they were so in love omfg

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oh my kids would have so much fun

- bev would get everyone all dolled up for the occasion because they NEED to go all out

- she’d make all the boys put glitter on their cheeks and paint their nails different colours

- each of the losers would be a different colour so they were all a rainbow when they stood next to each other

- bev would wear this amazing bright yellow dress with a sunflower crown in her hair and those cute heart shaped sunglasses

- bill would be red and wear bright red jeans trousers and a white shirt with a big red heart sewn on (thanks to his little brother’s help) and he’d even get his mother to spray his hair red

- richie would be orange and he’d be that one fucker that wears jeans and suspenders and thats it, both neon orange and so blinding it hurts

- eddie’s pink (of course) and wears little pink shorts and a matching crop top and pink converse and he’s just adorable in it

- mike is purple and went shirtless for the occasion with some shorts but got ben to write ‘LOVE’ on his chest and back in purple paint

- ben went green and wore a fucking wreath in his hair and let bev put green streaks through his hair and he looks like AMAZING in his little green suit

- and stan the man went all blue and allowed bev to put blue eyeshadow on him that matched his checked shirt and he felt so powerful

- they would all have banners and rainbow flags with little love quotes on and they’d all be sparkly 

- they’d all hold hands walking with the crowd, not wanting to lose any of them

- richie convinced eddie to get on his shoulders at one point and eddie was freaking out because of how tall he was

- “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” is all he’d be shouting from up high and richie would be beaming

- stan and bill would holding hands and grinning at each other because they were so comfortable around all these strangers??

- bev got so many comments on her boys looking cute together and she was so proud of them

- mike and ben would hype the crowd up and run around singing ‘we r who we r’ by KESHA and everyone would fucking love it

- eddie and richie had their first kiss on a float in the middle of the pride parade in front of everyone when eddie was looking at richie and realising he had never felt this happy before and just kissed him because fuck it

Man, I was so ready to watch Castlevania and cringe at yet another wild reinterpretation of Dracula, but erm

it happened in the right part of the country?

Lisa is from an actual real village?

there was a bit of traditional Romanian architecture?

and they kept (and did a pretty good job with) the names of the cities in Wallachia?

also. “I could pee in a bucket and tell him it’s beer” and “God shits in my dinner once again” are such brands of Romanian vulgarity and humour, oh man, I laughed so hard

Basically this was a series where I could actually look and see tidbits of my country on screen and that made me so happy omfg (I honestly don’t give a shit about historical inaccuracies in this one, I loved it so much)

(Ţepeş and Lisa were emotional manipulation at its finest, I wanted to cry and bitch, I already have an otp where a vampire goes mad with grief and commits genocide following their spouse’s death, I don’t need another one)

A quick doodle of were!Mccree finding a helpless & passed out young!Hanzo. (damsel in distress)

He likes the smell of this human and decides to take care of him like a good alpha that he is. Also, he rolled Hanzo into a burrito so that he doesn’t get cold.

lol fuc k


Season 6B:
  • Killian: *angst*
  • Emma, who is usually angsting, or definitely too scared to take big steps in her relationship: oh
  • Emma: let me go canoeing
  • Emma: omfg I love my kid
  • Emma: dumb kid forgot the life jackets
  • Emma: who needs lifejackets?
  • Emma: if Killian finds out we had Poptarts AND didn't wear life jackets he'd kill us omg
  • Emma: Better go home to get the life jackets
  • Killian: *is angsting*
  • Emma: wait, what are you hiding? Did you buy a puppy? Cause I've been thinking, a puppy would maybe be something I-
  • Emma: wait
  • Emma: don't be sad, I love you and we're alive and there is no angst in our lives bae
  • Killian: *gallons of angst*
  • Emma: see you later, alligator! <3
  • *several hours later*
  • Killian: *angsting outside the house*
  • Emma, flying down the steps: KILLIAN
  • Emma: I'm making melty yummy popcorn COME INSIDE
  • Emma: did I mention I LOVE you!!!!! and we have pOPCORN!!
  • Killian: *angst*
  • *the next day*
  • Killian: *wakes up at the crack of dawn to get an early start on angsting*
  • Emma: *wakes up*
  • Emma: I'm all alone :O
  • Emma: *gasp* Killian's so cute he's probably getting the puppy today
  • Emma: I miss him
  • Emma: look at his cute little sea chest
  • Emma: I wonder if it's locked
  • Emma: IT'S NOT LOCKED!?
  • Emma: what's even in here? He's never...wait, what? omg. OMG. OMFG.
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: I can't look at it. I can't. I can't.
  • Emma, an hour later: *spinning around her room with her ring on*
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: when is he gonna be HOME
  • Killian: *getting drunk, drowning in angst*
  • *way too many hours later, the door opens*
  • Killian: Emma? You home-
  • Emma: *flies down the stairs at 99mph*
  • Emma: dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
  • Emma: so that I can finally marry the most wonderful person in the entIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Killian: .....*angst*

