are all trimmed in random directions to give it the cool effect.

After that. I decided to take it up a notch! I actually rubbed that bottom part of the cape in some dirt and grass as well to get some real dirt effects. (which you can’t see as well in the picture, but it’s the thought that counts) Then I had some help with a blow torch and singed the edges of the cape to get an even more battle-worn and burnt look to it! This was the most fun part of making the cosplay tbh.

Here’s the backside/inside of the cape! It’s made of that same cotton fabric, but I dyed it blue! (Fun fact I had this fabric and it was dyed blue already before I even thought about making this costume because I was going to use it for something else but never did lol) You can also see the sloppiness of the cape bunched up where the pauldron is because that’s where I glued it, but it looks fine from the outside which is where it counts! And you can also see the patch of Velcro on the back of the brooch that I mentioned before so I can keep the cape on and take it off with ease.

Next is the shoes! These were fun to make too! I just used a cheap pair of boots I bought from Saver’s for the base and decorated them with the same dark blue and gray fabric from before. I added on some cuffs just like the leg bands and gloves, and of course I covered the front and back with some gray fabric which took a long time to get that smooth effect. With the leather-y boots, I used super glue to glue down the fabric and I only used the super glue along the edges so it didn’t bleed through in random spots in the middle.

As you can see, they also have a band that I attached to the cuff part and I used Velcro so I can put them on and take them off easily. The Velcro especially helps keep them on my feet since I had to manipulate the original boots and cut them down to get them to the shape I wanted!

Almost done! These are the fake tattoos I made that I use for his Brand of the Exalt on his shoulder. I’m going to be honest, I went into Microsoft Paint (before I got a tablet and Paint Tool Sai) and took a picture of the brand and just colored it to that light red-ish color that I wanted. Like I said, sometimes the simplest methods work the best! Afterwards, I put the picture onto a Word document and got it to the size I wanted. Before I printed it on the special tattoo paper, I monkeyed around with the shade of red I wanted and the size and printed it on normal paper first to double check everything. Once It was settled, I fit as may little pictures as I could onto the Word document and printed it with the tattoo paper. There are instructions with the package, I just looked up “temporary tattoo paper” on amazon and it was the first one I’m pretty sure. This was an easy part of the cosplay too!

Last but not least, the wig! This is a Magnum wig from Arda wigs in the color dark blue, from what I can remember. It was very easy to style and I know I can always trust Arda to have some amazing cosplay wigs!

Besides the Falchion, that’s basically it! The Falchion is made of poster board with foam and worbla details, but since there are 100 million ways to make swords, I won’t go into depth unless you guys are interested.

Just let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll try my best to answer them! Thank you so much for all of your support and great questions, I’m always happy to help!

Got7 Reaction to Their s/o Falling on Top of Them


You and Mark went to the park later at night, just to hang out and have fun. 

When you guys were tired out, you sat down on a bench. You put your head on his lap and looked up at his face, stars outlining him.

You look nice.

Mark did a small laugh and looked down. “You look nice too.

You glanced over, seeing a tire swing. “Mark, you should push me on the tire swing.

I don’t know, you’ll probably get sick.

Oh come on, please?


You got up and ran over to the swing, smiling at Mark. He spun it hard, making the world spin.

Okay stop. Please stop!” He finally obliged.

When you got off the swing, you were super dizzy and fell on top of him. You guys were a giggling mess.

The laughing started to fade and Mark looked at you face.

Let’s go home.

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You guys went roller skating for fun.. or at least it was suppose to be fun, but you ended up going home with a bruised butt.

You have fallen for the eighth time today. JB helped you up.

I’m so annoyed. Jaebum, I wouldn’t have decided to come if I knew how much I was going to suck.

JB laughed. “You’re not THAT bad.

Really? Because my ass is black and blue. Maybe I should get one of those walker thingys the kids use.

Or use a parent.

Does it look like I have a parent with me?

He smirked. “You have a daddy.

Excuse me?” You raised your eyebrows.

Just give me your hands.” He started to skate backwards, pulling you along. It was okay at first, but you messed up and ended up landing on Jaebum. “You are awful at this. You’re just like a cute, baby deer!

Did you just call me a baby deer?

A cute one.” He winked.

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Jackson was watching the tv, but you wanted to watch something else. You got up take the remote. When you grabbed it, Jackson’s hand was on the other end.

What the-

Excuse you.

