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the-notsoevil-queen  asked:

I'm gonna send you a few ships for that ask game: Captain Charming, Red Snow, Captain Hood, Mad Queen, and Golden Queen. 😏

ooo yay! thank you :)

Captain Charming: I totally ship them. They both tried to be something they’re not (a deadly pirate, a prince) came from humble abandoned and angry beginnings, have twisted relationships with their brothers…They’d be cute together. Hook teaches Charming to sail, they travel a lot, hang out with Henry. I’d be utterly behind that. 

Red Snow: Are adorable and I completely ship them. They were so cute in the EF and Snow taking back her kingdom with her werewolf consort? Amazing. There’s something incredibly badass about that. Snow White and her army of wolves and fairies. In Storybrooke they’re the sweet school teacher and her hot partner who takes over the restaurant, and then they raise a little wolfpack and have hilarious discussions with Emma because Red is a wonderful step-mother.

Captain Hood: I also ship this quite a bit because the pirate and the outlaw, the land and the water bandit, they both have honor and a code. Hook seems to want to help raise a lad (he took to Baelfire, so why not the Hobbit child?) Bow and Arrow could be useful at sea and they could adopt Robin’s philosophy of helping the poor while sailing away from the law. 

Mad Queen: Do not ship. Regina was awful to him, manipulated him, kept him from his child. He helped Rumple break her heart with Daniel again. Nope nope. 

Golden Queen (sorry Hannah): Nope nope nope. They lie to each other, manipulate each other, had no chemistry of a romantic sort (in my opinion) until they forced it in s6. They hurt each other more than they have any sort of care for each other. I can see the attraction of the screwy sex but it’s not something I enjoy.