The prints I ordered from @dement09 came yesterday and I AM LOVE THEM??? They were packaged really well and they’re all super pretty and I got a Bismuth sticker and a note and omfg -  I love you deni my sweet babu I hope you get your late ass christmas package soon <3 <3 <3

Bonus: pupper for scale, and envelope art

Juliette Ferrars throughout the series
  • Juliette in Shatter Me: I fucking hate Warner I hate him I need him to die he is such a terrible sadistic man ugh but omg Adam Adam Adam I love Adam he and I were meant to be and I love him omgggggg
  • Juliette in Unravel Me: Okay so maybe Warner isn't so bad but idk I still kind of fucking hate him but wait Adam isn't so good he's actually kind of a jerk but idk ugh why do I have such terrible taste in guys aND WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO WARNER WTF IS WRONG WITH ME HELP MY EMOTIONS ARE CONFUSING ME HELP IM DROWNING
  • Juliette in Ignite Me: You know what? Fuck it. Warner is hot. Warner is sexy. Idgaf anymore, the cat is out of the bag like omfg he is fineeeee. I love Warner, all he needs is love, all he is misunderstood he just needs to be loved and I love him so yeah. Also fuck you Adam I never liked you anyway k bye
MBTI Types Get Hurt

INFP, ISFP:  I’m…. *sobbing* IM FINE. *falls into a depression spiral and recovers 6 months later*


ISFJ, ISTJ: Listens to 70s songs and looks out the window while rain falls onto the glass. Yeah pretty classic huh.


INFJ,: Well, things might get better. *sobs* maybe in the future i won’t feel this way. *sobs more* ……… yeah shit’s about to go downnn

ENFP, ENTP: BUT YOU HURT ME. I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. I LIKE ORANGES. WAIT WHAT. ORANGES ARE ORANGE, I LIKE THAT. WAIT. what was I mad about again? *looks intensely into the distance* yeah i really need to work on being more concentrated…..

ENTJ, ESTJ: *furiously types a 6 page plan to murder the person who hurt them*

INTP, ISTP: Wait. Wait, what are these? Emotions? Shit, wtf. I’m not prepared 

INTJ: *Someone tries to hurt the INTJs feelings* BITCH I AIN’T GOT ANY FEELINGS *flips out dark glasses*

credit to @rainnymorningthoughts for the idea for the INTJ one :)


More of the weekend’s puppers.

Grow up big and strong for your families, little ones 💪

being the self-indulgent shit i am, i made a diakko love child

her name’s amelia

(((feel free to drop hate messages bc that already happened to me and im pretty much immune to it now lmao lemme know what yall think)))

BTS Reaction: Their s/o always being affectionate because of their past

||| Anon asked: Can you do a reaction to bts s/o always being affectionate because she didn’t receive love as a child because she doesn’t have parents and was treated bad by others please? |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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He wouldn’t mind it at all, quite the opposite. He would immediately know something is wrong if you didn’t snuggle him. Whenever this happened he would try to cheer you up by cooking something even if it was the middle of the night.

Park Jimin

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He would find this side of you really adorable as he’s just as affectionate as you are and would hug you whenever he had the opportunity.

V/Kim Taehyung

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Just like Jimin, he couldn’t help but smile and pull you to him whenever he felt you needed to be held. You would have a hard time getting out of his grasp after that though.

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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Knowing about your past, he would try to be as affectionate as you are, sometimes going a bit overboard and destroying something in the process, like the kitchen when he tried making you breakfast. 

Suga/Min Yoongi

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He would be a little bit embarrassed to show any skinship or something like that in public but whenever you to were alone you would never have to experience the feeling of loneliness again.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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Being the sunshine as he is, he would actually be the one that doesn’t let you out his sight. Whenever you clung to his arm, he would pull you closer to him and would just ruffle your hair to make you smile.

Jeon Jungkook

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I love this gif omfg, he looks so adorable

He would enjoy your fondness of him and would say how cute you are just to see you blush. Occasionally he would just lay down next to you, not going to sleep himself and would tuck you in and kiss your forehead to make you sleep better.

