they were so tragic yet so beautiful

Six months ago I stomped your heart out on the streets of the neighborhood we used to roam.
You hated me. God, you fucking hated me. You hated that you loved me. God, you loved me. So much.
Tears were coming down from your mesmerizing green eyes, it was tragically beautiful. You were at your most vulnerable, your most raw and true self. The red around your eyes just brought out the green, I’ve never seen your eyes so bright yet so lifeless. You were crying, but it was beautiful.
Your knuckles were coated in blues and purples. You were so angry I could feel the hatred in your screams.
Now I’m looking at you, the 6am sunrise shining down on us, and you’re looking at me how you used to.
Before I broke your heart.
I swear you have the same puppy dog eyes, the exact same loving expression written all over your face.
How do you do that?
How do you still love me, the exact same, after I broke you?
—  v.m // that is love
A Lone Blossom- Yoongi Angst/Fluff

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Request: Hey, since you’re currently having your request open. Can I request you to write about Yoongi from Bts? Can you make it really angsty with some fluff in it?

Member/Group: Yoongi (Suga) of BTS

Word Count:1506

Warnings: Mentions of suicide

Summary: That day, the cherry blossoms seemed more lonely than usual, or maybe it was just you. 

A/N: Happy Easter guys! (At least, it was Easter when I started this I’m not sure I I will actually get it posted before the day ends.

 When you were little, your mother always told you the story of those who suffered from something so beautiful, yet tragic; Hanahaki disease. Victims who fell in love but were too shy to tell the person they were in love with them would begin to cough up flower petals that grew in their lungs. At first, it would only be a few stray leaves, but as the unrequited love grew on, so did the amount of petals that began making their way out of the persons lungs. This had seemed like complete fiction when you were growing up, a story born from boredom and a passionate craving for romance. Maybe you would have paid more attention if you had known that it really does happen, even if you didn’t expect it in the first place.

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Returning Home

Some daddy!kink Chibs smut ;) as requested by @girlwithdreamsandablog xxx

Pulling your helmet off your head, you shake your hair, the familiar parking lot surrounding you with the feeling of home. You look around, nobody in sight as you run your fingers through your wavy locks, placing your sunglasses on your head.

You can’t help but smile to yourself, already knowing you made the right decision to return to the place you left six months ago. Butterflies flutter madly in your stomach as you begin to walk towards the clubhouse, one black boot clad foot in front of the other.

Taking a deep breath, you push the door open, immediately seeing people talking, mingling. You search the crowds for a familiar face, coming up short. Must be on a run, you think to yourself, before turning to walk to the office. Maybe Gemma is in there.

However, before you get the chance to find out, your ears fill with the revving of bikes. You stop in your tracks, spinning on the heels of your feet to watch the bikes flood in, each carrying the people you’ve missed so much, the people who probably thought they’d never see your face again.

Nobody notices the extra person in the lot as they all pull up, reversing their bikes into position, your heart swelling with pride as you see who’s leading the group. Finally, you cheer internally; your best friend is finally president.

Your mouth feels dry as your eyes flick to the Sergeant-at-Arms, Your ex lover gets off his bike, unclipping his helmet from under his chin, his fingers that you know so well combing his hair back as he places the safety hat on the handle of his Harley. His lips move as he chews his gum, the movement so simple yet you’re already lost in him again, like you never even left.

Shaking your head, you take a deep breath, approaching the figure of Mr Jax Teller, his back to you. Bobby turns to look at you, an expression of shock covering his face before he smiles, you putting your finger to your lips as you sneak up behind your favourite blonde.

“My, my, my, don’t you make a sexy President.” You tease, a smirk on your face. He whips around at the sound of your voice, his expression of disbelief quickly changing to elation as he lifts you up, spinning you around as you laugh. You hug him tightly, gripping onto leather like he’d disappear if you didn’t. He was the same, clutching you, probably expecting you to run away and leave again.

Your return had attracted an audience. Tig, Happy, Juice, Bobby all observe the scene in front of them, thankful that you’re back. You search for the one person you want to see so badly, only being able to see him getting further away as he walks towards the clubhouse, away from you. Your heart feels like it’s fell to your stomach as the Scot disappears out of sight, even though you understand why he’s angry.