Jackson, let go of the remote.” You put your other hand on his wrist, trying to get him to let go.

No.” He stood up.

You guys fought over the remote, pulling harder each time. He pulled too hard, sending you onto him.

We don’t have to watch tv.” His tone got deeper.

Really Jackson?” You gave a him a look that said ‘are you serious’.

Yes Y/n!

No Jackson!

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You decided to make cookies and Jinyoung joined in.

How much salt do we need?” You asked.

..A tablespoon.

A tablespoon? You sure about that?” You turned towards him.

Uh..” He picked up the directions. “Oh, I meant half a teaspoon.

Mhm.” You were walking over to grab salt, when you slipped and sent Jinyoung down with you.

I know we are making cookies, but I think we have something cooking right here.

Jinyoung, I just want cookies. Thanks for the offer dough.” You giggled. “See? I can make jokes too.” You got up.

Okay, but it wasn’t funny to me.

You’re just salty because I turned you down.” You pulled out the salt. “Hah!

I’m done baking cookies.

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You just got done with work and were excited to go home and see Youngjae. 

As soon as the door unlocked, you ran inside. Youngjae was walking towards the door’s direction, so you ended up tackling him to the ground. He was laughing so hard, but he finally started to calm down.

Why on earth would you do that?” He asked still giggling.

I didn’t mean to, I was just excited..

He cracked up again, still holding onto you. When he was done, he moved your hair away from your face. 

I think we should stay in tonight.

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You agreed to play basketball with BamBam and the other members, since they needed even teams. Your team had Yugyeom, Yougjae, and Jackson.

Whenever your side was offense, BamBam was on your tail the whole time. You were getting annoyed with BamBam hovering of you.

Knock it off.” You shoved BamBam’s chest.

Foul!” Jaebum called.

What? Nuh uh.

Yuh huh.



When your team switched to defense, it was your turn to be on BamBam. You were keeping it up and even were able to steal the ball here and there, until you tripped and took BamBam down with you.

A bit eager, aren’t we?” He face turned perverted.

Ew! Get a room children!” Jackson yelled, making your face redden.

I just tripped!” You yelled back, getting up.

Mhm sure.

*pretend Yugyeom isn’t in the gif

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You begged Yugyeom to teach you a dance at least once. Today, you ended up getting lucky.

Wrong foot. What are you doing with your arm?

You turned to him, placing your hands on your hips. “I suggested this because I thought this would be fun, but it’s not.

As you started to walk off, Yugyeom grabbed your hand. “Come here.” He pulled you closer. “How about we just do a simple slow dance? Just follow my lead.

It was a bit awkward, but when you did it longer, it became easier and more fun. He spun you. It caught you off guard, causing you to fall on him.

A smirk started to grow on his face. “Instead of dancing, I think we should continue this.

I’d rather not be on the dirty floor.

You know what I mean.

I know, but I don’t care.

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Got7 Reaction #19 - They see you (their future s/o) for the first time

@praisefandoms asked: BTS and Got7 reaction to seeing their future girlfriend for the first time. Have a good one.

>>BTS Version Here<<

Mark: -Thinking-  ‘That person is so beautiful… It looks like they’re so elegant too- TURN!! TURN AND WALK AWAY THEY SAY YOU STARING!! RUN! THIS IS SO EMBARASSING WHYYYYY’

Originally posted by marksseunie

Jaebum: He’s on the stage so he’s feeling braver than he usually does, so he sees them and waves, winking for good measure. When his future s/o winks back he can’t stop smiling and laughing, slightly embarrassed now. His eyes follow them the whole performance…

Little did he know that they had backstage passes and they’d meed up with him right after the performance

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Jackson: He’d bump into them on the street when he got distracted by a food cart on the other side of the street.

“Oh! I’m so sorry are you okay??”

You: “Jeeze it’s like your shoulder is made of granite! I think I’m going to get a bruise now!” *laughing*

Him: “No, I’m seriously so sorry!” *smiles a bit since you joked it off* “Hey, I’ll buy you some food to make it up to you, okay?”

*after he buys his future s/o food and they have good conversation and seriously click, he gets their twitter username and possibly their snapchat (since it’s not as private as a phone number and he wants to respect their space for now) and he walks away freaking TF out like *gif* because YOU WERE SO FUNNY AND SWEET AND HE WAS GOING TO MESSAGE YOU ASAP!!