A/N: Whoa! I haven’t written for BTS in quite a while now 😮😅

“In an awkward moment, the two boys tried to sit in the same chair at the head of the table. Sparks literally flew from Jason’s hands. After a brief silent standoff, like they were both thinking, Seriously, dude?, they ceded the chair to Annabeth and sat at opposite sides of the table.”

omfg i love these idiots so much

{Fanacc}170902 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome

Minho is soooooo much more hype than usual rn and it’s really no mystery as to why. Bless him we don’t deserve him. [ cr:keys_knees ]

*Taemin’s hair was too messy and the fans started laughing! Minho went over and tidied it for him

They are doing Lucifer with 4 very young dancers!!!!! Super nice

Yes, they are doing the stages with 4 members but Onew’s part remains (music). Only for certain songs, a dancer will stand-in for Onew

SHINee’s selective predebut/debut pics/after debut pics are showing over the VCR

SHINee are on a SHINee bus and going around the dome (shooting their signed coloured balls

Minho is looking so cute like a little boy in the cap and denim top (that looks like a raincoat!)

During Your Number, Minho was the one who ended and dialed a number. He went “SHINee World , (we/i) really like you!”

SHINee says this is the first time they are gonna perform “Tell me Your name” (and minho pretended to be very nervous)

There’s this “bunch/strands” of taemin’s hair that keeps “standing” up so the members teased him : “is this your keypoint today?”

Key pointed to the fans and then went “muacks”

The four of them are holding hands a while ago and walked together to thank the fans *awwwww*

Them : we hope that we will come back to the stage very soon as 5 members
Key seems to be holding back his tears. Can’t bear to see his face like this          [ cr:minhoclove

the main stage just picked itself up and rolled all the way to the back of the stadium wtf wtf

taemin’s hair was sticking straight up and minho fixed it

the little kids from the JAT vcr are on stage dancing to lucifer with SHINee

when SHINee came out the screen split in half horizontally and SHINee were on a platform that came out from behind and lowered down it was really high up

it’s really hot in the dome SHINee are drenched lol seriously key flipped his hair and sweat went flying OTL

minho tossed the prop cup to taemin and he totally failed at catching it and it went flying during your number 

key almost fell during his chair move during your number again… he didn’t, but almost did  he was laughing after

the tell me your name choreo is sexy omfg omfg rip there are cameras in the stage pointed up at SHINee and they are thrusting towards the stage (and the cameras)

SHINee really worked so hard to pull this concert together and they gave it their 110% despite the circumstance, i’m so thankful and proud

The concert was such a roller coaster ride of emotions… Tell Me Your Name will haunt me forever.. and i’ll see it again tomorrow [ cr: keyoemi ]

Everyone screaming for Onew so loud when he’s on the screen

Minho being extra lol Love it

They’re showing OLD photo shoot footage while they talk about each member

During Juilete Minho was playing around with the band too. So cute &   Key and Taemin were playing with each other XD

Minho is making fun of the way Jjong talks AGAIN LOL

Minho covered some of Onew’s lines!  

MINHO WAS AMAZING. WHAT EVEN. GET IT FLAMING CHARISMA.  Minho is giving hearts like crazy

They showed Minho’s face when Taemin was talking. He looked totally confused LOL

Key and Minho started singing and dancing to All Night as they left the stage Lol

Taemin and Jonghyun took off their jackets! Sleeveless shirts  

NEW VERSION OF KEEPING LOVE AGAIN. Minho had an extra rap?

Jinki is in the ending practice video  [ cr: @justrolyn ]

Jjong mentioned Onews name but rly just stated he wasn’t there. They don’t cover his parts and ther a lots of vcr with him too

There’s a backup dancer for Onews part during Sherlock

The most important fact for today’s dome: Key cried in the end because of sadness. Not happiness. They were SAD. Genuinely sad. [ cr: @Myuux2 ]

At the end of Diamond Sky the camera showed a fanboard saying “SHINee FOREVER

Minho did his best today to make us laugh, he was showering everyone with love, throwing even more hearts and smiles than ever! ♡

Tell Me Your Name was definitely the highlight of this concert. They started on the floor, then took off their jsckets showing low V cuts.

