they were so tragic yet so beautiful


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— iwaizumi. he moves completely on instinct one day, pulling oikawa close. he presses his lips towards oikawa’s. each movement is gentle, holding each other like they were holding the whole world in their hands. fragile, yet so tragically beautiful.

— oikawa. sometimes iwaizumi has his distracted days where he can’t concentrate on anything. once, oikawa was trying to cheer up the male, casually letting the confession slip out. needless to say, iwaizumi was even more flustered and distracted.

— all the time since they fight over every little petty thing. “trashykawa the dustbin looks better here” “wth iwa-chan you can’t just change my home design” “shut up trashykawa” “ SO rude, iwa-chan!”

— oikawa because he loves playing with iwaizumi’s hair, his fingers fiddling with iwaizumi’s locks. iwaizumi pretends to get annoyed but secretly loves it.

— iwa-chan and trashykawa usually. sometimes, iwaizumi lets pet names slip out in public (which matt-sun will never stop teasing about). in bed, oikawa occasionally calls iwaizumi ‘hajime’, which drives him crazy.

— iwaizumi is a surprisingly good chef. according to oikawa, he makes the best ramen. oikawa however, shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen. ever.

— these two will never admit it but they both love kpop? they know every word of ‘overdose’ by exo. just saying.

— oikawa. contrary to his usual don’t give a shit attitude, he remembers every little thing they have done together. the day they started holding hands. when they met. when they fell in love. all that stuff. iwaizumi can’t even remember is own birthday, on the other hand. sometimes oikawa has to remind him.

— other than playing volleyball, these two nerds always do old-fashioned things. they would go to quiet diners, drive-in movies or just have a picnic together.

— iwaizumi, probably. he has to take charge most of the time, and lets just say oikawa loves iwaizumi’s dominance.

— oikawa would plan something for weeks, getting tons of people involved and even trying to find the balloons that would match iwaizumi’s eyes. however, at the last possible second, he stutters and isn’t able to propose properly. iwaizumi instead goes, “you’re such a dork you know? i guess i must have horrible luck, because i’m going to be married to you.”

— too much cake, so many guests, lots of fun and probably have a dorky theme (guests all show up dressed up as starwars characters) and the two were either over-prepared or underprepared and will probably still slay either way.

— four. two girls and two boys, and they love their children so much. they always dote on their children, iwaizumi gives in really easily because he literally melts at the sight of the eyes of his children.

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This is naruto’s best episode, why?
Because it’s about the last fight
About naruto’s best bond
Naruto’s best characters
About just these two
the ANIMATION and SOUNDTRACKS were just so EPIC, And the FEELS
The scenes in those two episode were so HEARTBREAKING yet so THRILLING
The Dialogues in the episode have a very DEEEP meanings
It’s as if they scream in pain and sorrow in every punch and kick
Naruto Has the best story and characters
Naruto is the best anime ever
Naruto and sasuke are the best anime characters
Their bond is the most meaningful and beautiful bond ever

Still wondering Why did masashi ends Naruto in that horrible way How did Naruto turn into a scaumbag I just don’t understand For me Naruto ends in the next episode