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Jinyoung: A trainee at JYP and him were talking, and he knew deep in his soul that this was his future s/o when they weren’t afraid to playfully joke back when he started giving his signature sass. Though they were a little flustered, it was cute to him and they still made him laugh with their witty comeback.

*gif* “Well then if you’re going to sass me like that then I’ll have to punish you by making you pay for my coffee tomorrow morning. Sound good?”

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Youngjae: There’s no doubt he’d be doing something silly to make one of the members laugh when he noticed his future s/o staring (you) at him, laughing along with the other members.

Where had you come from?!

He’d be a mess and start blushing and stuttering. You made his heart race by calling him cute, but you started acting silly too and that was what made him fall for you then knowing he could be himself around you.

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Kunpimook: He was walking with Yugyeom when he met your eyes from across the street. He instantly changed the way he was walking and talking, trying to look and sound cooler to get you to look over at them.

Yugyeom would be super confused why he’d gone from silly to swagger in .3 second, but instantly realize what was happening when BamBam kept looking across the street to see if you were looking.

Instantly Yugyeom would be making fun of BamBam as loudly as possible and you’d end up staring and laughing at them for their silliness rather than BamBam’s swagger.

BamBam was mad now but he’d thank Yugyeom later when you two started going out. His loud mocking was what made you really notice them at first after all.

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Yugyeom: Shy muffin.

We can all agree that Yugyeom has grown up a LOT in the past year, but he’s still the shy, goofy, lovable tol bean he’s always been.

He wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you after he saw you looking at him the first time during an award show. You two would be staring at each other the rest of the night, glancing away quickly and giggling every time your eyes met.

He’d be too embarrassed to try to talk to you after the show, but you weren’t.

You: “So um, do I have something on my clothes or do you find me as cute as I find you?”

He couldn’t stop laughing after you started furiously blushing, obviously feeling awkward after saying something so bold. He admired you beyond words for being so brave though and he ended up being the one shyly asking if you’d go on a date with him sometime.

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A/N: Thank you so much for requesting dear! I hope you liked it~


Whoo! Finally got this monster done! But I did have a lot of fun with it. It was really good to go back and rework what I already kinda thought were pretty good redesigns and see if I could push them even further, and I think I did a pretty good job! I tried playing around with the colors a lot more and the wonky shapes to see how I could make each character kinda stand out from each other.

Some didn’t change too much (looking at you sonic), while others changed a whole lot (Metal Sonic, Chaos), and some are new ones I haven’t done before. I don’t want to “toot my own horn” or anything, but I super love Blaze’s and Silvers designs, and it was super fun working with the bad guy’s designs as well. Egg Man didn’t change too much (although I kinda have a headcanon attitude for this version that p different from his typical one) but I really, really wanted to try something different with Lyric. It never made sense to me that in the Sonic Boom game that Lyric was like a robot guy (among other things). Like??? Egg Man’s already got the robot stuff covered??? So what’s the point of having this guy if he is also robots???? So I decided to try to go with a more ancient-monstery feel that, if Sonic Boom was done a bit better, that Lyric should of had.

And that’s about it! I’m kinda thinking about maybe taking some redesign requests for other Sonic characters (I know I’m still missing a few), but for now I hope you guys enjoy this!

PS: Original can be found Here

Block B as Kids You Went to High School With
  • Zico: the cool hip kid leaning towards fuckboy that you hated because they seemed too cool but secretly admired their taste. Probably came to class high
  • Jaehyo: the kid the cool kids hung out with only so they could make fun of him. Has wholesome interests
  • Park Kyung: the kid who knew all the gossip and you were 99% sure made up half of it just to start things.
  • Kim Yukwon: the kid everyone wanted to date but had a really sweet girlfriend. They were the couple everyone in the whole school was too invested in.
  • Pyo Jihoon: the cute guy into theatre. you thought he was a cute innocent but secretly he has managed to date half the girls in the school musical simultaneously
  • Lee Taeil: the super cool senior that seemed aloof and unapproachable and every time he would talk to a lower class man it would be the highlight of their day. Spends most of senior year coming to school half drunk.
  • B Bomb: the loner kid who sits in the back of your class. he stops showing up to class half way through the school year but you don't notice until Park Kyung tells you it's because he got signed by a modeling agency.