You’re pulled back to reality as Jax holds you at arms length, searching your face for answers.

“I can’t believe you’re actually back.” He shakes his head, the grin on his face too wide to be suppressed. His smile is infectious, your own one appearing as you laugh slightly.

“I’ll tell you all about it over a couple beers. Party tonight?” You question, knowing the answer is already yes, even before your best friend nods his head.

Hugging him again, you whisper in his ear. “I’m gonna go speak to him, Jax. Try to explain, at least.” You squeeze him tightly, placing a kiss on his cheek as he tells you to come see him when you’re ready. You agree, going to briefly hug the other guys and promising a catch up before heading towards what used to be, and hopefully still is, your second home.

You knock at the wooden door, hearing no response after a few seconds, but entering anyway. The breath leaves your lungs as you take him in, his kutte clad back facing you as he sits on the bed, his head in his hands.

He knows it’s you without even looking, the scent of you embedded in his brain. If he ever got lost, and that scent was the only familiar thing around him, he knows he could follow it and it would lead him right home. Right back to you.

You lightly shut the door behind you, your body leaning against it as you take a breath, waiting for him to look at you, say something at least, but he doesn’t move.

You breathe deeply, slowly treading to go and sit beside him. Your fingers itch to reach out and touch him, but you restrain, not wanting to set him off. The bed dips as you place your weight on it, creaking slightly, your head instantly flooding with memories as your run your hands over the sheets. You feel your face flush as the scenes unravel in your head, gloom flooding you as you remind yourself it’s the past.

You face forward, the same way he is, your hands running down your thighs as you nervously think of what to say. You take the moment to breathe him in, the scent of gasoline and aftershave flooding your senses. He was your favoured smell, the one you would bottle up and carry with you of you could.

“I had to go, Chibs.” You start quietly, knowing the eggshells you were treading were very finely layered. “I couldn’t stay here, walk the streets where my brother was…” Tears brim your eyes as you can’t finish your sentence, your brothers dead body a sight you would never forget.

He’d been brutally stabbed to death, left to die in the pouring rain over a mobile phone and a few dollars. They still hadn’t found the thieving murderer who had done it, but it didn’t matter to you. Nothing would bring him back, your twin brother who’s heart stopped beating at the sweet age of eighteen, the boy you loved more than anyone, the boy you were supposed to protect from harm. But you failed.

You hate yourself, you’ve hated yourself since the day you received the phone call asking you to come and identify the body.

Your mother and father left you both with your aunt when you were just two, her passing away just three months prior to your brothers death. You’d moved out at seventeen, taking the other half of you under your roof when your Aunt Kathy passed.

Now at the slightly older age of nineteen, your birthday recently spent in a motel room alone with a bottle of Jack, you felt you were ready to face this place again.

The six months you spent away probably won’t feel like much to anybody else, but to you, those six months helped shape you and gave you time to come to terms with the tragic event that changed your life forever.

Chibs sighs deeply, his hands moving from his face. His eyes meet yours, his resolve crumbling as he sees you properly. You seem so much more different, yet still so beautiful, still his woman. The tears brimming your eyes make his throat feel tight, the pucker of your pink lips making him want to kiss away your hurt.

Your eyes seem darker, heavier, holding more pain and sin than they did before you left. He’s at a loss for words as he drinks you in, the sentences dancing on the end of his tongue but he can’t get them out. He knows he can’t stay mad at you, can’t resist you. You’re it for him, the one he’d move mountains for, kill for, die for.

The tears betray you as his hand comes up to cup your cheek, your lids closing as you subconciously lean into him. He’s your home, your man, the thing that keeps you fighting when your fists are sore and your knees are bleeding. Your Filip.

“I know, baby.” Your body wracks with sobs as he pulls you into his chest, his hands smoothing down your hair as he holds you, whispering encouraging words and placing soft kisses to the top of your head. His heart breaks at the noises coming from you, anger underlying his emotions as he wishes he could kill the bastard who broke you like this. He wishes he could take your pain away, feel the torture for you, but he knows he can’t, so he just holds you and tells you he loves you until you can’t cry anymore.

