they were so flirty and so cute and so innocent

almost forgot to post this little doodle lmao

Muireanne really has changed after these two months in Australia - not only as a person, but her style changed too. She started wearing more brave outfits, she cut her hair and got a small tattoo on her wrist.

She became more mature in a lot of ways and braver, started using sarcasm. For her friends she’s still this cute girl that she was before, but not so innocent. Her relationship with Nathaniel changed too - she became more flirty and didn’t take any of his shitty attitude towards her. It was so shocking experience for him, when she got mad and dissed him that he started to respect her a lot more.

When it comes to her relationship with Dake - it was just a summer love affair, so there were no hard feelings when she went home. She was thankful actually - because of him, she changed. She did things that she never thought about and she was happy because of it.

Bonus aka her friends’ reaction when they saw her after vacations:

rosalya: *cries quietly in the corner, because her child is all adult-like now*

armin: *so impressed he starts screaming*

nathaniel: wait what *contemplates his whole life*