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

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It hit you one Friday night when you received and drunkenly read a text message while leaving the bar at the wee hours of the morning. It was Valentine’s Day, more affectionately known as Single Awareness Day, and your friends had dragged you to go out with them because sitting alone in your apartment doing nothing just seemed “too pathetic.” You, on the other hand, didn’t mind the idea of treating yourself to some wine and Netflix at home, but they obviously thought otherwise. 

“Even Yoongi’s going out tonight,” One of your friend’s stressed, hoping that bringing up your older brother would help convince you in some way, “He and Jimin and the others are single but you don’t see them staying at home tonight doing nothing.”

That did the trick.

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for tordedd week: Day 1 & 2 

im late as heck! sorry, the day 1 picture took me forever to finish but i’m happy with it :)

anyways…theses were really fun to do! I’m probably going to be a bit late for these i hope that’s ok… @baconcolaweek

 (context for the pictures are under the cut! i don’t want to make this post super long! so check that out if you’re interested.) 

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muhteşem yüzyıl kösem + gay text posts

Lances Vlog

Takes Place Right After Keith’s Vlog.

Keith stormed out of the recording room in what appeared to be a fit of tears. Coran peeked his her out of the room and said, “Sorry guys. Bit of a… complication. Keith’s a bit upset, but I shall take care of him. Number 3, your up.” And without any second thoughts, Lance was pushed into the recording room.

As Coran was setting up the equipment, Lance kept staring out the door. What had happened to Keith?

“Alright! The equipment is set up.” Coran pressed a button. “Ok, it’s recording. Do your thing!”

“But what about Keith? Should we check on him? Is he ok?” Lance started to get up of his seat, but Coran put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s fine Lance. We will check on Keith. Just do your part! The camera is already recording!”

Crap. Lance looked at the camera and instantly threw on a brave smile. Time for the mask to shine through.

“Hey guys! The names Lance, the paladin of the Red Lion, and I’m here to talk to you about our amazing coalition. We’re here to save the universe, free people from Prince Lotors command, and meet all those cuties out there!” He winked and finger gunned at the camera, feeling a part of himself die inside, but he kept going.

“Being part of the coalition is awesome! We have this amazing castle, get to fly these awesome space ships, and you really get to be apart of something great! Plus, you are going to meet a lot of new people on the road.”

“The parades are pretty cool too! And the events. Every time is Razzle Dazzle time am I right!” A fist bump.

“Of course, being in the coalition isn’t always fun and games. There are cut throat battles and you have to rely on your friends to make it through everyone. Plus, you never know if you are going to make it back to your family or not.”

Lances facade faded away. His family. How long had it been since they last saw him? Would they even remember him? Did they think he was dead?

“I remember my family. We were super happy together. We would take trips to the beach, have picnics, my mom would make garlic knots for me on every one.” He started to choke up.

“I had a lot of brothers and sisters. I miss them a lot. They’re the only people that made me feel important.”

Lance took a sharp breath. What was he doing? He hadn’t even shared these thoughts to Hunk!

He kept going. It was easy to rant in front of a camera, where it seemed like no one would know what he was saying, just himself and his thoughts.

“I never actually felt like a part of Voltron. I mean, I am the arm and all, but everyone has there one special thing. I used to be just a replacement for the Blue paladin. Now I’m a replacement for Keith, because he had to run of to be leader.”

Lance took a deep breath, tapping on the table, clicking his feet together, blinking hard. People didn’t want to see him like this. He had to be happy again.

“Sorry guys! You thought I was going to get emotional didn’t you? Naw, I’m just kidding! The coalition is going to be awesome! You just join and see!” He flashed a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes, then shut off the tape. Breathing heavily, he picked himself up.

When Lance walked out of the recording room, everyone but Keith was waiting. The only difference between their exits were that Lance was crying only on the inside.

so it’s pretty daunting, going from being a student in the lower school to being a sixth former, and dropping down from having around 10-14 subjects down to 3-5, as well as the introduction of new peers or moving schools. Ive done it so im gonna spread some of what ive learnt from this past year to you younger folks