This was the happiest you’d been in months. After having a long catch up with Jax and making sure there were no hard feelings and he completely understood the choices you made, you’d grabbed your only suitcase from the car, freshened yourself up, and the party was now in full swing.

It was as if you’d never left. Playing drinking games with Tiggy, hearing the recent torture tales at the hands of the Killer and singing Bon Jovi at the top of your lungs with Jax, your heart was overflowing with love for the people around you, for Charming.

A couple of few hours later, the clock reading two in the morning, the party started to wind down as people began to shuffle off to rooms, either on their own or with their lips attached to a Crow Eater.

Your vision was slightly blurred, the tequila and vodka shots you’d necked earlier making you slightly more intoxicated than you’d planned on getting.

You dropped down onto the lap of your favourite person, his homely arms situating themselves around your waist. Your cheeks were flushed pink, the alcohol and laughing you’d been doing all night giving you a rosy glow.

“I’ve missed this, so much.” You whisper, Chibs squeezing your thigh in agreement.

“Me too, lass. Don’t leave me again, you hear? Cause if you do, I’ll hunt you down and drag you back myself, with a hard spanking over my knee for good measure.“ His hand creeps up your thigh, ever so close to the place you wanted him most. Your core tingles, his touch igniting you in ways no other person ever could.

Giggling tipsily, you drag your palm down his chest, your fingers playing with the buttons on his shirt. You lean down, whispering in his ear. “Is that a promise, daddy?”

His cock jumps, the word he hadn’t heard in so long sounding as perfect as ever falling from your lips. He looks as you, searching your face for a hint of hesitation, not wanting to go any further with this conversation until he knew you wouldn’t regret it or hate him tomorrow.

“You’re drunk, love. You need to get some rest.” He insists, trying to control himself. You shake your head defiantly, sitting up straight as if it would prove your soberness.

“I’m more than capable of knowing what I want,” you tell him, “sober or drunk.”

He stares at you for a moment, his bulge aching as you look back at him with pleadng eyes, a wicked glint underlying your expression.

“And what is it you want, lass?” His tone is deep, lust filled and questioning. You know you’ve got him, so you lean in, nibbling his ear playfully.

“You.” Teasingly, you rotate your hips your ass grinding on his lap. His eyelids fall shut as he grips your waist, the feeling overtaking him. Sure, he’d been with women since you’d been gone, trying to cover the pain of you leaving. But it never worked, so he stopped trying after the second one night stand.

He needs no more encouragement, slipping his arm under your knees and one around your back as he picks you up bridal style. You squeal, laughing and burying your head in his chest. The few people left in the room are too drunk to notice him carrying you, which you’re thankful for.

Once you reach his room, he places you down on your feet, you shutting and locking the door behind you.

He spins you round, pushing you against the door as he blocks you in, his legs either side of yours, his hands pressing on each side of the wall next to your head. You don’t move your eyes from his face, watching as he studies you, finding it hard to believe he’s got you back.

Your heart is beating what feels like a thousand times a minute, your palms sweating as the nerves begin to bubble up.

You weren’t even sure if he still wanted you in this way. It’s been months, what if he doesn’t find you attractive anymore? You hadn’t even been taking care of yourself properly these past few months, living on fastfood when you actually decided to eat. Your thighs were bigger, your stomach wasn’t as flat as it once was.

Chibs must’ve noticed the sudden change in your expression, bringing his hand up to lightly stroke your cheek. You tried to smile convincingly, failing horribly.

“You still alright with this, love? We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, it won’t make me love you any less.” As soon as the words leave his mouth, both of you open your eyes wide in shock.

Seeing your reaction, he curses under his breath, moving away from you to walk across the room. You snap back to reality, grabbing his arm, stopping him in his tracks. You walked around to face him, cupping his face in both of your hands. He won’t bring his gaze to meet you, feeling too vulnerable, an usual feeling for him.