During one ment Taemin tried to say something but was struggling with words and he looked so cute that Minho hugged him XD

Key and Minho danced a bit of SNSD’s All Night during MTTM dance break and at the end XD [ cr: @anneaviel ] 

I cant stop crying when i hear Jinki’s voice n the members were so emo during Melody

They are always leaving a space on the stage for Jinki

For ABOAB, we were facing Jinki’s placeand it was empty

Makes me  emo cz they left a gap where Jinki stands and no one covered for his voice.. it was there loud n clear but only he wasn’t there

During Melody idk i think all the members got emo u could see it in their face n Key really emphasized the line "keep waiting for u

But the 4babies really gave in 200% to make up for Jinki .. i am sure Jinki will be so proud [ cr: RealUnkle1932 ]

Minho was so cute and did a lot of aegyo. Key was sexy as hell. Jjong was so passionate about signing.

Tell Me Your Name is extremely epic. And sexy. And Taemin was too much to survive.

Today’s queueing was extreme. My first time and I understood how hard is to get goods. [ cr: RealKasik91 ]

the bond between shinee and shinee world just makes me cry so hard






Taem: 1st floor people are u having fun Taem: 2nd floor people are u having fun Taem: 3rd floor people are u having fun Everyone: YEEEEE


[ pic cr: @pressitmvs]


They were saying "lets go lets go” while running to our side looool

minho looks like hes holding back so hard huhu

theyre bowing to every side too :(((

[ cr: @blancbutter

my favorite headcanon is the whole school and neighborhood thinking that reigen is mob’s dad cause they’re always together and reigen has gone to pick up mob at school more than once 

also mob getting bad grades or getting in trouble at school and not wanting his parents to find out so reigen goes instead

reigen charming every single mom in PTA meetings and getting all the hot gossip about who is cheating on who and he tells mob all about it after work and mob just nods along cause he doesn’t care about it 

also the moms making reigen cupcakes and stuff cause he’s the youngest in the PTA meetings and they all have the hots for him, reigen just loves the attention 

ritsu being mad af when people start asking him about his ‘hot dad’ and he’s like ‘that dude’s not my fucking dad’ and everyone just shakes their heads at him like ‘kid’s going through the rebellious stage were they hate their parents’ and ritsu’s trying so hard not to destroy everyone 

mob just embraces it tho, like he doesn’t tell people that reigen’s really his master and he doesn’t correct them when they assume he’s his dad omfg 


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19 stenbrough, 10 reddie plz PS: I love ur work!!!

Ahhhhh thank you so much!! You got it! ♡ Also omfg these ended up wayyyy longer than I planned OOPS.

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing

Bill watched from his bed as Stan sat, hunched over his textbooks at his desk on the other side of their dorm room. He had been studying all night and Bill was getting bored. Physics couldn’t possibly be that fascinating, and Bill knew for a fact that Stan was more than prepared for his test the next day. He was just stressing himself out at this point.

He could hear Stan’s pencil scratching across his notepaper and from the look of his grip, if he was pressing any harder he would rip right through it. He sighed heavily to himself, smiling fondly at his boyfriend as he pushed himself up and onto his feet, quietly and swiftly making his way over to Stan’s chair.

He laughed softly as the hand he placed on Stan’s shoulder caused him to jump, and leaned over the other shoulder, letting his other hand land on the desk, his mouth hovering just above Stan’s neck. Stan froze, but only for a moment before shaking his head and returning to his work. Bill smirked.

So that was how this was going to go.

Bill smirked, pressing a soft kiss to Stan’s neck, pausing momentarily, but when Stan only continued to copy equations into his notebook, Bill let his lips ghost further down his neck, pressing kisses here and there along the way, before finally nipping at the soft skin above Stan’s neatly buttoned collar.

Stan tensed once more.

“Bill…” he groaned, “I–”

Another bite, this one just where his throat met his jaw.

“I have to study, Bill.”

Bill slid his hands down Stan’s chest, leaving his neck alone momentarily to rest his chin on Stan’s shoulder.

“No you d-duh-d-don’t,” he replied softly, “You already k-know all this by h-huh-heart,” punctuating his reply with another press of his lips below Stan’s ear, smiling at the shiver he elicited from the boy in his arms.

“I can’t fail this test, babe,” Stan sighed, reluctantly leaning into the warm kisses Bill was now trailing down his throat.

“You w-won’t,” Bill whispered, pulling back just enough to lean over Stan’s other side, ghosting yet another warm kiss to his throat. “You’ve studied e-e-enough,” he whispered breathlessly into Stan’s ear. “You just n-n-need to relieve some t-tension.”

He smiled into Stan’s neck as he heard the distinctive sound of his pencil dropping against the desk, and felt Stan’s head drop back against his own shoulder.

10. staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in

Richie could feel his heart hammering against his chest as he held the aspirator to Eddie’s open mouth, triggering it as his friend gasped, short ragged breaths that were scaring the living daylights out of Richie. It had been a long time since Eddie’s last attack - so long apparently that Eddie had stopped carrying his aspirator around with him. Eddie had looked so fucking scared when it started, frantically grasping at his pockets for the aspirator that wasn’t there.

Richie’s mind had gone blank for a moment, terrified that they had defeated a fucking killer clown together but a god damn asthma attack was what was going to fucking kill Eddie, before he remembered that unlike Eddie, he still carried an aspirator with him. Just in case.

He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as Eddie’s breathing, while still labored, evened out. He dropped the aspirator on the ground where they were crouched, huddled against the wall of the alley where Henry and his goons had left them, and reached a hand out to land on Eddie’s shoulder.

“What the fuck were you thinking not carrying one around, Eds?” Richie demanded.

“Don’t call me that. And she was lying about everything else, Rich,” Eddie replied, his breath still evening out. “I thought…”

“I don’t care what you thought, Eds, you shouldn’t be messing around with something like this!” Richie slumped the rest of the way down to the ground, pulling Eddie against his chest and wrapping his arms around the smaller boy. “You could have fucking died!” he whispered into Eddie’s hair. He didn’t know how long they sat there, Eddie’s face buried in his neck as he breathed in the scent of Eddie’s apple shampoo. But it can’t have been long, as a moment later, Eddie was lifting his head, leaning back slightly and brushing his fingers across Richie’s cheek, wiping away tears that Richie hadn’t even noticed had fallen.

Richie could feel his cheeks getting hot as Eddie stared at him with those big brown eyes, his hand still resting in Richie’s hair where it had ended up after wiping the wetness from his cheek. His heart was hammering again, but for a completely different reason, and so loud that Richie was sure Eddie could hear it. The longer he stared at Eddie, the higher it seemed to rise until it felt like it would burst from his throat at any moment.

Eddie’s face was still flushed from the asthma attack, and Richie was acutely aware of how his hands had slid from Eddie’s back to rest at his hips, but he was frozen, as if time was standing still. Eddie’s mouth parted just slightly and the sight of those always perfectly Carmex’d lips had Richie’s stomach tying itself in knots. He was suddenly very aware of his own very chapped lips as his tongue darted out almost unconsciously to wet them.

If he had blinked in that moment he would have missed Eddie’s eyes glancing down at his mouth as he did so, his eyes snapped back to Richie’s so quickly. He almost thought he was imagining it, but then it happened again and it almost seemed like he was leaning in?

But no, that was wishful thinking. Eddie didn’t think about him like that, and Richie wasn’t going to let his heart and brain that were both going a mile a minute, get the better of him and make him do something stupid like close the gap between them. He could barely breathe as Eddie stopped a few inches away, uncertainty flitting across his expression as he bit his lower lip, looking more nervous than Richie had ever seen him.

Fuck it.

He screwed his eyes shut and leaned in the rest of the way, pressing his lips desperately against Eddie’s, ready for his friend to shove him away and leave him there in the alley by himself. But Eddie’s grip on his hair only tightened, pulling Richie closer as Richie gasped at the sensation. Eddie was kissing him back.

Eddie Kaspbrak was kissing him back.

And then, all too soon, Eddie was pulling away with Richie leaning forward once more in an attempt to follow his lips, but a small smile was tugging at the corners of Eddie’s mouth. Richie watched with eyes glazed over as Eddie looked down at the abandoned aspirator on the ground and picked it up.

“I’m not gonna die, dumbass,” he said, looking at Richie with a grin. “Since when have you carried one of these around?”

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ok lets take a minute to imagine the little quirks Tom would have during sex. Like the way he nuzzles his face into your neck while letting out heavy breaths or how his arms tense around your waist when he picks you up and the things he would say to you like "fuck darling, yes" omfg afgakahakoaj!!1!!

i love this!! a hundred percent indeed,, we need to appreciate these kinds of details 

my god just imagine the atmosphere around the closed walls all passionate and heated. it’s been around an hour or so and for the whole while both of you were just alternately climbing on top of each other with sweat dripping all over your bodies. tom’s hands all over your bare sides and hips while yours were raking onto his back, digging your nails further every thrust he had done.

after all the foreplay both of you had, you thanked to god that it finally had reached to sex –since you’ve been craving for his cock the whole afternoon already. your walls kept tightening around him while you angled your head back out of the pleasure as tom’s fingers reached over to your clit giving slightly harsh rubs intending to reach to your high.