  • homies get ur folders big and durable, especially for things like maths (my friend used up a whole thick binder for maths by Christmas, so keep that in mind)
  • don’t feel u have to spend loads on supplies, u’ll probably break them/lose them
  • but don’t feel you cant have ur nice studyspo stationary u do u boo
  • get urself a big ass refill pad. That is your life now. Don’t lose it.
  • I would recommend getting an a4 expandable file (i have one from flying tiger) for putting any loose sheets/things that need hole-punching/things that need filing. I got one at the beginning of the year and it has saved my life and watered my crops ever since
  • always bring ur textbooks to lessons
  • if you don’t use poly pockets (I don’t) then keep at least one at the back of every folder to put in stuff that doesn’t fit or whatever
  • if you want to take rough notes and rewrite them, then do it, but u might get left behind in copying up, so be aware of that
  • do ur homework in ur frees
  • no messin around
  • i mean it
  • keep up any sports/hobbies. These will keep you sane during times of stress, trust me (my weekly dance lessons keep me sane, I don’t think id be as chill as I am without them)
  • don’t feel pressured into getting a job/learning to drive if you don’t want/need to.
  • same goes for drinkin and parties. Yall are underaged obviously but that doesn’t mean that ppl aren’t gonna do it, so don’t feel u have to if you don’t want to
  • for the first few weeks/months (say until Christmas) be really on top of your homework, always hand it in on time. Then if you need an extension on something, teach will be more chill with giving you an extension than if you are always late giving in homework
  • ton’t overwork ourselves, give yourself some free time
  • try and make at least one friend for each subject (if you don’t already have any) so if you miss a lesson u have someone to catch up from
  • if you want to, try out for prefect/house official roles. Its good practise for job interviews, and if you don’t try, u’ll never know
  • also if it doesn’t work out don’t  get too down (or bitter)
  • help the younger years and don’t be mean to them. Yes they are small and very scared of u so be nice.



How is the work load different ?? And how does it feel from going from 7 subjects (?) To only a few ?

generally, you are expected to do more work independently, like doing reading/extra reading around the subject and revising throughout the year, as well as essays more frequently than for gcse. however, for my subjects, the amount of work has felt a lot less, as I have free periods within the week, where I got the majority of my work done

I went from doing 13 subjects down to 5, and it honestly felt so liberating, especially now that im doing subjects that I actually care about, and even though all of my lessons are longer now, they don’t seem to drag on nearly as much as the single shorter lessons I had last year, for things like maths or biology, and I don’t feel like the work is as dull bc I enjoy the subjects.


This is kinda a complicated question but i’d love if you answered it, so for igcse bio for example, each chapter (2-3 pages) would take maybe a class or two to go over it, how many classes or hours does each chapter take during a levels?

honestly, it depends on what classes you do. for me, for English, we’ve spent roughly a term on each section, like modernist poetry one term and then Dracula and Dorian analysis the next term, but for economics, it can take between one lesson to two weeks of lessons to cover a topic, depending on how long the chapter is and how quickly  your class picks it up.


how do you cope with such heavy content?

Im not sure entirely what u mean by heavy content, but for things that are maybe more dry in subject (like history) honestly do some extra reading to help you understand things better, it doesn’t even have to be books, it can be youtube videos, podcasts, songs, just something separate from ur textbook and class notes to help get a fresh perspective/someone else explaining it to you can really help (crash course is good, even if u aren’t a fan of john green)


i’m starting a levels in september at a different school that no one i know is going to, what would your advice be for making friends and getting the most out of my time there? your blog is gold btw xx

umm, get yourself out there, be nice, smile at people and make eye contact, try and sit with people when you begin class, try not to isolate yourself from people. I personally didn’t move schools, but the people that joined our were all super rad great fun and have integrated into friendship groups which is pretty rad,  and ive made some pretty great friends with the new people, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Also there will definitely be new people there as well, so try not to stress too much! (also find something to talk about, like our whole form bonded during futures week over bake off and Brexit (it happened in the introduction week)) also I find that generally ppl are more chill and grown up in sixth form? and the people there want to be there but yeah (yikes I rambled a lot!)

if u have any other specific questions, feel free to ask me!

love, helena 🐝
What I Wish I’d Known Freshman Year (a.k.a. How to Survive Your First Year of High School)

I’ve been thinking about making this post for a while now and have gotten some asks about freshman year so without further ado, here it is. Freshman year considered the worst year of high school by most. You’re young, nervous, and stuck in this big new building with big and ‘scary’ upperclassmen and have probably heard all these rumors and stories about the teachers and how hard they are. It’s definitely a confusing time but fear not, it’s not as bad as it seems!

