they were stalking her

Taylor Swift Attends Best Friend’s Wedding – And Then The Booing Starts

Fans had waited in the rain to see her.

Sorry, the new Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone right now either. Why? She’s getting booed while attending her best friend’s wedding.

Amid one of the craziest weeks of her career, the pop star took a break from stirring internet frenzy to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of high school bestie Abigail Anderson.

For those who haven’t dedicated every waking moment to deciphering Swift’s lyrics, Abigail is the redheaded girl she sings about in “Fifteen.” Remember? The one who “gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind.”

Well, hopefully Swift left that part out of her bridesmaid’s speech, but she did look ever-dutiful on Saturday carrying Anderson’s veil before entering Old Whaling Church in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard.

Dressing very much like the old Taylor, the “Ready For It” singer wore a maroon floor-length halter gown with a sweetheart neckline. She paired the look with a bold red lip and a pendant necklace.

Given how everything Swift does these days is shrouded in secrecy, of course, die-hard Swifties jumped at the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their idol, and waited out the day in the rain.

But when their moment of glory came, bodyguards erected a makeshift screen to shield Swift from her adoring public and some paparazzi, as she exited the church and hopped in an SUV. That’s when the crowd’s temperament soured and the booing began.

“Taylor, we love you!” someone shouted. “We thought you loved your fans!”

“Very disappointing, not cool,” another fan chimed in.

Can we all just give the girl a break?

ts1989fanatic I’m sorry but FIRSTLY there should not have been any fans there, it’s bad enough that the paparazzi were stalking her. SECONDLY if FANS booed Taylor for wanting privacy at her best friends wedding then all I can say is FUCK YOU FOR DOING THAT.

Quiet Train Car Revenge

I take the train to work each morning and then again to get home. I like to sit in the quiet car because it allows me to think and do a little extra work each day. On the train ride home today a woman in front of me kept talking on the phone even after people nicely asked her to be quiet.  The conductor also came through and informed her she was on a quiet car.

The seats we are in have very little support so someone behind you could push your seat and you’d feel it. Several riders decided it wasn’t worth it and switched cars. I decided I had enough and slouched far enough so both of my knees were firmly in the back of her seat pushing fairly hard. She cocked her head around and told me to put my knees down. I closed my eyes and fake slept.

She got up and moved to a different seat. There was a person behind her and guess what he did? Knees to the back of the chair. People started catching on and she chose a seat with no one behind her. Another rider changed seats behind her and she got some more knees.

The conductor came through again and was unaware of our little revenge. She got up and told him that people were putting knees into her back and stalking her to each spot. The conductor put his index finger to his lips and said “Shhhh, this is a quiet car.”

She moved to a new train car.

Is it just me or does this A.D. actually seem kind of helpful? I hope Spencer is right and this is a map right the fuck out of Rosewood and as the Liars follow it past the city limit sign in the finale, a gloved hand paints the population to zero and the entire town just goes up in flames. Mona pulls up in a car like she did the night she rescued Ali after she died. The Liars pile in the back. “Game over,” Mona chirps. “I win.” In the passenger seat, Maya St. Germain hits play on Lemonade and they ride off into the night.
—  Heather Hogan via Autostraddle
Assassin!Harry (Part 3)

Harry is a trained, experienced assassin hired to kill Y/N but ends up, to his horror, falling in love with her. 

You can read part one here. 

You can read part two here. 


Four months. Harry had managed to keep Y/N in his life for four months. He was a different person; at least, he had Y/N thinking he was. His thoughts still drifted to the macabre, longing for the rush of another kill whenever he wasn’t with her. But she gave him a different, better kind of rush, and he loved it. Harry loved her. However, he didn’t like to admit this to himself. Harry didn’t love anything before Y/N, and part of him wished he still didn’t. The only things he used to crave were murder, violence, careful planning and stalking…but now he craved her. He liked–loved–having her around, he was emotionally attached to something for the first time in his life. But there was just one problem: How long could he keep his real life a secret from her?

He’d received two more payments for assassinations since meeting her. On top of Y/N’s, that left a total of three incomplete missions that Harry desperately wanted to fulfill but knew, deep down, that he never could. He could never pursue another kill again, for Y/N’s sake and for the sake of their relationship. It wouldn’t be long before one of his clients caught up with him, and he knew that. But unfortunately for Harry, he had less time than he thought.


Harry had just finished running his fingers through his messy curls to style them when he heard the lock on his door start to rattle. He’d given Y/N a key last week, and he smiled to himself as he heard her let herself into his apartment. He liked the feeling of having someone in his life to share his home with. Life was easy with Y/N; he didn’t have to try to put on an act to get her. She loved him for who he was.

Or, who she thought he was.

“Hi darling,” Harry said, moving over to Y/N as she closed the door behind her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning in to kiss him. He smiled at her as their lids fluttered open, her gorgeous eyes meeting his twinkling green ones. “How was the daycare?”

“Same as always,” she said, fixing his collar so that it laid flat. “I’ve been helping Mia with her reading, the little four year old I was telling you about? She’s absolutely brilliant, her mom told me today that she read an entire Dr. Seuss book by herself. She’s only four years old and she read a whole book!” Harry’s eyes were intently fixated on Y/N. He smiled to himself as he observed the way the corners of her eyes crinkled when she smiled, the way her entire body seemed to light up when she talked. He had never felt so lucky in his entire life.

“How did life as a secret agent treat you today?” Y/N asked, teasing him, with extra emphasis on ‘secret agent.’

Harry smiled. He felt guilty that Y/N still believed he worked for the government, but he didn’t let the guilt show. He never did. “Can’t tell ya. Hence the secret part. But ’m glad you’re doing so well with Mia. I ordered pizza for dinner, hope that’s alright?”

“Perfect!” Y/N exclaimed, moving over to the sofa by the window. She plopped down, kicking off her shoes as Harry turned to follow her. Just as Harry went to sit down, there was a loud knock on the door.

“Must be the pizza,” Harry said, shuffling towards the apartment’s entrance. “I’ve got it.”

Y/N stayed put on the couch, fiddling with her fingernails, until a chillingly familiar voice sounded throughout the apartment. A voice that had haunted her for years, and had just started to lose its control over her mind. She froze, in shock, before turning to face the doorway, coming face to face with the worst, scariest human being she had ever met: her ex-boyfriend, Jack.

“I want my fucking money, bro,” he yelled, his cold eyes just as angry as she remembered. Y/N ducked next to the couch, immediately trying to hide herself from view. Her head was spinning, throbbing almost. What the fuck was Jack doing at Harry’s apartment?

Harry went into immediate assassin mode. Calm, cool, collected. Voice deep, words slow. Establish the upper hand before this man tried to pull something. “I’m sorry, who are you?”

“Don’t play stupid you asshole. The 50 grand I slid through your window four months ago? I want that shit back. I want it back and I’m going to take care of her myself, since you’re clearly incompetent.”

Harry let out a low, emotionless laugh, though he was a bit frightened. He was so careful to make sure that nobody who had hired him ever got to see his face, but now someone knew what he looked like. He was screwed. “These things take time. If you want your money back, I can get it for you right now, but then the mission goes unfinished. So, what do you–”

“I have a gun,” Jack threatened, shakily. “And I swear to God, I will blow your fucking brains out and hers too as soon as I find her.”

“And risk being caught?” Harry questioned, remaining completely calm, although below the surface he was frantic. Y/N was literally in his apartment. There was no way out of this one. He needed to get this guy away from him, away from Y/N, and then make a run for it.