“Hey, look at me.” You ask him softly, him granting your wish as he slowly meets your eyes. “You still love me?” It comes out as a whisper, still worried he might say no.

He sighs loudly, placing his hands over yours, bringing them together and kissing them each once, before holding your hands in his own.

“Of course I do you bloody idiot. I never stopped.” He kisses your hands once again, trying to get the message through to you. “I’ll always love you, (Y/N), and I know you might not feel the same anymore but-” You cut him off with your lips, passionately pulling his to your own.

He’s unresponsive for a moment, still not believing that everything is going so well. Once he snaps back, his lips are as passionate, his tongue slipping into your mouth and enjoying what he’s missed for far too long. He’s hungry, ravenous almost, to be as close to you as humanely possible, to touch and taste every inch of you all over again.

Lips still attached, you both move backwards. Yanking, you rip his shirt open, buttons scattering everywhere. Even you’re surprised at your actions, but the need for him controls your body, and neither of you mind it.

You’re pushed back, falling on the bed behind you, landing flat out on your back. You watch, excited, as Chibs pulls each of your shoes off, then ridding you of your jeans. You can feel the wetness between your thighs, your core throbbing as you lie there in your shirt and panties.

His eyes locked on yours, he bends down, placing his large hands on your legs to pull you towards him. He stops when your centre is inches away from him, squeezing your thighs as he separates your legs.

You almost come right there when the Scot blows onto your clothed pussy, making you fidget impatiently.

“Take off your shirt.” He demands, his tone deep and husky. You sit up, complying instantly, suppressing a moan at his dominance.

“And your bra. Don’t keep me waiting, lass.” You undo your last bit of clothing quickly, flinging it on the floor somewhere. He licks his lips hungrily as he takes you in, your pink, swollen nipples aching. He rubs his cock through his jeans, knowing he needs to be inside of you soon.

He pushes you back down, your back flat as your legs dangle off the bed. Gently, he moves your thong to the side, your pussy coming into view, glistening with juices.

With one quick pull, he tears the fabric completely, placing it on the floor next to him. He hooks his arms around your thighs, keeping you from moving.

He licks one long stripe up your core, your body tingling. He sucks at your clit, a breathy gasp escaping your lips as he pleasures you. Your hands come up to pull and massage your breasts, his mouth devouring you like a starved man.

You’re sweet in his mouth, the taste of you something so wonderful that he’s not sure how he’s lived without it. Your high pitched moans are like music to his ears, the sight of you playing with yourself making him want to unload right there.

“Fuck daddy, your mouth feels so good.” You grab his hair, pushing him harder into your pussy as your hips begin to rock, riding his face. “Oh, fuck.”

He groans into you, the vibrations making your head swim as you feel your orgasm approaching. You feel his fingers at your entrance, two of them pushing into you. He curls them slightly, hitting your sensitive spot as he continues to suck at your clit, nibbling lightly. He knows you better than anybody else, knows exactly how to get you coming and screaming.

His fingers still thrusting, he moves his mouth away, leaning up to watch your face contorted in pleasure. He could watch you all day, sweating and writhing as he pleasures you with his fingers, with his mouth, his hard cock. The way your mouth parts, the way your eyebrows knit together as you close your eyes, your body craving a release. He couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life making you explode under him, making you weak on the end of his shaft.

“You wanna come? Hm?” He growls, his fingers moving faster as he sinks them in and out of you. His tongue attaches back to your clit, licking and swirling as he brings you to the edge of ecstasy.

“Please, daddy. I can’t hold it, let me come please.” You cry, so close to reaching your high. He loves hearing you beg, beg to let you come all over his face.

“Come for me then, Princess. Come all on my fingers.” As soon as permission is granted, you fall over the edge, stars clouding your vision as you moan, your walls clenching around his fingers. He carries on slowly thrusting, milking you of everything you have.

“Fuck, lass. You squirted.” He sounds in awe, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment. You sit up on your elbows, seeing your man quickly taking off his boots and shoving down his trousers and underwear. He lies next to you, his mouth coming down on yours to kiss you deeply, his fingers playing with your hardened nubs.