  • Grades matter but it’s not life and death. Grades are important. Most colleges only look at your GPA from grades 9-11 and possibly first semester senior year so you’re looking at freshman year grades being worth as much as 33% of the GPAs colleges see. That’s a lot. So please don’t take grades as a joke and not study/not take things seriously. You could jeopardize your college chances or make it really difficult to rebound. With that being said, it’s ok to get a B or two and to struggle a bit. You’re getting used to a new schedule and a new class rigor so some stumbling is to be expected. Just don’t dig yourself into a hole you won’t be able to get out of. Show up to class on time, do your homework, take notes, study hard for tests, and ask for help if you need it.
  • Be nice to your teachers. There’s this idea that if you get along with your teachers you’ll be ostracized as the teacher’s pet. That is not true (and anyone who thinks that has no idea what they’re saying). Being the “teacher’s pet” or nice to teachers isn’t a bad thing. See, freshman year teachers are stuck having classes full of squirrely and immature 14 year olds who make their life difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one student in the class who was nice to them and appreciated what they do? If you’re nice to your teachers, they’re much more likely to be more lenient with you if you have some outside issues that affect your school work, they’ll be eager to help you, and you’ll do much better in the class. Most teachers are smart, kind, and interesting people that are definitely worth knowing. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me during high school that I was friends with my French teacher from freshman year and my junior and senior year English teacher who helped me with my college apps and valedictorian speech. You’ll benefit more than you know.
  • Make a friend in every class. Because you’re just starting out, you most likely won’t know that many people. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of having to choose partners for a project or activity and you don’t know anybody. Thus, you should make an effort to get to know a person in each one of your classes. It’s a good way to make new friends and they’ll be super helpful if you miss a day and need to get the homework. I met one of my best friends freshman year in biology so who knows, you could meet your future best friends too.
  • Don’t be stupid. And by that, I mean don’t party hard, experiment with hard drugs (or any drugs for that matter), and don’t get drunk. You’re young and I know it seems cool to get drunk or stoned, but it can negatively affect your schoolwork, health, and social life. It’s not worth it. You’ll have time later to experiment and have fun but freshman year of high school is not a good time to do so. Let’s not mention the numerous legal consequences if you’re caught underage with drugs or alcohol and how detrimental they can be towards your future.
  • Get involved. I know you’re new and probably have no idea what you want to do with your life yet (and if you do, it will most likely change as you go through high school) but find activities both inside and outside of school that you think you’ll enjoy. Some ideas are sports teams, student council, volunteering, clubs etc. It’s not only starting to prepare your college resume (although you shouldn’t be worrying about college apps yet) but also helping you make new friends and discover what you’re really into. Don’t be afraid to join something for whatever reason. Chances are, everyone’s nervous because it’s freshman year and they don’t know anybody so you’re all in the same boat.
  • Be organized. This will help you all throughout high school and getting a system set freshman year will only work in your favor. First, get a planner or agenda. Write down all of your homework, tests, quizzes, and projects and when they’re due and any other events like club meetings or practices so you’ll know what your week looks like. It will prevent forgetting anything important and will help you manage your time. Also find a study system that will work for you. Experiment with different note taking and study methods until you find one that works for you. And finally, don’t eat the elephant a.k.a. don’t leave your homework for Sunday night. It’s not fun and you’ll tire yourself out. Be proactive and get things done early.
  • Make friends with the upperclassmen. They will help you more than you know. I know they look intimidating, but talk to them! Most of them are super nice and can help you get to know your high school better, give you gossip, and you’ll look super cool talking to your upperclassmen friends. Truthfully, up until junior year, I got a long better with the upperclassmen than kids my grade because they were more mature.
  • Relationships don’t matter. It sounds harsh but it’s true. You’re not going to be together with your freshman year significant other for a long period of time, you’re just not. You’ll both grow and mature and realize you want different things and breakup and that’s ok. Don’t take your relationships too seriously and make them your whole life because you’ll regret it. Instead, your dating life should be more about having fun than something serious and long lasting. 
  • Make an effort to participate in school spirit activities. It doesn’t have to be all of them or even most but you should attend some events. Try to make it out to a football game, go to homecoming, and attend spirit rallies or assemblies. I get that some of you don’t like them because they’re loud and can be boring, and that’s fine, but spirit events are a great way to bond with your class and get a feel for what high school really is. They make great memories and it would be awful to look back on high school senior year and realize you’ve never been to one school activity.
  • Mental health is super important. Please don’t ignore it because it affects every facet of your life. Talk to someone if you’re depressed, anxious, stressed, overworked etc. Get the help you need. Don’t hide your problems and think they’ll go away because they most likely won’t and you’ll suffer in your academics, social life, and overall health. You’ll naturally feel different all year because high school is a big transition and you’re getting used to everything but make an effort to reach out to friends, teachers, counselors, and parents to talk about how you’re feeling.