at some point tom, too, would also be nearing to his high. he’d begin to sloppily and roughly pound into you before he’d lean down towards you, pressing his forehead against yours. instinctively your teeth would sunk onto your lower lip as your eyes would lock directly with tom’s hazel-brown ones.

then tom would break off the stare as he’d move his head and nuzzle over to your neck. “darling, i love you,” he’d mumble out as you’d hum as a reaction to the sensation of vibrations brushing past your tender skin. “i love you too, tom.” within a few more thrusts tom would be a moaning mess, though still keeping his head buried to the area between your neck. “fuck darling, yes,”

13x01: Full Episode Deconstruction

What am I supposed to say here? Sincerely, what? How can I even begin to create a coherent commentary on this episode when the imagery in my head is the entire crew with their balls out? *prostrates myself on the floor again* *fighting back tears of ever more resilient hope* *because them balls are so beautiful, babes*

I mean, if this isn’t balls out then I don’t know what is. And what the fuck does balls out even mean in the first place? 

It means the narrative tying back to the first act, which is S1-3. But they’re bound to - and have so done - do callbacks to the start of the second act as well, which is S4-5. 

I believe they’ll be picking and choosing to do callbacks to all the most memorable moments because this final stretch of the road is all about pulling the curtain back and revealing what the show really is all about, what the narrative has really been trying to tell us all along, moving us into an ending that feels surprising and yet wholly inevitable. 

Meaning the narrative is wrapping up and is singing its last note as it hurtles down the highway towards positive endgame. So far the sound of that note is a thing of epic proportion and we only have the first episode.

*light sheen of sweat on my brow*

So, here we go, upwards and onwards with this review. 

Let me tell you, firmly, that we screamed, we ( @margarittet @bluestar86 @tinkdw ) all screamed out loud as soon as the first notes of Nothing Else Matters started playing. 

Anyone who has seen the S12 recap reel that they released during SDCC this summer will have been screaming their heads off as well, because that reel was all about family and love and it was so CasDean/DeanCas/Destiel heavy that one cannot even begin to fathom the joy it’s brought all summer long. 

And here they go and use the song again (well, as Saz pointed out, now that they’ve got the rights why wouldn’t they?) but also we were just amazeballed in our eye sockets at the reveal that it was the chosen opening song and omfg we were four seconds in and already we could just tell that this. Was going. To be. Epic.

And fuck me I barely even know where to begin. So I’ll follow the above comment on the opening  music mind-melt with… the first scene, I guess. Feels a bit boring and standard since so much meta has already been published but, oh well, can’t be galloping on the back of a unicorn over the rainbow in every post.

…….. Can you?

No. Okay, no. Keeping it neat and tidy. Scene by scene, blow by blow —> off we go.

1. “Father?”

I have a feeling this season is going to be about fatherhood.

That’s totally sarcasm, because we all knew this season was going to be about fatherhood. Dabb has stated it on more than one occasion. Here’s our first introduction to Jack and glowy daddy devil eyes fade and give way for confusion almost immediately, which made me do a little dance and almost make a little love to poor Tink sat beside me on the sofa.

Yes, we knew he was going to be a blank slate but actually seeing it, seeing ALL of this episode play itself out, still gave shockwaves of pure awe. There he is. It’s Jack! Pleasure to meet you, finally.

2. Ummmmmmmmmmm no

I mean YES. Because oh my God, look at his wings on the ground. They’re too magnificent for words. (yes @magnificent-winged-beast that’s a nod to you) (a sad one) And Dean’s face. Look at Dean’s faaaaaaaace. And how it shifts from utter disbelief, like he can’t even compute, like, no, this isn’t supposed to happen, this isn’t right, and into focus at the reason for it and what can be done about it. It’s like he’s looking at Cas thinking How…? Why…? And then his brain clicks and all he can think is Nephilim.

(what is sort of horrifying to think about is that, to Dean, Jack is a baby - Dean doesn’t know that Jack’s all growed up…)

Tink has been banging her drum for this moment of Dean pulling his gun and running up to scare the bejesus out of Jack since May. I think I might’ve given her a bruise from screaming YES and shaking her by the arm. :P

3. Visual Manifestation of Power

Sam is Sam is SAM. God, I love Sam so much throughout this entire episode. He’s so Sam. That’s a shitty comment, but seriously, he IS SO SAM. Compassionate and logical. I believe this season is going to be so good to Sam and he’s already stepping into those Leader Sam boots.