“You know what? Fuck this. I’m going to the police.” Jack spun on his heel, but what Harry said next caused him to stop dead in his tracks.

“If you go to the police, what are you going to tell them? Huh? That you shelled out $50,000 to have someone murdered in cold blood in your name, and now the hit man you hired has taken too long to fulfill his duty? You’re going to tell them you got ripped off by an assassin?” Jack was silent. “You’re just as guilty.”

An assassin? Y/N’s head was spinning. She was desperately trying to make sense of the exchange going on between her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend, but she was making herself dizzy trying to put the pieces together. She felt her eyes well up with tears. If Jack really did have a gun, he would not hesitate to use it on her the second he found out she was there. He was crazy, a loose cannon. She needed to stay hidden.

Jack huffed, running a furious fist through his tangled blonde hair. “Fuck. You.”

“Trust me,” Harry began, levelheaded as ever. “This operation has been made a priority. Murdering someone isn’t an overnight task.”

“Yeah, except you’ve had four months. I’m over this. I’m going to get my guys, and I swear, even if it’s the last thing I do, I will fucking end you. And then I’ll end her myself. The only reason I hired you is because I didn’t want to have any blood on my hands but I don’t give a shit anymore. I may not know anything about you, even your name. But I do know that you are over.” And with that, Jack had taken off running down the hallway, and Harry had slammed the door behind him, his face as red as a fire truck. This was about to come crashing down on him. All of his careful, tedious work and planning…it was all about to be over. He was done for.

He raced down the hall, towards his bedroom. Y/N chased him, confused and angry and shocked and sad all at once. “Harry, what’s going on?” Nothing. He started rooting through his dresser drawers, tossing out fistfuls of clothing and leaving it strewn across the floor. “Do you know him? Do you know Jack?” Still, silence. “Harry, what the fuck is going on? Why does he want you to end me? What does he mean when he says he hired you?” She was yelling now, and the tears were flowing freely. “You’re scaring me. Answer me!”

Harry pulled out a large, bulging yellow envelope out of his dresser drawer, tossing it on the bed. “I have to go.”

“What?” She shook her head, more clueless than she had ever felt in her life.

“Y/N, you love me right?”

“Harry, what are you-”

“You’d love me whether I was sick or whether I was poor or whether I had a different job?”

“Of course, I-” Harry dumped the folder’s contents out on the bed, revealing stack after stack of crisp $100 bills. “Harry, where did you get all that money?”

Harry was frantic, panicking, rushing around like crazy. “We all have our secrets right? What I really do for a job, that’s my secret.”

“What are you talking about? Why are you saying all of this? I-”

“I don’t want to lie to you anymore, Y/N! I can’t. I’m not a-a-a secret agent.” He was at a complete loss for words, struggling to find what to say. “I don’t work for the government, I’m not licensed to have any of those guns you found in that closet all those months ago. And I don’t use those weapons for self-defense like I said. I use them to kill people.”

“Harry, please-” He was running around his bedroom like crazy, shoving things into a duffel bag without hardly looking to see what they were.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. In two days, you’re going to meet me at the International Airport.” He swiped a stack of money off of the bed, handing it to Y/N. “Pack a suitcase with clothes, shoes, anything else you might need. You’re going to take a taxi there, give the driver this money. I know it’s far, so you have to tell him to drive all through the night, and you’re not going to tell anyone, okay?”

She stared at the money in her hands, tears blurring her vision. “Harry, I can’t do this, I’m too afraid, I have no idea what’s going on, I-”

“Act like you’re brave, and you will be. I promise. That man…Jack…he’s going to be back soon. And with a lot of really dangerous people. You have to get out of here before he finds you. I love you, Y/N.”

“Harry, I don’t think I can do this alone.”

“Yes, you can. I know you can.” He grabbed his duffel bag, zipping it feverishly, then bounded towards the front door. “You have to.” He kissed her quickly, before swiping his car keys off the hook and racing out the door.

And just like that…he was gone.


Every part of her body told her to turn around. As she walked into the airport, her limbs were screaming at her to stop, to chase down the taxi driver that had just dropped her off, and to drive back to her dorm room, away from Harry and every problem that he had caused for her. But, despite all of that, she was worried sick about him. She would follow him to the ends of the earth to make sure he was okay. And that’s why she kept walking. Through the revolving doors, up the stairs, until she reached the security line right outside the gate Harry told her to wait in front of.

From just the exchange she had heard between Jack and Harry, Y/N had pieced a few things together, though they didn’t make much sense to her. Jack had given Harry a lot of money for something involving a ‘her’ that Y/N had assumed she was. Harry had a lot of guns, but he didn’t use them for a government job like he had told her. Jack had referred to Harry as an assassin, but Y/N didn’t know what that meant, entirely. If Harry was accepting money to murder people, like Jack had said, how many people had he killed? And where did she come in? Was it a coincidence that Jack and Harry knew each other? She felt her heart rate flare up and her head grow hot with anger. She felt like she didn’t know the man she loved, and she needed answers.

Just then, Harry came bounding into view, dressed in all black, duffel bag in tow. He leaned in to kiss her, then pulled her into a tight hug, breathing in her perfume, the smell of her hair, everything. Y/N didn’t hug back. She didn’t do anything.

“We don’t have much time.”

“You need to tell me what’s going on.”

Harry rooted through his backpack and pulled out two plane tickets, handing one of them to her. “I bought these an hour after I ran out of my apartment. Our flight leaves in 40 minutes. Grab your things, and-”

She was madder than she had ever been. “Harry, if you don’t stop for two seconds to tell me what the hell is going on, I am going to walk right out of this building and I swear to God I will never talk to you again.”

This was enough to make him stop. He ran his left hand through his hair, bringing it down to rub his face in exasperation. “Fine,” he sighed, speaking gently but hurriedly. “What do you want to know?”

“What are you?”


“What. Are. You. You don’t work for the government like you told me. I already have an idea in my head of how you make your living and if you tell me you’re anything different from what I think you are I’m going to need some serious convincing.”

He sighed. He looked at her face, so pained and…disappointed. He hated himself for doing this to her. “Okay, okay,” he whispered, looking over his shoulder to make sure nobody was within hearing range. “People call it different things, but I guess you might call me a hit man. People pay me to kill other people off.”

Y/N felt sick. She honestly thought she might throw up. Her heart surged with anger, and it took everything in her not to spit in his face. Her furious eyes searched his, praying that this was all a joke or a dream or anything other than the reality she had found herself swept away in. “I have no idea who you are. I cannot believe I wasted four months of my life on a figment of my imagination. You are not even close to the person you made me think you were.” She reached to pick up her suitcase, but Harry grabbed her arm, fast as lightning.

“I wanted to tell you,” he continued. Y/N tore her arm from Harry’s grip, but she didn’t try to run away again. She decided she was going to get her answers. “I was just scared you’d hate me. That you’d react…well, exactly like this.” He reached a hand up to the back of his neck, the smooth eloquence with which he usually spoke completely gone in Y/N’s presence.

Y/N was crying now. “Well how the fuck else was I supposed to react? What did you expect?” she shouted. “Bonnie and Clyde?”

“Keep your voice down!” Harry hissed. “You’re going to get us both killed.”

“Oh, well maybe I should keep screaming then,” Y/N said, knowing she was on the brink of a complete meltdown. “Sounds like me being killed would be doing you a huge favor!”