You slide your hand down his chest, continuing your trail until you reach his shaft. Wrapping your hand around it, you pump a few times, squeezing teasingly as you bite your lovers lip. He groans into your mouth, pulling your hand off of his dick. He pulls away, desperation in his eyes.

“I need to be inside you. Come show daddy how good you are at riding his cock.” You feel like screaming, his dirty words making you that much more desperate for his stiff cock.

You throw your leg around his waist, sitting on top of him. You bend down, your breasts in his face as you place a kiss on his neck. You sit up slightly, your hand coming to place him at your entrance. He can feel how slippery you are, how wet you are for him.

You slowly sink down, taking his big cock into you bit by bit. He fills you up, your walls tighter than ever around him. Once he’s inside you, you take a moment to adjust, your eyes closing as you bask in the feeling.

His hands are on your waist, squeezing slightly, as you begin to ride him. You rotate your hips, laying your hands on his chest for support. You whine, your core feeling so stretched yet so wonderful with his big member inside of you.

You bend down, your hips rolling backwards and forwards as you begin to milk his cock. His mouth catches one of your sensitive nipples in between his teeth, biting and sucking as he slaps your ass. You’re so warm and wet around him, the feeling of such tightness making him crazy.

He slips in and out of you, your body rolling back down onto him each time. Both of you are moaning loudly, the other boys probably being able to hear your cries of pleasure, but you’re both too far gone to care.

“That’s it baby girl, you take me so well, you’re so tight and hot around me. You like my big cock inside you? You like daddy’s hard cock filling you up?” You let out a moan, nodding your head, swimming in pleasure too deeply to answer. You ride him faster, lifting up and dropping back down onto him. He meets your thrusts, slamming into you and hitting your g spot perfectly everytime.

He pulses inside you, his body nearing closer to release. You’re the same, your pussy aching to come again, this time around his shaft. The feeling creeps closer and closer, consuming you from head to toe. You take him faster, harder, your body desperate for release.

You rub your clit, the sight of you pleasing yourself, ravenous to come is far too much for Chibs. With a deep moan, you feel his come shooting up inside you, the warm liquid spurting out and filling you up. The feeling pushes you over the edge, your second orgasm as mind blowing as the first, if not better.

You both ride out your highs, your hips lazily moving to help you both. You gently unmount him, falling next to him, exhausted.

You both lay in silence, your hand moving to find his, locking your fingers together. He brings your hand up to his mouth, placing a kiss to the back of it.

“I’m so glad you’re back with me, lass.”

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how do you do it, they wonder?
how do you hold all these imperfections inside you without rotting at the core? how can you manage to bleed so beautifully, break so thoroughly, and feel so deeply, but not simply drown under the weight of it all? how are you capable of looking death in the eye, and not blinking a lid? how is it that you keep going forward, when you have nowhere to go?

how do you do all of this?
ah, well, that’s no secret. it’s because they’re so incredibly familiar. you’ve known all of these things since you were born. the taste of blood is like a second saliva in your mouth. your skin has bruised so much, and your bones have cracked so often, the pain is just second nature to you now. so many things have slipped from your hands, yet still you choose to hold onto what you can.

oh, what an utterly tragic, yet beautiful thing it is—
to be so very, truly, undeniably human.
—  in this frailty, there is strength | m.a.w

Thinking about it…out of all the ships I have ever had… Finn and Rey have by far the most tragic back story. It’s so tragic that thinking about their pasts breaks my heart even after reflecting about it for so many times. And the fact that out of these two absolutely devastating stories such a  beautiful, warm, hopeful story emerges gets me every time. Both had noone. Both grew up in emotional wastelands. Finn was abducted, Rey was abandoned/abducted. Both were forced to grow up in spaces completely toxic to children. Both lived in environments that were meant to destroy their humanity and compassion - yet it didn’t work. Both were taught that they are worthless except for as cog wheels in the system they were forced to exist in. And then they met each other. And she was the first person to look at him with admiration, see him as an invidual. And he was the first person to ever care for her well-being. Both were the other one’s first real friend. And in the matter of hours they were both ready to die for the other. I mean….damn!

corn fields (pt.1) // k.j.w

✩ Scenario: Bobby x You

✩ Genre: Angst (FINALLY!)