As ever, Dabb uses a scene with efficiency and establishes a lot of things for us here.

Jack has a mission - he wants his father and needs to find him. Jack’s eyes glowing throughout the scene tells us that, no matter how calming Sam is trying to be, Jack hasn’t begun to trust him yet, and then Dean barges in, gun drawn, spots those glowing eyes, takes aim and fires off a shot. So the instinct of self-preservation takes over and Jack’s powers manifest.

The visual of Jack’s power is so goddamn brilliantly effective, because I think we know he’s bound go dark side, and he is fucking scary here. (I hope we’re right) (we have to be right in that he’ll go dark and I can’t wait!) (I can’t wait for Dark Jack!!) He knocks the brothers out cold.

TITLE CARD: it’s so fucking beautiful, what else is there to say?

My first reaction - as I’m certain most of ours was to it - was literally holy fuck, it looks like the sun!!

The up-side-down cross with an I inside it makes me think of how I believe this season will focus on the question of identity more than ever before, based in Dean finally beginning to trust, to have faith in people outside of himself, easing up on his need for control, all of this immediate and necessary stepping stones toward him finding self-worth in realising all of his self-worth is not in being the hammer, it is just as much in being the shield. 

He can take the backseat and still be useful, appreciated and loved. 

4. Burning on the Ceiling

Dean dreams of Mary stepping between the brothers and Lucifer. 

So, this dream sequence tells me that Mary going through the rift is - to Dean - the same as her dying, killed in hellfire once again, and him unable to stop it. 

But what else does this image from the Pilot hit home? This nightmare image of Mary burning on the ceiling? What does that image represent to Dean Winchester? 

Well, it set the course for his entire life, didn’t it? Losing her again is like a sudden reset, as though perhaps that change that had begun to take hold now after 12x22 was nothing but smoke and mirrors after all and this proves it. Whatever hope Dean had begun to feel for the future was taken from him with Cas’ death, and this flashback to his helplessness as a child when watching his mother burn only underlines how all the change he’s been going through is for nothing: he’s back right where he began. There is no happy ending in the cards for him. Ever.

Mary also bookends the episode, so Dean having a nightmare about her death leads into the reveal that no, Lucifer did not kill her the moment the rift closed: she’s still alive and, moreover, Lucifer is hellbent on her staying that way.

What else will you be proven wrong about, Dean Winchester? <3

5. Does He Have Wings?

The brothers wake up and we get a closeup of Dean picking up his gun. Yeah, he won’t be deterred by some freak power show, they’ve dealt with those before, and he is clearly hellbent on finding Jack. There will be no asking first-shooting later - that kind of power isn’t messed with, it’s put down before it can kill anyone. 

The cut on Dean’s lip intrigues me. He keeps touching it, it gets worse, then heals up, and at the end of the episode Mary has a cut in the exact same place after Lucifer hits her. There’s a visually established link between Dean and Mary in this episode. She was always an incredibly strong mirror for him, so this is bound to be meaningful later on. What’s lovely is that she remains a Cas mirror as well, stuck in her own Purgatory.

6. Nature Child

I love this shot of Jack’s feet walking in earth and dried pine needles, Jack surrounded by the forest. It feels organic and non-threatening, Jack sussing out this planet of ours with every new step he takes, and it’s even a subtle link to Cas and how he loves nature.

7. Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats

Seriously, though. Seriously. We have a fast food joint with its menu changed by a blue-eyed and dark-haired Cas-on-the-outside/Dean-on-the-inside mashup of mischievousness. There is a joyful wink here that is not even subtle anymore and there are no fucks given and I love it. Please let it continue. (I have zero doubt that it will but, as ever, I could be wronggg)

High Seas Butt Combo is probably my favourite, but the buttshake has such a nice ring to it, too.

Now, Clark is a delight whatever view you take on him. Either he’s a guy with a wicked sense of humour and buckets of self-assurance who goes wide-eyed and looks rather delighted at the sight of a naked dude - or he’s all those things and just rather amazed at a dude without a stitch of clothing repeating the word “father” into his intercom. Whatever else there is, at the very foremost, there will most likely be friendship here as it seems Clark reappears in 13x03. 