Harry froze. “Y/N, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Please, Harry. I’m not stupid. My psychotic ex-boyfriend comes barging into your apartment demanding the money he paid to you, a hit man, saying ‘I’m going to end her myself?’ He was talking about me. He hired you to kill me.” Harry was silent. “Just admit it, Harry. Don’t be a coward for once in your life and just say it.”

Harry’s face went slack. His entire body went slack. He felt like he was going to faint. “I…Okay. It’s true.” Y/N whimpered like a sick puppy, and this sound indicative of her heart breaking shook Harry to his core. “But! Y/N, please, let me explain.” She swatted tears away from her face, not saying anything. Harry took this as his cue to go on. He realized that he was running out of time, but he didn’t care. He loved her, and she deserved to know the truth. “The night we met, I had every intention of killing you. But it took about two minutes with you before I realized that I could never, ever bring myself to do it. I knew within two minutes of knowing you that I was going to love you. And I was right, Y/N, because I do love you.”

A quiet sob left Y/N’s lips. She was doing her best not to attract a crowd, but she had never felt so violated in her life. Their entire relationship had been built on a lie. She had fallen in love with a complete and utter stranger. “Don’t tell me you love me when you don’t love anything on this fucking planet.”

“Y/N, that isn’t true! The night we met, I sure as hell wasn’t planning on falling in love. Until I met you, I was a sociopath.”

“You still fucking are,” Y/N sneered, reaching down to pick up her suitcase once more. “God, I cannot believe I actually agreed to meet you here! And I even packed a bag and everything! What is wrong with me? I-”

“Y/N, stop. I promise you that I will give you every single answer you want but only after we’re out of the country. Please. Just pick up your suitcase, and take your ticket, and come with me. I need you.” And he meant it. Jack had for sure found out Harry’s name by now. There was no point to running from the authorities that were surely after him right at that moment if he wasn’t going to be running with Y/N by his side.

“I can’t leave with you! I have a life here, an honest, real, life. How dare you even ask me that!”

Harry was panicking. He needed to be in the security line. “Y/N, please.”

“No.” She wiped a tear from her face, still sick to her stomach. “But you need to go. Jack is psychotic and he has ways of getting what he wants. There are people after you right now, I’m sure of it.”



He looked at her, over at the security line, and then back to her. He heaved a heavy sigh, then leaned in to kiss her, more passionately than he ever had in his entire life. Y/N knew she shouldn’t, but she kissed him back. She was the first to pull away, putting her hands on either side of his face. She repeated again, “Go.”

And so he did. He swung his duffel bag over his shoulder and walked through the security line. Y/N watched him the whole time, tears spilling out of her eyes. She watched as he got to the security officer checking his boarding pass, but even though she couldn’t hear their exchange, something about the way the two were interacting gave her a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Suddenly, two security officers rushed him from the back, each seizing an arm on either side of his body. Without thinking, Y/N bolted forward, running as fast as she could towards Harry.

“Harry!” she cried out, her eyesight completely obstructed with tears.

“No!” Harry shouted as a third security officer grabbed ahold of Y/N’s arms, pinning them behind her back.

“Do you know this man?” the officer demanded. “His name was put on the no-fly list yesterday.”

“I-” Y/N looked over at Harry, who was vehemently shaking his head to say no, no, no, please do not tell that man you know who I am. It was already bad  enough that Harry was going to be carried away for the rest of his life. He would never forgive himself if Y/N got caught up in it too. “No,” Y/N finally said, and the man loosened his grip on her arms. “Never met him.”

“Get out of here, miss,” the guard said. It seemed like everyone in the entire terminal was staring at Y/N and Harry. Y/N took one last look at Harry as he mouthed I love you to her, his face the most clear picture of distress and pain Y/N had ever seen. She turned around, dragged herself over to where her suitcase was, and picked it up in time to see four armed, uniformed police officers round the corner. It took every ounce of her being not to run over and plead with them to be gentle with him, but she knew she had to keep moving. She ducked her head and walked, as fast as she could, away from the terminal to the airport’s exit.

The image of Harry mouthing I love you played on a ceaseless repeat in Y/N’s head. As she walked out of the airport, tears streaming down her cheeks, she swore she could physically feel her heart crush. Because she knew–no, she was sure–that she still loved him. She probably always would.

A/N: Hi friends!! I think this is gonna conclude this mini-series. I absolutely loved writing it and all of your sweet messages asking me to continue of course made me so happy! I wanted to leave it up to your interpretation to decide what happens to Harry at the end. If you liked part 3 or any other part of the series or if you have any feedback whatsoever, feel free to drop a message in my ask letting me know!!<3

How my family, friends and acquaintances reacted when they found out I read Killing Stalking.

My dad saw me reading Killing Stalking while eating dinner, and like the nosy father that he is, reads it over my shoulder. He asked me what it was and I told him it was a Korean comics about a stalker that found out the man he was stalking is in fact a serial killer, he was then kidnapped and abused.

My dad just noded.

My cousins found out that I was reading Killing Stalking because I told them. One of them said it wasn’t for her, another said she was too busy to read it, another said that he’ll only check it out if it’s animated and another is currently trying to hack into my Lezhin account because he’s a cheap asshole who doesn’t want to buy chapters.

One of my cousin’s friend found out that I read Killing Stalking because my cousin told her. We were at the mall and my cousin was trying to convince us to watch Joong Ki’s new movie and I didn’t want to because I was not in the mood to read subtitles and her friend didn’t want to because she’s not a into the Korean wave. Later, when we were getting our nails done, we were talking about going to Disneyland and my lack of passport and both of them were trying to convince me to go with them next year to Hong Kong. For some reason the conversation turned to my love of Killing Stalking. My cousin’s friend asked what it was, I explained the basic plot and have her read it on my phone. A little while later, she gave me my phone back and said KS isn’t for her and then proceeded to tell me to get a passport so that I can go with them to Hong Kong.

I don’t know where antis get the idea that KS fans would shunned by society when we tell other people about reading KS because in my experience, most people don’t give a fuck.

Not So ‘Quick and Bracing’

Description: Killian sees his fiance making breakfast, and soon they hunger for more, which eventually leads to the shower… (Canon/scene divergence from the pancake scene of 6.18). 

Rating: E (because, reasons…)

Word Count: ~2600 

Author’s Note: I know, know…Everyone and their mom is doing this, but @killythecowardlypirate ask me to “do the thing,” and so…here’s my version. It’s a “what if Snow didn’t interrupt” version. And yes, Chantal, syrup is included… I mean, what’s pancakes without syrup, amirte? lol This is unbetad, because I just needed to get it out, and it’s twice as long as I intended it to be. Smut, humor and feels: just what you come to expect from yours truly! Enjoy!!

Killian quietly wrapped his arms around his fiancé as she flipped another pancake onto an already towering stack. He nuzzled her ear, his trimmed facial hair tickling her exposed appendage. “Something smells delicious,”  he whispered.

Emma smiled from ear to ear, the heat from Killian’s body radiating from behind her. “It’s just from a box…”

He practically growled as he responded, “I wasn’t talking about the pancakes..”

Emma turned swiftly in his arms, taking no time to lock his lips with her own. He must have recently brush his teeth, because she could still taste spearmint along his tongue. Her hand travelled from his scruffy chin, to his slightly exposed chest (he was in the middle of dressing himself and didn’t finish before walking down to the kitchen). After exploring each other’s mouth for what seemed like an eternity, she broke the contact, looking into his cobalt blue eyes.