✩ Word Count :4664

✩ Warning: Abuse, Uncensored Swearing & mild sexual content (Don’t expect much from the person that can’t even write a proper kiss scene)

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“You are my only one.”

It was his mark, his signature line, the breathy whisper you felt against your ear countless nights, under the stars in the middle of the corn field.

You liked to think this was true but you knew it wasn’t. You’ve seen the way he flirted with girls, his intense, sharp eyes full of lust and the way he licked his lips as if scouting for prey. You’ve heard the loud, pleasure-filled moans from your window (which was unfortunately beside his) and even had once caught a glance of the tangled, smooth, pale bodies glistening in the moonlight, moving in such a passionate, sensual manner that you had to look away.

It made you sick to your stomach to see such images flashing in your mind, the blinking snapshots of him and her with their bodies intertwined and skin bare without a care in the world. She was always changing, from the cashier at Whole Foods to the Captain of the Cheer Squad back in High School, to your Economics class’ TA. She came in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, like a rainbow of beautiful, tantalizing women that won the chance of a lifetime to sleep with the one and only, Kim Jiwon.

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What TD Can Learn From Sasha’s Arc

Good morning! So, like many others, I’ve wanted to do a post on what can be learned from Sasha’s arc. I’d first like to say that if you haven’t read it, check out THIS post by @thegloriouscollectorlady. It’s epic and it will really put Sasha’s entire arc into perspective for you. I’m not going to do anything nearly that detailed, but reading her post may help put some of what I’m going to say into perspective.

1. Things set up clear back in S4 were paid off before the arc ended. Including Sasha and Maggie’s relationship. 

In 4b, when they were first on the road together, they butted heads a lot, wanting different things. Eventually, they reached an understanding, and remained loyal to one another thereafter. The next big event in their relationship was them comforting one another and finding strength together in Them, after they’d both lost siblings. Here at the end of Sasha’s arc, we see them together again. They got closure. It was beautiful and tragic. We feel fulfilled and that Sasha’s arc is satisfactorily ended, even if we didn’t want it to end.

Not so much with Beth. There were tons of things set up in S4 that have yet to be fulfilled. So far, they’ve just disappeared into the ether. We’ve shown many times, many ways, that Gimple simply doesn’t tell stories that way. But Sasha’s arc, I think, has been the most profound and far-reaching proof.

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ship: iwaoi fandom: haikyuu!! —♛—

— iwaizumi. he moves completely on instinct one day, pulling oikawa close. he presses his lips towards oikawa’s. each movement is gentle, holding each other like they were holding the whole world in their hands. fragile, yet so tragically beautiful.

— oikawa. sometimes iwaizumi has his distracted days where he can’t concentrate on anything. once, oikawa was trying to cheer up the male, casually letting the confession slip out. needless to say, iwaizumi was even more flustered and distracted.

— all the time since they fight over every little petty thing. “trashykawa the dustbin looks better here” “wth iwa-chan you can’t just change my home design” “shut up trashykawa” “ SO rude, iwa-chan!”

— oikawa because he loves playing with iwaizumi’s hair, his fingers fiddling with iwaizumi’s locks. iwaizumi pretends to get annoyed but secretly loves it.

— iwa-chan and trashykawa usually. sometimes, iwaizumi lets pet names slip out in public (which matt-sun will never stop teasing about). in bed, oikawa occasionally calls iwaizumi ‘hajime’, which drives him crazy.

— iwaizumi is a surprisingly good chef. according to oikawa, he makes the best ramen. oikawa however, shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen. ever.

— these two will never admit it but they both love kpop? they know every word of ‘overdose’ by exo. just saying.

— oikawa. contrary to his usual don’t give a shit attitude, he remembers every little thing they have done together. the day they started holding hands. when they met. when they fell in love. all that stuff. iwaizumi can’t even remember is own birthday, on the other hand. sometimes oikawa has to remind him.