Clark calls his mom –>

8. Sheriff Barker

*insert other people’s brilliant meta on the FUCKING MUG*

The FUCKING MUG could be a plant of the place itself, that something big will happen later on in the season in the spot where the rift occurred, where Jack was born and where Cas died. Kind of a significant place to remember the name of… Then again, they could easily plant it in dialogue or just bring up “the place where Cas died” so… Very very very visual plant of that mug. Or perhaps Phil Sgriccia is selling these mugs on eBay and is making a not so subtle product placement… (goes to check eBay to immediately endorse) (I’m a sucker for a good mug)

9. “Cas is…”

Look at that big beautiful body of water (rebirth) and the mountains (knowledge) and that lone white sailboat in the middle of it. Just so pretty, if you ask me.

Dean: We still have holy oil, right?
Sam: For what?
Dean: ‘Cause we’re gonna have to hit him with everything we’ve got.
Sam: Hold on a second. Can we just talk about what happened back there?
Dean: Sure, which part? Let’s see - Crowley’s dead, Kelly’s dead, Cas is… mom’s gone, and apparently the Devil’s kid hit puberty in thirty seconds flat. Oh, and he tried to kill us.
Sam: Yeah, because you shot at him.
Dean: I tried to kill the monster, Sam, it’s kinda what we do.
Sam: We don’t know what he is yet, Dean, and I had it under control.
Dean: I’m sorry, are you defending the son of Satan?
Sam: I’m not defending anything. I’m just saying, look, with everything that’s happened I’m obviously spun out also, but we need a plan.
Dean: Yeah - kill him. That’s the plan. Look, right now all that matters is finding him and ending him before he hurts anybody else. Now, once we do that we’ll figure everything else out.
Sam: What about Cas? Is he really dead?
Dean: You know he is.

Ohhhh Dabb, the evil man. I’m sure there’s a ton of coda after the weekend (I’ve glimpsed one or two!), but wow, Dabb left out the scene of the brothers going back outside before going after Jack, both of them standing on that sand, by Cas’ body, taking in those wings in daylight, Sam maybe just double checking for a pulse or any sign of life, Dean… well, I think he’d still be just blankly staring because it’s starting to sink in. 

Then Dean lifting Cas in his arms and bringing him inside while Sam goes and gets that sheet to cover him with. Oh, my heart. This is where that “You know he is” from Dean stems from, right? Yeah. They moved him inside and they know that there’s nothing they can do. Sam still holding out the smallest hope and Dean feeling it deep inside, that this is it. He’s lost Cas. And nothing else matters, as this entire episode demonstrates to us.

*mind* *so* *fucking* *blown*

Here’s the thing. In this my most recent long ass episode deconstruction I talk about how Castiel entering Dean’s life sets about a change, sets about a sudden need for self-examination, because Dean’s attraction to Cas is undeniable even to him and, to be honest, looking at that small smile in 4x05, he looks like he just might be in the first stages of falling in love. And the point of the love story (of any love story) is to push character progression. To make Dean need something more out of life, which will lead to him slowly daring to hope for more, because the need inside is taking over and is overriding any fear of the possible fallout.

Shooting that grenade launcher and tearing down that wall at the beginning of 12x22, which lead directly into him letting Sam go off and lead a mission before turning around and confronting/forgiving his mother, was a leap and a bound for Dean’s individual arc. What I’m getting at is that the above dialogue ties back into the image of Mary burning on the ceiling and Dean’s loss of hope. He is so fucking bitter, right? “I tried to kill the monster, Sam, it’s kinda what we do.” 

It’s like - okay, so this is my only function on this Earth: to kill. Well, then, let me kill. I’ll kill anything and right now what needs killing is this thing related to the fucking Devil. This is all I am, right? This is all I’m meant to be or meant to have.

What is so remarkable about this dialogue is that Sam is subtly, but firmly, standing his ground, just as he did in 12x20 when they had the whole Cas-isn’t-himself exchange, where Dean was spun out of his head with fear, and Sam just did not see the situation in the same light at all. Sam gets to even make the awesome statement “and I had it under control.” Fuck yes, you did, Sam - you’re in control of this situation and Dean is spiralling through his anger-fuelled denial of his grief, wanting a target to blame and having it.

I love you, Sam Winchester.

Dean’s face after he says “finding him and ending him before he hurts anybody else” is also telling of where his head is at and who that anybody else is in relation to. (yes it’s Cas who got hurt)

And then they’ll figure “everything else” out - as in what to do about Cas’ body that they left behind in that house. 

And then, of course, we get the lens flare to end all lens flares.

I mean, when the fuck has this colour not been used in a situation related to Cas and now they are fucking undeniably tying it to Cas by having it flare TO CAS’ FUCKING NAME. *they will murder us all* *balls so fucking out and dangling in all their glory*

The rest is under the cut. It got long. *smiles in friendliest manner*

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