She must have been staring far too long, because Killian broke her concentration, asking, “What?”

“I’m just…happy. Still surprises me sometimes.”

He just smiled. “Aye, love. Me, too.” Killian then leaned down for another kiss, this one more gentle than the previous one. As he lifted his lips from hers, he ask, “So, should I look forward to this every morning? My loving wife, dressed in naught but her black silk robe, making me breakfast?”

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Y/N Barton was on a mission, helping retrieve Loki’ staff from Sokovia with her team mates the Avengers and alongside her father Clint Barton. Y/N had a special place in the team, she was not only known as Y/N Barton, but she was also known as The Raven. She had beautiful Raven hair, and she also liked the Raven birds. Her father gave her the name as a joke, because his name was Hawkeye and Sam was The Falcon, so he hought it would be funny to add another little bird to the team. Although her father named Y/N Raven as a joke, she grew to like the name.

Hiding out in the trees you saw your dad hide behind a crooked tree until he was knocked over by a silver blur.

“Dad!” Y/N yelled

Not looking, a young man walked by her father and teased him. She pulled out her zipline and aimed for the bottom of a  tree across from the one she was in. Using the zipline, she made her way down to her father in a hurry.

“You okay dad?” She helped him up

He brushed off his atire and nodded

“Yeah. That quick little bastard got me good” He chuckled

“Quick? You mean he’s enhanced?” She asked

Clint nodded his head and saw the blur coming towards them. He pushed Y/N out of the way and was knocked off his feet once again, but this time, he was knocked unconscious.

Y/N stood up on her two feet and saw the man. He was quite handsome, she thought. Standing in her fighting stance she glared at the mysterious man.

“Hey! Your quick i’ll give you that, but can you doge this Speedy?” 

She threw a throwing knife his way and ran to hide behind a tree. He caught the knife without any worries and embedded it into the oaks of the tree he stood next to.

“You can come out pretty face. Im not going to hurt you” His accent was thick and sweet.

Y/N came out of her hiding spot with a lopsided smirk

“You’re cute, I like you. What’s your name?” Y/N asked as she crossed her arms.

Though she wasn’t paying attention to her mission and would rather have a good yarn with this handsome young fellow, she heard an explosion from behind her and soldiers were stalking slowly with their guns raised and aimed to her head. Speedy’ eyes widened as he looked behind Y/N, then the next thing everything was happening in slow motion. Captain America saw the soldiers going for Y/N, he threw his shield at one of the soldiers and yelled


Everyone looked over to Y/N as their eyes were tricked by a silver blur. Speedy sped to Y/N in a millisecond and pushed her onto the ground covering her body with his, protecting her from the bullets being sprayed. The Hulk came out of no where and smashed all the soldiers.

Y/N’ eyes opened slowly ‘Am I dead’ She thought to herself, she felt something heavy above her, slowly lifting her eyes, she gazed into his eyes. Speedy looked down at her breathing heavily ‘This is awkward’ He thought ‘She’ beautiful’ He also thought. Something deep down in his heart made him fall for her. He feels the need to protect her. He feels the need to love her.

When their eyes met, Y/N smiled and placed her hands on his chest, roughly pushing him off her. He rolled on the ground and got up on both feet.

“Pietro” He said

She raised an eyebrow


“My name is Pietro” He chuckled

Y/N’ smiled from ear to ear “Thank you for saving me Speedy”

“It’s Pietro” He sighed

“No it’s Speedy” She giggled

Before he sped off Y/N grabbed his arm and pulled him back, teir faces just inches from each other. “When will I see you again?” She asked

“Soon моя птичка“ (My birdy)

Pietro took off leaving Y/N behind, lost in her thoughts

“Until next time……. Pietro”

After the Avengers had received the staff, they all returned back to the Avengers tower.

Clint was in the medical bay getting patched up by Dr Cho, while his daughter Y/N lays resting in a chair with a lovesick smile on her face next to his bed.

“Hey kid” He brushes Y/N’ hair away from her face, waking her in the process

“Daaaad” She whines

“Im eighteen, im not a kid anymore” She huffs in annoyance

Clint chuckled and threw a pillow at her playfully

“Whats with the face?” He says sitting on the edge of the bed

“What face?” Trying to hide her innocence

Clint raises a brow and folds his arms with a smirk on his face

“Y/N? Is somebody in love?” He asks

“Me? In love? Ew dad c’mon” She says in disgusts and pulls her chair closer to the bed

“It’s that quick bastard isn’t it?”

Y/N sighs and nods, her eyes narrow to the ground and her shoulders slump

“I’ve never felt this way before daddy” She sniffs

Clint reaches over and pulls her out of her chair and into a tight hug

“Love at first sight huh?”

She nods her head into his chest

“He saved me today. when you were knocked unconscious I was almost shot by the soldiers, but Pietro was quick enough to save me” She explains hugging her father

Clint exhales and sits his daughter on the hospital bed

“Rest, you need it okay”

Y/N falls asleep in the matter of minutes with her father by her side

“I could’ve lost you today if it wasn’t for that boy” He whispers to himself as he strokes her hair. He leans closer to his daughter and plants a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Can’t believe my daughter fell for that quick bastard”

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I have a lil prompt for Yousef and Sana. Maybe Sana is like studying at a cafe and Yousef comes in and sees her and sits down hesitantly and they end up talking and awkwardly smiling until the girls come in and catch them. Idk just a thought :) love you're blog btw xx

Sana had always enjoyed studying in coffee shops - they were often quite peaceful, and somehow it was easier to focus on what she was reading while the scent of freshly brewed coffee floated in the air and the quiet conversations worked as a relaxing white nose in her ears. Sana was rarely distracted while studying, but the moment she heard Yousef’s voice she knew that he was an exception to that rule:

“You’re a hard-working one, aren’t you?” Yousef asked, and Sana had to stop herself from smiling before looking up from the table to the older boy. He was leaning - he was always leaning, what was that about? - on a nearby pillar, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his pants.

Sana shrugged. “That or I simply have some time to kill.”

Yousef chuckled and then raised his eyebrows in a question, gesturing towards the seat across the table from Sana. Sana nodded, closing her chemistry book, having accepted the fact that studying would be impossible if she could feel Yousef’s eyes on her. Strange.

“Now, tell me,” Sana said as she watched the older boy sit down, take off his cap and run his hand through his hair - he did that a lot. And Sana knew that it was a thing she shouldn’t be noticing be noticing because it was such a dumb little detail that didn’t matter, but still. She noticed. “Are you stalking me?”

The unexpected turn of Sana’s words made Yousef burst out in laughter: that kind of laughter that made his eyes squint, his face light up and his smile spread from ear to ear. He was light in the dark, and Sana couldn’t stop looking at him. She felt the corners of her own mouth twitching upward, too.

“Would you call the cops if I said yes?” Yousef said with a grin, adjusting his position on the armchair.

Sana smiled, taking a sip of her drink. “Depends. Maybe. Probably.”

Yousef grasped his chest as in serious pain, gasping for air in a dramatic manner and stared at the younger girl with wide, betrayed eyes. “Wow, now that’s just cruel. So stalking a really nice girl isn’t the best way to make her interested me, after all? Fuck, that was all I had.”

“Yeah, I doubt that stalking would work,” Sana answered.