— other than playing volleyball, these two nerds always do old-fashioned things. they would go to quiet diners, drive-in movies or just have a picnic together.

— iwaizumi, probably. he has to take charge most of the time, and lets just say oikawa loves iwaizumi’s dominance.

— oikawa would plan something for weeks, getting tons of people involved and even trying to find the balloons that would match iwaizumi’s eyes. however, at the last possible second, he stutters and isn’t able to propose properly. iwaizumi instead goes, “you’re such a dork you know? i guess i must have horrible luck, because i’m going to be married to you.”

— too much cake, so many guests, lots of fun and probably have a dorky theme (guests all show up dressed up as starwars characters) and the two were either over-prepared or underprepared and will probably still slay either way.

— four. two girls and two boys, and they love their children so much. they always dote on their children, iwaizumi gives in really easily because he literally melts at the sight of the eyes of his children.

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This is naruto’s best episode, why?
Because it’s about the last fight
About naruto’s best bond
Naruto’s best characters
About just these two
the ANIMATION and SOUNDTRACKS were just so EPIC, And the FEELS
The scenes in those two episode were so HEARTBREAKING yet so THRILLING
The Dialogues in the episode have a very DEEEP meanings
It’s as if they scream in pain and sorrow in every punch and kick
Naruto Has the best story and characters
Naruto is the best anime ever
Naruto and sasuke are the best anime characters
Their bond is the most meaningful and beautiful bond ever

Still wondering Why did masashi ends Naruto in that horrible way How did Naruto turn into a scaumbag I just don’t understand For me Naruto ends in the next episode
Boy, oh, boy. The world is so messed up. Yet it has the potential to be so beautiful. Humans are tragic creatures. Repulsive, even. There are so many problems, each human made. It is so easy to lose hope sometimes and begin to question if life is worth bothering about at all. I kind of wish I was born much later in life, where people of colour are actually equal, where women are equal, where people of every sexual orientation are equal, where there’s no such thing as white privilege, where climate change is taken seriously, where everyone looks back and realises how barbaric humans once were and how dare they deny people of their rights, their identities; and why is everything so white-washed? And how many languages, cultures and civilizations suffered and perished? And how boring and immoral everything would have been if we hadn’t come to our senses and woke up to ourselves and realised this because it’s important! I feel so unlucky. Conservatism will die out and we will all be ashamed of ourselves that it hadn’t sooner.
Rest in piece, Daniel Kyre

It broke my heart this morning when I read about what had happened. It feels so unreal and yet too real, it hits you so hard and you still have no chance to grasp it because it feels so big and weird. My heart goes out to the friends and family of Daniel, I can’t imagine how hard it must be.

You were an inspiration to many, no, not were, you still are! Your passion for your work has been the beginning for so many and that is something amazing and beautiful. It’s so tragic to see you leave.

I’ll remember you as a man who never failed to entertain me, and also a dude who always really impressed me with your acting skills, my favorite sketch being “The Afterlife”

And you will always be remembered.

R.I.P. Daniel Kyre

Who ever thought that the world ending could be so beautiful?
The fire scarring the earth seemed to stain the sky with its anger, the acrid black smoke mixing with the bloodstained clouds as if the heavens themselves were waging a war.
But yet it was magnificent in the most sinister way.
The fate of the world was on a timer and when it went off, so did everything else.
Yet there was a strange, mesmerizing beauty to the way the hurricanes tore down the coast and the erratic path of the tornados that flattened and obliterated anything and everything in their way.
The raw power of it all was astounding.
The slow creep of lava that destroyed whatever it touched in a matter of seconds, providing an almost poetic symmetry; the slow draw of death that seemed to strike so unexpectedly sudden.
The forces at work were so much more powerful and terribly great than any human or manmade force, it was near impossible not to watch in awe as they ripped apart the earth.
It was the end.
Everything was over with a big, beautiful bang.
But it was okay. It was okay because the end of it all came with a tragic, yet fantastic irony.
The destruction of everything was more beautiful than anything.
—  what came to mind at the sight of a particularly bloody sunset