That turned out kind of long but I hope it was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck next year! 

Got7 reaction to their s/o being the maknae of a co-ed group

A/N - This request just makes me think of the legends that are KARD lmao. Really enjoyed writing this one though so hope you all enjoy too~

Could I request got7 reacting to their s/o being the maknae of a co-ed group?

Mark: Mark wouldn’t really get jealous of your other members but he’d love to collab with your group a lot (and definitely not bc he’s obsessed with you and your voice whaaaat?) I can see Mark not really treating you like a maknae or teasing you like your members often do.

JB: Jaebum might get a bit jealous of some of your members just bc he loves you a lot and doesn’t want to lose you so might be a little intimidating towards them at first. Very supportive boyfriend of your group and is always trying to find excuses for collabs or variety show appearances together.

Jackson: Constantly asking for aegyo. Like, he won’t give you a break at all. He’ll just be asking you to act really cute for him and will react so much to your cuteness. Jackson would love that you were a maknae bc your members would get you to do aegyo too.

Jinyoung: This cutie would tease you in front of your members if they were, but as soon as the two of you are alone, he’s just full of compliments about your performances. Begs for you to teach him your group’s choreo and will always want to be your dance partner too.

Youngjae: Youngjae would ask to duet songs with you all the time and would go to so many karaoke rooms with you. He might get a little jealous around your members but all he needs are a few kisses and he’s forgotten all about that previous jealousy.

Bambam: I think Bambam would recognise you as the maknae and end up making fun of you along with the others in your group. Obviously, it’s all out of fun and you knew it was. Despite some teasing, I do think Bambam would find you super cute since you were the youngest in your group.

Yugyeom: Being the maknae of his own group, Yugyeom would just be able to relate to you so hard. He’ll back you up if the others in the group were teasing you a little and would be such a cute little protector for you. He’d love if you stood up for him too when his hyungs were teasing him too.

anonymous asked:

girl....your blog is a gem😩😩 how would it go down if you walked in on the hyung line pleasuring themselves?? Thanks queen


❃ Panic mode activated. Even though he is the oldest, he will behave like a baby and probably have his mouth wide open as he hears you chuckling from the doorway. He was just getting in the mood and your name was escaping his lips. “Well sorry to interrupt you babe, you can go on. I just need my hand cream.” He would probably bury his head in the pillows next to him out of embarassment. “Please never and i mean NEVER mention this to anyone!”


❃ This cutie will probably be shocked at first and not know what to say. It’s not really the fact that he was pleasuring himself, but rather you just standing there awkwardly trying to stop a giggle. Once you give in and start laughing, he will probably laugh with you as well. He will stop what he was doing and even though none of you would say it, the air would be filled with a very awkward silence for the next couple of hours.


❃ Very similar to Jisung, he would be very embarassed that you caught him in the middle of the act. He will stop everything and just get dressed extremely fast; all the arousal that was there would disappear at once. He would probably come up to you and apologize multiple times as his cheeks get as red as a tomato.


❃ He would be sly and not at ounce of awkwardness in his voice. He will turn to you smirking and biting his lips without even stopping his hand motions. He will try to play it off cool and act as if he did it on purpose to get you in the mood as well. “How about you come help me now and I can pay you back later?” “No thanks, Seongwoo.” “Ugh I have to do everything myself these days!”


❃ Panic, shocked he won’t be able to say or do anything at first. He will just sit there awkwardly while staring at the ground; because he was too shy to look at you and wouldn’t want you notice his pink cheeks. “Hahaha… well, I am gonna get changed and take a shower now, probably.” He would leave the room so fast that you won’t be able to say anything else and he will probably avoid you a bit for the next hours cause he would feel way too awkward to look you in the eyes.


❃ He will turn shy the moment you call out his name, his cheeks will turn into a very noticeable shade of pink and he would chew on his lower lip awkwardly. “Umm… shouldn’t you be with your friends now? I thought you were coming home in an hour.” He will probably get dressed super fast and try to erase the imagine of you ever catching him jerking off from his mind. But it will turn out to be a lot more difficult when you always make fun of him for it. “Babe please, it was not cute! Can we forget it, now?”