Yousef smiled. “Damn, I’ll figure out something else, then.”

A laugh escaped from Sana’s lips, and she could feel her own cheeks heating up as her brain played Yousef’s words in her head on a loop, over and over again. She could feel him staring at her, and it was like her stomach was truly filled with butterflies when their eyes met: she felt it all. She felt her heart racing, her stomach turning upside down and her cheeks heating up.

But Sana didn’t look away. A silence slowly set between the two of them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable - Sana enjoyed sitting there, watching Yousef and actually allowing herself to pay attention to the little things like the way his smile curved more to the right and the way he often tilted his head just a little when he was looking at Sana. Like now. His eyes were warm, his lips curved up into a ghost of a smile, and Sana couldn’t look away.

“What’s going on hereee?” Chris’ voice was like a wake up call, and it was like Sana was pulled from the depths of the ocean to the surface. She shook her head, trying to piece her thoughts together to answer her friend, who had arrived for their coffee date that Sana had completely forgotten about.

“I - uh, we were just,” Sana kept stumbling on her words, making Yousef disguise a chuckle into a cough and Chris raise her eyebrows. “We were just stalk- talking.”

“And I actually gotta go now”, Yousef said, his tone amused - no wonder why. He put on his cap and got up from the armchair, flashed the girls a warm smile before heading out of the coffee shop: Sana’s eyes followed him all the way to the door. Before Yousef stepped outside, her gaze met his, and for a few more stolen seconds they lingered on the strange feeling.

Media Literacy and Fandom

I’ve been reading a lot of misinformation that speaks to lack of understanding of the media and how it works which leads to unnecessary outrage or premature outrage.  I’m just going to try and shed a little light on some of the problem areas I have witnessed lately and hopefully challenge some of the outrage discourse surrounding these.

First, regular, recurring and guest star.  The definition of these are a little different than they used to be, but here’s the general gist.

  • Regular The star is contracted for a set number of episodes, not necessarily every episode, and is in the title sequence.  Title sequence =‘s regular.
  • Recurring Recurring characters often start as guest stars, but sometimes can be a former regular.  They play major characters that often return periodically in order to further the story.  They usually reappear when both story and schedule permit. 
    • They’re billed as guest star or special guest star.  Special guest star billing incurs a greater fee and is usually reserved for well known actors.  It can also be negotiated or given to other actors who have played an important role in the series.
  • Guest Star Someone that appears usually for an episode or 2.

Recurring has become the new regular in some cases.  They don’t get the benefits (or pay) of the regulars, but the story gets the benefit of their character.  Additionally it works for the actor too because they get the freedom to pursue other interests/jobs when not at work.

When Floriana was announced as a recurring for season 3, for many reasons a lot of fans assumed that would mean she would be a regular presence within the series.  Speculation based on interviews, or other various sources (many of which were questionable) lent itself to this too.  Unfortunately the truth is when someone wants to move on a recurring role is a great way of keeping their foot in the door, but ultimately they intend to pursue other opportunities.

Ratings Ploy

This is a term I have seen thrown around a lot recently, specifically in relation to information that the fandom has been fed by paparazzi.  Events that occur for ratings lets be honest that’s actually the point of television are promoted through official sources.  This is either through official promotions, or interviews, it is not through the paparazzi.  I’ll address the issue of the paparazzi later in the piece.

This leads into the issue of -


Queerbaiting is intentionally luring queer fans to a show on a promise of a queer relationship they don’t intend to have.  Or, like the 100, it was a concerted and continued effort to go into fan spaces and promote a relationship they they knew they were going to kill off.  Literally.

Supergirl did not enter fan spaces with the promise that Sanvers was a forever relationship.  Nor did they lure people into the show on the promise of a relationship that wont happen.

The ship sailed.

What I see as the issue here is there is a misunderstanding between fan and exec.  For example, the exec will state that the coming episodes will “honour the love” of these characters - this leads the fan to believing that the only way to honour that love is through a long term committed relationship.  Just because fan expectation of that phrase seems counter to what we may get (we don’t know anything until we see the episodes, in context), it doesn’t mean the execs have lied or that they are queerbaiting - it just means that there is a different reading of the same phrase.  Speaking solely for myself, it’s actually possible to honour a relationship and have it end.  They are not mutually exclusive.

To that end I also want to quickly address the fandoms catch cry of -

CW is trash

There is this general idea that because the show is on the CW that the show suddenly became shit (I think this is majorly from people who didn’t watch first season as it aired) and a more poorly represented on than we would have on CBS.  It’s important to note that if the show was still in CBS that Alex would not be gay, that Lord and Alex would be baited like hell even though Maxwell Lord was a sociopath, and the show would not have been written better.

From episode one the show has used a sledge hammer for it’s social commentary, it’s writing has been all over the shop.  It has never been a good tight show, but it had heart.  It had the Danvers Sisters, Cat and Space Dad. Season 2 just built on the problems and inconsistancies of season 1, and created some new ones by isolating the characters into relationships.  Same thing would have happened if it stayed on CBS. 

Ali Adler leaving the show didn’t instantly make it a worse show either… There is zero evidence her continued presence of show runner would have changed anything unfortunately.

Yes, I am aware of the history of CW in killing of gay characters and their mistreatment of POC - but the reason why we attribute it more to CW is because they have more of both in the first place.  Every other network have the same problems, but their level of representation is far lower so is sneaks under the radar in a way the CW doesn’t.

Additionally, CW don’t own the show they broadcast it.  It’s a WB and Berlanti Production, so while CW can gives notes, ultimately they aren’t responsible for the decisions.

Lastly I want to address the issue of -


The paparazzi’s job is to stalk people for money, literally.  Think about it for a moment, the people that are spreading the rumours on what may happen in future episodes is stalking your fave.  Is cornering them at airports, on the street

and outside their homes

. So why are they being listened too?  Why are we, as a fandom who brags about how much we love our fav still have the gumption to apply such cognitive dissonance?

It confuses me.

The particular paps who are promoting the upcoming episode narrative are also on selling to fans.  This means that if they are actively hooking fans into their sphere in order to continue to make money from them through the sale of photographs and autographs.  Many of which were obtained by violating the privacy of your fave.

Now even if the rumour mongering is true, it lacks context and it also is highly preedited information.  We do not know what we are going to ultimately see, neither do they.  But really, they don’t even care.

One of the paps likes to report that Melissa was seen at the airport, but she was suffering from anxiety so we respected her and didn’t take photos.  Really?!?

  1. You don’t get a prize for being a decent human being.
  2. You were there to stalk her, so still no prize.
  3. You have camped out outside of her house, any option of anything that resembles a prize is withdrawn in perpetuity.

Yet fans thanked him for being respectful.  Thanked him.  And hey, it totally worked for him long term because he himself now has a fanbase.  The stalker who is making money of our faves private moments is getting rewarded both financially and with a virtual pat on the back.

And that’s why they spread the outrage.  That’s also why logically you should take everything with a grain of salt.

Another ToG fic for my overwhelmingly ACOTAR blog! 

If you’d like to see more I have a masterlist you can check out! 


She was home.

She was still broken, still fighting, but at least she was home.

As she stood on the balcony of her childhood palace in Orynth, thin sheath swirling around her in the breeze and hair loose on her face, she didn’t know whether the snow and pine she could smell was from the mountains in the distance or her mate beside her.

“Fireheart,” He said soothingly.

“I know.” She choked. “I can’t, Rowan. I can’t think. I can’t do it, I can’t punish Aedion for this. He’s hurting. He didn’t mean to. Gods, why did Chaol demand this? What right does he have-”

“He is the Hand of the King, and although I disagree with his decision to call for a punishment, it is within his right to do so. If someone attacked you like that, I would have done the same.”

Aelin cringed at his words. Rowan claimed he would do the same, but Aelin knew he would not. No, Rowan would have justly dealt with the problem there, rather than inciting the fury of those around him. Now, not only where the people scared for the war, but they were scared that the Crown was too unstable to handle the aftermath.

Her mind kept replaying the scene in her head. The bustling crowd, the sound of Dorian’s nose as Aedion broke it, the screams as people ran from the blood, Chaol bellowing that Aedion needed to be reprimanded for touching the rightful King of Adarlan.

“If it is any consolation, I don’t believe Chaol was thinking straight when he called for the council to give a formal punishment.”

“But it’s not the council who has to decide,” she sobbed.

Aelin had scarcely been home. After Rowan and the others had saved her, and subsequently defeated Maeve, she had been welcomed into Orynth. After all, she gave them their army, and they never even knew she had been gone. That was a story she would share after the defeat of Erawan – right now she needed their full trust and revealing it had been a shapeshifter in her place for so long would definitely work against her.

It was so much so quickly. Aedion was not someone she could control her emotions around, and she suspected that if her mate hadn’t gathered her in his arms after her first sob, then she would be on her knees uncontrollably upset.

She clutched at Rowan’s shirt and pressed her face into his warm chest.

“Talk to Aedion, Fireheart. I can come with you, if that’s what you want. His punishment won’t be a grave one, it can’t be even if Chaol and Dorian wanted it with all their hearts.”

Aelin sniffled and rose her head. She was hit with the full gaze of his green eyes, and his look alone gave her the strength to stand on her two feet again. “I’ll deal with Aedion.” She breathed. “You should check on Gavriel. I don’t want any slit throats over this, and I worry for anyone who threatens his son.”

Rowan’s hands were tight around his waist, and before he let her go he pulled her in closer and kissed her. It wasn’t frantic, like their kisses had been when he’d found her, but they also weren’t the kisses a content husband and wife might have. It was the grey in between. Just enough for her to be satisfied for now, but never enough for long.


Aelin dressed in clothes more appropriate for public, and wandered down to the cells where Aedion was being mandatorily kept. It had not been her choice, she had nearly rioted when they took her cousin from her, but it was decided by the lords.

It was cold in the tunnels. The cold of the night had infiltrated the space and left it so chill that every bone in her body was rattling. Aelin hated that she was cold. Hated that she couldn’t warm their home. But her magic was depleted and healing, and Rowan assured her that these things would take time, and she needed to be at her best for when they face Erawan. She knew he was correct, the buzzard usually is, but it still cut her when she saw Aedion curled on the gritty stone floor of his cell.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’ve survived much worse.” As Aedion spoke, Aelin could see the air turn frosty from his breath.

“You shouldn’t be here in the first place. None of this should have happened.”

Aedion smirked at his cousin, and sat up. He crossed his legs and leant back on his hands. “Tell me, Aelin, and what should have happened instead? The prince was out of line-”

King, Aedion. Dorian is a king and you should address him as so. I don’t agree with you being here, but your actions today were disrespectful and detrimental to our cause.”

“Pfft. Poor Dorian. Did he get some dirt on his precious hands? Maybe not having a hair stylist with him at all times is affecting him more than we originally thought.”

Aedion Ashryver!”

“Don’t use that tone with me, your majesty. This is all just a ruse anyway. Do you really think I believe there will be any sort of consequences for my actions? Hurting me would affect any Terrasian more than the precious prince. I was here, Aelin, all those years caring for our country, and not a single person here doesn’t know it. The Havilliards are pure evil. What they have done to us, to our family-”

“This needs to stop! You can’t keep taking your political frustrations out on Dorian when it was his father-”

“I know Dorian a hell of a lot better than you do, Aelin.” Aedion snarled.

“That is not at all true! If I didn’t think that he was different, that he was good, do you really think I would help him regain his throne in any way?”

“You seem to forget that I knew him for years before Celaena ever did. The only time you ever knew him was when he was either using you to regain his crown or when he was trying to get you into bed.”

Aelin banged her hands on the iron bars of his cell in frustration. “I thought we were past this Aedion! I thought after I was gone-”

“Gone? Gone?! You weren’t gone Aelin, you were taken. You sacrificed yourself, and didn’t even have the decency to tell us. Don’t you think I would have liked to have known that the only family I have left was going to do that to herself? Or that the only reason the woman I love would ever touch me is because you whored her out? What about Rowan? Do you really think that he would’ve ever recovered from losing you? Have you ever thought about someone other than yourself?” Aedion jumped up and met her at the bars. His lip was pulled back and teeth bared in an animalistic show of anger.

Looking at her cousin, at his obvious pain and suffering… Aelin understood now. Understood that his anger at Dorian wasn’t anger at the king at all. Her eyes stung, and she couldn’t help the tears that fell.

She reached a hand through the bars and soothed back his hair – tucking it behind his ears. His brows furrowed at her touch, and his mouth went slack.

“I’m sorry.” Aelin whispered. “I never wanted to hurt you. I love you so much.”

With one hand Aedion held the hand on his face, linking their fingers and squeezing. With his other, he, too, reached through the bars so he could wipe away her tears.

“Please don’t cry Aelin.” Her tears were making some of his own appear.

“This is all my fault, and I know that now. But Aedion, please, you must stop taking it out on the people around us. I know I’ve hurt you in irreconcilable ways, and I will never forgive myself for the pain I’ve caused you, but this is a time when we all need to come together. I know you and Dorian have had your differences in the past, and it needs to stop. He is a changed man,” a smile appeared on her face, “he’s no longer the fine lady we knew as a child.” She laughed lightly, but it was interrupted by a sob.

Aedion pulled her forward, as much as he could with the iron between them, and gave her the closest thing to a hug he could.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, my fiery cousin, I know that you are doing it for our people, and that your punishment will be just. I love you too. Even if you are stubborn as a mule.”


Aelin stood on a podium in front of a crowd of hundreds, excluding the Bane that had also gathered. There were civilians and nobles making up the brunt of the crowd, all curious as to what the lost queen would do to Wolf of the North.

On her left was Rowan standing tall and proud. Now that she was here, actually her and not just Lysandra in her skin, they had announced their marriage properly, and much to the disdain of some of the lords of Terrasen. Aelin refused to hide her love for him, as she refused to hide her love for anybody. Not now. Not anymore. Not ever.

On her right was Dorian and Chaol. Somewhere, hidden among the crowd, Aelin was sure Manon and her Thirteen were stalking around. Where Dorian was, it seemed the witch always followed.  

Chaol had the nerve to look nervous. The night just passed Rowan had spent an hour convincing her as to why she shouldn’t be mad with him, and eventually she had let her anger at him go. Thank the Gods she had Rowan to keep her grounded.

She may not be mad at him, but she still didn’t think he had the right to be nervous about an event he orchestrated.

“After an incident yesterday involving the General and the rightful king to the throne of Adarlan, I am here to bestow his punishment.” Aelin started her speech.

The rustling crowd grew silent, all wide eyed and focused on their future queen.

“Aedion Ashryver is a hero to this country. Even in the direst of times, the darkest of our days, he did everything in his power to defend our people against the tyranny of the late king. Without his efforts in the rebellion, an unspeakable amount of lives would have been lost.”

There was confusion surrounding her speech. It did not sound like a declamation for a man who was going to be penalised.

“But.” Aelin turned towards Dorian and held out her hand. He took it unwaveringly and stepped closer to her side. “Dorian Havilliard deserves respect as much as Aedion does. His Majesty fights bravely not just for his own country but also for ours. He is not his father, and he will help us win this war.” Aelin bowed her head to Dorian and released his hand. “That is why there must be retribution for his actions.” It killed her to say it, but she also believed in her words. No more lying – not from her.

“For attacking the king of Adarlan unfairly, I hereby decree that Aedion Ashryver forfeit his landholdings in Adarlan to the king to use for whatever purposes he seems fit. That is all.”

Aelin spun on her heels, making her green dress flow around her elegantly as she strode away from the platform. Rowan was instantly at her side and offered his elbow as they went down the stairs that led to an entrance to the palace behind them.

The others quickly followed.

Once they entered the palace and no one was in hearing distance, Aedion grabbed Aelin’s elbow and spun her to look at him. “You do realise I don’t own any land in Adarlan, right?”

Aelin scoffed. “Of course I know that. Good thing is, they don’t. Problem solved.”

“Problem not solved!” Chaol shouted. He stormed up to the pair, red faced and seething. “How in any way does this fix anything? Gods Aelin!”

Before Aelin could reply, Dorian swaggered up to them with a wide smirk on his face. “I think it was quite genius.”

Chaol turned to his best friend, utter disbelief written on his face. Dorian’s smirk did not falter though. Looking at Dorian, you would never have known that the previous day he’d had his nose broken. Between Rowan’s healing magic and Dorian’s, the bone had healed and not even a bruise was left behind.

“This way the public knows that we stand as a united front, but also as people who do not see each other as being above the law. It humanises us. It also means that any internal conflicts we have with each other won’t fester as much as it would otherwise.” Dorian turned his blue gaze on Aedion. Surprisingly, the two did not glare at each other. “Past aside, you are my friend Aedion Ashryver. And I will prove to you that I’m not my father.”

Aedion hung his head and shook it. “You have. Many times over. It is I who needs to change my attitude.”

Rowan came up behind Aelin and wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his chin on her head and she held onto his arms.

Progress. They would need to act as one to defeat Erawan, and it seemed they were heading in the right direction.

Lucky Jacket...

Originally posted by owengrady-imagines

Fandom: Jurassic World

Pairing: Owen x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by orelinde3:  Could you do a Owen x reader where the reader accidently gets into the Raptor cage but she has a Jacket of Owen and they are confused why it smells like him bit he is nowhere near.. and after Owen saved her he confesses his feelings because his babbling to much out of worry… Phew that was much.. ^^’

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“ Mr. Stan, our sources say that you are in a relationship with one of you co-stars from Infinity Wars, is that true?” ask the Interviewer.

“yes, it is true,” Sebastian said.

“Our sources also say that your girlfriend is (Y/n) (L/n),  the very sexy Grammy award winning (favorite style of music) singer and Academy award winning actress. Is that also true?” ask the interviewer.

“Yes, yes, it’s all very true,” Sebastian said.

“How did you first meet (Y/n)?”

“I actually meet her on set of Civil War. Her character was the love interest to my character.”

“When did you two start dating and was it awkward since she is like twenty- one years old and you being thirty- four?” the interviewer asked again.

“Umm… we started dating at the end of summer of last year and we been together ever since. And as for the age difference, age doesn’t matter to us. She never had a problem with me being in my thirties and i never had a problem with her being in her twenties.” Sebastian said,trying not to be annoyed.

Anthony looked over at Sebastian and could automatically tell that Sebastian was getting a little annoyed being asked about his relationship with you. And thought now would be the best time to really annoy him.

“Hell yeah it’s true, You’ve should have seen him before they started going out. He was always stalking her when we were all on set.” Anthony began, causing Sebastian to choke on his Pepsi.

“Or getting jealous whenever Tom Holland would try to flirt with her. Oh, he even has a not- so- secreted box field with a bunch of magazine articles about her, photos all types, Cd’s of her band,  all 20 of them, and ticket stubs of all the movies and  concerts (y/n) has been in, even the movies where she makes a brief apprence. “ Anthony practically blurted out, causing Sebastian hide his face in shame.

“Wow.” was all the interviewer could say.

Sebastian’s face turned red as a fire truck, embarrassed the world have heard about  his little obsession over you.

Niall Horan

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Fingers tapping on the table, legs shaking and stress in your body. You were waiting for Niall to pick up the call, but he didn’t. He hadn’t picked up for 3 days now. Not typical for him to do that, especially since he was the one saying he would call you the next day. He was doing few shows around the wold and you understood he couldn’t talk to you all the time, but if he has time to post photos on instgram then he should have time to call from the same phone he’s posting those photos. For you these kind of thoughts and feelings aren’t normal.  You never get mad if Niall doesn’t return a call but posts something online. He has a busy life and a lot of times, he posts for work. But this time was different,.

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A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the reader are married and work together. She’s pregnant with their baby and has to stay behind at Quantico with Garcia. Spencer goes on a case, and he makes threats against the team, specifically the reader, so he calls her to see how she is, but he can’t reach her. @coveofmemories


“God, I’m so not used to this,” Y/N said, pressing her hand into her back to relieve a bit of the stress on her spine. At eight and a half months pregnant, the baby was starting to put a lot of stress on her back. She was ready to not be pregnant anymore. Plus, she was desperate to get back in the field.

“Not used to what, gorgeous,” Garcia said, standing tall on five inch heels as she tottered over to where the rest of the team was standing. They had 30 minutes until wheels up and everyone was ready to go. So was she - but being so far along she couldn’t. 

“Oh god, I’m not gorgeous. I’m a sweaty bowling ball.”

“You are not!” Garcia and JJ exclaimed at the same time. “From someone who has also had a baby, you are a beautiful pregnant lady.” JJ had looked like the epitome of gorgeousness when she was pregnant, so hearing it from her felt nice.

“And I’m not used to not being out in the field,” she said, as Spencer came back from the bathroom. “Garcia, I love you with the burning fiery passion of a thousand suns and I appreciate what you do more than you will ever know, but I am going stir crazy in here. I wanna kick an unsub in the face again.”

Spencer had come to stand at her side, kissing the top of her head as he laughed. “First, maternity leave, and then you can start kicking the crap out of people again.”

“Oh thank god,” she exclaimed, bending over in an attempt to stretch out her spine. She was so ready to be not pregnant anymore. 

“Alright, wheels up,” Hotch said, as he walked out of his office. “Y/N take care of yourself and this one.” When they all passed on the way the elevator, they patted her stomach, as had become customary since she started saying behind.

Spencer was the last to leave, pressing a firm kiss to her lips, and her stomach. “I love you, and I love you.”

“We love you too,” she replied. “Please be careful.”


Normally, the team didn’t get involved until after something was wrong - until after there was a dead victim, but a single mother of teenage twins flew in from three states away when her daughters were taken.

They had been stalked relentlessly over the past few months by someone they didn’t know, or at least no one that had made themselves known, but when the team saw the letters the unsub had written, they had no doubt that whoever he was, he could’ve come out of the shadows to take them away. 

Upon their arrival, they had difficulty tracking him down or even narrowing down who it might be, until he slipped up, allowing one of the twins to run for help. Although she was captured again, there were eyewitnesses, which led them straight to him.

As they made their way into the warehouse where he was keeping them, all six team members had their guns up and trained to shoot at a moment’s notice. “The fantastic BAU comes to the rescue,” the man announced, waving his gun about in one hand while the other clutched the twins by the neck.

“Let them go!” Hotch yelled.

“Why should I, Agent Hotchner? Dead ex-wife Hayley, father of Jack, leader of the BAU, narcissistic, overbearing. Why would I listen to you?”

He was attempting to get under their skin, make them think he’d studied them as well as the twins, but in all likelihood he’d done a cursory search of them once he realized they were on the case. “Maybe I should listen to Jennifer Jareau, mother of Henry, girlfriend of Will. Why aren’t you married yet? Afraid to make something permanent when it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye?” 

All JJ wanted to do was lunge across the room at the maniac and make him beg for his life for even mentioning her son’s name, but she stood her ground, keeping the gun trained as he went around to each member of the team, looking for a way to push their buttons. “Or maybe I should listen to the stubborn Dr. Spencer Reid, the one that is overprotective of his very pregnant wife, Y/N. You might want to get home soon Dr. Reid.”

“Why?” he asked without thinking. He shouldn’t be giving anything this man said any credence, but at the mention of his wife, he couldn’t help himself.

“I have a partner,” he declared. “Go ahead, tell them girls. There was another man here wasn’t there.” 

They both shook their heads. “But then he was gone.”

“I assume he’s on his way to DC, to take your wife, as I told him too,” he said with a smile as the horror crossed Spencer’s eyes. He must’ve assumed he had leverage against them, that he had them hook, line and sinker, because he moved out from behind the girls and in milliseconds, Emily had taken him out. 

Spencer ran outside, dialing the phone immediately to check on his wife. The man was undoubtedly lying, but he couldn’t be too sure. The phone rang and rang and rang. Nothing. No answer. No matter how many times he called. “She’s not answering the phone,” he called into the team.

“Go!” Hotch screamed back.

So he ran. Spencer ran as fast he could back to grab a cab that would take him back to the airport. He needed to get back to her. The chance that she had been taken was too great for him to wait. It needed to be now.


Nearly two hours later, which felt more like eight, he’d made it back home. He must’ve had shoddy connection where he was because the second he got off the plane, he had a text message from Garcia.


Y/N wasn’t due for another two weeks, so at the mention of the word hospital the color drained from his face. Had the unsub’s partner been real, already gotten there and done something to her? Was she even still alive? The text message had come in nearly an hour before, while he was in the air. As he ran to the car, he threw the siren on top, gunning it to the hospital nearest to the BAU. 

“Y/N,” he said to the nurse at the front desk. “My wife, Y/N Reid was brought in here, I don’t know how long ago, or even why.” The panic in his voice was causing him to stumble over his words. “Where is she? Please, I need to know.”

“She’s this way, sir,” the woman said, leading him down the hallway. Once he’d entered the room, his utter panic vanished, instead replaced with complete joy. There, in her arms, was their baby. It was just an early delivery.

“Oh thank god,” he said, running to her side across from Garcia. “I thought something had happened to you. The unsub said he had a partner and he was coming here for you and I panicked and flew back without everybody else.” As soon as he looked toward the bundle in her arms, his eyes grew watery. “Is it a girl or a boy?”

“It’s a girl,” she smiled, holding her up to pass her to her father. “We need to pick out a name. I’m okay, Spence.” Apparently, he was still a little panicky. “I’m good. Everything hurts, but that’s supposedly normal. Don’t worry. Garcia took care of us.” 

“Thank you, Garcia,” he said, walking over to the other side of the bed and giving her a half-hug, considering the baby in his arms. “What about having her middle name be Penelope?” he asked his wife. 

“Really!?” Garcia exclaimed as Y/N nodded and Spencer placed the baby in Penelope’s arms. “Hi first name not sure, middle name Penelope. I’m your auntie and I’m going to spoil you rotten because that is my job.”

my mom told me one of her ghost stories

something kept fucking around with her stuff in her apartment, moving potted plants and lining them up in front of windows and door ways. it was kinda weird but she just brushed it off

then one day she came home from work and saw that the washing machine was on. she hadn’t turned it on before leaving for work and even if she had, it’d be over by then. she was a bit worried, there was something off about it. her roommate was with her and hadn’t been back to the apartment all day.

so, they went around the apartment to make sure nobody was in it, since this was the city. and since her roommate’s douchey ex had been stalking her and they were too young and irresponsible to change the locks. there wasn’t anybody, but the window was open, so they called the police. 

the police show up and start walking through the apartment. everything’s normal. until they get to my mom’s bedroom. it’s one officer, suddenly all the other’s hear him yell “SIT UP SLOWLY, RAISE YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM” 

the other officers run in for backup after he asks again. all three of the ones in the room said that they saw someone lying in the bed, completely covered by blankets. they’re assuming the guy broke in and fell asleep, or is just being uncooperative, so the first guy moves over and pulls the blanket back

and there’s no one there. needless to say, everyone was rattled as fuck. but, they couldn’t exactly press charges on a ghost. my mom slept on the couch and life went back to normal. except for the odd weird thing happening.

then the odd things start happening more and more. they called the police again because they were SURE someone actually broke in this time. and then they called them again. eventually the officers said to ask for their case by name.

it got so bad that eventually the cops escorted them from the apartment at night so they could move to another place without anyone seeing them and knowing where they lived then. 

about a week into the new house, the police called to say that they’d arrested the roommate’s douchebag ex who was breaking into their place. but. he was confirmed to be out of town during the first phone call and no one could ever explain who was sleeping in my mom’s bed.

BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 4

Warning: This is a bit darker than my previous parts.

Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

This is dedicated to: @ nerds-in-a-forest , @sophiehd77 @thelordoftacos , @lindy0301 , @yomynameis-nothingimportant ,

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5 Years ago:

With a sly smile on your lips you leaned down to look through the scope. Now all that you had to do was wait for your target to come into view. As you wait you breath in through your nose and out through a small opening in your mouth. You must be calm. Very calm if you want to make this shot. The man walks by the window and it is the perfect shot, but suddenly he is no longer there. You curse at the missed opportunity. Breath in and out.

Your target had been playing this game with you for the past hour and it was getting on your nerves. Although it wasn’t entirely his fault his daughter was in the room chasing him. “Stupid Father, stupid girl.” You whisper under your breath.

If they would just stop playing around you could get this shot and then be able to go home. You just need that kill shot. Breath in and out.

Then like the gods had heard her silent prayer the man came into the view of the window with the girl rapped around his neck. You hesitate. Your orders had been to kill this man not the girl as well. What should you do? The thought rattled around in your brain, but only for a second before you pulled the trigger. Breath in and out.


Present Day:

With all of your training it hadn’t taken you long to scale the building pull out your knife and press it against the vigilante’s back. It had been easy and all that training…

“No don’t think about them Y/n.” You thought.

Instead you whispered “Why are you following me?”

The Red Hood slowly stands up, turns around and looks at you. It is at that moment that you realize that he has two guns strapped to his sides. Mack had warned you that he used guns and why you thought he might be threatened by a punny knife was hilarious to you. Of course if it did come to a fight you could easily get hold of those guns or at least one of them. A gun… you haven’t held one in your hands for…

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